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Prada Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How can I Tell if Prada Wallet is Real?

Prada Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How can I Tell if Prada Wallet is Real?

    Prada’s stylistic universe is filled with cleverly constructed, confident designs. From season-defining statement styles to impeccably crafted wardrobe perennials, the iconic Italian house’s offering remains at the forefront of fashion. It's also famous for their high-quality and high-priced fashion accessories. Prada wallets and cardholders are a fashion totem for a long time, especially for men. Many girls also buy Prada's wallet for their boy friend or husband as a gift. Due to its popularity, there are also many fakes on the market. How can I tell if my Prada wallet is real? Where is the serial number on a Prada wallet? How to spot fake Prada saffiano wallet or card holder? In this Prada wallet fake vs real guide, I will teach you step by step!



1. The Overall Look of Prada Wallet

Prada wallets and cardholders are a fashion totem. Representing long standing tradition and Italian craftsmanship, the brand is known for its minimal aesthetic. 

Sleek lines distinguish Prada wallet in iconic Saffiano leather. This luxurious wallet is sheer elegance in a compact form. The accessory with snap closure and metal triangle logo has pockets and slots inside. 


2. The Material of Prada Wallet

1) Prada produces items of luxury made only from the finest materials. Prada wallets and cardholders  are made of saffiano leather.  Durable and supple, Saffiano leather is embossed, waxed and highly stain-resistant. Patterns or material grain should be flawless, showcasing superb craftsmanship.

2) The material used in fake wallet is of lower quality, a knockoff Prada will often feel heavier than a real one of the same size. Vintage and pre-owned Prada wallets may show some wear and tear. Whether this indicates authenticity depends on the type of leather used in the wallet's construction. 


3. Prada Metal Triangle Logo

1) Prada's label is recognized as an upside-down triangle that is firmly attached at each of the three points. The triangle plaque includes four lines: the brand name (PRADA), city of origination (MILANO), year of origination (DAL 1913), and coat of arms. But now there also are the logo without the triangle plaque on Prada wallets.

2) The color of the  logo plaque must match the color of the leather of the bag. The enamel should be smooth and flat, and never bubbly or sloppy. Early triangle logos will be riveted on all three corners, and newer versions will have domed rivets. 

3) The logo should be written in a very specific font.

  • The brand name should be in all-capital, serif letters.

  • The right leg of the‘R’should be angled outward from the rest of the letter.

  • The angled right leg of the‘R'  should create more space between the‘R’ and first‘A’in the brand name, making it look like‘PR’is positioned farther away from‘ADA.’

  • Where the right leg of the‘R’is supposed to meet the loop, there should be a curved gap. It should look like some of the right leg is missing, so it does not fully connect to the rest of the letter.

  • The right leg of each‘A’should be noticeably thicker than the left and should extend over the top of the letter, creating an exaggerated serif. 


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4. Interior Logo Stamp of Prada Wallet

1) Depending on the year, it may be stamped with "PRADA" and “MADE IN ITALY,” which should be clean and legible. The font shoud be the same as the external logo。

2) If there is a logo stamp in the interior of the bag, it should match the color of the hardware throughout the rest of the bag. 


5. Hardware and Zippers of Prada Wallet

1) Unless the bag's zippers have a nylon or leather pull, they should always be engraved with the PRADA brand name on their front.


2) Over the years,  Prada has used five different zipper manufacturers: LAMPO, YKK, Riri, Opti, and Ipi. It can be difficult, but try to flip over the zipper slides. If the bag is real, the back of each should be engraved with the name of one of these manufacturers.


3) Prada uses two different tones for hardware - gold and silver - but will never mix the tones on one bag. The metal finish should not be cracked, chipped, discolored, or flaked. 

6. The Stitching of Prada Wallet

The stitching should form a straight line that is parallel to the bag's seams, but each individual stitch should be angled slightly upward. The stitches should be consistent in spacing and size. There shouldn't be any loose or frayed threads. The fake bag features straight stitching. 


7. The Box of Prada Wallet

The Prada box is black with a lot of texture on the surface. There is a Prada logo on the top of the box. The box is sturdy and of good quality.


8. The Dust Bag of Prada Wallet

1) Authentic Prada wallets come with a white flannel feeling cotton  dustbag. Most Prada bags come in a soft flannel or silky dust bag.There should be a tag sewn into the interior that says "Prada" and "100% Cotton  Made in Italy".

2) The logo - MILANO / DAL 1913's font used on the dustbag print should be consistent with the logo fonts used all throughout the bag. On the authentic dust bag it is dark blue, while on the fake it is almost black. 


9. The Authenticity Card of Prada Wallet

1) Authentic Prada wallets should have two certificates in a black envelope, namely: the Authenticity Card, and the Product Card. The envelope is normally black and has black embossing on it. 

2) The certificates should be written in Italian, listing the model name, type of material used, color of item, size, shop and date stamp. The paper certificate should list the same descriptions, but will have a bar code that provides you with the wallet's model name.

3) Even if your bag comes with an authenticity certificate card, this doesn't mean it's authentic.The date is normally stamped on it, but if it doesn't, it may be just because a sales associate forgot to stamp it.

4)  If the secondhand Prada bag you are eyeing comes with its product card, you can message the house through its online contact page to verify that the product number matches the bag, finding out definitively whether it is real Prada wallet.  


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