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  • Ingredients Reviews: NEW Dermalogica Powerbright Dark Spot Peel

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      • Taking inspiration from professional chemical peels, the PowerBright Dark Spot treatment by Dermalogica exfoliates the skin to help minimise the appearance of pigmentation. Dermalogica unveils its latest solution for treating dark spots—the PowerBright Dark Spot Peel. Formulated as a 15-minute at-home peel, the product is designed to simplify the process of addressing hyperpigmentation. The PowerBright Dark Spot Peel promises to fade dark spots and mitigate triggers of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), offering visible results in just five uses. Swipe on for everything you need to know about this NEW Powerbright Dark Spot Peel from Dermalogica.
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    Clarins Double Serum Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Original?

      • Considered the crème de la crème of skincare buys by industry experts the world over, the Clarins Double Serum has earned its rightful place in the beauty hall of fame. And for good reason. Beloved by beauty editors and celebrities alike it’s described by the brand as its ‘most powerful age control concentrate’. Formulated with 21 potent plant extracts – including age-defying Turmeric – to visibly firm, smooth, and boost radiance in just 7 days. Performance that goes further in decoding the language of youth to address all visible signs of skin aging. But it can be challenging to differentiate between a real and fake Clarins Double Serum. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand the key differences between the two to ensure that the money spent on this serum is worth it.
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    5 Affordable Perfumes that Smell Like Gucci Bloom in 2024

      • Enter Gucci Bloom – the latest feminine fragrance from the esteemed luxury house of Gucci and it is causing quite the stir. Billed as evoking a type of Eden, Gucci Bloom is a white floral created to unfold like its name. Tuberose and jasmine combine with Rangoon Creeper—a unique flower discovered in South India that is being used for the first time in perfumery to create a rich fragrance that transports the wearer to an imaginary garden. As one of Gucci's best-selling fragrances, chances are you already own Bloom perfume. But at a handsome price tag, which is why many of us can hardly afford to get a regular sized bottle. Luckily, there are quite a few excellent alternatives on the market that can give you similar results, so keep on reading for some product recommendations.
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    Ingredients Reviews: NEW Lancome Rénergie Yeux H.C.F. Triple Eye Serum

      • The skin around our eyes is very thin and generally has less collagen supporting it, which is why it’s often one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Of course, puffiness and undereye circles and bags are largely genetic, but certain lifestyle choices can also be the culprits. It's time to say goodbye to those pesky eyebags, fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the Rénergie Yeux H.C.F. triple eye serum from skincare expert Lancôme. Formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid, SNK-peptide, vitamin C and F, and niacinamide, the lightweight and concentrated blend is designed to provide anti-ageing benefits in its triple dose. Swipe on for everything you need to know about this new Rénergie Yeux H.C.F. Triple Eye Serum from Lancome.
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    Top 10 Treatments for Hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars 2024

      • If you’ve experienced acne, you know so many blemishes leave their mark on your skin long after the breakout has subsided. Hyperpigmentation and acne scarring are both common ghosts of your acne past. Acne scars occur when too much collagen forms in a particular spot while a wound is healing,. The scar often develops within the dermis, where the original acne-induced inflammation formed. Unlike acne scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is simply a form of skin pigmentation. The hyperpigmentation that remains isn’t permanent, but it can be uncomfortable for some people. It can also present differently, depending on your complexion. Below, the top treatments for hyperpigmentation and acne scar to try at home.
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    Cerave Retinol vs. Neutrogena Retinol vs. The Ordinary Retinol: Which is Best for You?

      • The skin-care-obsessed already know this, retinol is an essential ingredient in any anti-aging skincare routine. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that stimulates collagen production to strengthen the skin’s foundation. It also enhances cell turnover to improve radiance and even out skin tone and texture. But many retinol creams leave a greasy residue and feel too rich for oily or acne-prone skin. That's where retinol serums come in: The lighter formulas tend to absorb more quickly into skin, and still leave room for us to apply our feel-good moisturizers before sliding into bed every night. Best of all, many of these can be found at the drugstore for an extremely wallet-friendly price. Here, three cult favorites of drugstore retinol serums in the market are CeraVe Skin Renewing Retinol Serum, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum, and The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane. So which is the best for you? Below, we will make a comparison to help you choose.
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    Revision vs. Obagi vs. Alastin: Which of the Three Brand is Best Suited to You?

      • No matter how much we would like to turn back time, the years bring signs of aging like forehead wrinkles, crow's feet around the eyes and dark spots. Thanks to innovative science and research in skincare, signs of aging are no longer inescapable. Most of the progress and discovery in skin-care science is due to medical-grade skincare companies. Also known as cosmeceutical skincare, medical-grade skincare is targeted to specific medical conditions and needs, such as acne or wrinkles. The concentration of active ingredients is generally greater than what you can find over the counter, and they have been tested to be effective on the skin, hence there are greater results with such skincare. Revision, Obagi, and Alastin - are the top three premium medical-grade skincare brands, which one of them is best suited for you?
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    8 Best Hypoallergenic Moisturizers for Sensitive Dehydrated Skin and Oily Skin 2024

      • If you have sensitive skin, nothing is more important than moisturizing to soothe, hydrate, and restore the skin's dry, compromised barrier. If you have oil skin, your skin also needs hydration. But you have to be careful to choose the right moisturizer that won't further irritate your already-angry skin or clogs your pores. As many potent ingredients, both natural and synthetic, and fragrances can easily irritate sensitive skin, opting for a hypoallergenic formula is one of the safest ways to keep sensitive complexions hydrated and plump with no irritation. Here, we've rounded up eight hypoallergenic moisturizers that are gentle enough for sensitive dehydrated skin and oily skin.
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    What is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) ? 7 Best CoQ10 Skincare Products for Anti-aging 2024

      • Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10 is an antioxidant when it comes to skincare. This powerful antioxidant is found naturally in our bodies, however as we age, our levels of CoQ10 decrease. It means we must use alternative sources such as supplements and topical products to benefit our skin with this powerful ingredient. That's why people love using products containing CoQ10 that target those visible signs of aging. Here, you can read more about what Coenzyme Q10 is in the following, or skip down to the list of seven best CoQ10 skincare products for anti-aging below.
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    Creme de la Mer vs. Fresh Creme Ancienne vs. Nivea Creme: Which is Best for You?

      • If you're a skincare addict, you've definitely heard of La Mer's iconic Crème de la Mer. This cream is known for its rich, hydrating formula, and for delivering noticeable results in the form of younger-looking, more-moisturized skin. Now Crème de la Mer has two strong competitors. Fresh is trying to compete with Creme de la Mer with its Creme Ancienne, supposedly inspired by the world's first cream. Nivea Creme has been called a dupe for the ever luxurious Crème de la Mer. In this post, We're sharing the ultimate guide to finding which one is best for you from a comparison of the three products.
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    Best 9 Hypoallergenic Eye Creams for Sensitive Skin to Fight Wrinkles and Dark Circles

      • There's a reason why the eye area tends to show signs of stress and aging that the skin around your eyes is super thin and delicate, and the muscles in that area get a lot of action. Harsh chemicals or sun damage can also age the skin, making it look dull and rough. This is more evident in the delicate area around the eyes. Dark circles, puffy eye bags, and dry skin under the eyes can all be treated with the help of a good eye cream. But that can pose a tricky conundrum for those dealing with already sensitive skin when that delicate skin around your peepers is even more susceptible to unwanted irritation. Ahead, you'll find nine of the best hypoallergenic eye creams for sensitive skin to fight wrinkles and dark circles.
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    9 Best Retinol (0.085% to 1%) Serums, Eye Creams & Face Moisturizers for Anti-Aging of All Time

      • Retinol is the first anti-aging ingredient approved by the FDA. As one of the most widely researched anti-aging ingredient, Retinols have been extensively used in skincare products to banish wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, and uneven texture and skin tone, since 1971. Although Retinol is effective for improving multiple signs of ages, it does has some side effects. If you're to apply Retinol in your skincare routine, you have to know that Retinol is very strong and you should consider its strengths when choosing a Retinol skincare product. Here we have compiled a collection of 9 representative Retinol serums, eye creams & face moisturizers of lower-strength, moderate-strength, and higher-strength, to better meet your needs.
  • La Mer Cream vs. Soft Cream vs. Gel vs. Lotion (Soft & Matte): Which is Best for You?

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      • In the beauty world, there are products that have achieved cult favorite status, and then there are products that have entered the stratosphere to become legends. Arguably the most famous face cream in the world is also one of the priciest– Crème de la Mer. At the heart of the La Mer brand lies the Miracle Broth™, helping boost skin energy and give skin a healthy glow ferment, that is found in all products under the brand. In many ways, it is this Miracle Broth™ that edges La Mer products ahead of and differentiates them from their contemporaries. There are 5 different textures in the La Mer moisturizer wardrobe to suit different skin types and preferences. Curious to know more? We're sharing the ultimate guide to finding which one is best for you from a comparison of the 5 different textures in the La Mer moisturizer, ahead.
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    Foaming, Cream, Oil or Gel Cleanser: Which Type of Face Wash is Best for You?

      • Every skincare enthusiast understands that cleansing the skin is an important step in taking care of one's skin. Although cleansing itself is pretty straightforward, deciding which cleanser or face wash is best for you can be confusing. With so many different forms on the market—foaming, cream, gel, or oil—how are you supposed to know which will work best with your skin type and keep your face looking its best? Read on to find your most effective face wash!
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    Marc Jacobs Daisy Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Original?

      • The most classic and popular Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. The top of the fragrance is infused with succulent wild berries and soft white violets. At the heart, velvety jasmine warms to a dreamy drydown of sensual sandalwood for a romantic, lingering finish. Irresistibly feminine, Daisy is the captivating creation of master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Whimsical white daisies abloom on its cap give the iconic Daisy bottle a retro-cool twist that's as charming and unique as the woman who wears the fragrance. And it can be challenging to differentiate between a real and fake Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand the key differences between the two to ensure that the money spent on this fragrance is worth it.