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2024 Gucci Dionysus Bag Fake vs Real: How To Tell  A Real From A Fake? (Sale+7% Cashback)

2024 Gucci Dionysus Bag Fake vs Real: How To Tell A Real From A Fake? (Sale+7% Cashback)

    Gucci Dionysus bag is not only trendy and stylistic, but also a functional piece to have in your bag collection. Gucci Dionysus GG supreme shoulder bag is a good choice you never regret investing. The tiger head closure of the Gucci Dionysus bag is inspired by the myth of the Greek god Dionysus. He transformed himself into a tiger to carry a young nymph across the river, which then became the Tigris river.Carried by the fashion-savvy, the Gucci Dionysus launched a thousand knock-offs. It's very easy to fall for fakes. How to authenticate gucci bag? How to tell a real gucci bag from a fake? In this guide, I will help you to spot the differences between an authentic Gucci Dionysus bag and a fake one. And at the end of the guide, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new and second-hand Gucci Dionysus bags.


How To Tell a Real Gucci Dionysus Bag from a Fake?

1、The Overall Look of Gucci Dionysus bag

The Shape & Weight

All luxury brands under Gucci house tend to produce products with very high quality, so that they can protect their brand names. The real Gucci Dionysus bag is heavy and looks great. The authentic Gucci Dionysus bag obviously has a rectangular shape, while the fake bag has an obvious square shape and full of flaws.


The Back

Some Gucci Dionysus bags have a pocket on the back, while others do not. If they have a pocket, please check the color of the leather, the material of the pocket and the stitching carefully. Focus on details such as stitches, GG logo and alignment, you will spot real vs fake easily. You will see how regular the Gucci logo is in real bags and how messy it is in fake logos. You will also find the alignment is straight at the original Gucci bag, but skewed in the fake.



The Bottom 

The bottom of the bag is also made of suede. Some replicas use counterfeit fabrics which is super textured and looks cheap. The stitching is also poorly done. It seems that the bottom will fall off at any time.

The Side 

Looking at the side of the bag might be another way to Gucci Dionysus GG bag authentication.You can see original and authentic suede in the real picture, while the fabric on the fakr is very cheap looking. The color of the fake suede is grey when it is supposed to be brown.

Apart from the fabric, black rubber on the edges are not replicated successfully. The black rubbers are to protect the edges of the bag; On the authentic bag these edges are fully covered while they still are shown on the fake.


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2、The Material & Monogram Pattern

1) Every real Gucci bag is constructed from the finest materials: leathers, canvas, suedes,  and patent leather. Canvas is the most common fabric for Gucci handbags, Looking closely at some of the elements within the leather or fabric of the bag can help us to verify its authenticity.

2)  Whether with canvas or coated canvas, the Gs logo will be well defined and even, not blurry or ill-defined. 

3) The Gs should interlock each other, with the lefthand G facing to the right and the righthand G facing to the left. When it's replicated incorrectly, it is easy to spot.

4) The serifs of the Gs should be long and elegant. The part that extends into the G should be longer than the part that extends toward the opposite G. They should not be blurry or should not look modern, or too chunky, but rather slim. The rounded part of the G should be a perfect oval, not pointed in any place.

5) Other elements of the fabric come into play as well. There are always two well-defined diamond-shape "dots" between each pair of interlocking Gs. Some fake bags might have more or less than two, or the dots might be touching or too far apart. This pattern should be woven into the fabric, not printed on it. 


3、Gucci Dionysus Serial Number 

Every Gucci bag comes with a serial number. Serial number might be one of the biggest keys to your Gucci Dionysus GG bag legit check. Look for a leather tab written "® Gucci Made in Italy" ,  and the serial numbers usually are located under the leather tag. 

1) Based on the age of the bag, Gucci uses 10-12 numbers in the two rows - with no more than six numbers in each row. 

2) The numbers of the first row show the style number and the numbers in the second row shows the supplier code, the factory where the product was manufactured. These numbers may change because of the year production or the type of the product. 

3) In this case the font clearly is different. The numbers of real bags are supposed to be thinner and smaller, not bold and large like on the fake picture.

You can use Google to search the serial number and if it is original google images must show a similar bag. But be careful, in some cases, fakes might also have the same serial number as an authentic one.



4、The Leather Label & Logo Lettering


The original label in Gucci Dionysus bag has been cut out perfectly without any flaw; Stitching has been done very tightly and evenly too. 

But the fake label looks as if the scissor was not even used while cutting it out. The stitching clearly has been done very poorly as each stitch is different in size.


1) Font is also mismatched as it is supposed to be larger with bigger spaces between the letters. A trademark symbol at the top of the tag (although very occasionally it will be missing).

2) The words "Made in Italy" at the bottom. The words are all lowercase and in the same font as the name of the company just above it.

  • The G is very round; if the line continued, it almost forms an O.

  • The serifs on the G are equal, unlike the interlocking Gs.

  • The two sides of the U are different; the left side is thick and the right side is thin.

  • The Cs are very round, like the G.



5、The Inside of Gucci Dionysus Bag

1) Gucci Dionysus should have the interior zippered compartment and Suede lining with GG Supreme canvas interior in the pockets. The suede material is supposed to be soft and pliable and not furry-like. Differently, the replica feels rough and does not present a good appearance. The color is also mismatched too.

2) Stitching is always something that differentiates replicas from the original. The stitching inside bag has been done very tightly and symmetrically on the authentic bag, while these stitches are far from each other and totally asymmetrical on the fake.


6、The Anti-counterfeit Label of Gucci Bag

1) The recently released Gucci handbags will have a code label, which is sewn into the bag and has a product anti-counterfeiting code on it. The early Gucci handbags didn't have this label. 

2) The fabric used for authentic black security labels is thick and hard. The fake anti-counterfeiting label fabric is thin and soft.

3) The stitches are neat on the genuine. The printing is clear, and there are two-dimensional codes on the front and back, while the imitation stitches are rough and the printing is skewed and fuzzy. It has only half of the two-dimensional code on the back.

7、The Closure Hardware of Gucci Dionysus Bag

1) The closure is a textured tiger head in a silver tone. The detailing and color of the hardware are oozing the quality. The cheap low quality fake hardware is badly done. 

It has an original silver color on the authentic model, the engraved details are more symmetrical and wider while the fake one is darker with weird black stripes all over which gives it a very cheap look.

2) It's much smaller with a matte-effect on the authentic model while it is bigger with a shinier look on the replica.

3) Focus your attention on the top of the head, especially the the 10 “circles” indention on the metal. You should also pay attention to the details of the diamond on the top of the curved hardware, they are clear and sleek.

8、The Zipper of Gucci Dionysus Bag

1) Gucci bags use thick and sturdy brass hardware in the construction of their purses. The genuine zipper has the Gucci logo on the inside, the plating is even and the gloss is full, and the letters on the zipper head are clear. And If the handbag's clasps are hard to fasten, the bag is fake.

2) The real quality bag zipper is neatly done with regular stitching, while the fake bag zipper is obviously of low quality and has uneven stitching.

3) Although some fake Gucci bag zippers and other hardware look very shiny, they are easy to scratch. And the surface has the phenomenon of wire drawing, uneven lettering, thin coating and irregular color.

9、The Chain of Gucci Dionysus Bag

1) The genuine chain looks very textured. You will see the difference in sheen and finish, as the the real Gucci Dionysus's chain will be evenly polished as compared to the finish of the fake one. The imitation chain looks very new and bright, but it has a sense of inferior quality.

2) The chain of  real Gucci bagis heavy and the hooks make smooth curves. The fake bag'chain is lighter and the hooks are more circular and uneven.

10、The Stitching of Gucci Dionysus Bag

The stitching is one of the important things when it comes to the authenticity guide. The stitching of the bag should be uniform and regular. It's very difficult to find exactly the same stitching as an authentic Gucci Dionysus bag in a fake.  A real Gucci will not pucker at the seams or have threads dangling off the bag.

11、The Box and Dust bag of Gucci Bag

1) The box should have the logo "Gucci" and so do the dust bag. The material, color and the shape of the writing are details that you should not avoid. Real Gucci bags come with specific packaging. They will never be wrapped in plastic. If the bag is wrapped in plastic, it's fake.

2) The Real Gucci products are sold with two types of dust bags. The colors of which have varied over the years. The bags are either dark or light brown or black. The dust bag will have the double G logo or have the name "Gucci" written in gold lettering across the front of the bag. 

12、The Controllato Cards & information Cards

1) Gucci has a control system that ensures that all bag purchased by Gucci customers are authentic.  Each handbag is sold with a controllato card. "Controllato" means "checked" in Italian, and it is proof that the bag went through the quality control process. The card reads Gucci and Controllato and underneath are the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0.

2) Many sources point to the controllato cards are white in older ones and off white in newer ones, as proof that a Gucci bag is genuine. Each card has the words “Gucci” centered on the card in all capital letters. Underneath the card, the words “controllato” are displayed in lowercase letters.

3) But the Controllato card can be moved from one bag to another, since it is totally separate from the bag itself. And a card can get lost. Therefore, the lack of these cards can't be used to show that a bag is not genuine.

4) In addition to the controllato card, there is also the information card. New bags also have a label on the inside of the bag with a QR code on it.

13、Examine the Sales Receipt

If there is no close-up photo, please ask the seller for the original receipt. Although receipts can be fabricated, the sales associates number and the date of purchase cannot.  If it's a second-hand Gucci Dionysus handbag, please call the original wallet sales office to confirm the purchase.

14、Vintage Gucci bags vs. New Gucci bags

Because Gucci began as a company in 1921, there are many older bags still floating around, and they are highly sought after. Some of the rules for authenticating vintage bags, defined as those that are 20 years old or more, are the same as for newer bags, and some are different. 

  • Quality: Like the modern bags, a genuine vintage bag will always have high quality hardware, stitching, and materials. Inferior quality workmanship likely signals a counterfeit.

  • The logo: The logo wasn't always the interlocking G logo, which was introduced in the early 1960s.

  • The serial number: Some older bags don't have a serial number, some have double-digit numbers, and some don't have one at all.

Where To Buy Gucci Dionysus Bag The Cheapest?

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