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Goyard Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Know if Goyard Wallet is Real?

Goyard Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Know if Goyard Wallet is Real?

    Goyard is a world-renowned luxury French fashion label known for its high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and speical designs. Goyard offers us a wide choice of wallet goods: such as Goyard victoire wallet, moliere wallet,Saint-Florentin wallet, Saint-Sulpice card wallet, Saint-Marc card wallet, etc. Due to its high demand, fake manufacturers have made lots of replicate design of the wallets to sell it to unsuspecting customers.So, how to know if a Goyard wallet or card holder is real? Where is the serial number on Goyard card holder? In this Goyard wallet real vs fake guide, I'm going to provide you with a detailed step to spot a fake Goyard wallet or card holder.


1. The Material of Goyard Wallet 

1) Goyard's wallets are made from specially coated canvas material. They also come with a leather trim to protect the edges and prevent the canvas from becoming frayed. The great thing about the canvas is that it's easy to keep clean. The coating allows you to wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth and a gentle soap solution.

2) The Goyard Saint Sulpice card wallet comes equipped with a soft-cotton fabric cloth, whereas inside Goyard wallets we often see material that are made of premium soft calfskin.

3) The Goyard wallet even allows for ultimate customization from a monogram, your initials, printed on the front, and a range of color options all within the distinct tessellation patternation. These colors can be anything from standard colors like black or brown through to more unique colors such as pink, purple, and yellow.  


2. The Y Pattern of Goyard Canvas

1) Goyard's Goyardine design is recognised for the hand-stencilled detail. The Unique Pattern is hand-stenciled and superimposed over the canvas and coated with a special resin compound. 

2) With a real wallet, you will notice that the pattern printed on them looks like a Y, and all of the Y’s on them are connected to the others. If you notice that there is a slight spacing between the Y's and they don't connect to one other, it is a replica. 


3. The Logo of Goyard

1) E: GOYARD -  The font of the logo is very special, Goyard being printed at the end it covers the first 2 colors. Be aware that the shape and size of this lettering can vary in many different ways in relation to the color. If you notice any fundamental differences between the letters, this is a clear indication that the Goyard wallet or cardholder you are buying isn't a genuine article but a replica. 

2) Look closely at the word“Honore”text in any wallet,  It should be placed between“Goyard”and “Paris” on the front of a wallet. The“H”is well defined. But often, on a replica, the“H”tends to look more like an“N.” 


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4. The Goyard Logo Hot Stamp Inside

1) A real stamp always says "GOYARD PARIS MADE IN FRANCE" in three lines written in all capital letters. The name is followed by the word PARIS in a smaller font size. The third line states, "MADE IN FRANCE." The typography and the font are precise, the spacing between each line is identical. The first and last row have the same length. 


2) Look at the thickness of the "Y" the left side should be thicker and the "G" wheelbase should point clearly. The "Made In" logo is very thin and in a sans serif font. The logo should always be thin and crisp. 

3) The sign for a fake Goyard wallet is an unclean logo stamp with no signs of bleeding, neglect or stains. The most common mistake is a wrong font and / or a too deep embossing of the fire stamp.


5. Authentic Goyard Serial Number

1) Where is the serial number on Goyard wallet/card holder? On a Goyard card holder/wallet, the serial number is listed on the inside side seam in the front pocket. The serial number should consist of three letters and six digits. The font of the serial number should be san serif in a small size and quite discreet, clear, and consistent.

2) Goyard changes the fonts and typography according to the series and the years - YYY Z XXXX Z

  • YYY : Goyard code: BAE - MAE - PIR - AAS - ARO - BAL - ABA - ADM - SUT - VAE - SAL.

  • XXXX: Year of manufacture

  • ZZ : Month of manufacture


6. The Zipper of Goyard Wallet

Some styles of Goyard wallets have zippers. Anyone with an eye for luxury will know that a high-end brand like Goyard will feature a zip that feels heavy, luxurious and slides smoothly. What's more, Goyard's zippers also feature a signature 'G' in capitals.


7. The Stitching of Goyard Wallet

1) Goyard wallets feature perfectly straight stitching with no irregularities. The brand is known for its impeccable leather quality that always comes with a texture to it.

2) Black and brown Goyard bags always has a true black seam, while the other colours are always embroidered with a white seam. In some important seams, double-needle stitching will be used.


8. The Box & Dust Bag of Goyard Wallet

1) Goyard wallet comes in a plain dust bag that is placed within a green box. There is the brand's unique logo on the top of the box and the words MADE IN FRANCE on the side of the lid of the box.


2) Goyard dust bags are made out of mustard yellow cotton twill fabric. However, don't panic if you find a chocolate brown dust bag accompanying your item, Goyard previously used brown to match their box packaging.


What is so special about Goyard?

Goyard is a 200-year-old Parisian brand that is largely unknown - on purpose. Its elusiveness is intentional, and it's also what makes Goyard such a status symbol. The mystery drives desire, and Goyard's business is largely via word-of-mouth from its influential clients and collectors.

Is Goyard out of style?

The longtime prestige associated with Goyard means that your bag will never go out of style, and its limited availability makes it a favorite for ladies who love sophisticated, classic style but don't want to look like everybody else.

What is the most popular Goyard color?

The most popular Goyard bag color is the black coated canvas with tan leather trim.

Can you only buy Goyard in store?

Goyard is an brand of luxury handbags that has been in business since 1853. It's known for carrying an air of secrecy and exclusivity with it that is almost unusual in today's online world. It is not possible to buy Goyard online.

  • Where To Buy Goyard Wallet The Cheapest?

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