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Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC) Bag Real vs Fake: How to Tell If a Chanel Bag is Authentic? (Sale + 7% Cashback)

Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC) Bag Real vs Fake: How to Tell If a Chanel Bag is Authentic? (Sale + 7% Cashback)

    The Chanel Wallet on Chain ( WOC) is one of the most loved accessories in the handbag world because it is so incredibly useful and versatile. It may be tiny, but it sure is mighty in terms of being the perfect on-the-go bag. Chanel happens to make some pretty incredible WOCs. The Wallet on Chain comes in the Classic Flap, Reissue, and Boy Bag styles and it is also released in many season collections as well. It‘s perfect for every season, from smart and casual looks! Chanel WOC worth the money and you won't regret having one! With its popularity, there are many fakes on the market! How to tell if a Chanel WOC bag is authentic? In this Chanel Wallet On Chain original vs fake guide, I will help you to identify a real Chanel! And I will also recommend you the cheapest place to buy Chanel WOC bag at the end of this guide!


  • Chanel Wallet On Chain Original vs Fake

1. The Overall Look of Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag

1) The overall shape of replica bag seems to be bulkier. But the diamond shapes made by the stitches are bigger on the authentic bag than the fake model. 

2) The flap of the fake bag is very close to the bottom edge, while there is a bigger space between these two edges on the real bag. The corners of the fake flap have to be rounded and not as pointy as they are. 

3) The authentic wallet is with neat stitching that is almost impossible to see whereas the fake model looks too flat with the stitching that is too obvious.

2. The Caviar Leather of Chanel Wallet On Chain

1) The caviar leather is very common in Chanel bags. It's one of the so many types of grained calfskin that Chanel makes. This leather is also heavier than normal grained calfskin or lambskin but it can endure scratches and abuses. The replica bag will not be as durable and solid as the real bag.

2) Take a closer look you will see how these grains are bigger on the original bag and look just like actual caviar, while the fake bag's surface seems to have little dots that do not make it look well at all.

3. The 'CC'  Lock

1)The interlocking 'CC' lock didn't make its appearance until the '80s when Karl Lagerfeld introduced it to the classic flap design. Make sure that the C's overlap properly. Authentic Chanel Classic flap bags will have the right 'C' overlapping the left 'C' at the top and the left 'C' overlapping the right 'C' at the bottom. Check that the C's overlap properly.  If the placement looks off, it's a fake. 

2) The replica logo has is the sizing - the original one is clearly bigger than the fake one.  The spacing between the CC is bigger on the authentic model too. The fake logo is flat and matte when it's supposed to be more dimensional with a reflective surface just as the real model. Even the wrong placement of the logo can give the replica away- the original logo is placed in the bottom of the flap whereas it is placed almost in the middle of the fake flap

4. The Back of The Bag

1) The authentic pocket is much thicker than the fake which is very thin and not made of the same quality leather.

2) The quilting on the pocket lines up flawlessly with the quilting on the background, while the quilting on the fake pocket does not match with the background.

5. The Side of Chanel WOC

The height of the authentic model is greater while the fake model is wider. There might be more room in the replica bag but you can see  how squiggly the sides of the bag are, while the edges are super straight in the real bag.


6. The Stitching & Quilting 

1) You can hardly notice the stitching on the real Chanel. It's the same color as the bag and done precisely. On the fake model, you can see the stitching because of the color which is not like the leather of the bag.

2) An awesome detail about Chanel WOC is its quilting pattern: the authentic's surface is bulkier which can be explained by the tight stitching whereas the fake's surface is flatter; the stitching is sloppy and the quality of the leather is different. The pattern is different too- squares on the original model are bigger.

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7. The Inner Logo Stamp

1) The stamp is on the flap of bag. The quality of stamp and embossing must be carefully checked. High-quality logos should be embossed on the leather, not directly on the leather like many cheap fake bags. The "Chanel" gold stamping should be approximately 1.5cm below the quilted interlocking C logo and be 3.3cm in width.

 2) Letters shown in the fake model are bolder, larger and thicker, when they have to be smaller and thinner as shown on the authentic model. The CC logo needs to be smaller with the thinner outline too.

8. The "MADE IN..."Stamp

Look at the text stating the country of manufacturing of the bag on the other side of the bag, on the interior side. Usually, the replica bags have their text improperly font-weighted and kerned between the letters as well.

9. The Leather Label  & Logo stamp

  • The Label

The Chanel Label is rounder and thicker on the fake WOC and the stitching is almost non-existent when it is supposed to be as neat as it is in the original bag.

  • The Logo font

1) The opening angle of the letter "C" is 30 degrees. If you fill in the gap on the right side of C, it can be connected to form a perfect circle; many fake C are oblong and look flat.

2) The "-" in the middle of the letter "H" is on the upper side, and many fakes are in the middle.

3) The upper width of the icon shown on the letter "N" is wider than the lower width.

4) The length of the three legs of the letter "E" are all different, with the shortest in the middle and the longest at the bottom.

5) The logo leather tag inside the bag, the genuine hot stamping is in the middle of the leather tag, while the fake one is at the upper right corner; the genuine hot stamping font is neat and clear, and the letter spacing is neat; After a long time of use, the golden hot stamping on the fakes will fall off.


10. Chanel WOC Serial Number 

1) The serial number on the Chanel bag indicates the model and year of production of the bag, and the serial number should match with the authentication card number.  Since 2005, it's a 8-digit. Chanel's 2024 date code on their handbags is 30XXXXXX. If your handbag's date code starts with 27XXXXXX, 28XXXXXX or 29XXXXXX, then it was made in mid/late 2019.  Chanel does not produce bags with serial numbers of 9 digits or more. If this is the case, it's a fake. 

Chanel Bag Serial Number Chart:


2) To the left of the interior label is where you'll find the hologram tab with the bag's unique serial number. The sticker, Chanel logo, and hologram design varied with the manufacturing date. Cross-referencing the serial number and date of production helps to determine authenticity.

3) The double CC logos should not be as bold and thick as shown on the replica, but thin and pale.The overall shape of the white tag needs to be less wide and smaller too.

11. Chanel  WOC Bag Authenticity Card Real vs. Fake

1) Authenticity card number must match the serial number of a handbag. The consistency of an authenticity card must be as sturdy as one of a credit card, and should have a hologram on it.  

 2) Check that the authenticity card matches the serial number inside the bag. But that does not necessarily mean it is authentic. Authenticity cards are very easily replicated.

3)  If the card's serial number reflects a rainbow hologram under natural light, it's also not real.  But under the Ultraviolet  lamp, you can clearly see the double C logo, and you can see that one line of the small print underneath is illuminated. 



12. The zipper

1) The material around the zipper is smooth and solid on the authentic wallet whereas it is all grainy in the fake bag.  The stitching on the original is almost invisible and perfect whereas on the fake it is not.

2) The zipper teeth are smaller and closer to one another on the original model which make the slider move super smoothly on it.The real Chanel WOC has the zipper in a regular and straight shape whereas in the fake the zipper is not in a straight line.

13. The Puller

1) The new models of Chanel WOC have two types zipper pullers, metal and leather. The puller metal has a rectangle shape in the fake model when it is supposed to be more square-like just as it is on the authentic slider.


2) You can see how long and narrower the authentic puller is in comparison to the fake one which is shorter and wider. A few words need to be mentioned about the stitching are supposed to be neat and tight.


14. The Chains

1)The leather inside the Chanel WOC where the chains are held is very different. you can find loose leather in the replica and on the authentic, the leather is in its place and very tight.

2) The chains weight differently. The authentic bag has wider and heavier chains and the replica has more narrow and light chains. 


15. Chanel WOC Dust Bag real vs fake

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On the authentic duster, you can see that "CHANEL" is written in white, bold letters centered in the middle. On the fake duster , you can see that "CHANEL" is written in a faded grey color. It is also written in the wrong front, which appears to be thinner. The fake logo is also slightly off-centre on the duster.

16. Chanel WOC bag size:

Chanel WOC bag 

12,3 x 19,2 x 3,5 cm/4.8 × 7.5 × 1.4 in

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