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Faure Le Page vs. Goyard vs. Moynat: Which Brand Wins the Tote Bags Smackdown?

Faure Le Page vs. Goyard vs. Moynat: Which Brand Wins the Tote Bags Smackdown?

    When it comes to luxury leather bags, no country does is better than France. There is a deep-rooted history of “trunk makers” from the likes of Fauré Le Page & Goyard, that are among some of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands. It's difficult to not compare Fauré Le Page with its contemporaries such as Moynat and Goyard. All the three brands create tote bags featuring distinct monograms, and have their own interpretations of totes and messenger bags covered in said monograms. But which one is the best?Is Faure Le Page better than Goyard? Is Goyard worth it? Is Moynat owned by LVMH? In this article, I'll tell you the ansers anf take an in-depth review at each house’s history as well as a first-hand comparison of the quality, design, and price point. Hope to give you a buying guide!

Cover Photo:Faure Le Page & Goyard & Moynat

  • Faure Le Page Daily Battle Tote review

Faure Le Page Brand History and Origin

Fauré Le Page was established in Paris in 1717, and they originally first started off as firearms manufacturer. Fauré Le Page's establishment precedes Goyard (1792) and Louis Vuitton (1854). Even though Fauré Le Page doesn't have as much name recognition as its peers, it is still a very prestigious brand with a lot of rich history.

Founded by Louis Pigny, the company remained in the same family until 1913. Throughout its history, the manufacturer was successively called Pigny, Le Page, Le Page Moutier, and finally settled on Fauré Le Page in 1865. It supplied weapons to King Louis XV in 1735 and 1756, as well as arming the revolutionary forces during the French Revolution in 1789 and 1830. The brand did make leather goods but they were restricted to gun holsters, firearms-related products, as well as hunting accessories such as kit bags and satchels.  The venture into accessories and bags only began in 2009. Fauré Le Page now pays homage to its roots through the brand's signature gun-shaped pochettes (appropriately called 'Calibre'). 

Fauré Le Page was relatively quiet until it was purchased by Augustin de Buffévent, who is also the brand's artistic director in 2011,  and closed down its first ever store on Paris' rue de Richelieu, and then reopened a brand new store on the famed luxury district of rue Cambon.

Faure Le Page Daily Battle Tote Prices: $1080-$1250

Faure Le Page Daily Battle Tote Designs

A brand for Europe's kings and queens, the Fauré Le Page family continues to play a distinct role in French fashion history. Not following the fashion calendar, Fauré Le Page follows its own path and by doing so has been able to stay relevant for three centuries.

The Daily Battle tote, effortlessly practical, has a spacious interior. It's structured yet supple. The slender leather handles fit over the shoulder or on the arm. Customizable with the Cartridge Holder. From very beginning, the brand has used the Ecailles scale motif as the house signature. This motif -  at once armor and ornament, evoking dragons and mermaids - confers power and allure to its wearers.

Like a tireless brother in arms, the Daily Battle will fight alongside you in the battles of everyday life. A warrior who can fight on any terrain, he will wear the medals of your victories.


Faure Le Page Tote Quality - Material & Durability

The artisan screen-prints the Ecailles scale pattern onto the weave of the canvas in steps, using different stencils. This demanding technique is intricate and requires the hand of a virtuoso. It's a labour-intensive process.

It's difficult to match the different tones of the same colour. If the screen is not perfectly aligned, even just a quarter of a millimetre off on one side can translate to disaster on the other side. It has to be executed with the same speed and the hues must have the same density. Using this intricate method enables Fauré Le Page to apply the Écailles motif, reserved for the finest of fabrics, on sturdy canvas


Faure Le Page Daily Battle Tote Colors and Sizes

The Daily Battle is currently available in 8 colours (Steel Grey, Walnut Brown, Ivress Red, Steel Grey, Walnut Brown, Paris Blue, Empire Green, Hot Sand ) and has eight leather-canvas combinations. The tote also comes in five sizes: 19cm, 27cm, 32cm, 37cm, and 41cm.

Fauré Le Page Daily Battle sizes chart:

Daily Battle 19

19 x 13 x 8 cm  / 7.5 x 5.1 x 3.1 in

Daily Battle 27

23 x 27 x 13 cm / 9 x 10.2 x 5 in

Daily Battle 32

29  x 31 x 16.5 cm / 11.4  x 12.4 x 6.5 in

Daily Battle 37

31.5 x 35.5 x 15.7 cm / 12.4 x 14.3 x  6.2 in

Daily Battle 41

31.5 x 40 x 19.5 cm / 12.4 x 15.8 x 7.7 in

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  • Goyard Saint Louis Tote review

Goyard Brand History and Origin

Goyard is a French trunk maker that first started its roots in the House of Martin in 1792. The House of Martin specialized in box making, trunk making, and packing and was a favorite among the French aristocracy. Francois Goyard eventually became an apprentice at the House of Martin, and when the owners died in 1852, Goyard took over and totally revolutionized the business with new designs. 

Since then, they've stayed pretty low key (despite all of the celebrities and royals who accessorize with and collect Goyard pieces), and they've done an impeccable job in preserving their iconic branding and print. They don't advertise, sell their items directly online, or really market their brand at all. Goyard has reached such a prestigious position in the bag world by staying true to its roots and aesthetic. It's now renowned as the world's oldest luxury leather goods and trunk company, that's still very much active. 


Goyard St Louis Tote Prices

 Classic: PM – $1,285 / GM – $1,495

 Special Colors: PM – $1,605 / GM – $1,870

Goyard St Louis Tote Designs

The Saint Louis Tote Bag is one of the most popular bags from Goyard. The first function of the emblematic Saint Louis tote upon its creation was to be a beach tote. Entirely made in unlined supple Goyardine canvas allowing for lightness, the Saint Louis tote is completely reversible. Thus, it can be carried either on the Goyardine canvas side or on the linen and cotton weaved side.  

It is a true“throw everything it in it” tote bag with almost no structure. The absence of lining reveals all the Goyard savoir-faire as well as on the outside as on the inside.  It has two Chevroches calfskin handles which become progressively thicker and that are fixed thanks to 5 handmade stitches on each chape. Thus, you can carry the bag in different styles: by hand, around the shoulder or in the crook of the arm. The bag features a detachable pochette wich has a snap button closing system attached to one of the handles of the bag. It can be folded completely flat, making it great for travel. The Goyard doesn't stand up on it's own, it's more of a slouchy bag. 

One of the biggest standouts of Goyard is their dedication to bag personalization. Your bag can be personalized at anytime with initials, names, or even an image. You also have the option to add a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripes to your bag.


Goyard St Louis Tote Quality - Material & Durability

While the bag's material looks similar to leather, the Saint Louis is actually made from canvas. Goyardine canvas is a dyed textile, which consists of cotton, linen and hemp and is subsequently coated and thus made resistant. The coated canvas is handmade in France and the signature chevron print is a three dimensional pattern that is hand painted. 

According to an SA, the St. Louis was originally made to be a beach tote and therefore was not intended to carry heavy items and may wear out quicker than Goyard's other two totes. The regular St. Louis bag might has a potential weakness on the bag - the corners, which can get scuffed over time. But the regular St. Louis bag might has a potential weakness on the bag - the corners, which can get scuffed over time.


Goyard St Louis Colors & Sizes

Both GM and PM have 11 color options and combinations to choose from and the price of the bag increases when you choose a“special color”(ie: anything other than the black/brown combo). The classic Black/Black, Black/Tan  are the most popular Goyard color.

Classic Colors:  Black/Black, Black/Tan;

Special Colors: White, Grey, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Sky Blue,  Burgundy.

It can be personalized by having names, initials, numbers or stripes hand painted on the bag. I prefer the personalization on the Goyard because you can choose how much/how little is done.

Goyard St Louis Tote now has two sizes: PM  & GM.  There used to be a Junior, and XXL size but it has already been discontinued. There are may colors for you to choose: black, black and tan, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, white, and grey.

Goyard Saint Louis PM vs. GM Size chart

Goyard Saint Louis PM

L: 34cm x  W: 15cm x H: 28cm

Goyard Saint Louis GM

L: 40cm x W: 20cm x H: 34cm

The PM size is recommended for daily use, while the GM is mostly used for traveling or as a beach bag.

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Goyard's philosophy is to address the needs of clients visiting the boutiques, hence they do not offer any shopping services online.They can only offer a distance sales depending on your proximity to a boutique.

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  • Moynat Oh! Tote

Moynat Oh! Tote Brand History and Origin

Moynat has been making trunks in Paris since 1849. This French luxury leather goods heritage brand has stayed relatively under the radar. Their first atelier was opened in Paris by trunk-makers Octavie and François Coulembier. They joined forces with Pauline Moynat, a specialist in travel goods, to open the first store of avenue de l'Opera. Moynat was one of the first leather goods houses of its day. 

One of the first luxury brands founded by a woman, Moynat was the brainchild of a young French woman by the name of Pauline Moynat. Providing top-of-the-line trunks and travel accessories to high society Parisians in the 19th century, she was highly acclaimed for her craftsmanship and style. With a sensible and simple design and lined with silk and velvet, her trunks crossed the Atlantic and traveled to all corners of the world.  

After it closed in 1976, the brand went through a reinvention and was purchased in2010 by LVMH. Now, in the capable hands of artistic director Ramesh Nair, Moyant is poised to break through and become one of the most desirable brands in the world. 


Moynat Oh! Tote Prices: $1080-$2488

Moynat Oh! Tote Designs

The style of Moynat is extremely classic and elegant, yet still distinctive. Moynat employs several full-time artists who meticulously handpaint initials, stripes or other customized motifs on leather or canvas bags. The Oh! Tote was released Fall 2018 and is made from a durable and reinforced cotton canvas and linen blend. Nair collaborated with Franco- Japanese artist Tiffany Bouelle to create illustrated, limited edition pieces for the tote's initial launch. Since then, the Oh! Tote, under the Canvas 1920 line, has become a mainstay in the monogram canvas collection of the brand. 

A modern signature of the Maison, the monogram design was originally rendered by painter Henri Rapin by contorting the lines of the letter “M.” For the last century, the Toile 1920 monogram has been the visual autograph of Moynat. Renewed for modernity, the embellished pattern is now reestablished through an undeniably eye-catching 3D effect, which is the closest industrial practice to hand painting. The spirit of the Deco lettering can be written into the stylistic codes through colourful hand-painted stripes and initials newly imagined for the owner.

The Oh Tote bag ribbon recalls the personalisation of the historic trunks and medallion signature with tri-colour stripes. A perfect blend of everyday elegance and functionality.


Moynat Oh! Tote Quality - Material & Durability

Artisanal craftsmanship is at the heart of Moynat. Their bags are made using age-old techniques, sometimes even requiring the revival of lost techniques, but they are adapted in ways that reflect the modern age. They don't have the luxury of relying on older artisans to help nurture the skills. They did it ourselves by scouring the profession for talented individuals who have the potential for this level of workmanship and sometimes re-training artisans in the"Moynat way". While more of a stealth player, Moynat has accrued a loyal following for its artisanal approach based on rare raw materials and haute savoir-faire.  Moynat makes about 30 bags a week-which are all individually crafted by hand. Each bag (which take about 3 to 7 days to make) is made from start to finish by a single artisan, instead of an industrial or assembly line approach.  

Moynat Oh Tote is very meticulously put together – double-lined toile canvas interior (fact: most of the other designer totes are only single- lined), thick coated monogram canvas, leather straps very sturdy and well-stitched. Best of all, the bag is very light

Moynat Oh! Tote Colors & Sizes

The Oh! Tote from the Canvas 1920 line features a tri- colored stripe with the Moynat macaron logo in the middle and comes in many colors - Carbon/Bronze, Carbon/Silver, Indigo/Bronze, Carbon/Bronze Cognac, Greige/Silver/Madder, Carbon/Silver Madder, Indigo/Bronze/Cognac, Madder/Bronze, etc. It's currently available in 3 sizes - the PM, MM, GM.

Moynat Oh! Tote Sizes:  PM vs MM vs GM

Moynat Oh! Tote PM size

38 x 13x 23 cm

Moynat Oh! Tote MM size

45 x 13,5 x 27 cm

Moynat Oh! Tote GM size

52 x 15,5 x 31 cm

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  • Conclusion

Faure Le Page vs. Goyard vs. Moynat: which brand wins the tote bags smackdown?

All of these three French brands have a rich history of superior craftsmanship and are truly some of the most unique prints in all of the luxury leather goods market. Strictly based off of price points, there are basically two directions you can decide to take. Either you spend more on the Goyard product and gain more recognizability by the masses, or you spend less on something that is more limited and less likely had by others. It simply comes down to personal preference of the print, history, and what you are willing to spend.

Faure Le Page 

As a brand for Europe's kings and queens, Fauré Le Page has become one of the more low-key luxury leather goods manufacturers based out of Paris. Fauré Le Page has been compared to Goyard since its rebirth in 2009 due to their similar product lines and their monogram print.  Fauré Le Page is less known than Goyard because their distribution structure is very limited versus Goyard's global presence. 

The lower price tag of the Fauré Le Page tote is a pretty good selling point considering the material  feels like it is more sturdy and of higher quality. 

The material is then waxed and grained to give it a glossy appearance, as well as to provide a layer of protection against moisture. As for the color, in line with its gun-making heritage, the colours of Fauré Le Page's bags and accessories tend to be slightly muted and deeper. Compared to the Goyard canvas, it seems to be much stronger and more durable which is sometimes criticized for having a plastic feel


Goyard is one of the most popular French brands. The Goyard pricing varies country to country, but in general, it is one of the more expensive French leather goods brands due to the brand's allure and high-end clientele.  

The most obvious difference is that Goyard's monogram has a very distinct 3D style that is not produced in the flat monogram print from Fauré Le Page and Moynat. 

With St Louis tote, Goyard focused on functionality; It's known for its simplicity, lightness and generous size and It can be used on both sides. The Goyard St. Louis' waterproof coat and roomy interior makes it ideal for vacations to warm weather locations. 

Goyard also introduced hand-painted personalisation (coronets, initials, and stripes) for its monogram canvas handbags. You're seeing a diverse range of colors and the individual clients connect with those individual, beautiful colors and can find that beautiful bag just for them.


With its modest retail footprint and low-key communications, Moynat stands out from the other luxury behemoths in Arnault's family-controlled empire.The nuances which made Moynat stand out from the rest were her progressive modernity, practicality and talent for making new engineering feel chic. Combining age-old techniques with modern sophistication, the craftsmanship at Moynat is a class apart. 

The style of Moynat Oh! Tote is extremely classic and elegant, yet still distinctive. The price is expensive than Fauré Le Page. Moynat flies under the radar with accessories for people who are feeling mass-market fatigue but want the quality and heritage of LVMH and the overall sophistication and leather quality of Hermès. You do not buy it because of a trend, you buy it because you fall in love with the design, quality, material, exclusivity

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