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YSL Loulou Bag Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake? (Sizes + Sale + 8% Cashback)

YSL Loulou Bag Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake? (Sizes + Sale + 8% Cashback)

    Yves Saint Laurent Loulou bags have been enjoying immense popularity in the recent years, reaching the near-icon status. It's perfect for daily wear. But with its popularity, there are more and more YSL Loulou bags on the market. If you are a fan of the high-quality YSL brand and you want to know how to spot the fake YSL Loulou bag, then you are in the right place. How to read YSL Authenticity Card? How to authentic YSL loulou serial number? In this guide I will tell you how to spot a fake YSL Loulou bag from real. We can see from the 13 tips of what exactly an original Saint Laurent bag differs from a fake model. And at the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new and vantage Saint Laurent Loulou bags.


  • How to Spot a Fake YSL Loulou Bag?

1. The Overall Look of YSL LouLou Bag

1) The capacity of this designer bag is very spacious. The original YSL LouLou bag has a rectangular shape, while the fake bag is a square as all of the four sides are almost equal.

2) Y-quilted leather is another characteristic that distinguishes a fake from real. The lines of the quilting on real bag have a smoother transition between the sections which are impossible to see. These transition lines that create a Y shape on the Fake YSL LouLou are harsh - the stitches can be seen clearly as they are not as nicely hidden.


2. The Sides of YSL LouLou Bag

1) The side of the fake Yves Saint Laurent LouLou bag is much narrower than it's shown on the real bag. There is more room inside the original bag.

2) The stitching of real  bag is done very tightly which gives each section more of a bubbly look whereas they are all flat on the fake. The fake Yves Saint Laurent bags are most common to have their  indentation looking less deep than the real.

3)The depth of the stitches on fake bag is smaller than the depth of the real. This means that the fake bags usually have their stitching on the rear side of the bag looking less defined.

3. The Bottom Material of YSL LouLou Bag

Check the material used on the bottom side of the YSL Loulou bag. The authentic YSL Loulou bag uses correct and authentic leather, while the fake bag uses a fake leather material.

4.“YSL”Metal Logo

1) The Y's left arm - thicker than the right - sits beneath the S, while the right arm is above. The S then swoops behind the bottom half of the Y, overlaps the L and tucks behind it. The top and the bottom rounded corners of the letter "S" appears to be less sharp than they have to be. Also, note the slope of the L; it starts wider at the top and narrows as it hits the horizontal leg. You can look at the quality of the metal YSL logo. The YSL logo will also include four mock nail heads on the outlying corners. Though not functional, they should always be present.

2) The "YSL" lettering of fake bag is not placed exactly in the middle and is not clean. Their letters thinner and curvier than they have to be, and not only that but even where the letters merge, the space between the letters will be deeper than it has to be.


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5. The Stitching of YSL LouLou Bag

The authentic YSL Loulou bag has robust and regular stitching. All lines are parallel. There should not be any repeated stitches in the middle of the line or in unexpected places. Irregular stitching or double stitching is the hallmark of the imitation Saint Laurent bag.

6. The Heat Stamp of Saint Laurent Paris 

1)  Saint Laurent Paris should be capitalized in a sans serif font.  "R" and "E" in the brand "SANT LAURENT" are special fonts, "E" is the shortest in the middle, and the third is the longest. 

2) The font of the brand logo and the "NT" of the logo lettering must be connected together which are same as the letters on label. But the letters on the metal hardware, the N and T are separate.

3) The slope of the R leg in Laurent is rounded, while the R leg in Paris is straight. Counterfeiters will frequently use the same font throughout. The "S" in "PARIS" is a special font.  Compare the shape of the S. The angle of the As and the spacing of the letters. 

4) On the authentic YSL bag,  the 'SAINT LAURENT PAIRS' text is a thicker than the text on the fake bag,  which is also smaller than the authentic text. The side printing of fake YSL bag appears to be a lot thinner than it has to be.

7. The Hardware of YSL LouLou Bag

  • The Magnetic Closure 

1) The magnetic closure has YSL lettering engraved on it.  The letters are small and deeply engraved on the authentic bag whereas on the fake bag they are with larger fonts.

2) The metal should be as matte as shown on the original closure. Because low-quality metal reflects too much light, it's almost impossible to read the letters.

  • The Carbines 

Inspect the “SAINT LAURENT” print on the carbines. The fake Yves Saint Laurent Loulou bags have their text looking a lot deeper than it has to be on the legit YSL bags


  • The Ring-shaped Metal 

The original metal "ring" is sanded very nicely and the "layers" can be noticed very easily too. On the other hand, the replica metal is thinner, less dimensional, and shinier. The letters on the real are more square-like and bold whereas they are thinner and pale on the fake.


 8. The Interior Label 

1) Generally speaking, since 2012 the label has no longer appeared under the name Yves Saint Laurent, but has been renamed Saint Laurent. So it is quite possible that the design of older models differs from that of the newer models. 

2) The shape of the label - each corner on the original Yves Saint Laurent bag is well defined and squared and each side of the original label is perfectly even whereas on the fake YSL bag they are bent and just not what they are supposed to be.

3) The font of the authentic YSL stamp is bold and thick, whereas it is much thinner but bigger on the fake bag. A key feature is that the "T" in the words Saint and Laurent should touch the "N" in front of it. It's best to always check the quality of the logo and the placement. 

9.  Authentic YSL LouLou Serial Number

1) You can find a serial number tag inside of a original YSL bag, it is sewn to the lining and is usually located near the zipper on the top. The tag can't be sewn into a stitch, but it's carefully sewn to the lining around the edges. A serial number tag looks like a rectangular-shaped piece made of natural leather and its color is the same as the color of the bag. To find theserial number you just need to look at the opposite side of the tag. 

2) If you are not sure about the serial number, you can either inquire directly at a Saint Laurent store or inquire on the official website. Many Saint Laurent bags also have the “made in italy ” lettering under the serial number, depending on the model and year of manufacture, this lettering may also have been embossed in capital letters.

3) The leather tag has the brand logo and the number indicating the ID code, the number is clearly engraved, and there is MADE IN xxx under the number. Note that there should be only one row of digits, two rows is a tell-tale sign that the bag is a fake. 

4) Vintage YSL bags always have a serial number, inside. It's 12 digits sepbarated by adot. Newer styles, however,hatree ltee 6 dgits, then another 4 digits separated by adot. In new models you can find 3 letters and then 10 digits also separated by adot.

5) First 6 digits denote the style number. Next 4 digits are the date code.  Regarding the last 4 digits, the first 2 digits are the production month while the last 2 digits look like prodtioin year.

10. The YSL Authenticity Card

All authentic YSL bags are equipped with a white authenticity card and a black care manual, placed in a black envelope with white lettering. The font of the card in the fake bag is incorrect and it's light silver instead of white. The original letters' font are bolder, thicker, and easier to read.

11. Saint Laurent Loulou Dust Bag Real vs Fake

1) An original Saint Laurent bag always comes, always, with a dust bag. This protects your designer bag from direct sunlight, as well as from moisture. The typical Saint Laurent logo - the intricate YSL Monogram-or the white lettering on a black background "Saint Laurent Paris". 

2) The color of the dust bag can vary with the older models from the times of YSL. Until 2012 the fashion house still bore the name "Yves Saint Laurent". In June 2012 came the big change and from YSL was "Saint Laurent Paris". Additionally the label received a re-branding in the year: from a slim and graceful typography a rather simple lettering was created. Typographically, "Saint Laurent" was placed in Helvetica and "Paris" in a serif font called Copperplate. 

3) There is also a white label inside the dust bag, indicating where the product was manufactured. The font of letters are bigger on some fake dust bags and have different textures.


12. YSL Loulou size chart:

YSL Loulou Small Bag

25 X 17 X 9 cm / 9.8 X 6.6 X 3.5 Inches

YSL Loulou Medium Bag

32 X 27 X 11 cm / 12.5 X 10.6 X 4.3 Inches

YSL Loulou Large Bag

38 X 27 X 14 cm / 14.9 X 10.6 X 5.5 Inches

YSL Loulou Puffer Small Bag 

29 X 17 X 11 cm / 11.4 X 6.6 X 4.3 Inches

YSL Loulou Puffer Medium Bag

35 X 23 X 13.5 cm / 13.7 X 9 X 5.3 Inches


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