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7 Best Gift Card Exchange Sites - Buy, Sell and Trade Discount Gift Card Safely and Instanly!

7 Best Gift Card Exchange Sites - Buy, Sell and Trade Discount Gift Card Safely and Instanly!

    Gift cards have always been a popular gifting option when you’re confused about what to buy for your families or friends. Gift Cards are the most popular gift exchange in the United States and far too many people obtain gift cards that go unused or carry a balance that never get redeemed. Thanks to the Gift card exchanges new marketplace on the Internet, you can turn those gift cards into cash or trade them for ones you can actually take advantage of. You can also shop for gift cards and purchase them at a discount from the card’s value. How to convert gift card to cash? What is the best gift card exchange site? Please visit one of these best exchange sides to buy discount gift cards, sell gift cards online electronically instantly, or both.


  • Best Gift Card Exchange Sites For You


【About】™, the highest-ranking and most-trafficked gift card website on the Internet, is your one-stop shop for gift cards online. was originally called and was started in 1999 as a gift certificate website, selling over 150 merchant gift certificates. In 2008, the new plan and new direction were centered around being able to provide customers with a better product, broaden the product offering, have a new focus on corporate clients, and improve the way they deliver and service their product. They became Visa, Mastercard®, and Discover certified, brought all customer service in house. Now buyers can select gift cards from over 15,000 designs for any occasion.

Current Coupons & discountsSubscribe & Save $5 Off Your 1st Order

PaymentVisa, Mastercard, Discover® and American Express® credit and debit cards registered to United States addresses. 

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2. CardCash

【About CardCash】Since CardCash started selling gift cards in 2008, They've been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers. CardCash has the world's largest inventory of discounted gift cards and since it's inception, has saved customers more than $50 million from their favorite retail brands. Turn unused gift cards into cash or buy discount gift cards to save money every time you shop with CardCash. And if you're looking to sell your gift card you might be in for more luck. The rates offered by CardCash were higher than most competitors, making them a good option if you want to sell your gift card for as much as possible.

Current Coupons & discounts

1. Get cash for your cards or Trade and get up to 7% more

2. Buy Gift Card up to 40% off

PaymentCredit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, ACH payment

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3. Raise

【About Raise】Raise has a well-designed gift card exchange website. The layout is clean and modern and it's clear where to go to buy, sell and earn rewards. It's founded by George Bousis in 2013, has transformed simple pieces of plastic into a powerful payment mechanism.

Raise offered us good money for our gift cards, and had deals on top retailers with an additional option of cashback where gift cards weren't available. You're promised around 85-90% of the value when exchanging gift cards for cash, which is low among exchange sites. But we found that the final amount we received was comparable to other sites, which can levy hidden fees.

Current Coupons & discounts

1. New Member Special: Extra 10% off all discounted gift cards with code: FIRST | Max savings $20. Valid on first purchase for a limited time only.

2. Clearance up to 25% off

3. Buy full-priced gift cards and get up to 15% back in Raise Cash to spend on future purchases.

4. Sell Gift Cards for Cash-Earn up to 85% cash back when you sell unwanted gift cards and store credits on the marketplace.

5. Earn $5 for every friend you invite.

6. Sign up & Get $10 off your first purchase.

PaymentMajor credit cards,Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay,  PayPal is as a form of payment through mobile app.

Cashback from Extrabux1.5-2%% Cashback

4. EJ Gift Cards

【About EJ Gift Cards】

Turn them into cash! EJ Gift Cards offers the highest pay outs for your gift cards and store credit based on the current market rates. There is no limit on how many gift cards they can cash out and no limit on the balance of the gift cards. 

This site allows you to choose the specific gift card you wish to sell from their exhaustive list of major brand stores and food chains. Next, you enter the balance dollar amount on the card to instantly receive a purchase offer. If you're ok with the offer price, you need to enter the card number and pin - associated with the correct card value. Register and login and enter your PayPal email address to receive the cash.

Current Coupons & discountsBuy gift cards up to 22% off

Payment Paypal

Cashback from Extrabux1.5-2% Cashback

5. Gift Card Granny

【About Gift Card Granny】A very popular online website for people looking to sell gift cards for cash.  It allows sellers to choose from multiple options, namely. They can list the card and choose the best offer - to make instant cash online. Giftcard granny had offers for over 1300 brands, making it one of the most comprehensive sites.

Gift Card Granny's moving-saving expert, Trae Bodge, provides helpful tips & tricks for saving money when you shop. Using gift card deals and other strategies, she shows you how you can always get the biggest bang for your buck.

Current Coupons & discounts

1. Refer A Friend, Earn $5

2. Earn cash back when you buy a card for yourself or send one as a gift.

PaymentVISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit or debit card.

Cashback from Extrabuxtemporarily unavailable

6. Gift Card Spread

【About Gift Card Spread】Ever since Gift Card Spread made its debut in the gift cards market back in 2011, Gift Card Spread is on a mission to arrange the best possible deals for customers. Sellers make easy money while buyers save a lot while purchasing from among their favorite brands. They re-sell your cards to a buyer who may be interested in the cards you have traded, at a discounted price. It's a win- win situation. A big downside with Gift Card Granny is that it doesn't offer you the chance to sell your gift card. 

Here it's the seller who fixes the price for the gift card(s) he wants to sell by filling in an online form. The website reverts back with a confirmation or a counter offer. If the seller agrees, he has to upload his ID & credit card details and card information within 24 hours. Once the personal and card information is verified – the payment is processed almost immediately.

Current Coupons & discounts

1. Bulk Buyers, Click here for additional 3% discount

2.  Buy gift cards up to 20% off

PaymentVisa, Mastercard, American Express,  ACH payment

Cashback from Extrabuxtemporarily unavailable

7. Gift Card Bin

【About GiftCardBin】GiftCardBin has a mission to become the #1 online source to buy or sell gift cards. Sellers here have the option of either selling gift cards online or in-store for instant cash by visiting any of their 400 partner locations in the US & Canada. GiftCardBin will also buy your gift card and send you cash. GiftCardBin empowers customers with the ability to get the most for their dollar when and where they need it by using one of the  discount gift cards. They strive to carry a wide variety of popular brand gift cards at significantly marked down prices.

Current Coupons & discounts

1. FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX on all orders

2. Buy gift cards up to 30% off 

PaymentVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, Paypal

Cashback from Extrabuxtemporarily unavailable

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  • Buying on a Gift Card Exchange

It's easier to buy on the exchange where you want to sell. You only need to read the products carefully, add the required products to the shopping cart, and then checkout. Normally, you do not need to be a member to check out, but if you plan to return more cards, becoming a member can save time. You can pay using the exchange's own credit card, promotional code and/or gift card. After entering your personal information and paying, the physical card will be shipped to you (usually for free) and will arrive within three to seven days, or it will be sent electronically to your email address immediately.

  • Selling on a Gift Card Exchange

It's easy to sell gift cards through online exchanges. You first register as an exchange member by providing information about yourself. You will be asked to agree to the terms of use, which may include:

-The cards you listed are only valid, owned and controlled by you, can be exchanged for a specified balance, and are only used in card exchanges.

-After selling the card, you should not try to redeem the card.

-Keep a certain amount of plastic gift cards and convert them into digital gift cards.

-The card does not have any liens or other restrictions.

-You will only list gift cards that can be used or sold in the United States.

-You will see the listed card value limits.

-You must be a US resident and have a valid credit or debit card registered in the exchange.

-You will comply with all other requirements to complete the sale, including shipping/delivery procedures.

-Enter information about the gift card, such as its serial number, PIN (if available), current balance and selling price, which are set by you (on the P2P exchange) or the exchange itself. The exchange will tell you how much price you will receive, and the rest will be transferred to the exchange as commission and listing fees. It is expected that 5% to 15% of the total fee will be paid, although the amount varies from exchange to exchange. You need to set a competitive price for your gift card. It helps to peruse similar cards for sale to come up with a competitive price. 

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