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Dior B23 Sneaker Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How Can You Tell if Dior B23 are Fake?

Dior B23 Sneaker Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How Can You Tell if Dior B23 are Fake?

    The iconic and timeless B23 sneakers, an essential element of the your wardrobe, transition easily from day to night. You can pair it easily with any casual outfit. The sneaker is further enhanced with contrasting details, such as eyelets and a lace-up front, a white and beige rubber sole, a rounded and reinforced toe as well as a back tab recall the codes of the classic high-top style. It's the best popular sneakers in the Dior sneakers collection. And that’s why these sneakers will have more fake versions on the market. If you are going to buy Dior B23 sneakers online, how can you tell if Dior B23 are fake? In this Dior B23 real vs fake guide, I will help you to identify fake models easily and quickly.


1. The Material and Color of B23 Sneaker

1) The B23 sneaker is set apart by its white and black Dior Oblique motif canvas and transparent paneling. The difference of fake and real The B23 sneaker is shown on the transparent paneling, which on the authentic sneakers is transparent and just a little blurry, while on the replica, the paneling is white, giving it a very cheap look. 

2) On the authentic sneaker, you can also see the signatures are so delicate. The letters are faded out in black and the creamy white background goes very well with the patchwork effect. The colour of Dior Oblique patttens in the fake Dior B23 also look more off-white than the real.


2. The Alignment of the Lace Holes

Looking at the side of the Dior B23 sneakers, we can see how the lace holes are wrongly aligned  from the pictures. As the line on the fake shoes is way too curved and the edge connection line of laces holes on original's is less curved, we can say that the lace holes on the fake Dior B23 sneakers are wrongly positioned.


3. The Toe Box of Dior B23 Sneaker

On the authentic Dior B23 shoe, the toe box is smaller on the sides of the shoe, as there is more empty room between the white toe box and the translucent side of the shoe. The fake shoe havs its white toe box too big,  and it is close to the translucent side of the shoe.


4. The “DIOR” Signature On Midsole 

The sneaker is further enhanced with contrasting details of the 'DIOR' signature. On the real B23 shoes, the legit DIOR box is all in shape of a rectangle, while the fake has more of a square attachment. The distance between the edges and the white border is also larger in the authentic sneaker. Beides, the edge of the genuine logo is clear, while the paint on the edge of the fake logo is overflowing.


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5. The Heel of Dior B23 Sneaker

1) The authentic Dior B23 has the pull tab length on the back of the Dior B23 longer, while the replica Dior B23 sneakers pull tab is too short.


2) Take a look on the back of the Dior B23 sneakers from side and carefully check the shape. The fake Dior B23 sneakers are less curved on the rear side, while the authentic pair is a lot more curved. 


6. The Insole of Dior B23 Sneaker

The authentic Dior B23 has a beige insole and the fake has a pale white colour. The authentic Dior B23 sneakers have their “DIOR” text on the insole lookiTng thicker than the one on the fake shoes.   Besides, its “MADE IN ITALY” text looks thinner than the one on the fake sneaker.


7. The Size Tag on the Interior of the Tongue 

1) The fake sneakers have their “MADE IN ITALY”  and size text looking too big but also too thick when compared to the text found on the real shoes.

2) Another flaw visible on the fake shoes'“MADE IN ITALY” and size text stamp of fake shoe appears to be much thinner and the colours are not as vibrant, while the print on the legit pair is thicker.


8. The Stitching & Craftsmanship of Dior B23

Dior shoes are known for their impeccable craftsmanship. The authentic Dior B23 sneaker's stitching is smaller, thinner, and more subtle. All the stitching and seams should be straight, even, and perfectly precise. The flaw on the fake Dior B23 sneakers is that the midsole has this stitching on it looking way too big and thick.


9. The Bottom of Dior B23 Sneaker

1) The real Dior B23 sneakers have a beige bottom, and the fake is in white colour.

2) The authentic model has clear dragonfly pattens engraved on the bottom of the sneakers, while the fake's has them faintly drawn.

3) Apart from the dragonflies, the curved details on the upper and bottom of the shoe, as well as the mesh and logo engraved on the original sneakers are very appealing, while the diamond pattens are less defined and how they’re also too large in width on the fake's bottom.


  • Where To Buy Dior B23 Sneakers The Cheapest?

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Secondhand Dior B23 Sneakers

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