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Goyard Saint Louis vs. Artois vs. Anjou Tote: Which is the Best Tote to Invest in 2024 (Design, Sizes, Price)

Goyard Saint Louis vs. Artois vs. Anjou Tote: Which is the Best Tote to Invest in 2024 (Design, Sizes, Price)

    Goyard is a 200-year-old Parisian brand that was re-established with timeless elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity. Goyard totes'look is classic, its roots started in trunk making back in the late 1700s. If you haven’t heard of the trendy Goyard Tote, you’re in for a treat. The mystery drives desire, and Goyard’s business is largely via word of mouth from its influential clients and collectors. It's also known for personalizing your accessories and bags, you can put your names, number and stripes in a hand-paint. Goyard is not the easiest to shop brand since they’re not sold online and only have a handful of stores in the US. They currently have 3 most classic tote options in their signature coated canvas material: Goyard Saint Louis, Artois and Anjou Tote! Which is the best Goyard tote to invest in 2024? What's the difference between PM, GM, MM? Goyard Anjou PM vs GM, Goyard Artois PM vs MM, which is better for you? How to choose from them? In this guide I will tell you the answers!


  • Goyard Saint Louis Tote Review

Official Price

 Classic: PM – $1,285 / GM – $1,495

 Special Colors: PM – $1,605 / GM – $1,870


The Saint Louis Tote Bag is one of the most popular bags from Goyard. The first function of the emblematic Saint Louis tote upon its creation was to be a beach tote. It's open top with no zipper. The absence of lining reveals all the Goyard savoir-faire as well as on the outside as on the inside. It has two Chevroches calfskin handles which become progressively thicker and that are fixed thanks to 5 handmade stitches on each chape. It comes with its emblematic removable pouch that has a snap button closing system attached to one of the handles of the bag. The Saint Louis is a lightweight bag and reversible.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Saint Louis tote hides a lot of refined details which make it the perfect everyday companion. It has two Chevroches calfskin handles which become progressively thicker. Thus, you can carry the bag in different styles: by hand, around the shoulder or in the crook of the arm. It's the most pliable and unstructured out of their 3 totes. Folds completely flat, making it great for travel.

Material & Durability

Goyardine is a dyed textile, which consists of cotton, linen and hemp and is subsequently coated and thus made resistant. The coated canvas is handmade in France and the signature chevron print is a three dimensional pattern that is hand painted. Since the bag is very pliable, it won't look as big as a structured tote with the same dimensions. Goyardine canvas can be put on the inside for wet clothes to be stored in without damaging the linen and cotton interior of the bag. The regular St. Louis bag might has a potential weakness on the bag - the corners, which can get scuffed over time. But the regular St. Louis bag might has a potential weakness on the bag - the corners, which can get scuffed over time.



Sizes & Colors

Goyard St Louis Tote now has two sizes: PM  & GM.  There used to be a Junior, and XXL size but it has already been discontinued. There are may colors for you to choose: black, black and tan, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, white, and grey.

Goyard Saint Louis PM vs. GM Size chart

Goyard Saint Louis PM

L: 34cm x  W: 15cm x H: 28cm

Goyard Saint Louis GM

L: 40cm x W: 20cm x H: 34cm

The PM size is recommended for daily use, while the GM is mostly used for traveling or as a beach bag.

Where to buy for the cheapest?

Goyard's philosophy is to address the needs of clients visiting the boutiques, hence they do not offer any shopping services online.They can only offer a distance sales depending on your proximity to a boutique.

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  • Goyard Artois Tote Review

Official Price

Classic: PM – $1,740 / MM – $2,125

Special Colors: PM – $2,175 / MM – $2,530


The Artois bag is a nod to Goyard's emblematic Saint Louis in a structured version with a zip fastening system and overstitched leather corners for good resistance to abrasion.  

The Artois bag is the“little sister”of the emblematic Saint Louis tote.  It reinterprets the Saint Louis tote with a number of clever details all of its own: the Artois shoulder straps are also the longest of the three bags, making it a more comfortable fit as an over-the-shoulder bag. And there is a large inner floating pocket so you can organise youe daily belongings.

 Ideal as well for daily use or for work, the Artois also stands out with the free and optional special personalisation, which underlines the art of personalisation by Goyard.

Material & Durability

The added features on this bag address the most common complaints with the St. Louis tote. Instead of an open top on the St. Louis, the Artois has a zipper. And it's made of a thicker, sturdier feeling double-lined classic Goyardine canva,but for more structure. It has leather reinforcements on the bottom four  leather corners (which you can add to your St. Louis for $250) that hold its shape even when the tote is empty. 

Another singularity of the Artois: the handle trim is stitched with red thread, celebrating a Goyard tradition: the same red thread has been used to sew special order trunk handles. 



Sizes & Colors

Like the Saint Louis, the Goyard Artois is a rectangular-shaped tote is available in two sizes (although the Artois comes in PM and MM and the Saint Louis is MM and GM).  The color are same to. Goyard Saint Louis: black, black and tan, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, white, and grey.

Goyard Artois PM vs MM size chart:

Goyard Artois PM

L: 30cm x  W: 14cm x H: 25cm 

Goyard Artois MM

L:  50cm x  W: 17cm x H: 30cm

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  • Goyard Anjou Tote Review

Official Price: 

Classic: PM – $2,190 / GM – $2,600

Special Colors: PM – $2,845 / GM – $3,380


The Anjou tote is also a nod to Goyard's emblematic Saint Louis tote. Released in 2016, this bag is given the name reversible. The difference between the two is the Chevroches calfskin leather lining: slightly grained but with a silky surface, it is a very supple and light leather. And its two handles which progressively become thicker offer a good grip and a comfortable shoulder or arm carry. Its large volume is ideal for daily use. The Anjou also comes with the standard small looped accessories pouch – perfect for holding necessary supplies or valuable items while traveling (since the Anjou is a completely open tote). 

Thanks to its reversibility the Anjou offers two different styles and aesthetics: it can be worn either on the leather side or on the Goyardine canvas side.  If you are wondering how can a bag remains a modern yet classic and at the same time- reversible; then this Goyard Anjou Reversible bag is your best choice.

Material & Durability

The highlight of the Anjou, and adding points for durability, is the gorgeous soft leather inside. Its both sides are water-resistant, and while the coated canvas on St. Louis may wipe off if it gets damp. The Anjou seems to address the potential weakness of St. Louis - there's leather reinforcement along the sides and bottom (including the corner). It's the heaviest out of the 3 bags but still lightweight compared to leather totes from other brands.

Sizes & Colors

Anjou has a plethora of colors and 3 sizes – Mini, PM, GM sets the bag apart from the other bags. To add more the bag features a chic luggage tag, hand painted 3D chevron print and easy to slide over, light and sturdy handles.

Goyard Anjou MINI vs PM vs GM size chart:

Goyard Anjou MINI

L: 20cm x  W: 10cm x H: 20cm 

Goyard Anjou PM

L: 30cm x  W: 14cm x H: 25cm 

Goyard Anjou GM 

L: 40cm x  W: 20cm x H: 34cm

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  • Goyard Saint Louis vs. Artois vs. Anjou Tote: Which is the Best Designer Tote to Invest in 2024?

Goyard St. Louis Tote

With this tote, Goyard focused on functionality; the St. Louis is known for its simplicity, lightness and generous size.Super light, unstructured tote with roomy capacity. Open top w/ detachable pouch. The Saint Louis is an open top tote, providing easy casual access.

Cons:  One complaint about the St. Louis smaller PM size is that the handle strap is sometimes too short for wearing on the shoulder over a thick winter coat.  And the coated canvas may wipe off if it gets damp.

Goyard Artois Tote

The Artois, an alternative to the St. Louis. The Artois is a more structured tote than the Saint Louis.  Bottom corners are reinforced with leather ensuring a firmer base foundation.  While goyardine fabric is used for both, the Artois fabric is thicker and heavier. The Artois has a zipper top, providing extra security. it's shoulder straps are also the longest of the three bags, making it a more comfortable fit as an over-the-shoulder bag. 

Cons: The Artois tote is more expensive than the Saint Louis. Approximately $500 more expensive depending on the style.

Goyard Anjou Tote

What makes the Anjou stand out from the other Goyard totes is its reversible feature, giving you two bags in one. Goyard wanted to focus on durability with this tote; the leather interior and Goyardine textile exterior makes this tote undefeatable.

Cons:  the price, for one – it's almost double the price of a St. Louis. And of course, the open top for those who like a more secure tote. It's the heaviest out of the 3 bags but still lightweight compared to leather totes from other brands. 

Overall, I would recommend the Anjou. It's a wonderfully useful light tote, and technically, with the Anjou Tote you get two bags at once. It's especially great as a casual daliy bag, a traval bag, and an open work tote.

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