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Louis Vuitton Neverfull Fake vs Real: How To Tell If It's A Real 2024? (Sizes+Sale+7% Cashback)

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Fake vs Real: How To Tell If It's A Real 2024? (Sizes+Sale+7% Cashback)

    LV Neverfull bag is extremely popular for girls. It's a iconic Louis Vuitton bag. Most people buy their first LV Neverfull as a pre-loved bag. A Neverfull purchased on the Louis Vuitton website or one of the official boutiques is 100% authentic, but it's very expensive.You can buy it on some luxury second-hand websites. But how to spot a fake neverfull monogram bag? Where is the date code on a louis vuitton neverfull bag? How to tell if a vintage louis vuitton is fake or real? If you plan to buy Neverfull bag through the internet,I invite you to read this fake vs real guide. I will list the main differences between an original and a fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I’m sure that you can easily find if a LV bag is authentic or not in the future. And at the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy second-hand LV Neverfull bags.


  • How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag?

1、The Shape of LV Neverfull 

1)  The sides of LV Neverfull bag are taller than the center which creates a boat shape effect. The height of the edge has to be the peak, not on the same level as the middle part, like it was done on the faux model. 


2) A very important thing about this bag is the symmetry of its monogram pattern.Perfectly matched, square for square, circle for circle the pattern looks continuous, despite the side seam. The grosgrain lining all along the side should also be neat. It always start and finishes with the same symbol-following a mirror-like image, regardless of the position of the area.


2、Material of LV Neverfull 

LV Neverfull bag materials include Monogram, Damier Azur Canvas, Damier Ebene, Epi Leather.

1) Except for Epi leather Neverfull,  Neverfull is a canvas bag, not leather. The only leather on the bag will be the vachetta leather trim and on the Ebene style the leather will have a PPC coating and will never get a patina. For a used bag, the canvas will become more soften slightly while a new Neverfull is more stiff.

2)The Monogram Toile canvas is been launched in 1896 and was based on the trend of Japanese and Oriental designs in the late Victorian era. Below you will find some basic rules that apply to most Louis Vuitton Monogram products: The 'V' of the LV logo should be slightly above the L without touching the of the letter 'L'.  An authentic Louis Vuitton product should have an even pattern that is well matched and proportionate! The asymmetrical pattern (for example from left upper corner to right down corner) of an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern should be: a LV logo, a quatrefoil flower, a flower in a circle, again a quatrefoil flower and again a LV logo. This pattern should repeat until you reach a stitch on the opposite side.

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3、The Logo of LV Neverfull 

The position of the logo on the Damier canvas GM bag is in the 6th square from the top. There are a total of only 8 logos on the sides and the bottom has only one. In the MM and PM bags, the logo is on the 5th and 2nd square from the top, respectively. The logo is repeated every tenth of a square. Remember, the logo will never be separated or partially hidden by the handle or seam.

4、The Leather Tag

1) The leather used in these two models are different. The overall shape of the faux label is incredibly poorly replicated and stitched even worse. The letters are supposed to be larger and engraved deeply within the leather. 

2) The tag has symmetrical stitches made out of very thick and high-quality thread and the same can't be said about the fake bag. 

5、The Logo Font on Leather Tag

1)The font of these lines is a unique font specially researched by LV, independent of the Word font world.  The heat stamp on the Ebene bag is always in red.

2) The logo comprises 4 rows.

3)The logo is always perfectly centered.

4)The bottom of the 'V' in the LOUIS VUITTON in the genuine LV hot stamping is particularly sharp, while the fake one is not so sharp.

5) Letters 'O' are round (never oval).

6)Letter 'L' has a short tail.

7)'T's in 'VUITTON' almost touch each other.

8)The 'made in France' has a lower case 'm'.

 9)Note that the last flick of the "R" in the word PARIS. The legs of letter "R" of real bag  are connected together to form an acute angle;  the legs of "R" of fake bag are separated.

6、Louis Vuitton Date codes/ Serial Number 

The date code is stamped on leather attached into the right-hand corner of the inner pocket.  Most date codes are a combination of letters and numbers. The letters indicated the country in which the item was made while the numbers indicate the month/year of the production date.  

1) The format of the date codes

Just because a LV bag has a date code, it does not necessarily mean it is authentic! 

  • Prior to early 1980s:No date codes.

  • Early 1980s:Three or four numbers with the first two numbers representing the year and last number(s) representing the month.

  • Early to late 1980s:Three or four numbers followed by two letters with the first two numbers representing the year, the next number(s) representing the month and the last two letters representing the country.

  • 1990 to 2006:Two letters followed by four numbers with the first two letters representing the factory location, the first and third numbers representing the month and the second and fourth numbers representing the year.

  • 2007 to now:Two letters followed by four numbers with the first two letters representing the factory location, the first and third numbers representing the week of the year, and the second and fourth numbers representing the year.

2) Louis Vuitton Factory Location Codes:

  • France: A0, A1, A2, AA, AAS (Special Order), AH, AN, AR, AS, BA, BJ, BU, DR, DU, DR, DT, CO, CT, CX, ET, FL, LW, MB, MI, NO, RA, RE(also Italy), RI, SD (also USA), SF, SL, SN, SP, SR, TJ, TH, TR, TS, VI, VX.

  • Germany: LP, OL. Italy BC, BO, CE, FO, MA, OB, PL, RC, RE, SA, TD.

  • Spain: BC, CA, LO, LB, LM, LW, GI, UB.

  • Switzerland: DI, FA (also Italy).

  • USA: FC, FH, LA, OS, SD, FL.

  • Italy: BO, CE, FA, FO, RE, MA, NQ, PL,PC.

For example, SD 2009 means Made in USA in the 20th week of 2009. The Neverfull Neo (NM version) released in 2014 comes with a pochette with a date code in the lining seam. Neverfull women's bags made before 2014 do not come with the pochette bag.

 7、The Stitching

1) The real Louis Vuitton bag is very careful when it comes to the stitching. Fake ones usually don't respect this measuring element.

2) There are usually 7-8 stitches per inch on a genuine bag. Louis Vuitton women's shoulder bag handles always have a left - over - right stitching.

3) Stitching is evenly spaced and the number of stitches on one side will match those on the other side.  It should always remain an equal distance from the edge of the handbag at every point, and for the entire length of the stitch. There should be no irregular stitch lengths.

8、Inside Pocket Lining

1)This lining is basically the big rectangle with the printed Louis Vuitton and a few more texts on the interior side of the bag.


2)The fabric lining of the Neverfull has fixed colours. The Azur has tan while Ebene has red lining. The new version has multiple color options including red, yellow and fuchsia, depending on the year of production. Whatever the lining, the interior base should be a solid colour i.e. without stripes or monogram. The interior should have a seamed binding at the base.


For example: Both of the Neverfull bags in 2011 and 2013 are authentic - but the 2011 bag has the fleur and the 2013 bag has only stripes. If you are looking at purchasing a pre-owned Neverfull and the date code shows that it was produced prior to 2013, there should be fleurs on the lining not just solid stripes. 

9、Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handler Attachment

Check the real vs fake LV Neverfull bags for the handler's sharp leather attachment.

1) The fake bag appears to have its stitching thinner than the stitching on the authentic handler's attachment, and this is on the overall pattern of the attachment.

2) The lineholes of the original product are uniform and the hole is small; while the line holes of the fake bag are of different sizes and the hole is too large.

 10、Handles & Straps

1) The colour of the leather trim and handles should be amber-honey coloured. The red tone glazing on the edges is clean.  Fake bags usually have waxy orange or bright red colour painted unevenly.

2) As with many other Louis Vuitton handbags, the Neverfull handles are made from an untreated calf hide called vachetta. Fakes will often use a material that's either a treated leather or a faux leather, so it doesn't age the same way vachetta does or it doesn't age at all. 

Vachetta leather ages beautifully to acquire a golden-brown colour (termed patina) even if the bag has not been used. Should the colour be lighter, the handles have either been replaced and/or the bag is a fake.



 3) The straps of the Neverfull are thin and end in a bulb where they are attached to the bag. The 'V' stitching on the bulb is actually an 'LV' (L when viewed at an angle of 45° and V when viewed straight on). There are only 5 stitches on each side of the V. D-rings (not just any circular rings) attach the handle to the bag. A relatively short ring holder attaches the D-ring to the bag.


11、The Zipper & Puller 

1) Puller turned out to be harder to duplicate than one would imagine.  LV's hardware is a slightly darker bronze, with a matte texture, and it's never be a bright golden metal. 

2) The genuine metal zipper puller has rounded corners. You can see how vibrant the color is in the real one, while the fake LV Neverfull's puller isn't even golden but silver with yellow undertones. 

3) High quality zippers and cheap zippers move very differently. Even after decades of using a Louis Vuitton that zipper will still run smoothly and never snag.

12、Packaging and Dust Bag

1) An authentic Louis Vuitton bag should never be wrapped with plastic around the handle. Designer bags with plastic bags with handles are usually fake.

2) The real Louis Vuitton handbags do have labels, but they are only placed in the inner bag or dust bag of the handbag and NEVER attached to the bag itself with plastic or pins.

3) The authentic Louis Vuitton bags never come with a plastic (yellow) authenticity card.


13、Louis Vuitton Neverfull Sizes

The Neverfull comes in three sizes. Bags that don't fit these sizes are not genuine Louis Vuitton.

Large LV Neverfull : (GM 5.4 x 12.6 x 5.9)

Medium LV Neverfull : (MM 12.6x 11.4 x 6.3) 

Small LV Neverfull : (PM 11 x 8.7 x 5.1)

  • Where To Buy LV Neverfull  Bag The Cheapest?

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