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Dior Book Tote Fake vs Real: How To Spot A Fake Guide 2024(Sale+8% Cashback)

Dior Book Tote Fake vs Real: How To Spot A Fake Guide 2024(Sale+8% Cashback)

    Dior Book Tote is definitely one of foumous handbags nowadays. It’s very useful and comfortable to travel with it for vacations as well and very fashionable to go out. But it’s a little bit pricy and not all of girls can afford it, so a lot of counterfeits are produced on the market. To help you understand better how to spot a fake Book Tote Dior bag so that you will not buy a replica instead of an authentic one, I’m writing some tips for you in this Dior Book Tote fake vs real guide! In other words, it's not easy tell it's a fake. You can buy your Book Tote at Dior boutiques or online websites. At the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new and second-hand Dior Book Tote bags.


  • How to Spot a Fake Dior Book Tote

1、Shape of Dior Book Tote (real vs fake)

The real Dior Book Tote has a very strong structure, while the fakes are of poor quality and are easy to fold. The most important part of a genuine product is the shape of the bag. Even if there is nothing in authentic bag, you can stand alone without falling down. But for fakes, it may not be able to maintain.

2、The Material of Oblique Embroidery Dior Book Tote

The material, the canvas, the logo, every detail of  Dior Book Tote bag is art and it's handcrafted in an amazing way. The monogram canvas has evolved over the years. it is often the hardest to authenticate. Comparing a vintage piece such as this, dating from 2002, to a contemporary piece from the last 2010s, you'll find some differences. 

1) The width of the left-hand column of the "D" has decreased since then.  

2)The spacing of the "r" has changed, as it has moved closer towards the "D". Now,  the "r" to be a more integral part of the monogram.


3、The Stiching of Dior Book Tote

1) The logo "CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS" of the real Dior Book Tote handbag has a more prominent sense of embroidery. Compared to replicas, authentic Book Totes have looser stitches while those of the replicas' are too dense, too perfect. The "PARIS" font below should have a wider spacing. The fake bag's fonts are relatively smooth and flat, with large fonts and tight spacing.




2) Looking at the herringbone trim alongside alongside  the logo, the authentic Dior Book Tote has irregular free-spirit intervals between the two colored stitches, while the stitches of the fake bag are strictly arranged.


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4、Dior Book Tote Leather Label Tag

1) All Dior bags have a leather label tag inside. One side of the label has a hot stamp with the Christian Dior logo heat stamp, and the serial number on the other side. The logo stamp is printed with the words "Christian Dior PARIS" or the words "Made in Italy" or "Made in Spain" below.

2) Leather labels should have rounded corners, not sharp corners. Bags produced before 1990 only had one stitch stitched on the top of the label, while the labels on newer bags have been stitched all the time.

3) The heat stamp should be completely located in the middle of the leather label. The lettering should be silver or gold and be clear. If it is simply embossed on leather without color, the bag should be fake.

4) Check and double check the stitching: The stitches on the authentic label are made out of thick and high-quality thread and  the stitches are very tightly done, while the fake stitching is so poorly done around the label that it might come off.  


5、The Logo of Dior 

1)  Focus on the font and the font size of the "Dior lettering". The letter "h"  of Dior's logo is extremely long, and the letter "s" is inclined at 15° relative to the general "s". But many fakes are corrects.

2) The original dior logo font are specially designed so that the letters "C" and "D" are wider and fatter. You can focus on the width of the letter "C", which is at least twice wider than the letter "h", and the letters "C" and "D" are similar in width.



6、Dior Book Tote Serial Number/ Data Code

1) Do vintage dior bags have serial numbers? All Dior bags include a leather tag inside the bag that contains a heat stamp.  You will see a date code when you flip up the label.  Dior uses letters and numbers both separated with a dash- in their bags. It's made of two numbers, two letters, four numbers (00-XY-0000).  

2) The letters indicate the factory, and the numbers indicate the production date, week or month of the year. The first and third digits indicate the month of production, while the second and fourth digits indicate the year. 

3) The serial number is very important for authenticating your  bag. All you need to do is to search for the serial number in Google. If a product image appears, your product is real in most cases, but sometimes the fake bag also has the same serial number as the real product.

7、The Interior of Dior Book Tote

The inside of the real Dior Book Tote bag cannot be closed, so it's open, without zipper or any pockets, 

so even if the bag is deep, it may sometimes pose a safety hazard, so be careful. In the authentic Dior Book handbag, you can see the stitching of the 'Christian Dior' logo, but in the fake bag, you can't see any traces of stiching. 


8、The Handles of Dior Book Tote

1) The handles of Dior Book Tote has a very dense seam. The knitting density of the seaming directly affects the smoothness of the arc of the handle.  The genuine handle has a rounded arc and has a fluffy bulge like the exterior of the bag. The handle of the replica is dim in color and the texture is not obvious.

2) If it's not neat, there will be small hills with uneven sides. The edging arc of the position marked "2" of the real mini Dior Book Tote is consistent with the marking "1".

                           Dior Book Tote(standard & small size)                     Mini Dior Book Tote

9、Dior Authenticity Card

1) The real bag should come with a small envelope containing a grey, watermarked Authenticity Card and a Care Booklet, each of them translated into three languages (English, Chinese and French). 

2) Authenticity Card should read Christian Dior either in black or gold on one side, and on the reverse side. Authentic cards have two small spaces and one large rectangular space for store details and the date to be stamped.  The numbers on the authenticity card are the style number for the bag you bought. 

3) The font is almost the same on both tags but the letters of the word "Boutique" and "Paris" are thicker on the fake tag when they are supposed to be thin with bigger spacing between one another. 

10、The Box and Dust bag of Doir

The authentic bag has a small identity card, the leather label in the bag is the same as the card, and the authentic bag also has a dust bag.  Check the packaging of the Dior bag and other dust-proof bags are made of white cotton. The dust-proof bags are in gray fonts Christian Dior and Paris. The new bags except Girly Dior only have the words Dior or Christian Dior!

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