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Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bag Fake vs Real Guide: How To Tell Real Gucci From Fake? ( Sizes + Sale + 10% Cashback)

Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bag Fake vs Real Guide: How To Tell Real Gucci From Fake? ( Sizes + Sale + 10% Cashback)

    The Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag is a house icon that dates back to the 50s as its name states. Lately years, it’s more common for designers to release bags that have a vintage feel. This bag is classically Gucci, crafted from the brand’s iconic GG Supreme coated canvas and leather. The most iconic feature of this design is Gucci’s storied 1955 Horsebit, which is shown on the bag’s leather flap closure. Due to their popularity, there are more and more counterfeit Gucci Horsebit bags on the market. How to authenticate Gucci bag? Just by reading this real vs fake Gucci Horsebit bag guide, you are going to easily learn how to tell real from fake Gucci Horsebit bags. Pay attention to stitching pattern, leather quality, hardware, sizes, and serial number. And at the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites to buy new and second-hand Gucci 1955 Horsebit bags for the cheapest!


1. The General Look of Gucci Horsebit Bag

1) The Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag comes in three distinct shapes crafted in various materials and colorways. As the name suggests, it's based on archival designs from 1955 that incorporate the iconic Gucci GG print and equestrian hardware. 

2) The overall look of the fake Gucci Horsebit  bag is super low quality. First of all, the original Gucci Horsebit model is bigger in size with a rectangle shape while the fake Gucci Horsebit bag failed to live up to these standards as it is much smaller and has a different shape too with a wider top and narrower bottom. The flap of the bag creates the most visible difference, as the fake one is much smaller which is asymmetrical.

3) The bottom of the original bag is a little wider which means that there is more room inside it. The bottom of the fake bag is also darker brown than it is supposed to be.


2. The Horsebit Buckle 

1) The Horsebit's creation was based on details borrowed from the equestrian world. It joins two elements, a double ring and a bar, to create an instantly recognizable house code, which has since become a signature part of Gucci's brand DNA. 

2) The brown leather rectangle on the authentic model looks amazing whereas the fake leather detail is square shaped and the overall quality of it is pretty low too. Clearly the size and the shape of the fake have been messed up by the fake factories. The golden metal details are also smaller on the faux model when they are supposed to be bigger and thicker as well.

3. Material of Gucci Horsebit Bag

  • Gucci Monogram Canvas

1)Gucci Horsebit bags with the monogram style will feature the familiar pattern that has the double GG logo. Inspect the consistency and spacing of this pattern. The G on the left should be forward facing and the G on the right should be backward and upside down. Fake Gucci monogram bags will have irregularities upon closer inspection, like different sized Gs and inconsistent spacing.

2)In the authentic Gucci Horsebit canvas bag, you will see the horizontal line in the G (called a serif) is longer and more defined. You can make out both of the serif extending from the curved line of the G. But the serif going inside the G is longer, while the one outside it is shorter. The serif on the fake monogram canvas looks a bit shorter and less defined. It even has an equilateral triangle quality to it.



  • Gucci's Premium Leather

1) Authentic Gucci Horsebit leather bags are made from the finest quality leather and materials. While fake leather may seem genuine from afar, there will be several signs of fabrication. Cheap, synthetic leather will look unnaturally perfect because it is machine-made.

2) Real leather will have imperfections on its surface grain, and also has a natural musty smell, while fake leather bags will have a chemical or plastic smell. Fake leather will also feel rubbery, instead of smooth and buttery.

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4. The Stitching of Gucci Horsebit Bag

1) As a luxury brand that only delivers the finest products, Gucci is reknowned for its immaculate craftsmanship.The design of zigzag stitchings, gives this bag a beautiful look and make it special. The stitching should be very even, perfectly spaced and aligned. There should not be any double stitching, torn stitches, knots in the thread, or loose stitches where counterfeiters had to stop and rethread the machine. The stitch length as well as the distance from one line to the other should all be uniform.

2) The thread should also be the exact same colour as the bag itself. For example, if the bag is primarily a light brown canvas, the colour of the stitching should also be the same shade of light brown.

3) The main flaw with the fake Gucci Horsebit bag's stitching on the interior side is that it is at the wrong thickness and shape.The fake bag has its stitching yet again too thick, while the authentic bag has its stitching thinner. At the same time, the fake bag also has its stitching straightly positioned, while the authentic bag has its stitching angled.

5. The Inside of Gucci Horsebit Bag

1) The interior of Gucci 1955 is made of microfiber lining with a suede-like finish or Cotton linen lining, or leather lining. And you will find the standard Gucci zip pockets against the inner lining of Gucci 1955 handbags, which will feature a leather placard stamped with the 'GUCCI made in italy' logo. The snap-buttoned fastening of this so-called made-in-Italy bag opens to reveal an internal open pocket and a zip pocket. 

2) The suede material is supposed to be soft and pliable and not furry-like. Differently, the replica feels rough and does not present a good appearance. The color is also mismatched too.


6. The Leather Label & Logo Lettering of Gucci Horsebit Bag

  • The Label

1) Almost all Gucci bags will have a leather tab located at the top of the inside of the bag (along the inner stitching) that displays the brand name with the registered trademark and the words “GUCCI made in italy”. Firstly, the colour of the leather tab must match the colour of the leather on the bag. The leather tab should be a rectangular or square shape. 

2) The authentic label in Gucci GG 1955 bag has been cut out perfectly without any flaw; Stitching has been done very tightly and evenly too. On the other hand, each stitch on the fake label is different in size and each stitch on the fake label is sloppy.

  • The lettering of the Gucci logo 

The tag will feature the word GUCCI embossed in all uppercase letters with a trademark symbol and the words “made in italy” below respectively. The G will be rounded the same as the CC, while the U is thicker on the left side and thins out on the right side.

On vintage bags from the '90s, the leather tags were rounded at the sides, displayed no trademark sign, and had “MADE IN ITALY” written out in all uppercase letters.

1) The font of  the fake is also mismatched as it is supposed to be larger with bigger spaces between the letters. A trademark symbol at the top of the tag (although very occasionally it will be missing).

2) The words "made in italy" at the bottom. The words are all lowercase and in the same font as the name of the company just above it.

  • The G is very round; if the line continued, it almost forms an O.

  • The serifs on the G are equal, unlike the interlocking Gs.

  • The two sides of the U are different; the left side is thick and the right side is thin.

  • The Cs are very round, like the G.


7. Authentic Gucci Horsebit Bag Serial Number

The back face of the leather tag will be stamped with the serial number. This is one of the best and easiest ways to determine the authenticity of the Gucci bag and distinguish real from fake.  There will never be letters included in this serial number. The font is not overly modern and the numbers do feature serif details. 

1) Based on the age of the bag, Gucci uses 10-12 numbers in the two rows - with no more than six numbers in each row. 

2) The numbers of the first row show the style number and the numbers in the second row shows the supplier code, the factory where the product was manufactured. These numbers may change because of the year production or the type of the product. 

3) In this case the font clearly is different. The numbers on real bags are supposed to be thinner and smaller, not bold and large like on the fake bag.

8. Gucci QR Code Check (Quick Response)

1) QR codes are a more recent addition to Gucci bags in the fight against counterfeiters, estimated to have began in 2016/2017. Offering a type of barcodes that holds relevant information, these codes can be scanned on your smartphone (methods vary across types of smartphones being used) to ensure the handbag's authenticity. 

2) Similar to the Gucci serial numbers, these QR codes are not unique to each other. They can be found on a small black fabric loop inside your Gucci bag. The code will be printed clearly with white font and a 10-digit code. And there is no stitching to the fabric whatsoever. They are not all produced in the same factory so there are slight differences.

3) There will be a tag located on the inside. The codes on the fabric tag can vary. They are not all produced in the same factory so there are slight differences.

9. The Strap of Gucci Horsebit Bag

The authentic Gucci Horsebit bag has its stitching looking bigger, thicker and wider than the one on the replica item. The fake bag has its stitching all around the strap looking too small, too thick and too boxy. Then, the replica Gucci Horsebit bag has its buttons looking too shiny, while the authentic item has its buttons less shiny.

10. The Zipper

1) Gucci bags use thick and sturdy brass hardware in the construction of their purses. The genuine zipper has the GUCCI logo on the inside.

All in capital letters and with each letter equally spaced apart. The plating is even and the gloss is full, and the letters on the zipper head are clear. And If the handbag's clasps are hard to fasten, the bag is fake.

2) The real quality bag zipper is neatly done with regular stitching, while the fake bag zipper is obviously of low quality and has uneven stitching.

3) Although some fake Gucci bag zippers and other hardware look very shiny, they are easy to scratch. And the surface has the phenomenon of wire drawing, uneven lettering, thin coating and irregular color.

11. The Box and Dust bag of Gucci Bag

1) The box should have the logo "Gucci" and so do the dust bag. The material, color and the shape of the writing are details that you should not avoid. 

2) The real vintage Gucci products are sold with two types of dust bags. The colors of which have varied over the years. The bags are either dark or light brown or black. The dust bag will have the double G logo or have the name "Gucci" written in gold lettering across the front of the bag.  The dust bags are will have a silky smooth feel with a drawstring (the same colour as the dust bag) on both of the top corners. There will be a tag located on the inside. 

3) There will be a tag located on the inside. The serial numbers on the fabric tag can vary. They are not all produced in the same factory so there are slight differences.

4) Although some counterfeiters also place their merchandise in dust bags, boxes, or paper bags, the imitation packaging will exhibit signs of cheap materials and production. 

5) Gucci 2024 tan & black textured fabric eco dust bag. The material of this bag feels like linen and has an ornate Gucci logo on the front. It also has a black textured pull adjuster/drawstring at the top. Made of cotton and polyester.


12. Are Real Gucci Handbags Made in Italy?

Yes, all Gucci handbags, purses, and wallets are made in Italy. Gucci watches are manufactured in Switzerland. Fragrances, cosmetics, and glasses are produced in other European countries and in Japan. The company does not make anything in China.

During the pandemic in 2020, Gucci had to put its manufacturing activities on hold in Italy. At the time, the brand had six production sites between Tuscany and Marche.


13.  Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bag Sizes:

Gucci Horsebit 1955 shoulder bag small size

9.8"W x 7"H x 3.1"D

Gucci Horsebit 1955 mini bag size:

8.1"W x 5.7"H x 2"D

  • Where To Buy Gucci Horsebit Bag The Cheapest?

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