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MCM Bag Original vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake MCM Bag?

MCM Bag Original vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake MCM Bag?

    MCM Worldwide is a luxury designer brand founded in 1976 in Munich, Germany by Michael Cromer and it was bought by the Sungjoo Group, a Korean fashion retail conglomerate, in 2005. It gained popularity past few years flourishing with its stylish it bags, sophisticated accessories and hip backpacks. If you want to get yourself a MCM bag, it’s important to be able to tell if you’re buying an authentic bag or a fake, especially if you aren’t buying from the official store. So how to spot the differences between original and fake MCM bags? In this guide I will tell you detials step by step. And at the end of the I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new and second-hand MCM bags.


1. The Size and Shape of MMC Bag

1) MCM bags are made of high-quality leather and materials, meaning that it won't just collapse if put upright, even if it's something like a backpack. A real MCM will keep its shape if you stand it upright. 

2) It's also very helpful to know the dimensions of your bag. Many models are available in several sizes, so just check the official MCM website. So you can measure the bag in front of you and if the height, depth and width match, that's a good sign.


2. The Materials of MMC Bag

1) MCM uses materials of the highest quality for its bags - the leather or canvas should always feel very soft, supple and luxurious. Fake MCM bags are mostly made from inferior materials, which can usually be felt.  

2) An odor test is always good too - An original MCM only smells of leather, vintage models also have that typical vintage leather smell with them; while the fake bag smells of plastic, chemicals or glue.


3. The Logo and Logo Plate of MMC Bag

1) The MCM logo is very distinguishable and is followed by the registered trademark sign ®. The MCM letters are centered above the two boughs of bay leaves that stretch the width of the letters. The bay leaf wreath features the ends of a ribbon arching downward then up. The ends of the ribbon fall on either side. The upper ribbon arch is joined to the baby leaf wreath on each side of the logo.  And then followed by MÜNCHEN  and serial number (top to bottom) .


2) A great place to start when examining the logo is the leaves of the MCM logo. There are always 9 leaves on the left side, and 8 leaves on the right. Any more or less is proof of a fake bag.


3)  Only a few bags and accessories do not have this characteristic brass plate. It is rectangular, has rounded corners and the original MCM lettering always runs in double lines.  The writing on the brass plate, if attached on the outside, is never blackened in the original condition. If your bag has a blackened font, this can be a clear indication of a counterfeit.  If the letters MCM aren't the expected font or font size, it is a fake bag. If the letters are too thick or too thin, the bag isn't an authentic MCM bag.

4)The MCM shield is almost always attached with screws. Also make sure that the screws are countersunk and do not protrude. With newer models it is also possible that the sign was not fastened with screws, but with a kind of rivets. 


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4. The Signature Patterns of MCM bag

1) When you look at a genuine MCM bag, start with the color and patterns. The colors are always a little faded on the original piece. The logo should be clear and distinct. The fake one will be a darker tone. Other than that, look at the detailing of the patterns. Any oddities will indicate a counterfeit bag. 

2) Identify the authenticity of the MCM bag from the logo pattern on the outside of the bag. The logo in the middle should face up: Take the popular backpack as an example, the logo in the middle column of the bag should face up. The left logo is facing up: The left logo of the genuine bag in the middle column should also be facing up. The logo on the right side is facing down, and the logo on the right side of the genuine bag in the middle column should be reversed and facing down.


5. MCM Serial Number Check

Every MMC bag has one serial number. The engraved code, which is usually on the bottom of the Logo Plate, usually consists of one letter and four digits, but on vintage bag it can happen that the code consists of only one combination of four digits. So, the serial number never consists of more characters or only letters, which is often the case with plagiarism. So it is always worthwhile to look carefully and count.



6. The Company Tag

Check for the company tag found in all modern MCM goods.These tags were added when Sungjoo Group purchased the luxury brand in 2005. Since then, they've manufactured these tags inside the bags. If you see“Made in Korea” or “Made in Italy”, that's a good sign as most bags, backpacks, and shoes are made in these locations.


7. Lining of MMC Bag

If the lining crackles, if it feels stiff or plastic, or if it is attached too tightly or loosely to the leather, then it is almost certainly an imitation. The interior of a real MCM bag is supple, soft and fits perfectly - there is no “saggy” fabric left. 


8. The Hardware and Accessories

1)Designer bags have hardware that isn't easily damaged by scratches, doesn't have the paint peel off of it, and is generally heavy. MCM bag hardware, in particular, shines in a golden tint, so that should be a dead giveaway in itself too. Although some bags feature cobalt or 14k gold plated hardware,there should never be any chipping, flaking or cracking.


2) Genuine studs are partial matte. The square line in the middle of the diamond is very regular. The fake metal studs are very shiny and have a cheap plastic feel. In addition, you will feel that the studs are slightly convex and rough to the touch. The retro style studs are sharp, and the new style studs are flat. If the seller can't distinguish between old and new nails, it's mostly a counterfeit seller.


9. MCM Bag Zippers

You will want to make sure the zippers are metal. The most common zip brand used for MCM bags is YKK. You can check the zipper slider for the brand to ensure you don't have a fake MCM bag.


10. The Stitching 

As with all other designer bags, the same applies to MCM: absolutely straight, even, neat seams. In the case of imitations, especially at the corners, you can often see that the seam is frayed or crooked. A uniform distance between the seams and the edges of the bag is also essential.


11. The Authenticty Card, Care Instrutions and Dust Bag

1) A real MCM bag always comes with a dust bag - this is very plain in white and has a MCM logo as a print in black. Make sure that the logo is in the center and not smeared or ink stains anywhere.

2) In addition, an authenticity card and a small card with care instructions should always be with you. The guarantee card is given together with care instructions in a black envelope with the MCM logo. The card contains the product number of the item, among other things. When you purchase original products, you always get them automatically. 


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