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Balenciaga Track Sneaker Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Track?

Balenciaga Track Sneaker Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Track?

    First seen in March during the brand's autumn/winter 2018 presentation in Paris, the Balenciaga Track builds on the hi-tech, turbo template of the Triple S, but puts functionality at its core.This visually striking running-inspired sneaker from Balenciaga is highly coveted by those who love the pleasure of wearing something quite extraordinary. With its popularity, there are many fake Balenciaga Tracks on the market. If you are going to buy a pair online, how can you spot the fake Balenciaga Track sneaker? In this Balenciaga Track fake vs real guide, I will teach you step by step form many details.


1. The Overall Look of Balenciaga Track Sneaker

1)The Balenciaga Track layers aesthetics associated with hiking and survivalism - extended tread, overlapping panels, breathable mesh, and fortified, outsized soles-in one comfortable leisurewear shoe. The sneaker is then finished with Balenciaga branding on each side alongside the shoe size decorated on the toe and a special “TRACK” logo on the rear. Combined with flashes of neon, it resonates with '80s trend and will fast become another cult favourite. 

2) The fake one has a "stretched" and distorted look, while an authentic one looks smaller in width but higher in size.


2. The Size Number in Front of Balenciaga Track Sneaker

1) Another identifier is the embroidered European size on the toe box. Ensure that the size on the toe matches the size printed on the sockliner and tongue tag, whether it is internal or external and the font should be consistent.

2) The number on the fake is usually stitched poorly. When comparing it with a real trainer you will notice the stitching is tighter and much neater. You can easily see how pitch black and thin numbers are on the right, while on the left the numbers are thicker, with a washed-out look.


3. The Stitching of Balenciaga Track Sneaker

If you look closely, you'll see that the fake one has an asymmetrical and sloppy stitching. You can notice the holes made by the needle without even zooming in, while an authentic model has super tight and even stitches. The fake often uses less material, as it costs cheaper and this is exactly why stitches on the fake one seem to be far from each other.


4. The Logo on the Togue

1) Take a look on the logo on the Balenciaga Track. The logo on the authentic sneaker has a very radiant color to it and the letters are symmetrically spread out; All of the letters are equal and the word is in the exact middle, which really gives the sneakers an quality look.

2) The logo of fake Balenciaga track sneaker has a very washed-out look to it - the color is very pale. The word is asymmetrically placed and the letters are very narrowed placed and you can also see that the lines on them are wrong.


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5. The Laces of Balenciaga Track Sneaker

1) The laces on the real Balenciaga Track have a vibrant orange color to it, while the fake one has an almost yellow look to it.

2) The width of the laces is also different. Genuine sneaker has thicker laces. The lower quality can be seen even from the pictures of the fake.


6. The Tongue Tag of Balenciaga Track

1) Check the size tag on the interior part of the tongue tag. Usually, the fake size tags are smaller than the legit ones, and they are asymmetrically stitched in. Little symbols on the left side of the tag are very different in these two. 

2) The real Balenciaga Track sneaker has neat, thin font and even stitches. The fake uses a bolder font and the stitching is messier.  


7. The 3M Reflective Parts

1) The Balenciaga Track has a gray 3M reflective part, in which the“BALENCIAGA”text is placed. The fake Balenciaga Track pair are less curved than the legit one. 

2) You can also easily notice how the fake Balenciaga Track pair has less glowing, the authentic Balenciaga Track pair glows a lot more than the fake pair. 


8. The "track" Tag on the Heel

Look at the "track" tag, you can see that the washed-out color of words merges perfectly with the gray background on the real sneaker. The tag is symmetrical and it has black outline of it.

However, the fake one has a different shape of the tag, as well as the color of both- background and the word. Letters are also larger too.


9. The Iconic Balenciaga Logo

The logo on the real sneaker is larger and very nicely engraved. You can clearly see how the texture looks like cells, while on the fake sneaker, there are some uneven and harsh lines. The fake logo appears to be smaller, deeper, uneven, sloppy and asymmetrical.


10. The Insole of Balenciaga Track Sneaker

1) The real insole has a distinct weaving pattern while the replica insole is much less uniform. The stitching is also tidier on the real insole, more even and dense. In comparison, the stitching of the replica insole appear to be random at times, with uneven spacing between stitches. 

2) The real insole is full and heavy, and because of the glue used, the stamped letters are not very clear. The replica insole however has clear letters and a fuzzy rim. 


11. The Sole of Balenciaga Track

1) On the authentic model the orange is super vibrant and dazzling, while the fake one has a washed-out look. Besides, you can see the difference in the word "BALENCIAGA" is different in these two. On the fake sneaker, the letters seem to be uneven and "engraved" deeper than it occurs in the original one.

2) Verify the glowing rate of your Balenciaga Track neon sole. The fake Balenciaga Track soles look more like a green x-ray most of the time rather than a neon green sole. 


 12. The Box Label of Balenciaga Track Sneaker

1) The counterfeit Balenciaga Track pairs miss one of the two monogram-printed shoes, and for some reason, the fake box labels sometimes have a square cut in there. 

2) The fake barcode and number are too thick on the fake Balenciaga Track box label. Also, the fake Balenciaga Track serial number is too thin, and the legit one is thicker.


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