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Mulberry Bag Fake or Real Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake Mulberry Bag?

Mulberry Bag Fake or Real Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake Mulberry Bag?

    Mulberry is a British luxury brand founded in Somerset in 1971. The brand is the perfect middle-ground designer that manages to remain luxurious all while being that little bit more accessible to everyone, so it's no surprise that Mulberry bags are so popular in and amongst the fashion crowd. If you are going to buy a Mulberry bag online, how to spot a fake Mulberry bag? Do all Mulberry bags have a Made in label? Can I check a Mulberry serial number? When inspecting Mulberry handbags, it’s all about the details. In this Mulberry Bag fake vs. real guide, I will help you how to tell step by step!


1. The Leather of Mulberry Bag

1) Crafted with leather of only the highest quality, delicate and natural leathers are carefully chosen to create a Mulberry masterpiece. They use thick, pebble grained leathers which age beautifully and are super hardwearing and beautiful. Use your senses - feel it, smell it - genuine leather has a very distinct scent that is almost impossible to replicate. 

2) If the bag has a slick and sticky feel to it, then it is more than likely faux leather. The vintage leather of an authentic Mulberry is flexible and does not crease or fold permanently like the stiff leather on fake bags.

3) Different leathers age in distinctive ways therefore making each product unique, meaning that shade and texture, particularly on the handles, can vary.  Some handbags deteriorate over time, where as some get better over time. The leather softens, the colour gets richer, the leather takes on a little more personality. 


2. The Inside Heat Stamp and Brass Disc

1) All Mulberry bags comes with a leather tab heat-stamped with its logo as well as an attached metal disc engraved with the iconic Mulberry tree. The metal disc is always a key feature that replica manufacturers always get wrong. The tree should be stamped delicately with negative space between the leaves. 


2) The heat stamp does occasionally vary, some bags may feature the tree logo, some may feature the word “Mulberry”, but nonetheless, a real Mulberry bag's font will always be the same, Sans Serif. 

3) The metal disc will also usually feature a serial number underneath the disc, which usually posers get wrong. Some older Mulberry bags may not feature these serial numbers, but the newer models and designs should have them stamped on the brass disk.


3. Where Are Mulberry Bags Made?

Mulberry is a UK based brand that produce all of their leather goods in England, but that is no longer the case as the factory in England is running at full capacity recently, the brand has started outsourcing some of its production to other countries such as China and Turkey. As of today, only about 30% of Mulberry bags are actually produced in England. Whatever factory it comes from, it takes around 30 pairs of hands to make your Mulberry bag, meaning there shouldn't be a stitch out of place.

However, when you see‘Made in China’or‘Made in Turkey' inside the bag, it's a red flag that the bag is a counterfeit. While it's still something to question, it's not usual to spot inside a Mulberry bag. Other common locations that you'll find include Italy and Spain, as the brand continues to outsource its production to cut down costs.

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4. The Serial Number

1)The serial number should also be lightly etched onto the metal disc with a laser, instead of being deeply engraved. Some older bags may not feature a serial number but all modern Mulberrys will have a serial number stamped onto the brass disc.

2)Though Mulberry uses unique serial numbers for each bag, there are certain serial numbers that you should be aware of. The serial numbers listed below are common numbers used in many replicas.

Regularly used fake serial numbers:

254571, 026904, 565321 and 262541

Other numbers which may be counterfeit: 

258798, 275288, 257528, 373140, 258668, 025869, 932351,166757, 924565, 249328, 982573, 346352, 207542,1572839, 757156, 256678, 390207, 256760, 240535 ,929976 ,929885.


5. The Hardware

1) On an authentic Mulberry handbag you will have the Mulberry tree emblem or‘Mulberry’written on hardware over the bag. The stamp should always be even, thick, and straight. You want to compare the font on your bag to the brand's signature.


2) Mulberry also stamps rivets and other round small hardware with the Mulberry tree logo. The stamp should be consistent with a Mulberry tree on the inner metal disc.


6. The Zipper

There are two mainly used brands of zip's that are constantly used by Mulberry, which are RiRi and their own branded zips. If you look carefully underneath a Mulberry bag's zip, it should either have“RiRi”or the Mulberry tree logo on it. As with the rest of the metal work on the stamped tree should be consistent and neat too.


7. The Lining

Contrary to the belief that luxury handbags should always be lined, Mulberry bags can come lined or unlined.  For example, the classic Bayswater bag regularly doesn't feature a lining, simply shows the raw suede inside the bag itself. Some other bags, such as the Alexa, have a plain canvas lining, while others may have a fabric lining which is printed with the mulberry tree logo.


8. The Stitching and Edging

1)Stitching on Mulberry bags can also be an indicator of authenticity. The stitching on an authentic Mulberry will be straight and each stitch is the same size throughout. The edging around handles and the edges of the leather will also be neat and consistent. Counterfeit Mulberry handbags will often have thick, uneven and messy stitching. 

2) The edging around the handles and edges of the leather should be neat and consistent, as many counterfeit bags have messier edging which varies in width throughout the bag.


9. The Packaging of Mulberry bag

Mulberry bag will arrive in their signature packaging box,  and most of their leather goods will come with a soft dust bag to ensure that the item is protected. 


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