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Adidas Stan Smith Shoes Original vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot the Fake?

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes Original vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot the Fake?

    The starting point to personal style, Stan Smith wears every look well. The allure of the iconic adidas Stan Smith shoes is in their quiet understatement. Nothing complicated- just clean, fresh style that goes with literally anything. They’re available in men’s, women’s, infant, and youth sizes. If I‘m going to buy a pair of Stan Smith sneaker on line, how do I know if my Stan Smith is original? Is Stan Smith real leather? In this adidas originals Stan Smith fake vs real guide, I will help you how to spot the fake!



1. The overall look of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

1) There have been hundreds of versions of the Stan Smith, but the silhouette generally remains the same. In its basic form, the shoe is all-white leather or vegan materials, with white flat laces, and Adidas’ classic trio of stripes are replaced by perforated holes. The only pop of color - which can be green, navy, or black-appears on the tongue and heel foam-padding.

2) The real shoes have a sleek and slender look and you can tell that the side of the soles are clearly different.  Fake ones are straight while the real ones go inwards. 


2. The material of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

Stan Smith sneakers are made with Primegreen, a proprietary performance fabric that is constructed from recycled materials, and does not contain any virgin plastic. To be clear, 50% of the synthetic leather upper on these Stan Smiths are is built with recycled content, while the white outsoles are crafted from recycled rubber. Most models and versions are not made with real leather.


3. The Eyelets of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

1) Youth and some types of Women's Stan Smith shoes have 6 eyelets while all men's shoes have 7 eyelets. For the fake you need not overlook this detail. Most fake counterfeiters neglect this and can make the shoe have 6 or 8 eyelets for the male, or 7 eyelets on all types. 

2) The back of each eyelet is made metallic and not plastic. Also be sure that the last eyelet is pinched through the thick corner of the collar.


4. The Laces of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

1) You will find skinner and high-quality lacing material on the real Adidas Stan Smith shoes. The laces are also sealed at the top of the laces with a plastic cap. 

2) The real shoes use skinny laces; while most fakes come with a flat thinner lacing.


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5. The Tongue Label of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

1) Pay atention to tongue label. The color of the image should be same as the heel foam-padding. Also, look out of tongue tags, which are similar to heel tags. They are extra material that sticks out at the center edge of the tongue. 

2) The current Stan Smith models's tongue label have words“Adidas Stan Smith”above a line-drawn portrait of the tennis player and his signature. Pay close attention to the words "Endorsed by:" to ensure there are no spelling errors or deformation in alphabets. 


6. The shape of Heel and Heel Logo

1) The correct shape of the heel flap should be a tad wide and flat with curved edges. The base (below the logo) should take a similar look. If you find the heel flap to be rounded and/or the heel base to be rounded, then the shoe is fake (with the exception of old models and Superstar 80s).

2) If you are getting the classic Stan Smith shoes, then be sure to check that the heel logo is not just stamped or printed on, but also it is sort of engraved. This is applicable to most colorways. Even so, ensure that the logo fills up the space and that it is not deformed. The spacing between the stripes of the logo should be even and not too thick or not too thin. 


7. The midsole of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

The Stan Smith shoe has the Adidas logo with the copyright ® engrossed on the midsole. Check the font of the Adidas to be slightly rounded and not in a straightened letter at the shoe's midsole. And the registered R is sharp and clear.


8. The insole of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

The removable, cushioned insole Primegreen fabrication contains a blend of high-performance recycled materials. The color of the pattern on the insole is consistent with that of the logo and the heel foam-padding of the shoe.


9. The Serial number of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

1) The model number and serial numbers can be found under the shoe tongue. Model numbers consist of 6 alphanumeric characters (e.g. C77154) and should match the model number found on the shoe box. Plus, you can always google the model number you see under the tongue of your shoe to see what the actual product should look like. 


2) Below the model number is the box number which should also correspond to that of your shoe box. The serial number is the last line of characters which should be different on both shoes. 


10. Are Stan Smiths made in China?

The Adidas Stan Smith originally was manufactured in Landersheim in north-eastern France by Adidas France that was initiated by Horst Dassler. However, since the production of the Adidas Stan Smith started, the shoe has been produced in several countries.

Now, since 2014, Stan Smiths are made in China and India, but I like the current versions better than when they were made in Vietnam (2001–2002) and Indonesia (2007), except for the adidas Stan Smith 80s that were made in Indonesia (2008–2010).

11. The Shoe box of adidas Stan Smith sneaker

Stan Smith's come in a sturdy retail box, make sure the lid folds back into the box and is attached with two small glued down tabs.


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