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Gucci Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Tell if a Gucci Wallet is Real?

Gucci Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Tell if a Gucci Wallet is Real?

    The Gucci brand is one of the most prestigious luxury goods brands in the world today. Due to its popularity, a lot of fake Gucci items are sold every year. Gucci GG Marmont wallet is one of them. As a scaled-down version of the original, Gucci GG Marmont wallet offers plenty of space for our daily essentials. When you buy a Gucci wallet, it is important that you have confidence that it is real. But how to tell if a Gucci wallet is real? Do Gucci wallets have serial numbers? In this Gucci GG Marmont card case wallet fake vs real guide, I'm going to show you some methods of how to spot a fake Gucci GG Marmont wallet quickly by yourself. And at the end of the article, I will recommend you some best places to buy new and second Gucci wallets!


1. The Overlook of Gucci GG Marmont Card Case Wallet 

1) The GG Marmont wallet collection is defined by the emblematic Double G hardware-a contemporary take on a Gucci archival belt buckle from the '70s that has become a hallmark of the House. 


2) The exterior of  Gucci Marmont Leather Card Case has the intricate chevron design and striking double G hardware, the hallmark of the fashion house. The card case wallet is crafted in Italy of soft matelassé leather with antique gold-toned hardware. The wallet has five card slots, two flat pockets.


3) Here is a beautiful quilting of  cute heart shape on the back of Gucci GG Marmont wallet.The heart on the authentic Gucci bag is located more towards the bottom of the bag and there will be a small tail of the heart; whereas the replica one is more centered and the heart is not as rounded and wide as it is supposed to be, and the stitching pattern is not as symmetrical either. There is no tail at the bottom of the heart shape.


2. The Material and Craftsmanship 

1) When you buy a Gucci Marmont wallet, you are paying for high-quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship. Gucci wallets come in  matelassé chevron leather. It will be smooth and smell like new leather. You won't see bumps or scratches in the material, and it will feel sturdy and not at all flimsy.

2) You should also look at the stitching. The stitches are perfectly even. Every single stitch will be identical with even spacing. If you see any loose threads or any inconsistencies in the stitching, you are probably looking at a fake.


3. The Double G logo

The double G logo is what separates Marmont from other Gucci items. Both G's should be facing the same direction, and neither should be flipped. You can feel the craftsmanship on the authentic hardware, which is a matte, rustic bronze. It shouldn't look like it has been varnished or lacquered. The fake bag's “GG” metal logo seems to be lighter and shinier.


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4. The Logo Engraved Signature 

1) Inside a Gucci wallet, there should be a leather tag stamped with“Gucci and made in Italy.”GUCCI is written in capital letters using the sans serif font, meaning it does not have the small features known as "serifs," or feet, at the end of the strokes on the letters. Check this stamp carefully for font, spelling, spacing, and positioning. 

2) A real Gucci wallet contains a stamp in the center. Make sure you check for the clarity of the stamp because real Gucci stamps are clear and not muddled. 


5. The Gucci Wallet Serial Number

1) Based on the age of the bag, Gucci uses 10-12 numbers in the two rows - with no more than six numbers in each row. 

2) The numbers of the first row show the style number and the numbers in the second row shows the supplier code, the factory where the product was manufactured. These numbers may change because of the year production or the type of the product. 

3) The numbers are heat-stamped into the leather. If the stamp is uneven, sloppy, or hard, then it's time to look it again because it can be a fake wallet.

4) You can use Google to search the serial number and if it is original google images must show a similar bag. But be careful, in some cases, fakes might also have the same serial number as an authentic one.


6. The Zipper of GG Marmont Card Case Wallet

If the wallet contains a zipper, it should be made of the same color as the color of the trim. It can't be different in a real wallet. Check for the cut of the pull and make sure that the length between the stitching and edge of the pull is the same throughout the wallet. If you notice anything sloppy, it is a sign of a fake wallet. 


7. The Controllato Cards 

1) Something known as a Controllato Card comes with every new Gucci bag. Controllato means 'checked' in Italian – meaning the bag has completed the manufacturing process with its authenticity and quality verified. However, this does not guarantee its authenticity, as counterfeits can duplicate a simple paper tag. 

2) Controllato cards will have the Gucci logo in the centre, controllato below and a set of 10 numbers (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0) below that with single, even spaces.

3) But, remember a fake product can also contain all these things, that's why it becomes difficult to spot a fake Gucci wallet. 


8. The Box

1) The box should have the logo "Gucci". The material, color and the shape of the writing are details that you should not avoid. 

2) Real Gucci bags come with specific packaging. They will never be wrapped in plastic. If the bag is wrapped in plastic, it's fake.


9. The Dust Bag

1) The Real Gucci products are sold with two types of dust bags. The colors of which have varied over the years. The bags are white, beige, dark or light brown. All authentic newer Gucci bags come in a white dust bag. 

2)The dust bag will have  a black rectangle and "GUCCI" written inside.  The dust bags are will have a silky smooth feel with a drawstring (the same colour as the dust bag) on both of the top corners. 

3) There should also be a tag on the inside of the dust bag that says 'Gucci Made in Italy'.  The fabric should be made out of silk. 


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