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Hermes Oran Sandals Fake vs Real 2024: How can You Tell if Hermes Slippers are Real?

Hermes Oran Sandals Fake vs Real 2024: How can You Tell if Hermes Slippers are Real?

    French fashion house Hermès has produced a number of iconic pieces that have become a part of every collector’s dream. There's one particular design that we have never stopped raving about: the popular Hermès Oran sandals. They're chic, classy, and perfect for everyday wear. And as nice as they are, lots of replicas are manufactured in the market. How to tell if Hermes sandals are real? In this Hermes Oran Sandals fake vs real guide, I will teach you how to know! You need to be reassured and then reassured again that you are spending your money wisely!


1. What are the Hermes Oran sandals?

1) It was in 1997 when renowned luxury shoe designer Pierre Hardy first conceptualized and created the Hermès Oran sandals. He merely envisioned it to be a simple and almost invisible flat-“like a bare foot with something painted on it,” he said in an interview. He wanted a simple sandal that just about any woman can wear.  A part of the Year of Africa collection of Hermes, the Oran was actually inspired by the house decorations of Africa's Ndebele tribe.  

2) Now, fast forward 20 years later, it's become a year round classic shoe staple for fashion enthusiasts and the like. Because it's simple and it still makes sense, the sandal transcends time and trends. This iconic piece of footwear comes in a whopping 40 different designs. From bright and bold hues to neutral and classic tones, you'll definitely find one that suits you perfectly. 


2. The Mateial and the Shape of Hermes Oran Sandals 

1) Crafted in Italy, the Hermes Oran sandals are fully made out of box calfskin leather, a high grade leather known to be the oldest one used in Hermes bags. Smooth, sturdy and guaranteed to be of superior quality. The leather is soft and when you put the sandals on, you can feel how soft the leather is. 

2) Using low-quality material and making it look like authentic leather is an impossible task. In this case, the surface of the replica sandal is grainy and textured when it is supposed to be as smooth as the authentic model. 

3) The toe of the authentic sandal is more of a square toe it's not extremely square, meanwhile in the fake the shape of the toe is really ugly and cheap. The fake Hermès Oran sandals are not comfortable and they don't keep the shape like the real ones.


3. The Iconic "H" 

1) Design-wise, it relies on one significant feature to tie in all of its elements. With an iconic H cut-out representing the French fashion house, it is all the shoe needs to rein in elegance and simplicity.

2) The H on the authentic sandals is exquisite, very nicely shaped, and defined whereas it has a box-like shape on the replica pair. 


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4. The Sides of Hermes Oran Sandals

1) Put the heel together, its all perfectly aligned, its not a complete flat sole and there is no gaps on the real one. The sole of the original model is super thin with a smooth surface, it appears much thicker and grainy in the fake shoe which is a big flaw.

2) Look at the side of the replica sandal,  we can see that the cut-out is much bigger than it is on the authentic sandal. 


5. The Insole of Hermes Oran Sandals 

1) The insole of Oran sandals are made with soft leather. The brown outline of the authentic insole is thick and smooth whereas it is thinner and textured in the fake one. 

2) The  the horse logo and "HERMES PARIS" texts are embedded into the lining. The difference in the fonts is easy to spot too - let's compare texts: the bold letters are symmetrically engraved on the real shoes they are illegible or thinner and narrower on the fake insole. 


6. The Sole of Hermes Oran Sandals 

1) The real sole is more defined than the fake one which has a weird rounded look. The logo “HERMES” of the real sandal is perfectly engraved and below is written the number of the shoe and “Made In Italy”.

2) The texts : "semelle cuir" part needs to be written in lower-case letters instead of capital, whereas the "Made In Italy" part needs to be written boldly with bigger letters. 

3) The sole of the authentic is in a very good quality, whereas the sole of the fake is lighter and very cheap looking. 

1645861992776957.jpg 1645862044537540.jpg

7. Hermes Oran Sandals Serial Number

Most authentic Hermès Oran sandals have a serial number on each side at the inner part of the H strap that's closest to your baby toe. On darker leather, it's really tough to see, but it's there…


8. The Stitching of Hermes Oran Sandals 

There are no glue lines and there are no gaps in the real Hermès Oran sandals, the way that everything is cut, stitched and put together is perfect. The stitching itself it's done in a perfect way - straight and even . The fakes don't have these details, the stitching is not in a good quality and it has a lot of flaws. 


9. The Dust Bag of Hermes Oran Sandals

1) Hermes Oran sandals come with an individual dust bag for each shoe, which is pretty neat.  It’s very thick material and feels nicer than most of my other dustbags.

2) Nowadays the color is a light beige with a dark brown Hermes logo on it. The real logo of the dust bag has a double circle on the outside and if you take a closer look you will notice the difference in the font for the  H, also the circle surrounding the H is different. The line underneath the horse and the carriage, there are two lines under the real one, but in the fake, there is only one single line. There are finer details in the horse as well so you have to pay attention to the logo of the real one and you can find the differences by yourself.


10. Hermes Box Real vs Fake

The Hermes come in the signature orange box never in a plastic bag. If you get the box, inspect it meticulously. First of all, it has the signature Hermes orange that fakers often get wrong. The logo in the box is not super huge and measures just about 2.3 centimeters or just under an inch from the H to the S. Also, look at the font itself, the logo, as well as anything below it because fakers oftentimes get that wrong.  


11. Do Hermès Sandals Run True to Size?

1) They also fit true to size and have half sizes so you can get the perfect sandal fit easily.  I've heard and read that people with wider feet tend to go up a ½ size, though! However, if you have narrow or “normal” width feet, they are definitely TTS. Plus, the leather does relax some, which will ultimately give you more room. 

2) What's more, if you get the right size, it feels like you're like walking comfortably on your feet. They're comfy, weightless, and do not slip off as you go on about your day.

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