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Gucci Diana Tote Bag Original vs Fake Guide 2024: How can You Tell if a Gucci Bag is Real?

Gucci Diana Tote Bag Original vs Fake Guide 2024: How can You Tell if a Gucci Bag is Real?

    The classic Gucci Diana came onto the scene in 1991 and quickly became Princess Diana's favorite bag, which is precisely how the bag got its name. The bamboo-detailed Diana tote bag is back now—and better and poular than ever. From the bamboo details to the structured silhouette, the revamped Diana style is still quintessentially Gucci. But there are more and fake Gucci Diana bag on the market today. How can you tell if a Gucci Diana bag is real? In this Gucci Diana bag Original vs Fake guide, I will tell you step by step!



1. The Overall Look of Gucci Diana Tote Bag

1) Everything about the Gucci Diana embodies classic House design, from storied elements like the bamboo handles to the shape and to the name of the bag itself. 

2) The 2015 re-imagined version by Alessandro Michele sports a few new key elements including the removable, neon leather belts that hug the bamboo handles. They help maintain the shape of the handles and ensure the handles kept their shape when exposed to humidity.


3) Gucci is offering the Diana in three sizes: mini, small, and medium. The interior of the larger size features a zip separator pocket in the center which breaks the bag into two areas. The front has a large open area with a zip pocket while the back has an equally as large area with an open pocket. To keep the bag contents from being seen, there is a magnetic flap top that closes the bag nicely. There is also a removable and adjustable shoulder strap which makes this bag easy to carry as well. 

4) There is also a variety of colors from classic hues like black, white, and a timeless cuir to more formidable offerings like emerald green, bold red, poudre light blue and light rose. The colored belts are meant to oppose the main leather color, offering a striking dichotomy, and include fluorescent yellow,  pink, bluegreen and orange.

5) There are five screws at the bottom of Gucci Diana Tote bag. The counterfeit screws are different colored with a matte look and different forms, and the hardware overall is different as well.


2. The Material of Gucci Diana Tote Bag

1) Gucci bags are constructed with the highest quality leather and materials available. Gucci Diana Tote bags are made of cuir leather, floral print canvas, natural colored python, houndstooth raffia effect fabric, debossed GG leather, etc. It should be supple and buttery to the touch and have a natural and pleasant musky smell.

2) Fake leather often has a chemical smell, especially if the bag is new. It also may be either too stiff or too flimsy.


3. The Double G logo

1) The double G logo is what separates Marmont from other Gucci items. Both G's should be facing the same direction, and neither should be flipped. The two Gs should be uppercase letters, come to a fine point at the top, have a slightly thicker middle, and be overlapping. 

2) This double G logo usually features a hard-to-replicate soft gold finish and medium gold tone. You can feel the craftsmanship on the authentic hardware, which is a matte, rustic bronze.  

3) It shouldn't look like it has been varnished or lacquered. Beware of styles where the“GG”metal logo is too thin, too shiny, or an overly warm gold tone.


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4. The Interior Logo Tag of Gucci Diana Tote Bag

1) Almost all Gucci bags will have a leather tab located at the top of the inside of the bag (along the inner stitching). Firstly, the colour of the leather tab must match the colour of the leather on the bag. The leather tab should be a rectangular shape. 

2) The authentic label is created with a heat stamp with the brand's trademark, logo, and "made in italy".The authentic label in Gucci bag was cut out perfectly without any flaw;  the stitching has been done very tightly and evenly too. 

3) On the other hand, The labels on fake Gucci bags are frequently constructed of a cheap material that is easily peelable and shallow, with flaws in the stamping. And the stitches on the fake label is different in size and it's almost impossible to see because of the use of the thinnest thread.


4) The lettering of the Gucci logo 

1) Font is also mismatched as it is supposed to be larger with bigger spaces between the letters. A trademark symbol at the top of the tag (although very occasionally it will be missing).

2) The words "made in italy" at the bottom. The words are all lowercase and in the same font as the name of the company just above it.

  • The G is very round; if the line continued, it almost forms an O.

  • The serifs on the G are equal, unlike the interlocking Gs.

  • The two sides of the U are different; the left side is thick and the right side is thin.

  • The Cs are very round, like the G.


5. Authentic Gucci Bag Serial Number

The back face of the leather tag will be stamped with the serial number. This is one of the best and easiest ways to determine the authenticity of the Gucci bag and distinguish real from fake.  There will never be letters included in this serial number. The font is not overly modern and the numbers do feature serif details. 

1) Based on the age of the bag, Gucci uses 10-12 numbers in the two rows - with no more than six numbers in each row. 

2) The numbers of the first row show the style number and the numbers in the second row shows the supplier code, the factory where the product was manufactured. These numbers may change because of the year production or the type of the product. 

3) In this case the font clearly is different. The numbers on original bags are supposed to be thinner and smaller, not bold and large like on the fake bag.


6. Gucci QR Code Check (Quick Response)

The new bags (2016-) also have a label on the inside of the bag with a QR code. They can be found on a small black fabric loop inside your Gucci bag. The code will be printed clearly with white font and a 10-digit code. And there is no stitching to the fabric whatsoever.

QR codes are a more recent addition to Gucci bags in the fight against counterfeiters. Offering a type of barcodes that holds relevant information, these codes can be scanned on your smartphone (methods vary across types of smartphones being used) to ensure the handbag's authenticity. 

7. The Bamboo Handle of Gucci Diana Tote Bag

1) Gucci Diana bags are distinguished by their bamboo handle. Bamboo cane was brought in from Japan and the artisans use hand to shape and fire each section of bamboo, presenting a unique and charming luster and elegant curves. 

2) The real handle is of good quality, with a gleaming color and lovely connections to each section, whereas the fake handle is of poor quality, with a bland color and overall terrible condition.


8. The GUCCI Printing on the Removable Leather Belts

Pay attention to the GUCCI printing on the removable, neon leather belts that hug the bamboo handles. The fake nearly always make mistakes with the printing. The letters have a delicate and rounded font for the real. Any letters that appear to be too straight or thin are from a fake Gucci bag.


9. The Hardware of Gucci Diana Tote Bag

1) The hardware on genuine Gucci bag should be of the highest quality. The hardware on genuine Gucci goods is solid and robust.All zippers, locks, and other metal hardware should be perfectly placed and stamped with the proper logos and fonts.

2) Most fake bags are made from cheap and lightweight hardware. Details such as zippers may be missing logos or have incorrect spacing and fonts. 


10. The Stitching of Gucci Diana Tote Bag

The stitching of an authentic Gucci Diana bag will be even, consistent, and free of any loose or broken threads. Patterns are spaced in a specific pattern and should be consistent throughout all Diana bags. If you see any loose, uneven threads or crooked lines, it is likely a fake bag. 


11. The Controllato Card

1) Controllato cards (meaning“checked cards”) are included with every genuine Gucci handbag. The controllato card, which provides proof that the product went through a quality check during the manufacturing process, is another way to tell if you’re buying a real Gucci handbag. 

2) There should be three lines of text in total and each number should have a single space between them.The word Gucci should be in capital letters and centered while the word controllato should be in lowercase letters a single space below it. If controllato is in uppercase letters or isn’t there at all, you are most likely handling a fake Gucci bag.

12. The Box and Dust bag of Gucci Bag

1) The box should have the logo "Gucci" and so do the dust bag. The material, color and the shape of the writing are details that you should not avoid. 

2) Real Gucci bags come with specific packaging. They will never be wrapped in plastic. If the bag is wrapped in plastic, it's fake.

3)  All authentic Gucci bags will always come with a dust bag in either dark brown, light brown, white, or black. The dust bag will have the double G logo or have the name "Gucci" written in gold lettering across the front of the bag. The dust bags are will have a silky smooth feel with a drawstring (the same colour as the dust bag) on both of the top corners. Dust bag also comes with a QR code.


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