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Coach Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How Do I Know My Coach Wallet is Real?

Coach Wallet Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How Do I Know My Coach Wallet is Real?

    Coach wallet is a collectible item found in any Coach lovers purse wardrobe. Coach wallets are high-end wallets that combine designer style and high-quality materials. They are your most affordable and popular designer wallet choice! If you want a specific Coach wallet on its own, you should ensure that the Coach wallet you are buying is authentic, as there are so many fakes out there. So It's important to learn how to tell fake and original Coach wallet products apart. How can you tell real Coach from fake? In this guide, I will tell you step by step!


1. The Metal Logo & Design of Coach Wallet

1) Some Coach wallets contain the full designer logo, which consists of a man holding a whip on a carriage being pulled by two horses, the name "COACH" in capital letters, and the words "New York" or "Est. 1941" underneath the name. This logo is situated on the opening of the ladies’ wallet whereas, for the men’s wallet, the logo is somewhat different, having the word “COACH” written in such a way that each next letter fixes into the previous.

2) You can tell if the bag is real just by analyzing the font. Look out for is the font of  'A'  in the Coach logo. It should always be pointed at the top and should never have a flat or rounded top, as this is an indication of a fake. The two C's should also be the same shape.

3) The second part of the Coach’s Wallet design is its color. Have a quick check on their website to ensure that it is a valid product  being made by COACH and look at the wallet’s color and match it with the original one from the website.


2. The Leather of Coach Wallet

1) Coach wallets have typically a trademark fabric used in its creation i.e. fine quality leather. Leather is of different types but the most popular and newly used leather fabrics by Coach are the Refined calf leather, Crossgrain leather, Polished pebble leather and Signature coated canvas refined calf leather. Due to the use of these entirely exceptional fabric materials, the Coach's Wallet seems to have a smooth and soft touch. If you rub your fingers over it, you'll feel a soft and smooth material. 

2) Fake Coach wallets feature fake or reconstituted leather. They would typically not have such a smooth consistency to it and would feel a bit more rugged and cheap. The leather feels rough and often smells like plastic.


3. The Iconic CC Pattern Print

Whether printed or embroidered, the pattern should always have two vertical and two horizontal "C" patterns and not just one. If the wallet's pattern is off-center and mismatched, it is not real. The signature "C" pattern features paired Cs that face each other. If the pattern only has single Cs, it is a fake.


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4. The Logo Stamping Inside the Coach Wallet

Some wallets have a logo stamping inside. Make sure the logo is centered. The quality of each letter should br crisp and uniform on the leather. Make sure both "Cs" look exactly the same and the "A" is pointed at the top and not rounded. 


5. Check the Inside of the Wallet

If the outside features the signature "C" pattern, the inside lining should not. The reverse is also true: If the outside does not feature the signature pattern, the inside will likely have it. If both the inside and outside feature the signature "C"-pattern lining, the wallet is likely a fake.


6. Coach Wallet Serial Number Check

1) Do Coach wallets have a serial number?

Most Coach bags have serial numbers, but not all. Smaller items, including wallets and pouches, wristlets, cosmetic bags, and other small accessories, don't necessarily have them at all. Vintage bags from before the 1980s often didn't have serial numbers.

2) All the COACH serial numbers and style numbers we’ve seen do seem to be prefixed with “No.” for “Number” (as in “No. A12-3456”). If that’s missing, beware.

3)The Coach Serial Numbers Format:

  • Pre-1994, COACH used serial numbers of the form NNN-NNNN in most, (but not all) products.

  • A modern COACH style number will tend to look like ANA-NNNN or ANNNN-NNNNN where the letters (A) and numbers (N) to the left of the hyphen indicate place/year of manufacture and everything to the right is the “style number” (but this is NOT a unique serial number). In other words, the serial number was now made up of production codes, before the dash, and style number, afterward. This is the point at which letters started to be used, too.

7. The Stitching

1) The original Coach’s Wallet has flawless stitching all over it. The inner and outer stitching of the wallet has straight seams, and no hanging threads. The stitching along the outer seams of a real Coach wallet is well-done and even.  It usually does not have any gap or space between every stitch. If logos are present, the seam will divide the double“C’s”evenly.

2) If the wallet's stitching is uneven, crooked or sloppy, it is a fake. Also look for any stray threads -another sign of a fake.


8. The Glue Test of the Coach Wallet

Authentic Coach wallets or card cases never feature glue at any of the seams. Rub your fingers across all of the seams and see if you can detect any signs of glue.  Often, replica makers will glue the leather together prior to stitching. If you notice any clear glue residue on any part of the  wallet, it is a fake Coach product.


9. The Hardware of Coach Wallet

1) Examine the hardware on the wallet, including zippers, buckles and snaps. The material on the genuine Coach's Wallet, it is built up of heavy metal and has a lasting shine as compared to the fake wallet, which seems much lighter and made of low quality plastic material. On most Coach products, the hardware is stamped with the "COACH" logo.

2) The zipper in the branded Coach's Wallet is fabricated through high-quality YKK Zippers. These zippers have bronze color and a line on both, upper and lower sides of the zipper. 


10. The Image Check of Coach Wallet

One trick is to go online and search that particular style code in your favorite search engine (enter the code in the search box and click the ‘images’ tab). You’ll see similar products come up for legitimate COACH wallet or bag. Of course, that isn’t a 100% guarantee as fake numbers can get published too.


11. The Identifying Proof of Coach

Look for identifying proof from Coach that the wallet is authentic before you buy. If you are buying the product online, verify stlye numbers, sales associate identification or proof of purchase to determine the original purchase date of the Coach wallet.

12. Where Are Coach Wallets Made? Is Coach wallet made in Vietnam authentic?

China is where the majority of Coach bags and wallets are made. In the past, some men's wallets were made in India. However, you may discover some Coach bags are manufactured in Vietnam and two other countries. Third-party manufacturers are common and the only way to ascertain where a purse was made is to look either on the Coach creed or seam tag found in your purse.

13. Try Asking the Pros

If you have a COACH outlet near you, seek the advice of the trained and experience staff in the store who can help you to evaluate and assess whether the one you've got your eyes on is fake or not. They'll often be happy to help you avoid a fake and will also give you some tips and tricks of how to not fall in to the trap. 

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