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Gucci Horsebit/Brixton Loafers Fake vs Real 2024: How to Tell if Gucci Shoes are Real?

Gucci Horsebit/Brixton Loafers Fake vs Real 2024: How to Tell if Gucci Shoes are Real?

    Gucci Horsebit loafer is an absolute classic! The shoes are not only beautifully made, but also exceptionally comfortable. It’s a perfect shaped loafer as it looks classy, minimal, stylish, and smart, but it can also be worn casually. If you are on a lookout for a pair of classic, no-fuss loafers which can be worn all day, they are certainly a good option. These days, the Gucci loafer is an absolute must-have for any insider, man or woman, but with the rise in popularity inevitably comes reams of fakes. How can you tell if Gucci loafers are real? Now let’s start analyzing these tips and you'll be able to spot fake Gucci shoes.


1. The Overall Look of Gucci Loafer

1) In 1953, Gucci had noticed the popularity of the loafer in the US in general. Gucci decided to change it up a bit, he refined the lines, he added a horsebit, and he offered them in black even though most loafers at the time came in tones of brown. The shoes became an instant success.

2) In terms of the overall appearance, apart from the original 1953 style, you’ll also find many different others. One that is particularly popular right now is the Jordaan, and the Brixton which is soft in the back, of course, you can also find the 1970s version with a much thicker sole and higher heel, but that’s a very special item. 

3) Gucci Brixton loafers are also known as the “Horsebit Loafers” or the “Foldable Slim Horsebit Loafers”. The unique aspect of Gucci Brixtons, which distinguishes them from other loafers is that its collapsible heel. Thanks to the foldable back, the shoes can be worn two ways i.e. as loafers or as mules.  Brixtons are also available in other colours, such as beige, pink, brown and white, all of which are gorgeous. 


2. The Mateirals of Gucci Loafer

1) Checking materials is a good way to rule out a fake. Gucci loafers are popularly recognized with a leather bottom sole, however, some models have a textured rubber bottom sole for grip. Check the model style to see which bottom sole should apply. The uppers of Gucci loafers are available in a range of materials from unconventional like rubber, jacquard and exotic skins (like eel or alligator) to the more common lambskin.

2) They are made of heavenly soft and luxurious leather. It is very supple, thin and malleable so there is hardly any friction or rubbing when it comes in contact with the skin. It sort of adjusts itself to, and works with, the shape of your foot, almost to the point when you forget it is there.


3. The Quality of Gucci Loafer

Familiarize yourself with quality construction and materials, particularly the hardware and leather. Experience will bring a deeper understanding on how to differentiate between the weight and shine of a high-quality product verse the synthetic texture and sheen of low-quality materials. Double-check the construction to ensure there is no glue or defects in stitching – both telltale signs of fake. 


4. The Side of Gucci Brixton Loafer

1) A very nice detail about Gucci Brixton loafer is its folding heel.You can see how the line that goes from the heel to the top on the authentic Gucci model gives the chance of doing so; but the fake one even if it can fold, the stitching is so poorly done that it will not last for a long time.

2) The 0.5" tall heel was not replicated nicely too, as it is shorter and its Asterisk detail looks scratched instead of engraved.


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5. The Toe-Box of of Gucci Brixton Loafer

The stitching of toe-box of the Gucci loafers should be pointed out: While each stitch is thick and tight on the real Gucci model, they are not even visible on the fake shoes, the curve that goes over the toe-box looks faded and worn-out too.

Take a look at the leather of the fake Gucci shoes again, you can see how cheap material the replica factory has used.


6. Gucci Loafer Horsebits

The Gucci horsebit made its debut in the 1930s and has remained a house signature ever since, referencing the brand mythology of an equestrian heritage. The horsebit is composed of four components: two bars attached to two rings. 

On certain items, the horsebit may be secured in the middle where the two bars connect, but more often than not on shoes (like the Brixton, Princetown loafer), it will hang loosely.


7. Gucci Loafer Insole

1) The interior of the loafers should be lined in a supple leather and feature the brand logo embossed at the heel of the insole. The Gucci stamp should always be clean and crisp, and should always include a lowercase“made in italy.”

2) Each letter is very defined, bold, and deeply engraved on the authentic insole whereas on the fake insole they are so pale that it is almost impossible to see.


8. Gucci Shoes Lining & Serial Number Check

1) The lining of authentic Gucci shoes uses supple, high-quality leather, counterfeits will have a cheap lining. Make sure you inspect the logo for sloppy lines or bleeding corners, the print should be crisp and clean.

2) Check the inside lining for a serial number. Authentic Gucci's have a serial number which should consist of two things: a six-digit style number and the sizing (eight numbers in total). Authentic Gucci shoes will have this number hidden on the inside of the shoe, next to the shoe-size.  

3) Fake Gucci shoes will not have an 8-digit serial number stamped on the leather lining, but some of them do. So we should find the main differences in the way these numbers were written. While each number is glittery golden and round on the authentic model, they are super pale and differently shaped on the fake.


9. The Sole of Gucci Brixton Loafer

1) The Gucci shoes are exquisite at the bottom too. If the soles are made out of synthetic material instead of leather, it's most likely a fake. The placing of the golden screws is not correct either not to mention the poor quality.


2) Authentic Gucci soles should be stamped above the shoe size with “Gucci” and “made in italy”.  Some Gucci shoes will have a silver or gold plate engraved with “GUCCI” located below the shoe size. The original sole is carved and engraved super nicely whereas these details on the sole of the fake pair of Gucci look just scratched out; the quality is not even close. 


10. The Quality Craftsmanship & Sticthing

1) You could see the Moccasin was sewn by hand, that was quite obvious because of the different stitch density on the side and in the front which is a hallmark of handwork. You could also see little puckering along the edges which is typical for hand-sewn moccasins. The leather is very nice and has good quality.

2) If the seams are sewn haphazardly by a sewing machine or have a zigzag formation they are likely fakes. Counterfeits often use glued-on soles and synthetic materials. 


11.  The Gucci Shoe Box

1)  All products that belong to Gucci brand are always accompanied by a bag, boxes and even some gift bags for your product. With the black and white shoe box, the entire box should be black except for the cover, which should have a black frame surrounding the stark white top, this makes the box appear seamless.  The box should feel strong and not flimsy. The Gucci logo will usually be placed on the the centre of the cover.

2) There is the word Gucci in silver or gold raised metal letters running parallel to the short side of the case. The main difference appears in the font. The letters clearly are taller and skinnier on the authentic box, while they have pretty round shape on the replica model.


12. The Dust Bag 

1) After the box you see this packaging dust bag. The newer dust bags are usually white with a black drawstring, the material should be satin-like. The Gucci logo should be on a grey background surrounded by a black frame.


2)The tag is fully stitched on the original packaging while the replica clearly shows some space beneath the tag, as the replica factories always try to use as less materials as possible.


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