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Nike Dunk Sneakers Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake Dunk?

Nike Dunk Sneakers Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake Dunk?

    The Dunk is the poster child for Nike right now, rivaling even the classic Jordan in terms of popularity. Originally a basketball shoe, the Nike Dunk is now used for skateboarding, or as lifestyle streetwear. If you are a Nike lover and going to buy it online, then it is good for you to know how to spot a fake Nike Dunk. In this Nike Dunk sneakers real vs. fake guide, I will tell you the main differences between the fake and original Nike Dunk models, such as the material, tongue, size, stitching, logo, sole and box.


1. The Overall Look of Nike Dunk

1) Nike Dunk is one of the most collectible silhouettes with its simplistic design, a balanced color-blocking, extreme versatility in its shape and style. A large puzzle piece in its unusual evolution is the partitioning of the Nike Dunk and the Nike SB Dunk lines, two different trainers for two varying lifestyles.  While some sneakerheads prefer the simplicity of the Nike Dunk, others,especially skateboarders appreciate the tech and comfort that comes with the SB Dunk. 

2) There are a weighty plethora of Nike Dunk options coming in all colors, materials and patterns. Dunks colorways coined“Jedi”, “Hulk”, “Heineken”, “Hemp”, “Shark”, “Reverse Shark”and many more.

3) The first thing that is super noticeable is the shape of the sneakers: The authentic one has curvier foxing while the replica has a pretty straight bottom. The toe cap is supposed to be pointing upwards. The midsole is much smaller in height on the authentic sneakers while it is much taller on the fake one.  The overall look of the fake model is much bulkier than the authentic shoes.



2. The Smell of the Shoes

One of the fake shoes is the smell/odor of the glue uses to construct the replicas. If the glue smell is really strong to the point of irritating your nostrils, then they are a counterfeit.

3. The Outer Swoosh Logo

1) First of all, the shape of Nike Swoosh logo is an important detail to talk about. Mostly, the replica Nike Dunk Low sneakers have their Swoosh too big, as it is too close to the midsole, 

2) The swoosh is much thicker on the bottom and gets thinner as it goes upwards. But the fake swoosh almost does not have this contrast.

3) It has been mistakenly positioned too. The original swoosh almost creates a 90 degree angle, while the fake one is weirdly positioned upwards.


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4. The Tongue of Nike Dunk

1) The tongue on Nike Dunks should always curve inward along the top edge. Also check that the stitching is straight, evenly spaced & neatly finished.

2) The fake Nike swoosh logo is thicker and longer on the original label. Nike font has been mistakenly replicated too, as it is supposed to be very thick, bold and less tilted than shown on the fake.

3) Examine the exterior tongue label.The inside label details vary depending on year, country made & style. Always check that the style number, usually 9 digits, matches that found on the shoe box label. And that the stitching is neat.Usually, the registered trademark “®” character is too thick on the fake shoes.


5. The Toe Cap of Nike Dunk

1) Verify the toe box inflation level. Mostly, the fake Nike Dunk Low sneakers have their toe box looking  too thin and deflated.

2) Check the perforations on the toe box of your sneakers. The holes on the toe cap of these models make it super breathable. Mostly, the replica Dunks have their perforations looking less deep than the real shoes' perforations on the toe box. The authentic perforations are very symmetrically placed, while the replica factories totally missed this detail.


6. The Heel Counter of Nike Dunk

1)The real Nike Dunk sneakers have actual leather tabs while the fake one has used weird bulky material.

2)The fake Nike Dunk sneakers have their logo's letters improperly crafted and font-weighted. The NIKE lettering which is more tilted in the real shoes with smaller but fuller letters.

3) The stitches on the fake shoes aren't even solid, but super sloppy, when they are supposed to be tight, symmetrical, and secure as it is on the real pair.


7. The Insole of Nike Dunk

A logo is featured on the insole. It is usually the standard Nike & Swoosh. The logo may have with away on some used shoes, and the registered trademark R's are present. Some new styles may vary.


8. The Midsole

Inspect the shoes on the midsole for any flaws. The fake Nike Dunk sneakers are common to have their stitching on the midsole looking too thin, and occasionally, they might as well have extra paint flaws.


9. The Outsole of Nike Dunk

1) The outsole feature a unique tread pattern, the Nike logo & a grip button circle that importantly must slope outward. Some limited edition soles may vary slightly.

2) A Nike logo features on the outsole. Check the position of the registered trademark R's carefully, as well as the size & shape of the letters & the Swoosh. The edges should be sharp & clean.


10. The Sizing Tag 

1) The fake sizing tag is much smaller than the original one with less defined details. The QR code is also supposed to be bigger on the fake tag.

2) Inspect the text on the size tag of your sneakers. Most of the time, the  fake Nike Dunk sneakers have their text looking too thick or too thin (improperly font-weighted).


11. The Box Label Method

1) This is the last and very helpful method for Nike Dunk legit authentication. If you use bar-code and google it, the product is supposed to come up if it is an authentic one. We googled the bar-code of the bottom picture and as you can see nothing came up, which automatically means that the product inside is fake.
2) The color of the box is different too as the original one is vibrant red while the fake one has a washed-out look to it.


12. Proof of Purchase

Ask for a proof of purchase. Receipt must include details such as provenance, time of purchase, date and any other relevant information. If a seller is reluctant to provide that, I suggest you not to buy.

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