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Chanel 19 Bag Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Authenticate a Chanel Bag?

Chanel 19 Bag Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Authenticate a Chanel Bag?

    As an iconic brand in the fashion world, Chanel is often revered as a French fashion powerhouse that delivers the most sought after handbags. Chanel 19 bag is one of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld’s last gifts to us. Unlike other Chanel bags, the Chanel 19 bag is the slouchier, younger. It's a perfect everyday bag that is both eye catching and relevant. If you want to buy a Chanel 19 bag online, how can I tell if your Chanel 19 bag is authentic? Do real Chanel 19 bags have serial numbers? In this Chanel 19 bag fake vs real guide, I will tell you how to spot real Chanel 19 bag step by step.


1. The Overall of Chanel 19 bag

1) Chanel 19 Bag is rooted in history and designed with the classic 2.55 bag elements in mind that it was inspired by. The bag has a similar back outside compartment that extends the whole back of the bag. Because the Chanel 19 bag is softer with less structure, it's possible to use this back pocket without distorting the bag. 

2) With its slouchy silhouette, pillowy-soft leather and chunky chain detailing, it is very of the moment. The Chanel 19 bag comes in a variety of sizes, including wallet on chain (WOC), medium, large, and maxi.


3) The authentic bag has pointy edges and is bent on the top, which fake bag clearly failed to copy, because the bag has its peak height within the middle and goes downwards as it connects with the edges. The of sides of authentic bag are taller and wider, while the faux seems to be much smaller, which automatically implies that there's less room inside of it.


2. The Material of Chanel 19 bag

1) The Chanel 19 is made in a wide variety of materials, including lambskin leather, jersey, goatskin, denim, tweed, cotton canvas, printed silk, and shearling. But it's typically made in the traditional flap lambskin leather material. This leather style is incredibly soft and allows the bag to be forgiving if you need to over-stuff the bag with things.

2) The real bag is created out of leather-like material that's shiny and high-quality. The fabric used in the fake bag is totally different - it's matte, completely different material which automatically gives a bag a cheap look. 


3. The Interior Metal Logo Plaque

The interior should have a metal plate that has "CHANEL MADE IN ..." in all caps engraved. The letters should be flat and sharp at the top, not rounded like the counterfeit one. Your bag could be made somewhere other than France. The letters are not supposed to be as thick as it is on the fake bag's label, but thinner, with engraved-effect. 

The Logo font

1) The opening angle of the letter "C" is 30 degrees. If you fill in the gap on the right side of C, it can be connected to form a perfect circle; many fake C are oblong and look flat.

2) The "-" in the middle of the letter "H" is on the upper side, and many fakes are in the middle.

3) The upper width of the icon shown on the letter "N" is wider than the lower width.

4) The length of the three legs of the letter "E" are all different, with the shortest in the middle and the longest at the bottom.


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4. The Chanel 19 Serial Number 

1) Most Chanel 19 bags that were made 2021 and previous years will have a serial number sticker in the interior. The serial number should have 8 numbers with gold CCs above. The sticker has an “X” cut into it to prevent removal without damage. The leather tag should be cleanly cut with sharp angles. The fake one is rounded and sloppily cut. The serial number sticker is also placed incorrectly.  


2)The serial number on the Chanel bag indicates the model and year of production of the bag, and the serial number should match with the authentication card number.  Since 2005, it's a 8-digit. Chanel's 2021 date code on their handbags is 31XXXXXX. Chanel does not produce bags with serial numbers of 9 digits or more. If this is the case, it's a fake. 

Chanel Bag Serial Number Chart:


5. The CC Closure

1) Channel 19 bag has a ornate interlocking CC closure with leather and chain. The original buckle is rounder and super symmetrical, made out of high-quality metal that's golden colored. The fake Channel 19 bag has more of a bronze, washed-out color to it.


2) The screws under the CC closure turn lock should look like a star and not a Phillips head screw. Hardware should be flat on the underside as well. 


6. Oversize Quilting Pattern

Originally inspired by the equestrian world, the quilted pattern is an integral part of Chanel's history that's often considered a signature of the brand. But, the 19 bag has oversized quilting (8 cm x 8cm to be exact).


7. The Chain

1) This bag has three different materials on it's chain strap. The authentic chain is vibrant golden, not bronze, silver or yellow, but the replica clearly didn't care much about it. 

2) It also includes the leather intertwined within the chain style. However, this bag's strap also includes a piece of leather that sits underneath the strap where it is meant to be carried. This extra piece of leather gives a much-needed cushion relief for whoever decides to wear the bag. 


8. The Zipper Pull

The zipper pull should have an engraved Chanel logo on one side and CC on the other. The CHANEL letters engraving should be thick and precise. The CC shouldn't have any large gaps where they intertwine. The size of the puller is greater on the authentic model too.


9. The Dust Bag

1) An authentic Chanel dust bag should have a all caps logo that is crisp and clearly stamped on the exterior.  "CHANEL" is written in white, bold letters centered in the middle.  On the fake dust bag , you can see that "CHANEL" is written in a faded grey color. 

2) The stitching should be small and precise. The authentic dust bag is a thick black material with a  textured ribbon draw string. The fake one is more of a fleecy soft material with a string as the closure. 

10. The Chanel Authenticity Card 

1) Authenticity cards were introduced at the same time with serial numbers in 1984 and a number of a card must match the serial number of a handbag. The consistency of an authenticity card must be as sturdy as one of a credit card, and should have a hologram on it. The outline and number should be printed in gold.  

2) Check that the authenticity card matches the serial number inside the bag. But that does not necessarily mean it is authentic. Authenticity cards are very easily replicated.

3)  If the card's serial number reflects a rainbow hologram under natural light, it is also not real.  But under the Ultraviolet  lamp, you can clearly see the double C logo, and you can see that one line of the small print underneath is illuminated. 


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