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Hermès Belt Original vs. Fake Guide 2024: How to Know if Hermès Belt is Fake?

Hermès Belt Original vs. Fake Guide 2024: How to Know if Hermès Belt is Fake?

    Hermès belts are one of the most coveted and loved high fashion accessories today. A good belt can work wonders in taking a look from boring to interesting and from uninspired to unforgettable. Genuine Hermes belts are well crafted and will reflect superior workmanship. Hermes H-buckle belts are highly counterfeited. These gorgeous belts with an elegant H buckle make almost any outfit look more luxurious. How to know if your Hermes belt is fake? In this Hermes belt original vs fake guide, I will tell you! There are a few tips to look out for, so you don’t get fooled by counterfeiters. Hope it will be helpful to you.



1. The Construction & Workmanship of Hermès Belt

1) In general, the workmanship and the craftsmanship of Hermes products are all very neat. The Hermes belts are crafted with a high quality of detail and precision. They're all machine-made, and not made by hand. 

2) On the belt itself, you should find three holes spaced evenly on the tapered end, and one hole on the other to affix the buckle. Sometimes people will punch extra holes into their belts, but there should never be fewer than three. The holes are exactly in the center, and they're spaced apart with the exact same distance. 

3) The stitch density is very consistent; it ends right in the corners and the distance to the edge is always the same. 

4) The edges of the belt are cut and then burnished, which is a process of using a hot iron and wax and rolling on it multiple times until the edge has a smooth finish that looks pleasant to the eye. This is the way most belts are finished.


2. Hermès H Belt Material & Leather

1) Hermès is renowned worldwide for the quality of its leathers, and this includes those used for the brand's H belt kits. These are the same leathers that can be found on Birkins, Evelynes and other Hermès handbags. The most common leather types are the Clemence, Box, Epsom and Swift. You'll be able to spot the difference between these based on texture; Clemence is a heavy, matte-grained leather, Box is a smooth, glossy calf leather, Epsom is a lightweight, stamped-grain leather and Swift is a reflective, fine-grained leather.

2) The green and gold belt pictured here uses Courchevel leather, a precursor to Epsom. The dark chocolate belt (under the Brand Identifiers header below) is made of smooth Box leather. Counterfeiters will use real leather to fabricate faux belts, but are unable to capture the quality, consistency and various textures of Hermès' leathers.


3. The Hermès H buckles

1) Hermès H buckles come in a variety of metals, most commonly palladium and permabrass but also occasionally brushed palladium, sterling silver and ruthenium. The metal should not have any chipping or tarnishing of the surface. Edges should be smooth and even, without casting marks.The back of the Hermès belt buckle is always matte. If it's shiny, it is only a replica.


2) A real Hermès H buckle will feature the peg of a peg-and-hole closure, and a bar to slide easily onto the strap of the belt. Pay close attention to the shape of the peg. The peg flares out, dips in at the neck and then rounds out at the head. 

3) Have a look at the real vs fake Hermes H logo belts for the buckle’s text on the side. In the fake vs real Hermes H logo belt image above, the fake belt has its “HERMES” text looking too thick.


4) Hermès H buckles also come in different sizes, ranging from 13mm to 42mm. Many fake buckles will be oversized and flashy, so make sure your buckle is one of Hermès' legitimate sizes. 32mm (the H featured) is the standard size, while the Constance is 24mm. When distinguishing the difference between an H buckle and a Constance, look to each buckle's serifs. The traditional H, at left, has serifs that extend both outward and inward on the legs, whereas the Constance's serifs extend outwards.


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4. Hermès H Belt Brand Stamps

1) A real Hermès belt will feature a number of brand stamps to ensure its authenticity. You should see 'HERMÈS / PARIS / MADE IN FRANCE' debossed on one end of the belt, and occasionally it will be foiled to match the buckle's hardware. The authentic Hermes belt has all of its letters in all of the prints at the same font-weight and size, while the replica belts usually flaw the thickness and size for its characters.

2) The belt should also display the length in cm, a craftsman stamp and a year stamp. Eg: the year stamps indicate that the belts were made in 1996 (by a Z) and 2010 (by an N). Authentic Hermès belt buckles will often be paired with generic belts, so make sure the belt is marked.

3) You will also find the size embossed (in my case 105, 100, or 95), followed by a letter. C stands for manufacturing date or year. Newer belts also have an alphanumeric code that indicates what type of leather was used. For example, looking at these 3 belts, it seems like F denotes black leather. 


5. Hermes Serial Number / Date Code Stamp

Hermes Serial Number / Date Code stamps used by Hermès are embossed with a hot iron and are always placed on the inside, or a place where it cannot be seen from the outside. The first places you should look for the Hermès date stamps are:

  • On either side of the strap;

  • Inside of the bag;

  • Under the tab (depending on the model).

In general, each type of bag has its own specific area where the code can be found. However, this can change depending on the year. 

2) Depending on the year of the bag, each Hermès will have a unique date stamp of of manufacture with a letter accompanied by either a circle, a square, or no shape depending on the year it was made. For your reference, I have included a chart of Hermès date stamps according to year below. The stamp will also feature the artisan's ID and an indicator of exotic skins if applicable. 

  • From 1945 to 1970, there is no geometric shape on the outside of the engraving.

  • From 1971 to 1996, it was in a "○".

  • From 1997 to 2014, it was a "□".

3)Until 2015, Hermès used letters in alphabetical order surrounded by a shape to date their items. For example, Square Q is 2013, Square R is 2014. They now use a secret proprietary code using only a single letter with no shape and no obvious order to the sequence, and have moved the blind stamps to the interior of the bags.


6. The Stitching

1) One of the most attractive features of a genuine Hermès belt is the stitching.They are each hand sewn yet brilliantly uniform. A hand-made belt would be welted by a saddle stitch (the same stitch used on the sole of a bespoke shoe), using one thread with needles at both ends. 

2) The Stitching on an authentic Hermès belt will be perfectly straight, without nicks or imperfections. Depending on the color of the belt, they may have tone-in-tone or contrast stitching, sometimes varying between sides.


7. The Packaging

1) The packaging should consist of an orange box with the company’s logo printed on it clearly, and a black ribbon tied on it, which again should bear the company’s logo. The packaging should have a pleasant and high-quality appearance. 

2) There should not be any stamping inside of the box. Packaging for fake Hermès belts often includes a round stamp inside the box that may or may not include words like Hermès or Made in, etc. Inside the box, you will find both the belt and the buckle in a combination kit. You can then mix and match any of your Hermès belts, but you will never find a belt or buckle sold separately unless it is pre-used or counterfeit.


3) There is a neatly folded white tissue paper without any Hermes logos, and you’ll find two little cotton bags, one for your buckle and one for your belt. Nowadays the color  of the dust bag is a light beige with a dark brown Hermes logo on it. 


8. The Invoice

When you purchase a Hermès belt, it will come with a receipt that includes a yellow-colored logo in the middle.  If the invoice is printed by a counterfeit company it is likely that the receipt will not include this detail or it will be replicated poorly with a darker tone or false font. Inside genuine Hermès accessory packaging, you will also find that the invoice contains information detailing the location of the store and country where you purchased your belt.


9. The Orange Authenticity Card

This is not genuine, and for some reason, counterfeit companies made this piece of material to include in replica packaging. If you find it - run away!

10. Hermès Belt Sizing

In terms of sizing, each belt has one hole at one end and three at the other, so you can adjust your belt a little bit. Sometimes people also punch in extra holes, but bear in mind that people may think that it's a fake if ever you try to sell it again. You can get the belts in 9 sizes (in 5cm increments), 80 centimeters to 120 centimeters. This covers waist sizes to 31" to 48”. The way you're supposed to measure is to take the distance around your waist where you wear the belt; if it says 100, then you would be a size 100.


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