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Dior Saddle Real vs Fake Guide: How To Spot A Fake 2024 (Sale+9% Cashback)

Dior Saddle Real vs Fake Guide: How To Spot A Fake 2024 (Sale+9% Cashback)

    The Dior Saddle bag is one of those emblematic pieces that always manages to remain contemporary. It debuted on the runway for Spring/Summer 2000, the bag swiftly skyrocketed to "it-bag" status, The iconic Saddle bag with its distinct shape is a Dior signature style. As one of the most wanted bags of girls,the counterfeiting is inevitable and increasing. Wondering how to spot fake Dior Saddle bags? How to authenticate vintage Dior bag? To help you have a better idea about the details of this bag and to know how to spot a fake Dior Saddle bag so no one would sell you a replica for an authentic, I'll show you 13 tips to make the difference between them. In this original vs fake Dior Saddle bag guide, I will link images for each step on how to spot fake Dior Saddle bags that you can understand the flaws on the fake Dior bags easily. At the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new and vantage Dior Saddle bags.



  • How To Authenticate Dior Saddle Bag?

1. Authentic Dior Saddle Bag Serial Number Check/Data Code

1) All Dior products as every luxury product have their own date code on the back of the leather tags.  It's made of two numbers, two letters, four numbers (00-XY-0000),  but these things change over the years so it depends. 

2) The letters indicate the factory and the numbers the date, week, or the month of the year when it is produced. The first and the third digit indicate the month of production, while the second and the fourth indicate the year. For example, 18-MA-0156 means that the item was manufactured in May 2016. In the fake Dior saddle bags, the Serial Number doesn't match the year or other elements.


2. The Inner Leather Label Tag and Heat Stamp

1) The label tag of real Dior Saddle bag should be fixed on its top and have "Christian Dior" and "Paris"  in front and MADE IN ITALY (or SPAIN) and the code on its back. Some bags (like Gaucho) will have both Christian Dior Paris and MADE IN ITALY written in front. The authentic label is super smooth and little shiny whereas the label on the bottom is textured and grainy; the color is different too. 

2) Check and double check the stitching: The stitches on the authentic label are made out of thick and high-quality thread and  the stitches are very tightly done, while the fake stitching is so poorly done around the label that it might come off. Bags produced after mid 90's should have perfect stitches on all four corners of the inner label while the ones produced in early 90's should have the stitch going through the top portion of the label only.

3)The heat stamp should be perfectly centered in the middle of the leather tag. The lettering should be in silver or gold, and clear. If it is simply embossed into the leather with no color, the bag should be fake.

3.  The Material of Dior Saddle bag

1) The monogram canvas has evolved over the years. it is often the hardest to authenticate. Comparing a vintage piece such as this, dating from 2002, to a contemporary piece from the last 2010s, you'll find some differences.  Firstly,  the width of the left-hand column of the "D" has decreased since then.  Secondly, the spacing of the "r" has changed, as it has moved closer towards the "D". Now,  the "r" to be a more integral part of the monogram.

2) This difference may not be true of all vintage Dior Saddle bags, though. Some editions of the Oblique Saddle bags created between the earliest versions from 1999 and early 00s and the re-issued editions from 2018 and onwards will, however, look more like the latter.

4. The Shape of Dior Saddle bag

1) The color, material, and quality of the bags are the clues you have to focus on spotting the fake. Even though the shape is pretty asymmetrical it does not mean that anyone can free-style it and call it a day: the original model is much rounder, whereas the unauthentic bag has a longer look overall.

2) In the real vs fake Dior Saddle bag image above, the fake bag has its shape looking straight at the top,  without curving, while the authentic Dior Saddle bag has its shape at the top looking curvier than the fake bag's shape. 


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5. The Flap of Dior Saddle bag 

The size of the flap needs to be smaller than the rest of the handbag so it is symmetrical when it comes to the overall look. The fake flap is much bigger than it is supposed to be, the shape itself is curvier too. Besides the size and the shape, the color tone of the fake bag is more prominent than it should be.

6. The opening of Dior Saddle bag 

The opening of the Dior Saddle bag does not start from the edge of the handbag. In other words, the opening is not as wide as the width of the handbag.

7. The Hardware

  • The CD Charms: 

1) The strap has hardware to either side. These pieces of hardware consist of Christian Dior's initials, C and D. They are attached to one another by a third link that has a wavy form and rounded edges. The link has "Christian Dior" engraved on the back, i.e. on the side facing inwards. The first letter of both the first and last name is noticeably larger than the rest of the text. 

2) The authentic Dior hardware isn't all smooth and shiny but kind of matte and old-looking. The vibrant color that the authentic hardware has is non existent on the right picture as its color is more on the silver side with yellow undertones rather than pure golden color.

3) The original letters are much bigger and thicker while the metal piece that connects both letters together is thinner and longer. The sizing is not accurate by any means on the fake model.

  • The "D" Appendix

when it comes to the "D" appendix attached to the front flap, the fake bag's is often too thin, tall, or light.

  • The Zipper 

Look carefully at the stitching of the zipper of the Saddle Dior bag, the logo and the printing which should be very clear and regular, but the quality of the zipper would tell it all. 

The zipper on the authentic Dior Saddle bag rolls up till the very edge of the hardware, while the fake bag's zipper doesn't zip up till the edge of the metal area of where it should be, as the zipper still has a little empty space of where it could move.

8. The Stitching

In every product, especially in the luxury goods, the stitching is one of the most important parts of the item. From the appendices and piping to the inside tag and interior zipper pocket, the stitching should be even and consistent throughout and therefore underlines the excellent craftsmanship of the Dior house.

9. The Straps of Dior Saddle bag 

1) Athough the overall effect is ok on the fake bag's strap, but the letters are much bigger and have a different shape too. The fake bag has its belt's text looking too thick, means the fake belt's text is stamped too deep into the belt, while the authentic bag has its text looking thinner, as it is printed less deep into the belt.


2) The stripes on the background can be seen easier on the authentic strap whereas this effect is almost lost on the bottom picture.  

3) The authentic Saddle bag has its "CHRISTIAN" at the top. The fake Dior Saddle bag has its "DIOR" text at the top of the bag. Therefore, the fake bag has its text inverted, as it reads the other way around how it should be read, as on the authentic bag.


10. The Buckle oDior Saddle bag 

1) The golden part is bigger on the authentic strap, which automatically means that it will stay closed for a longer time in a solid condition.

2) The fake bag has its text looking a tiny bit thinner than what it is supposed to look like on the authentic Dior Saddle bag. the fake bag has its buckle's colour too light, while the authentic Dior Saddle bag has its colour a bit darker than the fake bag's text. 


11. The Lining oDior Saddle bag 

Authentic Dior linings come in many colors and fabrics. The best thing is inspecting the lining for bad stitching and other imperfections that are usually always there.

12. Authenticity Card  oDior Saddle bag 

1) The real bag should come with a small envelope containing a grey, watermarked Authenticity Card and a Care Booklet, each of them translated into three languages (English, Chinese and French). 

2) Authenticity Card should read Christian Dior either in black or gold on one side, and on the reverse side. Authentic cards have two small spaces and one large rectangular space for store details and the date to be stamped.  The numbers on the authenticity card are the style number for the bag you bought. 

3) The font is almost the same on both tags but the letters of the word "Boutique" and "Paris" are thicker on the fake tag when they are supposed to be thin with bigger spacing between one another. 

13. The Box and Dust bag

1) Look carefully these details and you will have the idea how the real look like so you will immediately know when you face a fake one. The differences are in the material, color of the dust bag, the size and font of the printed Dior logo in it.

2) The style of Dior dustbags did change over the years so if you manage to run into a vintage piece that still has its dustbag, you'll notice that dustbag bares the retro oval Christian Dior Paris logo. 

3) New models come in new dustbags with nothing more than grey Dior lettering printed on the white cotton while the older (but not too old) bags should have grey Christian Dior Paris letters. Black letters, however, should raise a red flag and the same goes for silk (or other shiny, non-cottony) fabrics.

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