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14 Tips to Tell A Real Chanel Classic Flap Bag From A Fake (Sale+7% Cashback)

14 Tips to Tell A Real Chanel Classic Flap Bag From A Fake (Sale+7% Cashback)

    Chanel Classic bags are considered one of the most luxurious in the handbag market. Sky-high prices grow annually,and the most classic universal colors and models are limited. Due to the fact they're sought after by fashionistas worldwide, there are a few super fakes and they are getting worryingly close to the original. Shops that sell secondhand designer bags are popping up everywhere, especially online. But how can you tell whether your bag is the real deal when you don’t buy it in an official store? We should be more cautious before investing in a valuable pre-loved Chanel bag. In this Chanel Classic bags Authentic vs Fake guide, you will know how to tell if a Chanel classic bag is authentic when buying a secondhand Chanel bag. I've put together a simple step-by-step guide to be sure. And at the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy second-hand Chanel Classic Flap bag.


  • Chanel Classic Flap Bag Fake vs Real

1、Chanel Bag Serial Number Check 

1) The serial number on the Chanel bag indicates the model and year of production of the bag, and the number is the ID number of each bag.  

The serial number matches the serial number appearing on a sticker placed somewhere within the handbag's interior lining. The serial number sticker has Chanel logos and was protected by a clear tape with hologram security feature from approximately 2000. The sticker, Chanel logo, and hologram design varied with the manufacturing date. 

  • From 1984 to 1985, the serial number has 6 digits. 

  • From 1986 to 2004, the real serial number consisted of 7 digits. 

  • Since 2005, it's a 8-digit.

Chanel's 2020 date code on their handbags is 30XXXXXX. If your handbag's date code starts with 27XXXXXX, 28XXXXXX or 29XXXXXX, then it was made in mid/late 2019.  

Chanel does not produce bags with serial numbers of 9 digits or more. If this is the case, it's a fake. 

Chanel Bag Serial Number Chart:

2、Authenticity Card real vs. fake

1) Authenticity cards were introduced at the same time with serial numbers in 1984 and a number of a card must match the serial number of a handbag.  The consistency of an authenticity card must be as sturdy as one of a credit card, and should have a hologram on it.  

 2) Check that the authenticity card matches the serial number inside the bag. But that does not necessarily mean it is authentic. Authenticity cards are very easily replicated.

3)  If the card's serial number reflects a rainbow hologram under natural light, it is also not real.  But under the Ultraviolet  lamp, you can clearly see the double C logo, and you can see that one line of the small print underneath is illuminated. As shown below.



4) Moreover, if the printed handwriting is not completely straight or misaligned, it indicates forged cards and bags. The authenticity card corresponding to the bag produced since 2005 has a gray circle symbol. Not white or golden - it must be light gray. If the card does not have this circle, it means that the card was made before 2005.

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3、Interlocking CC Lock

1) The interlocking 'CC' lock didn't make its appearance until the '80s when Karl Lagerfeld introduced it to the classic flap design. The original rectangular locks were called 'the Mademoiselle Lock' as Coco Channel never got married, and it made a comeback with the Reissue 2.55 model in 2005 that Karl Lagerfeld reintroduced. 

2) Make sure that the C's overlap properly whether it is hardware or a stitched logo.   Authentic Chanel Classic flap bags will have the right 'C' overlapping the left 'C' at the top and the left 'C' overlapping the right 'C' at the bottom. Check that the C's overlap properly.  If the placement looks off, it's a fake. 

3)  Also, there is never "made in Paris" stamp. So if an item has it, it is definitely a fake. If on one of the C on the lock you see a stamp on hardware, it means that the bag was made in France. If there is no marking, then it was made in Italy. The stamping must also be impeccable and pristine with sharp lines, bold fonts and evenly spaced.

4、The Screws

1)  There are two screws on the back of the CC LOCK, engraved with "CHANEL" on the left and "PARIS" on the right. Except for the different directions of the hardware screws, the most obvious thing is the grinding of the screws. The dents of the genuine slotted screws are polished very smoothly.

2) Chanel only use two types of screws: Hex and the flat screws. You can see an example of the flat screws in the photo below. The hex screws above on the left are authentic and on the right fake. 

5、The Stitch Quality and Stitch Count

1) The stitching should be precise and even,flawless with no loose threads, bumps or otherwise any irregularities.  

2)Chanel uses a very high count of stitch per cm: there should be 10 or more stitches per edge of the diamond quilting. This keeps the bag sturdy and also prevents puffiness from the leather. Exact stitch count can vary with the type of Chanel bag, but if you see unusually low stitch count, it is likely a fake. For example, an authentic quilted Chanel Timeless bag has 11 stitches per side of a diamond pattern. 

3) Even on the chain, in between the links, the leather straps are perfectly stitched with no bumps, no threads. The smallest details of the stitching must be seamless. 

6、The Stamp

The quality of stamps and embossing must be carefully checked. High-quality logos should be embossed on the leather, not directly on the leather like many cheap fake bags. The "Chanel" gold stamping should be approximately 1.5cm below the quilted interlocking C logo and be 3.3cm in width.

7、 The Logo Embossing

Chanel bags come with stitches and brand stamping on the bag's interior, as well as on its zippers. 

The widths of each 'C' should be the same, and also equal to the gap between them. 

8、Quilting Pattern and Symmetry

Real Chanel bags are flawless in terms of the quilted diamonds' shape, symmetry and how they line up. On Chanel Classic Flap bags, check the rear pocket of the bag: the quilting pattern on the back pocket will line up perfectly with the pattern of the bag itself. 


9、The Zipper

1) Chanel uses different kinds of zippers depending on the bag, but the most notable types are Lampo, the DMC, the YKK, the eclair zipper, the triple 'C' in a circle and an unmarked zipper for very vintage Chanel bags. You can use the information that you gleaned from your serial number to determine what year your bag was manufactured and therefore what type of zipper your bag should come with. 

2) You can find Lampo zips on vintage Chanel bags. Another company that is synonymous with luxury brands are Eclair zips. Often Eclair zips are used on late 70's or early 80's vintage Chanel bags and also on vintage Hermes bags. Later in the 90's House of Chanel also use other zipper brands like YKK or DMC or OPTI DMC. You can find this logo stamps engraved on the main zipper pull. In the "modern" exemplars Chanel using a zippers from the company with EP logo stamp. The EP zipper pull usually have a thin leather pull tab, please note that the leather pull tab should match the main bag base. 

10、The Chain

1) To tell if the chain strap is authentic, a lot of it has to do with the weight. The chain strap on the authentic bag is much heavier than the fake counterpart. 

2) On the authentic handbag, you will see that the stitching is clean and seamless. You do not see any crooked lines or bumps. However, on the fake bag, there are obvious bumps stitched (sometimes slightly unsewn). It's crooked and uneven. 

3) On the authentic Chanel, there is no double layer on the top flat part of the chain leather. There is seamless, perfect stitiching.

11、The Leather

Most Chanel bags are made with lambskin leather or caviar skin (pebbled calf leather).  Lambskin leather is utilised for its soft texture and should be smooth and supple to the touch, while caviar skin has a tougher and raised texture. 


12、The Lining 

In an authentic Chanel bag, the lining fits snugly inside with no bumps. It's normally very difficult to separate the lining from the bag. But the lining is baggy and loose and extremely easy to pull out from the Fake bag. 

13、The Shape and Structure

Fake Chanel classic bags are usually constructed poorly and feature a boxy shape in comparison to genuine Chanel bags. Look out for rounded corners on replicas compared to the more square shape of genuine bags. This is a sign of the bag not being turned out properly and of poor quality material used on the bag.

 the authentic Chanel was much sturdier, structured and stood up straight. The fake Chanel did not stand straight, folded, and was clearly not as structured as the authentic.  Chanel uses the best materials that are made to last - this should not happen, even with older models. You can also see how the replica bag folds more from a birds-eye-view - It's thinner at the top. 

14、Chanel Dust Bag real vs fake

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On the authentic duster, you can see that "CHANEL" is written in white, bold letters centered in the middle. On the fake duster , you can see that "CHANEL" is written in a faded grey color. It is also written in the wrong front, which appears to be thinner. The fake logo is also slightly off-centre on the duster.

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