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Lady Dior Bag Authentic vs Fake Guide 2024: How To Spot A Fake (Sizes+9% Cashback)

Lady Dior Bag Authentic vs Fake Guide 2024: How To Spot A Fake (Sizes+9% Cashback)

    The Lady Dior bag is a iconic handbag of the Dior family. Everyone from fashionistas to royals have been spotted with their timeless classic pieces. It was the favorite bag of Lady Diana. This bag is only sold in Dior boutiques which is more difficult to buy or to get one. If you wish to save a bit of money on your purchase, turning to the pre-owned market can be a great option. But how can we know if the Lady Dior bag is really authentic? Here’s a beginner’s guide to buying second-hand Lady Dior with confidence. In this guide, I will link real vs fake Dior Lady bag images for you to understand what I mean when I will point out the flaws on the fake Dior bag.


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  • Lady Dior Bag Real vs Fake Guide

1、Lady Dior Bag Leather Label Tag

1)All Dior bags have a Leather Tag inside which has a heat stamp with the Christian Dior logo on one side, and the serial number on the other. The logo stamp includes the words “Christian Dior PARIS” with either “Made in Italy” or “Made in Spain” beneath it.   

2)The leather tag should have rounded, not sharp, corners. Bags produced before 1990 are finished with one line of stitching at the top of the tag only, whereas the tags on more recent bags are stitched all the way around. 

3)The heat stamp should be perfectly centered in the middle of the leather tag. The lettering should be in silver or gold, and clear. If it is simply embossed into the leather with no color, the bag should be fake.

2、The Engraved Label 

This kind of engraved label has super luster and gloss, while fakes do not have the same effect. The letters should be symmetrical, even the same as the first picture. It's almost impossible to read anything on the replica label.


3、Authentic Dior Bag Serial Number/ Data Code

1) When you flip up the label at the zipper, you will see a date code Inside the bag. It's made of two numbers, two letters, four numbers (00-XY-0000).  

2) The letters indicate the factory and the numbers the date, week, or the month of the year when it is produced. The first and the third digit indicate the month of production, while the second and the fourth indicate the year. For example, 18-MA-0156 means that the item was manufactured in May 2016.

3)The serial number is very important when it comes to authenticating your item. All you need to do is google search the serial number and if the product images come up then in most cases your item is authentic,  but sometimes fake models also have the same serial number as an authentic one.


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4、Lady Dior Bag Stitching

1) One way to spot a fake Dior bag is to check the stitching. The iconic Cannage quilting seen on many Dior items was inspired by the Napoleon III chairs. 

2) Cannage quilting is intricate and beautiful. It's made up of small and even stitches in a relatively thin thread. The color of the thread should be the exact same color as the leather. Counterfeiters often have a hard time getting the color of the stitching just right.  You'll find these qualities in the Lady Dior, whose iconic Cannage quilting is not easily replicated, particularly by amateur counterfeiters.


3) Stitching that is crooked, irregular lengths, or placed at strange angles are sure signs of a fake.  In the fake Lady Dior, the stitching isn't as perfect as the authentic, is thick and the color of it's different from the color of the bag. 


5、Lady Dior Bag Handles

1) The beautiful arched handles of the iconic Lady Dior handbag are sturdy and stay in place when not being held. Dior wraps the handles of brand new bags in a paper, while replica handles are often wrapped in plastic.

2) In the authentic bag, they are rigid and structured. The handles of a fake bag are not stable as in the real one and are easily moveable from side to side. They fall up and down and make a sound while moving them. The handles of the fake bag are thicker, wider, and not in good quality or the best shape as the real one is. 

6、The Golden Attachment

1) The original handle attachment has a perfect "O" shape, and obviously the replica failed to copy well. In general, the attachment should be thicker.

2) The upper part is much smaller than the second picture. Although the surface of the original is flat, the copy is full of scratches. The font is also different: the letters should be as small and thin as the first picture, not bold and asymmetrical as in the picture on the right. 

7、Lady Dior Bag Zipper Pull

1) The zipper pull features the Dior cartouche, the oval logo commonly seen on Dior pieces. It is attached to the zipper with four chain-links (three big and one mini), which give it a jewelry-like quality. 

2) Christian Dior uses Lampo zippers on most of its bags. Concerning the zipper pull, the top of the letter C upon a fake CD zip pull is deeply indented. Notice the indention on the fake CD between the "C" and the "D".

8、Lady Dior Bag Charms

1) The metal circle which holds the charms should be fairly sturdy on a real bag, representing the quality of the brand. In the case of the Lady Dior, the lettered D, I, and R charms to sit in front of a large letter O. The rings on the chains attached to each letter are left to swing about loosely.


2) As you can see the letters are pretty large with straight surfaces and gibbous edges that create a contrast. Letters are much smaller with a different font on the fake model. Color has been mismatched too. The original key-ring is super shiny and generic gold, while the fake model failed to replicate it well.

9、The Lady Dior Feet

1) The Lady Dior bag has protective metal feet at the base to prevent wear on the bottom panel. The feet on the Lady Dior bag are very unique, and therefore they’re a major element we look to while authenticating. While other bags may use square feet or a flattened cone shape, the Lady Dior uses a hybrid between a cone and a dome, sort a tapered dome shape. The number of studs may vary depending on the size of the bag and when it was produced.

2) The authentic feet looks like a short, fat cone with a rounded top, while the he fake one is more pointed.

10、Dior Bag Authenticity Card 

1) There is a small envelope with your dior bag, containing a grey, watermarked Authenticity Card and a Care Booklet, each of them translated into three languages (English, Chinese and French). 


2) Authenticity Card should read Christian Dior either in black or gold on one side , and on the reverse side, authentic cards have two small spaces and one large rectangular space for store details and the date to be stamped. 

11、Lady Dior Bag Dust Bag

1)  The dust bag is an element you should check before buying the Lady Dior bag.  Look carefully these details and you will have the idea how the real look like so you will immediately know when you face a fake one. The differences are in the material, color of the dust bag, the size and font of the printed Dior logo in it.

2) The dust bag of real Dior handbag is made of white cotton cloth, the brown bag is fake. The text may be Dior, or Christian Dior, but the font must be gray, and the black font is fake.

3)Real new Dior handbag will come with ribbons. This ribbon will be used to tie the handle of the handbag, the carton of the handbag and the handle of the outer packaging bag of the handbag, and sometimes one extra. The real Dior ribbon is white, and there will be Dior on it every other segment. The font is pure black and the words are full. The upper and lower sides of "Dior" are very close to the edge of the ribbon. If they are far away, it may be fake The bag. 

12、The Overall Look of Lady Dior bag

1)The material of the authentic fabric is clearly super shiny and glossy. The way the light is reflected on the bag shows how shiny it truly is. The same can not be said about the fake model as this glossy effect is not replicated well at all; Even though the material still reflects the light, it still has more of a matte look.

2) The authentic fabric looks bulkier than the replica of Dior Lady bag.  And pay attention to the handles as well. They are much wider and smaller in height than they appear in the second picture.

3) In the Dior Lady Lambskin bag fake vs real image,  the fake bag appears to be wider and to have a more “fatter” shape than the authentic Dior bag. This should be easily noticeable when the Dior bag is empty.

  • Lady Dior Bag Sizes

Available in four different sizes: micro, mini/small, medium and large, typically comes with an optional shoulder strap. This is not pictured in these examples. 

Micro: 5.75 x 4.75 x 2.5 inches

Mini: 6.75 x 6 x 2.75 inches

Medium: 9 x 8 x 4 inches

Large: 12.5 x 10 x 4 inches

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