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CELINE Classic Box Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake Bag?

CELINE Classic Box Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Spot a Fake Bag?

    The Classic CELINE Box bag is one of the best investments for girls. Its timeless design features clean lines and simple adornment. CELINE Box bags have achieved popularity, and with fame comes a soaring counterfeit market. Counterfeiters have improved technology over the years, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the real from a fake. How to spot fake CELINE Box bag at home easily? In this guide I will help you to authenticate real CELINE Box bag start by observing the little details like leather quality, logo, Serial Number, Date Code, stitching, buckle, and sizes. And at the end of the I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new and second-hand CELINE Box bags.


1. The Overall Look and Shape of CELINE Box Bag

1) CELINE presents the Classic Teen box calf leather bag in one of its flagship shapes. The Box, as the name suggests, its shape is boxy. First of all the bag is not light. The thick calfskin leather with the all the compartments even ends up weighing down the bag when empty. This model is offered with a very angular metal clasp. Smooth leather gives shine to this leather accessory that brings an understated and elegant touch to your outfit.It can be worn over the shoulder or across the body thanks to its shoulder strap that is adjustable and pretty easy to adjust (it's like one of those clip mechanisms you find on belts).  And the clip closure is relatively easy to use.

2) The overall shape of the authentic CELINE Box bag is cute and practical at the same time. The measurements of the fake bag are different from the original: the flap is smaller with almost a straight bottom when it's supposed to be curvy just as shown in the original bag. The authentic bag is more spacious-the width of it is wider than it is on the fake one. The bottom outline of the authentic model is not as obvious as it is on the fake bag: the quality of the outline material is different from the original leather.

2. The Material of CELINE Box Bag

1) Most of the times CELINE Box bag made from quality Calfskin Leather. Box calfskin is a particular type of calfskin that features box-like markings on the grain. It is one of the most sought after leathers because of its uniquely textured appearance and durability. It's less prone to slouches and scuffs than some other leathers and the delicate design sets it apart from traditional calfskin leather.


Some of them are made of Lizard, an exotic leather, is made from the skin of a lizard and has a unique design of square and triangle scaling. This leather is noted to be very fragile and should be treated often with special products and handled with care to avoid blemishes.


2) Give it a sniff, If the bag has a chemical smell reminiscent of gasoline, this can show that it's fake leather. 

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3. The Logo & Heat stamp

1) CELINE places its logo only in the form of a heat stamp inside and outside.  'CELINE PARIS' – that's what outside logo says. 'Made in Italy' - That's the usual inside stamp on CELINE BOX. 


2) Counterfeit manufacturers often fail to properlyreplicate the original heat stamp, so having an example of the original Celine font (again you can use the official website to compare).

- Bags made before September 2018:  use the old logo, which has a right pointing accent over the first "é";

- Bags made after September 2018:  omit the accent.

3) Tolor of logo always matches the color of zipper and hardware. The distance between the letters is equidistant.The authentic heat stamp have clean and sraghege; unclear fonts, symbols and rough edges mean a fake.

The first is the letter C, C is close to a perfect circle; The "E" of the logo on the real bag, the three horizontal lines are not aligned, the middle horizontal line is the shortest, and the bottom horizontal line is the longest. 


4. The Serial Number & Date Codes of CELINE Box Bag

1) Each Celine bag has a leather tab with a set of  embossed  letters and numbers on it.  Often, it's referred to online interchangeably as a serial number or date code, despite the fact that these two things are fundamentally different. "Serial Numbers" are unique to the product itself. "Date Codes" identify when and where a product was made and, thus, can be repeated across multiple bags. These numbers are used differently when authenticating a product and, therefore, I always like to stress the importance of distinguishing the two. Where is the Celine Box date code? It is in the inner pocket with zipper, lower left corner, see the picture below:

2) The format of a Celine date code will always be the same: one letter, followed by two letters, followed by four numbers, separated by a dash(X-XX-#### ). The last four numbers of the code indicate the date of manufacturing. The first three letters indicate the location of the factory where the bag was made. The first and third numbers indicate the week it was made, and the second and fourth digits are the year. 


5. The Hardwear of CELINE Box Bag

1)The closure is a very important detail of this model. The distressed effect of the hardware surface of the Celine Box is polished by a vibrating machine, which is the "grinding" effect formed by repeated impacts of the machine. 


2)  "CELINE" is also printed on the genuine lock, the lettering is clear, and the font is consistent with the LOGO. Some fake bags even don't have one.

3) The original buckle has a grainy texture but smooth surface with a strong retro feel whereas the replica looks almost worn-out with its pale spots. Look at the width of both buckles: the replica has two "layers" when the bottom one is supposed to be hidden underneath the flap.The screw part that connects the pieces is bigger on the fake model too.

4) The hardware fixing nails of the authentic retro bag are hexagonal. But for the new models starting in 2018, there is a regular polished and smooth groove between the two nails.

6. The Stitches of CELINE Box Bag

1) Being a premium brand requires premium quality of all the details. These bags are made by hand by experts in the leather making industry, and they go through extensive quality checks. Needle pitch standard of CELINE bag: genuine products have very high requirements for stitch length, 8 stitch lengths per inch, arranged very uniformly and tightly, while fakes are difficult to reach this level.

2) Stitches are very even and never visible where you do not expect to see them. On most fake CELINE Box bags you can see stitches on the edges of pocket. This is a bad sign.

7. The Interior & Lining Leather of CELINE Box Bag

1) The inside of CELINE Box bag in made of soft lambskin. It's subdivided into three main compartments which made organization easy. One of the compartments was zippered and a tad smaller than the other two. It could hold the essentials easily enough.

2) The interior leather used for the real bag is smoother with just a little bit of grain.The engraved "Made in Italy" is thin and rounded whereas on the fake bag are all capital letters with sharper shapes.

8. The Zipper and Puller of CELINE Box Bag

1) Simplest, most obvious and number one place to check is zipper.  As to Celine - in 90% of cases it doesn't have any logo on their zipper. BUT they always have a one-digit number on the front end and this a sure place to start your check with.

3) There is a groove on the side of the zipper head. This is an anti-counterfeiting thread. The authentic anti-counterfeiting thread is carefully drawn by hand that must be done by an experienced craftsman; The anti-counterfeiting thread of the fakes in the picture below is very shallow, and even the anti-counterfeiting thread of the fakes is very messy.

9. The Dust Bag of CELINE Bag

1) The authentic dust bag is white, made of thick white cotton with printed logo and ribbon tightening. Check the font of the logo, thickness of the letters and distance between them.

2) The genuine logo is very clear, and there is no overflow; while the fake hot stamp is floating on the surface of the bag, the font outline will have obvious overflow.

10. The Sizes of CELINE Box Bag

There are 3 sizes available ; the small, teen, and medium. The Teen is actually a size between the medium and small, yet very cute.

Small Classic bag in box size

6 X 5 X 3 IN (16 X 13 X 7 CM)

Teen Classic bag in box size

7 X 6 X 2 IN (18.5 X 15.5 X 6 CM)

Medium Classic bag in box size

9 X 7 X 3 IN (24 X 18 X 7 CM)

  • Where To Buy CELINE Box Bag The Cheapest?

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