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Lacoste vs. Izod vs. Ralph Lauren vs. Hugo Boss: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

Lacoste vs. Izod vs. Ralph Lauren vs. Hugo Boss: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

    The most well-known and popular men brands are Lacoste, Izod, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. Since their respective conceptions, all of them have been propelled to icon status within the sphere of menswear. One item that has always been a staple when it comes to a man’s wardrobe is their polo shirt. Whether it’s a crisp, white polo for the more classic man or a polo with a striking pattern and color for the man who likes to be noticed. Is Lacoste a luxury brand?Is izod a good brand? Which is more expensive Lacoste or Ralph Lauren? Is Hugo Boss a luxury brand? There will always be differing opinions on which is the better brand. So, we’re taking an objective look at these brands to help you decide.


1. Lacoste 

Lacoste Brand History and Origin

Lacoste S.A. is a French company, founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste, and entrepreneur André Gillier. It sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, perfume, towels and watches. 

René Lacoste, the company's founder, was nicknamed "the Crocodile" by fans because of his tenacity on the tennis court. Their first product was the revolutionary tennis shirt Lacoste had designed and worn on the tennis courts with the crocodile logo embroidered on the chest. In November 2012, Lacoste was bought outright by Swiss family-held group Maus Frères. In recent years Lacoste has seen another revival after working with French designer Christophe Lemaire to create a fresh modern look for both their sports and fashion lines. They have also teamed up with tennis star and have increased their popularity in the golfing world with wearing Lacoste shirts whilst playing in tournaments.


Lacoste Price: 

Polo Shirts: $38.99 - $155; T-shirts: $20.99 -$90; Sweaters & Sweatshirts  $57.99 - $350; Jackets & Coats $86.99 - $424.99; Pants & Shorts: $31.99 - $140; Shirts & Tops: $50.99 - $104.99; Dresses & Skirts $53.99 $220; Sneakers: $45.99 - $165; Accessories: $6.99 - $225; Leather Goods: $32.99 - $358; Kids Clothing & Accessories: $17.99 -$165.

Lacoste Design & Style

The Lacoste brand is known for having high quality garments with a smart casual style and a firm grounding in the tennis industry.  Lacoste polo shirts blend comfort with style to set the tone of a sporty-chic silhouette. In the US during the late 1970s, Lacoste soared to new heights in popularity and became the typical 80s 'preppy' wardrobe item, Lacoste also began to present other products into their range including shorts, sunglasses, tennis shoes, Lacoste trainers, walking shoes, watches, and assorted leather goods.  A great range of Lacoste trainers can be found here.  

Today the croc is as fashionable as ever and available in an extraordinary range of colors. Whether it's a tried-and-true fit, a vintage design, or a bold statement, discover the one that'll be your next essential. To each style its crocodile.  Lacoste polos have three different fits: Classic, slim, and Paris fit, and come in 8 different sizes, ranging from XS (2″) to 5XL (10″).


Lacoste Quality

On their website you can find a series of six different fabrics they use, from 'The Pique', which is their signature style, featuring durable, textured cotton, to 'The Stretch', featuring pique fabric that is more flexible and elastic, allowing for more movement. The Lacoste polo shirts are made with a fabric known as petit pique. Petit is French for small, while Pique refers to 'a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or geometric designs in the fabric' .  It is not woven, which means it's, generally, more flexible and has more stretch in all directions, making it more durable in the sense that its color and shape is likely to endure long throughout wear and wash.

The brand is also known for their environmentally friendly approach, following 'the principles of sustainable development'. They don't use cotton that comes from sources at risk of human rights violations.


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2. Izod 

Izod Brand History and Origin

IZOD is an American midrange clothing company that produces dressy-casual clothing, sportswear for men, and footwear and accessories. The IZOD story begins in London, where talented tailor, Arthur James "Jack" IZOD, opened the first A.J. IZOD store in London's West End in 1922, selling fine shirts, ties, hosiery and sportswear. In 1930, Edward, The Prince of Wales, was so impressed with Jack's apparel that he commissioned him to make shirts for the royal household. While in London, a United States executive from the clothing company David Crystal, Inc. became intrigued by the IZOD name that he purchased the rights to it. The IZOD brand was launched by David Crystal, Inc. in the United States in 1937.

Throughout second half of the 20th century, the IZOD polo became synonymous with the preppy look and lifestyle. Students made the polo part of their everyday uniform and made it their own by layering colors and popping the collars. The IZOD line has grown significantly beyond the signature polo, comprising a wide range of sportswear, golfwear and accessories.  


Izod Price: 

Shirts+ tops: $4.79 - $75; Pants: $14.9 - $60; Coats + jackets: $34.99 - $55.99; Sweaters: $24.99 - $90; Golf: $21 - $108; Pants & Shorts: $13- $144; Jeans: $34 - $123.

Izod Design & Style

IZOD is a brand, aiming to provide people across the globe with affordable, fancy, and comfortable clothing, and its logo is as simple as the brand's physiology, yet represents its confidence and its “quality for quantity” philosophy. The brand represented the confidence and timelessness of the brand, pointing to the elegance, quality, and seriousness of its approach to fashion. 

Izod (formerly Izod Classix): Izod's original brand for men, this line includes tailored clothing, traditional cotton piqué knit polo shirts, shoes, fragrances, leather goods, underwear, and watches. Izod Jeans: Denim basics and weekend sportswear from the Izod line. Izod Saltwater Collection: A collection of men's clothing with relaxed fits, this line typically includes oxford and chambray button-down shirts, chino shorts, lightweight polo shirts, and relaxed-fit T-shirts (many with nautical and/or tropical themes). Izod Advantage: The performance line of Izod, it was introduced in spring 2016. This line typically features SportFlex stretch fabric and CoolFX moisture-wicking technology. Izod Golf: The official golf line of Izod, it includes shirts, shorts, and pants, available for both men and women. Izod Holiday: The holiday collection of Izod, it features Fair Isle sweaters and holiday-colored, tartan, long-sleeve, button-down shirts.


Izod Quality

The best part about their golf shirts is the Swingflex fabric design used in designing them. It allows for a comfortable waist and fit that eases as you practice your golf swings. Their shirts come in a large variety of colors, and they make use of high-quality fabric. It absorbs sweat much better and doesn't leave any dark patches. They also do not get wrinkled easily while wearing, so they are great for when you’re out for a long time.

As a result, you get a shirt that molds perfectly and gives you great leverage and freedom of movement from wearing it. It is perfect for hitting those golf swings. Their golf shirts are also made with breathable fabric and are soft to the touch. This keeps you cool even when you’re playing under the sun. They are also easy to wash and hold up to washing. So, you won't see the color fading from them.


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3. Ralph Lauren 

Ralph Lauren Brand History and Origin

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American high-end fashion company producing products ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments. It founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren who, by developing his brand around the image of an elite American lifestyle, built one of the world’s most successful fashion empires.

They are known for the clothing, marketing and distribution of products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances. The Company's brands include the mid-range Chaps brand, to the sub-premium Lauren Ralph Lauren brand, to the premium Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, and Club Monaco brands, up to the full luxury Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Ralph Lauren Collection brands. 

Today, the Ralph Lauren Group manages a total of 17 fashion brands and 4 lifestyle brands across 493 directly operated stores in 30 countries. 


Ralph Lauren Prices

Ralph Lauren Collection: $295- $4,790; Polo Shirts: $39.99 - $483; Jeans & Denim: $59.99 - $1,990; Blazers: $84.99 - $3,790; Sport Shop: - $34.99 $139.99; Underwear: $14.99- $59.50; Wallets $25 - $5,200.

Ralph Lauren Product Lines & Designs

  • Polo Ralph Lauren: This is Ralph Lauren's first complete line of men’s Polo shirts, sportswear and tailored clothing. Launched in 1968, it is the oldest brand in the portfolio and continues to be top-of-mind in the men's luxury casual and sportswear markets. It now offers accessories including eye wear, handbags, hats, scarves, gloves, belts and small leather goods as well.

  • Ralph Lauren Collection & Ralph Lauren Purple Label for men: The Ralph Lauren Collection is Ralph Lauren's highest end brand launched in 1971. Timeless and sophisticated, it is a line of women's clothing that ranges from handmade evening gowns and tailored blazers to luxury sportswear. With its high price point, it targets the fashion-conscious and refined lady. Launched in 1994, Ralph Lauren Purple Label for men offers suiting, custom tailored made-to-measure suits and sportswear, as well as benchmade footwear and made-to-order dress furnishings, accessories, and luggage.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren: Men's Polo, Ralph Lauren's first complete line of sportswear and tailored clothing launched in 1967. In 2014, Women's Polo was launched.

  • Polo Sport: Polo Sport launched in 1992, a line of activewear for sports and fitness. In 2014, Ralph Lauren debuted the PoloTech Shirt, which featured smart fabric technology that supposedly "captures robust biometrics from the wearer".

  • Lauren Ralph Lauren: Lauren for Women launched in 1996, offering sportswear, denim, dresses, activewear, and accessories and footwear at a cheaper price point. Lauren for Men offers men's tailored clothing, including suits, sport coats, dress shirts, dress pants, tuxedos, topcoats, and ties at a cheaper price point. This brand generally slots above Chaps in price, but below Polo Ralph Lauren.

  • Polo Golf and RLX Golf: Polo Golf launched in 1990 and RLX Golf launched in 1998. These collections offers ultra-modern, graphic, performance-driven golf apparel, including progressive fits to sophisticated styles to technologically advanced fabrics. It is targeted at younger golfers who want to look trendy.

  • Pink Pony: Established in 2000, a percentage of sales from all Pink Pony products benefit the Pink Pony Fund and other major cancer charities around the world. Pink Pony primarily consists of women's sportswear and accessories. All Pink Pony items feature a pink Polo Player.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Children: Items include polo knit shirts and cashmere cable sweaters.


Lauren once said of his style,“I'm interested in longevity, timelessness, style - not fashion." His work throughout the decades reflected this motto, as his exploration of new ideas was always grounded in his central focus on classic American clothing. Ralph Lauren is most well-known for the Polo shirt from the oldest brand in its portfolio – Polo Ralph Lauren. 

The Ralph Lauren brand is created for a consumer that values quality, exclusivity, style, fine living and prestige. He or she appreciates the quintessential American look and timeless classics, and aspires to be respected and recognized for his or her wealth and sophistication. What Ralph Lauren did best was adapt to changing tastes and cultural obsessions.The brand never truly reinvented itself with changing styles, but it rebranded to match the desires of their customers. 

The balance of class and simplicity allows consumers to express their personalities by wearing Ralph Lauren. The design of its apparels starts on a blank canvas, allowing the consumer the flexibility to interpret and bring out his or her individual style in the final product. The distinct identity of a preppy, aspirational American look is so powerful that it is now defined as a key element of American fashion. 


Ralph Lauren Quality 

The Ralph Lauren brand has always been synonymous with high-quality American apparel. It started out with making rags into ties, which makes the fashion and lifestyle label a true rags-to-riches American Dream personified. A combination of rich American heritage, exquisite craftsmanship, eye for detail across all touch points across channels and high levels of quality in crafting and executing a distinct brand universe has provided Ralph Lauren with a unique identity in the very competitive and ever-changing world of fashion and lifestyle. Ralph Lauren uses a cotton mesh when crafting their polos, again allowing for breathability thanks to the space between the fibers, creating a subtle honeycomb pattern. 

Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the cream of the crop. Couture influenced women's clothing and accessories are sold under this brand, in addition to high quality men's tailoring (usually made in Italy or other nations renowned for luxury goods manufacturing by higher end factories) in both ready to wear and made to measure offerings, as well as evening wear and other high end garments. Ralph by Ralph Lauren is another line with relative lower quality which ended up as a more accessible one sold in department stores.


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4. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Brand History and Origin

Hugo Boss AG, often styled as BOSS, is a German luxury fashion house headquartered in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. The company sells clothing, accessories, footwear and fragrances. Hugo Boss is one of the largest German clothing companies. The company was founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss and originally produced general purpose clothing. With the rise of the Nazi Party in the 1930s, Boss began to produce and sell Nazi uniforms.

After World War II and the founder's death in 1948, Hugo Boss started to turn its focus from uniforms to men's suits. The company went public in 1988 and introduced a fragrance line that same year, added men's and women's wear diffusion lines in 1997, a full women's collection in 2000, as well as children's clothing in 2006–2007 and has since evolved into a major global fashion house. 



Men's Polo Shirts $59 - $298; Jackets & Coats: $190 - $2,795; Sweaters & Cardigans: $100 - $995; Jeans  $85 - $208; Chinos: $85 - $110; T-Shirts: $34 - $190; Sweatshirts And Jogging Pants: $42 - $348; Suits: $460 - $995; Underwear & Nightwear: $26 - $158; Beachwear: $48 - $118;  Shoes: $68 - $650; Accessories:  $8- $798.

Hugo Boss Designs & Styles

HUGO and BOSS are two different brands inside of the leading trademark Hugo Boss. HUGO prices are up to 30% cheaper than the BOSS collection. 

The BOSS brands are split into three categories: business, casual and athleisure. The BOSS brand is for everyone who likes a certain status and wishes to dress in a classic/modern, high-quality style. It is for anyone who knows exactly what they want when it comes to fit and high quality.

The HUGO collection is for any person who is more fashion-conscious and considers their style of dress a critical element of their personality and lifestyle. It targets the younger customer base, an open-minded and spontaneous person who likes to shop frequently via online and mobile channels. You can find casual and businesswear with a progressive design and clear fashion statement.


Hugo Boss Quality 

Hugo Boss is a premium brand that produces clothes with high-quality materials. Hugo Boss produces 20% of its products in its own factories. The other 80% of its goods are sourced from suppliers worldwide, with the majority in Europe. The brand also provides training to ensure only high-quality materials are used and the proper processing techniques are in place. Cotton is probably the most critical material Hugo Boss uses in their products. The brand states that 86% of the cotton used in their products in 2020 came from sustainable sources.

Wool and Leather comprised 18% of all Hugo Boss materials, trying to use sustainable materials when possible. Purchasing sustainable products is more expensive than traditional products, as the demand is lower than the mainstream alternatives. 


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  • Conclusion

Lacoste vs. Izod vs. Ralph Lauren vs. Hugo Boss: which brand is the best? Ultimately, the debate over which is better is a personal choice based on budget, accessibility, values, and, of course, what type of product you're looking for.


Lacoste are known as a brand with a sporty edge, as the polos were originally made for tennis players.  Polo Ralph Lauren is a staple in the preppy fashion of the United States, while Lacoste is more often associated with European class. Lacoste is cheaper than Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss , but Polo Ralph Lauren is usually easier to come by than Lacoste in the United States. Most men have claimed Lacoste polos are truer to size than Ralph Lauren, as well as being wider in the waist. 


Izod is a more mid-to-low fashion brand beloved by men of all ages. It's the cheapest brand of these four brands. It's aiming to provide people across the globe with affordable, fancy, and comfortable clothing. Izod is not a very high quality brand, but the aesthetic they have isn't bad, in my opinion. If you want to buy good-looking and cheap clothes, they are worth it. 

Ralph Lauren

For Ralph Lauren they have Purple Label which is made to very high standards with luxurious fabrics. Nothing but the finest here. Lauren is known for capitalizing on an aspirational style and key insignia which evokes the British gentry while also referencing the aesthetics of the American upper class. The Ralph Lauren brand is created for a consumer that values quality, exclusivity, style, fine living and prestige. Now labels like Lauren use their luxury cachet to sell lesser quality clothes and less formal clothes to a larger audience as affordable luxury. These are often branded as Ralph Lauren Jeans. 

Hugo Boss 

Hugo Boss is considered a high-end brand since it targets customers who can push themselves to pay higher than they would pay for an average product. Refined and utterly contemporary, HUGO's sharp cuts and clean designs with a pronounced casual edge. If you are young and like to make a fashion statement,  you can choose the HUGO collection. If you are a little bit more conservative and prefer a more classic approach, you can pick the BOSS collection. In general, men love a nice Hugo Boss's expensive suit collection. 

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