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Rothy's vs. Birdies vs. Tieks vs. VIVAIA Shoes: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Price & Design)

Rothy's vs. Birdies vs. Tieks vs. VIVAIA Shoes: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Price & Design)

    When we are looking for a pair of flats we need to think about comfort - they should be commuter friendly and blister proof. Then, they should not lack style. Last,they should be focus on sustainability and make machine-washable flats. Scroll through Instagram for just a moment, and you’ll see them: Rothy's, Birdies,Tieks and VIVAIA are four of the most prevalent brands among the ads. Which brand of them is the best? Is Tieks a good brand? What is so special about Rothys? Are Birdies same as Allbirds? Are VIVAIA like Rothys? In this guide I will compare them from history, price, design and quality so that you can decide which is the most trendy, versatile, and comfortable flat shoes for you!

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  • Rothy's

Rothy's Brand History and Origin

Rothy's is a San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer fashion company. It began as a women's shoe company and introduced its shoes in 2016 and is known for its eco-friendly - and fashionable - ballet flats, worn by celebrities such as Meghan Markle. The brand says it makes its shoes from single-use plastic bottles in a 300,000-square-foot factory in Dongguan, China. It has since expanded into making handbags in 2020 and the Men's category in 2021, also made from recycled and marine plastic. Rothy's has twelve stores in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Scottsdale.


Rothy's Shoes Prices: Women's Flats $125 - $185; Women's Sneakers: $125-$165; Men's Shoes  $175 - $275; Kids Shoes $55 -$85.

Rothy's Shoes Design & Style

Women's Flats are from chic ballet flats to classic loafers, you can discover comfortable, washable shoes made for life on the go. Women's Sneakers are unbelievably comfortable, supportive and remarkably durable, their versatile sneakers for women are changing the game. Plus, they're 100% washable. Men's shoes featuring their signature blend of exceptional comfort, intentional design and artisanal detail. All made with nearly no waste. For kids shoes, whether they're skipping to bright solids or playing in pattern, these small shoes make a big splash.  


Rothy's Quality - Material & Durability

Rothy's shoes are knit from recycled plastic water bottles, and the company says it has repurposed more than 40 million bottles since it launched in 2016. As of 2024, over 100 million plastic bottles have been repurposed to make their products. Additionally, Rothy's has recycled over 20,000 pairs of shoes. They combine the best of 3D knitting technology and handcrafted assembly to create machine washable styles that don't compromise on comfort.

Their strobel boards (aka, the green part of the shoe under the insole) and the footbeds of their sandals use an algae-based foam. Harvesting harmful algae from waterways helps to keep marine ecosystems in balance-plus makes for extra-sturdy shoes.

Their women's shoes are made with 9% natural, renewable rubber from rubber plants, while The Driving Loafer contains 31% natural, renewable rubber. They also use Hemp fiber and Merino wool, blended with signature thread, cotton to create breathable styles.

Beyond its environmental bona fides, it has struck a chord among professional women who rave about the comfort of its work-appropriate flats - a category of shoe that, for many, is usually synonymous with either blistered heels and bandaged toes or else sad, orthopedic styles. 


Source:rothys ins

Where to Buy Rothy's Shoes for the Cheapest?

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  • Birdies

Birdies Brand History and Origin

The idea for Birdies was born when Bianca Gates and co-founder Marisa Sharkey, long-time friends from their days in Manhattan, realized they didn't have a pair of go-to loafers to wear while entertaining friends at home.

The pair put their heads together, developed a prototype in 2015 and sold 1,800 pairs to friends and family that year. Gates continued to work her full-time job at Facebook but left in 2017 as Birdies grew, and the founders decided to fundraise.

The brand really took off in 2018 when Meghan Markle was photographed alongside Prince Harry in New Zealand wearing a pair of Birdies flats, causing the shoe to sell out and gain a 30,000-person waiting list. As women across the country ditched their heels during the pandemic, shoe company Birdies thrived. The direct-to-consumer brand touts itself as a“stylish flat that's secretly a slipper.” 


Birdies Shoes Prices: Flats: $95-$145;  Washable Flats:$130-$140; Slides: $50-$165; Sneakers: $85-$150.

Birdies Shoes Design & Style

Birdies flats are available in four styles: Blackbird (and a new washable version of the Blackbird), Starling, Vesper, and Heron in finishes like shiny velvet, smooth leather, and bold patterns like cheetah and camouflage.

The Birdies slides come in seven styles: Phoebe (the style with most coverage), Swan, and Songbird are the signature style. These slides are the perfect way to feel glamorous without ever leaving your house.

Certain Phoebe slides have a super cozy plush lining, ideal for winter months, while some Swan styles feature jewels and sparkles. Songbird slides are made with silky fabric for a chic look that's also super comfy. Because of the easy on/off nature of slides, I typically keep these at home because they're so easy to kick on and off during the day.


Source:Birdies ins

Birdies Quality - Material & Durability

Birdies wants to combine the style of a super chic flat and the softness of a slipper so they created just that exclusive 7-layer comfort technology for all-day wear. The kind that makes you forget everything from the ankles down.

The rubber outsole allows you to wear them out. A plush quilted satin fabric covers the high-density memory foam with arch and heel support to absorb shock as you move. Certain Phoebe slides have a super cozy plush lining, ideal for winter months, while some Swan styles feature jewels and sparkles. Songbird slides are made with silky fabric for a chic look that's also super comfy. Washable Flats are equally comfortable in a boardroom, with ripped jeans, or right inside your washing machine.


Where to Buy Birdies Shoes for the Cheapest?

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  • Tieks

Tieks Brand History and Origin

Tieks - Italian leather designer flats are quickly identified by way of their signature blue bottoms. The split sole is designed so that the shoes can fold in half and fit inside of a purse. They're described as the “ballet flat, reinvented.”

Forbes recently included the brand in their“25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands of 2013.” This stylishly practical brand was founded by brothers Kfir and Elram Gavrieli in 2008. Their sister Dikla is also involved, and together they created the Tieks“Gavrieli Foundation”for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs. 

The Tieks brand is a dynamic presence on Facebook, as well as on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Their social content is impressively creative yet classically simple. 


Source:Tieks ins

Tieks Shoes Prices: Flats: $140-$295

Tieks Shoes Design & Style

Tieks come in a gorgeous range of over 75 colours and designs with Prints, Patents, Classics, and more, there are Tieks for every wardrobe and occasion. Crafted from luxurious Italian leather and textiles, Tieks' classic' silhouette transitions seamlessly from day to night and season to season-so you never have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa.

Tieks has nailed their consumer audience – and more than that, they embody them. Tieks flats are meant for the chic, put-together woman who needs a professional alternative to (or at least a break from) heels. They are comfortable and fashionable – a rare gem in the shoe world.


Source:Tieks ins

Tieks Quality - Material & Durability

It takes 3 days and over 150 steps to make a pair of Tieks. Tieks feature a split-sole design, which allows the shoe to flex with your foot as you walk. Each pair of Tieks has a non-elasticized, cushioned back which means you probably won't end up with blisters on your heels. This unique design, combined with a advanced foam cushioning insole, make Tieks the most versatile ballet flat in the world. 

Handcrafted from the finest leathers and textiles, Tieks are flexible, durable, and comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. Most Tieks are leather but they do have five styles in the vegan range. 

Tieks flats are available in women's US size 5 - 13. Tieks only come in whole sizes and are supposed to run true to size. I recommend going up a size if you are usually a half size.


Source:Tieks ins

Where to Buy Tieks Shoes for the Cheapest? (4-4.6% cashback)


VIVAIA Brand History and Origin

VIVAIA was founded in 2020 with a mission – a mission to create stylish and sustainable footwear and apparel that are eco-friendly and sustainable. They opt to manufacture their shoes in a separate nation (China) while having US headquarters.  Before settling on one, they researched several factories to make sure they would meet their criteria for excellent quality, pricing, efficiency, environmental effect, and working conditions.

The name VIVAIA was created from the combination of thier customers and company's purpose: the double‘V’and‘A’symbolize the shoes worn by our customers, with designs coming from opposite directions; the double‘I’represents the plastic bottles that they use in producing thier shoes.

Boasting a sizable following of 707k on Instagram, Vivaia has also gained the attention of the press including Cosmopolitan, and InStyle Magazine. 


VIVAIA Shoes Prices: Flats: $80-$115; Heels: $80-$179; Loafers: $80-$109; Sandals: $95-$119; Sneakers: $98-$109; Mens shoes: $99

VIVAIA Shoes Design & Style

Known for its minimalistic aesthetic, Vivaia is committed to creating stylish designs that are also eco-friendly. Made out of recyclable materials, Vivaia shoes use 3D technology and a zero-waste function in order to create the ultimate combination of comfort and function. 

All designs feature chic and trendy styles that are fit for the modern woman. Focusing on only creating women's footwear, their wardrobe holds dozens of vegan flats, loafers, mules, sandals, heels and sneakers. The styles look chic and elegant, and are available in many bright and pastel colorways. They are fit for every outfit or mood. 


Source:vivaia ins

VIVAIA Quality - Material & Durability

Vivaia shoes have the perfect balance of eco-friendly design and lightweight comfort. High-end technology is used to manufacture these zero-waste shoes, in addition to the usage of recycled and natural materials, making them an environmentally responsible option.  For the unique knitted upper, Vivaia chips the plastic bottles and extrudes them into thread. The thread is knitted with seamless 3D machines. 

Their shoes are machine and hand washable, you don't have to toss them when they're dirty. Washable shoes last longer and help to reduce waste. 

Not only do they offer a sustainable option for shoe enthusiasts, but they are quite detailed when it comes to sizing and arch tolerance. VIVAIA also pays attention to the more nuanced aspects, such as using 100% recycled cardboard packaging.


Source:vivaia ins

Where to Buy VIVAIA Shoes for the Cheapest? (8-10%)

  • Conclusion

Rothy's vs. Birdies vs. Tieks vs. VIVAIA: which brand is the best? 


Rothy's shoes are knit from recycled plastic water bottles. They combine the best of 3D knitting technology and handcrafted assembly to create machine washable styles that don't compromise on comfort. It also has struck a chord among professional women who rave about the fashion and comfort of its work-appropriate flats.


Birdies brings you shoes that blend comfort-first design with gorgeous fabrics and uplift women everywhere. Most slippers on the market are just not fashionable or fun. The designers of Birdies sought out to fix this issue with comfortable, supportive. The supportive footbed and trendy designs make Birdies a must-buy for home and office wear alike. Its 7-layer cushion technology is unique.


Tieks are not your average ballet flats. Crafted from luxurious Italian leather and textiles, they are Oprah's favourite ballet flats and have developed a cult following amongst thousands of women and some men. They're specially designed to be durable, comfort, yet flexible so you can fold them and fit them into a purse. It's awesome for spicing up your business wardrobe. They also can go with dresses and skirts. 


Vivaia's all designs feature chic and trendy styles that are fit for the modern woman. Vivaia has a mission to create eco-friendly footwear for women. Most of their shoes have a recycled plastic bottle upper that is paired with other vegan materials like natural latex, rubber, and microfiber. From lightweight flats to trendy mules, Vivaia is a go-to brand for eco-friendly vegan shoes for this summer and beyond.

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