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Tommy Hilfiger vs. Nautica vs. Lacoste vs. Guess: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

Tommy Hilfiger vs. Nautica vs. Lacoste vs. Guess: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

    Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Lacoste and Guess are four popular lifestyle brands featuring primarily men's, women's, children's apparel, shoes, and accessories, as well as home. Which brand is the best? Some of them are similar in aesthetics, with a sporty look, t-shirts emblazoned with logos, and famous polo shirts, which makes it difficult to decide between the brands and work out which one is right for you. Is Nautica a premium brand? Which brand is better Nautica or Tommy Hilfiger? Is Tommy a luxury brand? Is Lacoste a luxury brand? This guide will consider the histories of these brands, the differences between them from price, design and quality.


  • Tommy Hilfiger review

Tommy Hilfiger Brand History and Origin

Founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger, an American clothing brand, delivers premium styling, quality and value to consumers worldwide under the TOMMY HILFIGER and TOMMY JEANS labels, with a breadth of collections including Tommy Hilfiger Collection, men's, women's and kids' sportswear, denim, accessories, and footwear. In addition, the brand is licensed for a range of products, including fragrances, eyewear, watches and home furnish-ings. Tommy Hilfiger products, which bear the well known red, white, and blue logo. 

They label themselves as “American Sportswear”which generally is not thought of as high end. The Tommy Hilfiger brand is a mid-range brand in the United States and developed countries, while it is a high-end brand in developing countries.

Tommy Hilfiger, which was acquired by PVH Corp. Of PVH's preppy-styled brands Tommy Hilfiger is the higher priced of the two, slotting above Izod in the lineup. It's headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has focused on marketing its mainline collections in Europe. It can be found in department stores and are marketed in over 55 countries across the globe.


Tommy Hilfiger Prices

Tommy jeans: $19.99-$299; T-Shirts: $15.99 - $69.99; Underwear: $15 -$69;  Polos: $37.99 - $130; Pants & Shorts: $29.99 - $169.99; Shirts: $29.50 -$269.99;  Hoodies & Sweatshirts: $34.98 - $260; Sweaters: $46.50 - $189;  Jeans: $54.99- $149; Suits & blazers: $89.99 - $299.99; Jackets:$89.50-$799.99; Activewear:$10.50 -$139; Loungewear: $18.99 - $139;  Swimwear: $30-$69.50; Kids' Clothing & Accessories: $9.50 -$9.50;  Home: $10.50 - $385.

Tommy Hilfiger Design & Style

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world's leading designer lifestyle brands and is internationally recognized for celebrating the essence of classic American cool style, featuring preppy with a twist designs. Tommy Hilfiger brand updated the popular "preppy" look associated with designer Ralph Lauren and give it a younger and more mass appeal at more popular prices. 

Hilfiger made a name for himself by prominently putting his name and logo on his clothes and marketing them to urban youth in a way that other American designers had not done. Under Hilfiger's vision and leadership as principal designer, TOMMY HILFIGER remains one of the world's most recognized lifestyle brands, known for its spirit of determined optimism, self-expression and youthful energy.


Tommy Hilfiger Quality

Tommy Hilfiger offers well-designed products in all price ranges, including affordable and exclusive ones, while maintaining quality.

Technically, The Hilfiger brand isn't expensive since its products feature materials like polyester, cotton, or wool. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than the average fashion brand because they transitioned into being an eco-friendly and sustainable brand. Sustainable and eco-friendly items typically cost more than the regular ones because you are paying for an environmentally-responsible product. The cost is even higher because the fashion world has not fully adapted to becoming more eco-friendly.

In addition to 100% recycled denim, Tommy Hilfiger has begun producing 100% organic cotton pieces and 100% recycled polyester pieces. The organic cotton used by the brand is free from chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified seeds. 


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  • Nautica review

Nautica Brand History and Origin

Nautica is an American lifestyle brand of Authentic Brands Group featuring primarily men's, women's, children's apparel and accessories, as well as home, watches, and fragrance. The brand was created in 1983 by David Chu. Chu had immigrated to the United States from Taiwan with his family in the 1960s. Nautica took its name from the Latin word nauticus and in Italian language nautica means seamanship.

Since being acquired by ABG, the brand has been repositioned downmarket as an upper mid-range brand, being priced in between PVH's Izod and Ralph Lauren Corporation's Chaps brands, but well below PVH's Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren Corporation's Polo Ralph Lauren brands.

Today, Nautica is one of the most recognized brands throughout the world, with over 35 categories available in more than 65 countries.


Nautica Prices

Mens polos: $19.99 - $73.50; t-shirts: $7.35 - $69.50; casual shirts: $29.75 - $79.50; sweatshirts & sweatpants: $17.85 - $108; sweaters: $34.75 - $79.50; shorts: $17.85 - $69.50; swimwear: $17.85 - $59.50; pants: $19.99 - $89.50; Jeans: $27.25 - $98; Coats & Jackets: $49.50 - $250; sleepwear: $7.35 - $70; base layer: $14.99; underwear & boxers: $5.55 - $19.99; shoes & watches& accessories: $5.55 - $270; home: $17.25 -$310.

Nautica Design & Style

The Nautica brand is a casual apparel brand focused on the modern individual, man and woman, between ages 18 and 50. Nautica's clothes combine aesthetics with comfort, giving the brand rapidly-growing fame in the fashion world.

As a nautical-influenced classic American sportswear brand, Nautica inspires and enables people to experience the joy of water, and they expand it into something bigger and better. The brand offers classic, trendy but timeless styles that help them stay atop the fashion curve. Nautica has many different styles available which make it easy for consumers to find an outfit that suits their personal preference or the occasion they are dressing up for.

With eye-catching patterns and colors that are sure to make a statement on any journey, every piece speaks volumes about your confidence and individuality – no matter where you may be headed. They offer fashion that we can all live by – practical, sporty, energetic, and luxurious styles that never compromise core trends for extreme lifestyle enthusiasts.


Nautica Quality

Nautica is the go-to brand for clean, breezy, and outdoor-looking styles. They provide high-quality goods that are also long-lasting and modestly named at affordable prices, but it can't be classify the brand as a luxury brand.

Nautica's unmatched range of quality fabrics, including high-tech performance materials fused with traditional fine textiles and beautiful patterns inspired by the sea. Nautica's polo shirts fit snugly, are warm and soft, and there is no discomfort when you wear them. They are durable - the polo shirts are made with premium materials and undergo a rigorous manufacturing process before they are released. 

The brand has enough products for fashionable individuals who want to look professional but relaxed and sharp but comfortable. 


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  • Lacoste review

Lacoste Brand History and Origin

Lacoste S.A. is a French company, founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste, and entrepreneur André Gillier. René Lacoste, the company's founder, was nicknamed "the Crocodile" by fans because of his tenacity on the tennis court. Their first product was the revolutionary tennis shirt Lacoste had designed and worn on the tennis courts with the crocodile logo embroidered on the chest. Lacoste's classic polo became a staple of the upper classes wardrobes, from golf players to socialites and was adopted by the prep movement in the USA. 

In recent years Lacoste has seen another revival after working with French designer Christophe Lemaire to create a fresh modern look for both their sports and fashion lines. They have also teamed up with tennis star and have increased their popularity in the golfing world with wearing Lacoste shirts whilst playing in tournaments. Now it sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, perfume, towels and watches. 



Lacoste Prices

The Original Polo: $57.99 - $98; Polos: $50.99 - $112.99; T-Shirts: $22.99 $77.99; Sweaters:$54.99-$119.99; Sweatshirts: $57.99- $176.99; Button Down Shirts: $43.99 -$109.99; Jackets & Coats: $81.99-$348.99; Sweatpants & Trousers: $43.99 -$112.99; Shorts & Swim: $38.99 -$64.99; Tracksuits: $38.99-$64.99; Kids polos: $45 -$41.99; Accessories: $11.99 - $225; shoes: $29.99 - $113.99: Leather goods: $33.99 -$194.99.

Lacoste Design & Style

The Lacoste brand is known for having high quality garments with a smart casual style and a firm grounding in the tennis industry. Lacoste polo shirts blend comfort with style to set the tone of a sporty-chic silhouette. In the US during the late 1970s, Lacoste soared to new heights in popularity and became the typical 80s 'preppy' wardrobe item, Lacoste also began to present other products into their range including shorts, sunglasses, tennis shoes, Lacoste trainers, walking shoes, watches, and assorted leather goods.  

Today the Lacoste polos are as fashionable as ever and available in an extraordinary range of colors. Whether it's a tried-and-true fit, a vintage design, or a bold statement, discover the one that'll be your next essential.  Lacoste polos have different fits: Classic, Classic Fit, Regular Fit,  Slim Fit. And comes in Paris Polo, Lacoste Movement Polo, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve and sizes ranging from XS (2″) to 5XL (10″).


Lacoste Quality

Not only did Lacoste start the trend, but they've stayed ahead of the pack with a quality polo shirt that's well manufactured, combing both durability and comfort. The majority of Lacoste items are made in France, to ensure the high quality of all of their garments and accessories.

For the clothing, Lacoste uses primarily cotton and wool, which are sometimes then blended with polyester, rayon, and polyamide to create durable clothing which does not shrink after going through the washing machine and can withstand the movement involved in playing sports.  

On their website you can find a series of six different fabrics they use, from 'The Pique', which is their signature style, featuring durable, textured cotton, to 'The Stretch', featuring pique fabric that is more flexible and elastic, allowing for more movement. The Lacoste polo shirts are made with a fabric known as petit pique. 


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  • GUESS review

GUESS Brand History and Origin

GUESS is a global lifestyle brand, it started as a small California jeans maker in 1981. The brand holds a special place in '90s pop culture, all thanks to the keen eye of the Marciano brothers for pairing previously unknown models with their iconic aesthetic, practically catapulting their careers overnight. It's the highly-stylised black and white campaigns featuring feisty femmes and a film noir-esque aesthetic that made Guess so distinctive, and firmly rooted it as the 'it' brand of the era.

In addition to clothing for both men and women, GUESS markets other fashion accessories such as watches, jewelry, perfumes, bags and shoes. Today GUESS is a truly global lifestyle brand with a full range of denim, apparel and accessories offered in over 80 countries around the world.


GUESS Prices

Essentials: $19.50 - $298; Jeans & Denim: $44.50  -$378; Dresses & Jumpsuits: $49 - $330; T-Shirts & Tanks: $17 - $79; Jackets & Coats: $39.50- $460; Hoodies & Sweaters: $39.50-$138; Shirts: $19.50 - $130; Pants & Short: $29.50- $160; Activewear: $19.50 - $178; Swimwear: $27.30- $138; Shoes: $29.40-$199; Accessories $14.50 -$450; Handbags $39.50 -$550; Kids $16 -$129.

GUESS Design & Style

The '90s was a seminal moment for fashion, and the enduring popularity of Guess in 2020 shows that this original 'it' brand is still very much 'it'. Guess is known for its sexy, bold and youthful aesthetic, which blends European chic with a carefree Californian attitude. The NEW collection draws from the hallmark trends of the decade, adapting current styles and aesthetics yet still retaining what we know and love about Guess. The crop tops, sleek long skirts, and body con dresses that make up the range are some definite must-haves in these warmer months.


GUESS Quality

Denim is GUESS' signature fabric, and they continually push the envelope of denim design with innovative washes, distressing techniques and great fits. Smart Guess denim, which uses less water during production and is made with materials that are better for the environment, is also a top seller. This is not just because of its eco appeal, but also because GUESS have added performance qualities as well such as four-way stretch, and cool, antimicrobial fabrics that are lightweight and soft to the touch. Recycled polyester dresses have a gorgeous look and the fabric feels completely high end. 

Their soft organic cotton jogging pants, sweats and tees are quite popular, especially given that comfort is top of mind as customers spend more time at home right now.


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  • Conclusion

Tommy Hilfiger vs. Nautica vs. Lacoste vs. Guess: which brand is the best? 

Tommy Hilfiger 

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is a mid-range brand in the United States and developed countries, while it is a high-end brand in developing countries. American Tommy Hilfiger company is the leading leisure brand in the United States. Tommy Hilfiger compares in price to the other brands, maybe a little less expensive, but its unique style design and lifestyle make the brand stand out in the huge life trend market. Young, real, and more suitable for office workers.


Nautica is an American lifestyle brand that takes its inspiration from the sea, sun, and sex appeal. Nautica has always been interested in drawing inspiration from the sea and expanding it into something bigger and better. Nautica's polo shirts are more popular than its other products, they made the brand recognized. For many, the name Nautica is synonymous with America's preppy fashion elite.


Lacoste is a tennis brand from France and was worn by many of the football supporters along with the tracksuit jacket and trainers. The brand has more brand panache than others. The brand's crocodile logo has become emblematic of crisp, European cool and slick, sporty style. The original, arguably the best and an undeniable must-have item for any self-respecting stylish gent.


GUESS is still a super popular global lifestyle brandGUESS's design and quality are very good. While its products boast considerable price tags, they're dramatically more affordable than some of its close competitor's products. Celebrities love it, and from time to time, it does push out exclusive products.

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