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Bally vs. Salvatore Ferragamo vs. Tod's Shoes: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

Bally vs. Salvatore Ferragamo vs. Tod's Shoes: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

    People are becoming more and more fashion conscious and prefer different shoes that match their outfit and the particular occasion to make a style statement. A right footwear can exude elegance, infuse a splash of personality, or give that formal suit a sporty spirit. Bally, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tod's are most popular luxury brand in the world. Their loafers and flats shoes are comfortable for many office ladies and men. And while enthusiasm for everyone’s favorite accessory runs deep, do you know which brand of these three is best? Why are bally shoes so expensive? Is Salvatore Ferragamo a good brand? Which one is the best leather shoes brands in world? In this comparison guide, I will write reviews about these brands to help you find the perpect one!

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  • Bally Shoes review

 Bally Brand History and Origin

Bally is a Swiss luxury fashion house with its headquarters, teams and part of its production located in Ticino. The brand founded in 1851 at Schönenwerd, by Carl Franz Bally and his brother Fritz. They uses their experience running his father's elastic and silk ribbon factory to develop shoe-making techniques. Ribbon detailing and unusual use of elastic, as in Chelsea boots, become the trademark features of Bally's shoes.

Its story is born from the inspiration of Carl Franz Bally who had gone to Paris for business, where he is enchanted by a pattern of slippers decorated and brings them to his wife as a gift. Hence the idea of starting a shoe workshop, bringing together all the master shoemakers of the village. First produced entirely by hand, Bally is one of the first companies to innovate with industrial machinery and qualified: the evolution of the brand travels with the technological and in dustrial development.

In 1976, Bally diversified into clothing, bags and other leather goods and accessories for men and women. Within the next five years, it led the industry among the first luxury brands to pursue the post-reform Chinese market. This was followed by new stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Turkey and Lebanon.

Source:Bally ins

Bally Shoes Prices: $430 - $1550

Bally Shoes Designs

Since 1851, Bally has been a brand associated with discreet, lasting luxury. Proud to be leather architects, Bally's DNA as skilled shoemakers marries a heritage of craftsmanship with a decidedly contemporary aesthetic, offering sleek tennis shoes,  plush leather boots, classic loafers, Kuba and Aston sneakers in line with heritage designs. Inspired by modern architecture and the arts, they strive to design beautiful products with relevance and restraint. 

They engineer functional fashion that breaks boundaries. Whether it's Reindeer boots, worn by Tenzing Norgay during the first-ever ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, technical Curling shoes worn by the Swiss Olympic team, or the use of AI and 3-D prototyping to inform their designs, they embrace a multitude of cutting-edge technologies to maximize possibilities.

Source:Bally ins

Bally Shoes Quality - Material & Durability

Bally dares to be different, always designing with longevity in mind. They design shoes, accessories, and clothing for men and women, with longevity and creativity in mind. The brand employs multi-generational artisans based in Caslano, Switzerland, to handcraft styles with consistency and care, embodying their dedicated approach to making shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear. Today, Bally continues to honor its timeless traditions, subscribing to the belief that quality speaks for itself. Bally shoes are beautifully made, with leather soles and insoles, exquisite detailing and burnished leather. If Bally is still made to these same exacting standards, then they are worth the money. 


Source:Bally ins

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  • Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes review

Salvatore Ferragamo Brand History and Origin

Salvatore Ferragamo is known as the“shoemaker to the stars.” Back in the late 1920's before most of the big names in Italian fashion were even born, Salvatore Ferragamo was crafting beautiful shoes for some of the most famous feet in Hollywood.

Salvatore Ferragamo was a novice Italian shoe designer who began his career as an apprentice to a shoemaker. With a vision to create and produce the world's most beautiful shoes, he began his journey to fame by opening a humble repair and made-to-measure shoe shop first in Bonito, Italy and later Santa Barbara. The first major step that helped him propel towards becoming a renowned souter was opening the Hollywood Boot Shop in Boulevard las Palmas, in 1923. The socialites of that era were regulars at his shop. His client list included Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, the Duchess of Windsor and Eva Peron. 

It was in 1965, under Fiamma di San Giuliano Ferragamo's super vision, that the revitalized Ferragamo group started producing its famous bags. Four years later, the accessory known as the“gancino” made its first appearance in the catwalk. The iconic design was reworked in new versions and materials, such as the plexiglass used in the Nineties, and is still very much on-trend. 

Source:Salvatore Ferragamo ins

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Prices: $195- $1560

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Designs

Salvatore Ferragamo is considereda benchmark of understated luxury.  Ferragamo was unique in that he was not only interested creative beautiful shoes, he wanted his clients to be comfortable as well. Ferragamo studied the anatomy of the foot, insisting that “high fashion and comfort are not incompatible.” From natural materials like cork, wood and raffia to synthetic resins, metal or even the plastic candy wrappers, Ferragamo used everything possible to express his creativity.

Salvatore Ferragamo is considereda benchmark of understated luxury. Salvatore ferragamo Gancini loafers are decorated with Salvatore Ferragamo's iconic Gancini gold-tone metal logo, which is the hallmark of the brand's iconic handbag from 1969. They are made of smooth leather by Italian craftsmen. The insole has a slight cushion and is set on a small stacked heel. Loafers are also perfectly integrated with the design of the iconic Ferragamo logo on the middle piece. Combine them with soft tailoring to highlight polished metal fittings. Fiamma also designed Vara -  elegant, chic and distinctive, more than just a classic: a timeless icon by Salvatore Ferragamo. This flat women's shoe is now popular all over the world and worn by many celebrities. Viva flat shoes- the new icon. Minimal lines and oversized bow made with premium materials, a fresh and youth energy for your outfit. 

Source:Salvatore Ferragamo ins

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Quality - Material & Durability

Salvatore Ferragamo was without a doubt one of the best shoemakers in the history of fashion. The shoemake's fine skills and creativity produced shoes that fit perfectly to the wearer's foot with his made-to-measure handmade shoes. The leather is indeed very soft and will probably fit comfortably instantly. The stitching on the shoe had no imperfections and the sole of the shoe has a nice curve to it, giving your foot the extra bounce with each step. Many will appreciate the nice rubber sole on the bottom of the shoe making it more comfortable to stand around in all day. 

Tramezza represents the ultimate in men's handcrafted footwear. The procedure entails a thick yet flexible layer of leather (as opposed to more widely used cork) being skillfully inserted between the insole and the sole, like a cushion. The highly complex construction process carried out in the Salvatore Ferragamo workshops has 260 separate, standardized phases requiring over six hours work by an expert shoemaker and over four days shaping of the upper on a last.

The Ferragamo shoes are made to last and still look good after extended use and are reparable. Further assuming that there is also a in-house maintenance service available where your shoes get re-vamped and re-soled correctly, then they certainly are worth the money.


Source:Salvatore Ferragamo

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  • Tod's Shoes review

Tod's Brand History and Origin

Tod's, also known as Tod's Group, is an Italian company which produces luxury shoes and other leather goods. In the 1900's, Filippo Della Valle started a shoe factory in the Marches region of ltaly. Hailing from a family of shoemakers, he was always was fascinated with shoes, during his time in New York, he came across a driving shoe, a Portuguese - manufactured slipper with rubber soles and stud embellishment designed for driving, heworked on his model back home and created it in a very soft handmade slip on that became an iconic Tod's Gommino model with its 133 rubber pebbles.

Filippo Della Valle started the shoemaking business out of a basement in the late 1920s. Diego Della Valle, the elder son of Dorino Della Valle and a grandson of Filippo Della Valle, expanded the workshop and turned it into a factory that started manufacturing shoes for American department stores in the 1970s. 

As with many other Italian companies, the Tod's Group began as a family business and has since evolved into a global fashion player boasting a portfolio of four brands (Tod's, Hogan, Fay, and Roger Vivier).  Now Tod's has numerous stores around the world.

Tod's Shoes Prices: About $298 - $1,595

Tod's Shoes Designs

Tod's brand character can be defined as classy, sporty and sophisticated. Tod's creates abridge between past and present by incorporating values of ltalian culture and craftsmanship in their products and designs. lt's perfect blend ofItalian tradition, craftsmanship and modernity. 

Tod's secret is pure Italian style, which Mr. Della Valle says is identifiable anywhere in the world. "There is a time to be chic and sportive, there is a time to be sexy and feminine, but it's hard to find the balance, and Tod's has done that” .

Tod's imbues decades of shoemaking heritage into each collection, using techniques that have been passed down through generations. Fusing fine fabrics with the 'Made in Italy' stamp of excellence, expect masterful leather expertise across shoes and bags. Spot the iconic T monogram on loafers and streamlined satchels, and don't miss the signature Gommino driving shoe or or driving moccasin - the iconic style which resides in the footwear hall of fame. Tod's perfection comes in several different designs and styles. Shoes that are available in the range include sneakers, moccasins, ballerina flats, and ankle boots. There is something to suit every occasion and every taste.

Mens Tod's shoes embody the label's understated yet elegant aesthetic. Sumptuous leather and soft suede finishes paired sophisticated detailing characterise this collection of luxurious footwear. Expect rich neutral shades offset by innovative textures, streamlined shapes and slick metallic accents.

Also on the anvil is their custom made service, which allows buyers to choose from a variety of leather textures, finishes and shades. 

Source:tod's ins

Tod's Shoes Quality - Material & Durability

The Tod's brand is knowned by the high quality and attention to detail. They have recognisable touches, such as stitching, initials. Their women's lasercut is becoming iconic, but what's always special about  products is the leather, the story behind it, its softness and suppleness that makes it impossible not to touch. The power of a brand comes from touch.

Tod's driving shoes are handmade in most respects, but then then there isn't much to the construction really. A layer of rubber nubbins (the gommini) is inserted through the leather body of the shoe, an internal rubber layer added on top and then a leather insole. The vamp is sewn by hand around the front; all other sewing around the tongue and collar is by hand-guided machine. The quality is in the materials and the quality control, as with many luxury products. They are all made in Italy's Cassette d'Ete, the town were Tod's head Diego Della Valle was born and both his grandfather and father worked (the former a cobbler). Tod's talks a lot about the more than 100 steps involved in making a pair; a good portion of this is management and quality control.

Source:tod's ins

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  • Conclusion

Bally vs. Salvatore Ferragamo vs. Tod's Shoes: which brand is the best?  I think it depends on your styles and budget.


Bally is a truly Swiss brand of heritage following Swiss values: comfort, quality and functionality.  A pioneering Swiss fashion house synonymous with all things luxury, style and design, fashion brand Bally exemplifies the enduring success behind the Swiss classic, born from excellent design, a desire to create local jobs and an eye for longstanding luxury. I am sure Bally are probably very well made, but considering that they start at around $450 range, there are other much nicer looking makes which are equally well made.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is a brand with an unrivaled reputation in the world of luxury shoes. The Italian brand has never lost its Old Hollywood glamour, with vintage focused designs that are undeniably timeless. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes come with a high price tag, but they're an investment you can pass down to the next generation. A luxury brand is more than just a logo and a famous name, though that is certainly part of it. 

High-quality shoes will last longer than less expensive shoes and the leather and other materials are more adept at keeping your feet warm and dry. The soles of a Ferragamo are a combination of leather and rubber, combining traction with durability and style. As long as Ferragamos are well kept, they should be usable for a very long time. They worth the money.


It's one of the famous shoe and leather goods brand that has been exclusive with its productsand has become an icon in the industry. Tods is known as a symbol of the perfect combination of tradition,quality and modernity. Tod's shoes have very vibrant colors and a very unique style.  One of the biggest pros of Tod's mocs is probably that they come in a large number of colors in different leathers including suede and exotic skins such as crocodile. Whether you are an office lady or man, or a student, you can wear your own style.  

The construction method, the materials that go into it, I think some shoes' prices should be cheaper. But of course, when it comes to pricing, branding is everything and Tod's does a fantastic job in positioning their brand and maintaining high prices.

I'm sure you have found the one that you want after seeing these reviews! Sign up at Extrabux, then you can enjoy up to 15% cashback on your shoes order! 

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