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OOFOS vs. Hoka  vs. Crocs vs. Birkenstock: Which is Best Suitable to You?

OOFOS vs. Hoka vs. Crocs vs. Birkenstock: Which is Best Suitable to You?

    If you are a runner, athlete, or even just stand up all day at work, you put your feet through a lot. Choosing the best recovery sandals can support your feet and give you the cushion you crave after a hard run. There are usually two different types of recovery footwear: flip flop or thong sandals, slides sandal. Among the numerous slides produced by shoe brands, the Oofos, Hoka, Crocs and Birkenstock are the most popular slides brands, which is best suitable to you? Are OOFOS podiatrist recommended? Oofos vs Hoka, which one is bette for plantar fasciitis? What is the difference between Crocs and Birkenstocks? Is wearing Crocs good for your feet? In this comparison guide, we are going to discuss these questions from design, price, quality of these brands.


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OOFOS History and Origin

OOFOS was the brainchild of a team of footwear veterans and friends, who had been on the forefront of the athletic footwear and the running shoe boom in the 70s and 80s. They felt there was a need for footwear that could help fitness enthusiasts recover from repeated workouts on hard surfaces. Their dream was to find the perfect footwear that would change the definition of comfort for the 21st century athlete. The OOFOS brand launched in the US late 2011 and rapidly became a hit. 


Official Price: Women's Sandals: $39.99 - $99.95; Women's Clogs: $44.99 - $88.95; Women's Slippers: $114.95- $119.95; Men's Sandals: $59.99 - $99.95; Men's Clogs: $79.95.

Design & Style

Then they turned up the style side with a variety of colors and gradients from matte black to patriotic red, white, and blue to limited edition looks like the NYC Marathon OOahh Sport Slide.

The company offers two main types of sandals: slides and thongs. Both types are available in a variety of styles, though the classic OOahh Sport Slides Sandal and OOriginal Sandal (thong) are the most popular.

An advantage of the Sport Slides is that you can wear them with socks, which is a plus if it's cold outside, or if your feet are looking a little less than presentable.


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Quality (Technology Comfort)

OOFOS sport slide sandal was inspired by the needs to athletes and were designed to protect active people not just from suspicious shower floors but from the enormous wear and tear they put on their feet and legs. They took the sport slide style and amped it up with a proprietary foam that does more than give your feet a chance to breathe, it actively supports your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to help you recover from your workout and avoid stress injuries.

Made with proprietary OOfoam™ technology, OOFOS absorb 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear materials for the perfect blend of cushion and stability. Then there's their patented footbed that cradles and supports arches. When paired with OOfoam™, it reduces energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47% compared to competitors' footwear. So walking is easier. Recovery is faster. 


Source:oofos ins

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  • Hoka 

Hoka History and Origin

HOKA was born in France in 2009 as a high-performance footwear riposte to the then raging barefoot running craze. Its running shoes are famous for their engorged silhouette thanks to stabilizing oversized outsoles designed to suit all terrains, from road to trail routes.

At the core of the brand's rise is a 360° focus on female fanbases (multiple) .  They have very conscientiously focused on women over the last five years, in a sector that was predominantly very white and very male, shifting the fanbase from 60% male to 50%+ female and into a far more racially diverse space. 

Hoka One One recovery sandal serves a great purpose for your feet too. Its comfort is unquestionable, making you wonder if it's just for relaxation and recovery.


Source:HOKA ins

Official Price: HOKA ORA Recovery Slide: $50-$60; HOKAORA Recovery Flip: $55.

Design & Style

You've just finished a long run or grueling race and simply put, your feet need some tender loving care. HOKA ONE ONE ORA Recovery Sandals have two types: the Ora Recovery Slide and the ORA Recovery Flip. The ORA Recovery Flip and the Ora Recovery Slide feature a symmetrical bed of cushion without additional prescriptive technologies. Designed to provide the support you want and nothing you don't. They both feature a higher bed of soft cushion, designed to provide a forgiving impact and ride.

It also features a traditional Hoka early-stage meta-rocker in the forefoot. There are multiple flex grooves in the outsole for flexibility and an improved grip on a number of surfaces. The platform is noticeably wider than the Oofos, providing inherent stability.


Quality (Mateiral Comfort)

The midsole of the Hoka One One ORA Recovery Slide features the traditional Hoka oversized footbed. They put a HOKA oversized midsole and  Meta-Rocker geometry into a slide design and love the result. Comfort and support when and where you need them. 

They both feature a higher bed of soft cushion, designed to provide a forgiving impact and ride. It has a soft and comfortable EVA top layer with a deep heel cup, which molds to the foot and keeps it in place in the shoe. The EVA also absorbs shock effectively, protecting the foot's muscles and joints.  

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance recognizes products that have been found beneficial to foot health. Each Hoka ORA Recovery product is reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health.


Source:HOKA ins

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  • Crocs 

Crocs History and Origin

Crocs is an American company based in Broomfield, Colorado that manufactures and markets the Crocs brand of foam clogs. They were initially designed to be boating shoes and were crafted out of a special closed-cell resin known as Croslite. It has also been reproduced in lots of enticing colors and designs. Most Crocs today can be felt as made from rubber.

In 2002, they introduced the world to one of the most unique brands that anyone had ever seen: we were different and it made some people uncomfortable. The company has since established a considerable following with American middle school and high school students, with many opting for Crocs to use as shoes for the school day.  


Official Price: Men and Women's Clogs: $37.42 -$85, Sandals $52.43-$59.99, Slide Sandals: $17-$57.42, Flip-Flops: $29.99-$39.99; Kids Clogs: $23.99-$59.99, Kids Slippers $25-$37.49.

Design & Style

Crocs clogs assumed  the shape of crocodiles with ventilation holes. Inspired by the Dutch clog, Crocs were originally designed to be boating shoes. 

This simple fact may provide some clarity to the polarizing Crocs design and material makeup. The shoes were originally created for boaters, prioritizing grip-focused soles, waterproof materials, and foot protection. Pulling from the design of clogs, Crocs were also designed to be easy to take on and off, which is great for the high seas-or just running errands. Crocs have put more variety into the color and style of their shoes. The brand is also known for making Jibbitz decorative charms that can be applied in the ventilation holes found on Crocs' instep.

However, there're also many Crocs haters still out there who still think these clogs are the ugliest pieces of footwear ever made. Although Crocs certainly have a distinct look that doesn't fit everyone's tastes, the brand has certainly tried to improve its image through a number of collaborations.


Source:Crocs ins

Quality (Mateiral Comfort)

Designed to perform on both land and sea, Crocs are made of a patented foam called Croslite. The foam, which is exclusive to Crocs, is actually closed-cell resin, not plastic or rubber as one might assume. The process used in making this Croslite material is a carefully protected corporate secret. The brand further innovated on Croslite in 2018, creating LiteRide, a material that is“25% lighter and 40% softer than Croslite, while still providing shock absorption and support,” according to Fast Company.

Crocs got approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Podiatrists and other health practitioners suggest those who have foot injuries or issues. They're not only great for athletics, but they're also great for everyday use.


Source:Crocs ins

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  • Birkenstock

Birkenstock History and Origin

Birkenstock is a shoe manufacturer known for its production of Birkenstocks, a German brand of sandals and other shoes notable for their contoured cork footbeds (soles) made with layers of suede and jute, which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearers' feet.

Founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock, the company's original purpose was to create shoes that support and contour the foot, compared to the flat soles of many shoes during that time. 

In 1896 the Fussbett (footbed) was created and by 1925 Birkenstocks were sold all over Europe. In February 2021, L Catterton, the private equity firm backed by Bernard Arnault's LVMH, said it had agreed to buy the German footwear group Birkenstock in a deal.


Source:Birkenstock ins

Official Price: women and mens thong sandals: $39.95 - $220; clogs: $79.95- $230; one-strap: $39.95 - $215; two-strap: $49.95 - $270; multi-strap: $99.95 - $185; Kids sandals: $34.95 -$130.

Design & Style

The most commonly spotted Birkenstocks are those with one or two leather straps and buckles on them, and those have become the staple for both men and women around the world. They are easy to match with trousers, jeans, and even dresses to give a certain 90s  chicness. The brand even has even come up with wool covered winter versions of the shoes for comfort all year round.

Birkenstocks come as sandals or slip-ons. The early Birkenstocks assume the color of natural leather that is brown and most times, black. But with lots of advances in the fashion world, footwear comes in different designs and colors, but usually black and brown. 

The Birkenstocks are designed to get the exact shape and size of the wearer's feet. A fitting Birkenstock has to be customized to get the shape of your feet. Though sometimes, one can be lucky to buy a pair that fits as though customized.


Source:Birkenstock ins

Quality (Mateiral Comfort)

Birkenstock sandals are mostly made of leather, suede, and jute. With more than 250 years of history, you can be assured about the quality of Birkenstocks in terms of quality, comfort, craftsmanship, and support. The orthopedic-inspired sandals are known for its exceptional comfort and durability, with inner soles shaped with special support elements.   

The company employs its own molded footbed for every sandal they make, which is extremely comfortable and orthopedic. Moreover, there are two main materials that the footbed is made from.

For the leather sandals, you will get a more natural cork footbed. The deep heel cup that cushions your feet along with the arch support delivers unparalleled comfort.  Note that sandals with cork footbeds aren't meant to be submerged into water. For water-friendly sandals, the footbed is made from EVA. This is an elastic material that offers excellent cushioning without adding weight. 

This unique style of Birkenstocks gives two different people of the same foot size different feels and levels of comfortability in the same pair of Birkenstock slip-on due to differences in the shape of feet and depth of arches.


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  • Conclusion

OOFOS vs. Hoka  vs. Crocs vs. Birkenstock Sandals : which is best suitable to you?


Oofos and Hoka slides serve as recovery footwear. The Oofos sandal has a biomechanical design, with a footbed that contours to the curves of the feet to provide as much comfort and support as possible. It is popular among runners who wear it after much stress on their feet, and Oofos is doing a great job in offering them a relaxing feel. It's created for a neutral arch, so overpronators or those with high arches may find that it doesn’t offer enough support for their arch. 


The Hoka One One ORA Recovery slide has a more distinct separation between the midsole and the outsole.There are multiple flex grooves in the outsole for flexibility and an improved grip on a number of surfaces. The platform is noticeably wider than the Oofos, providing inherent stability and enough room for your toes. The Hoka slides have more colors than the Oofos slides. Both brands of slide have arch support and are recommendable for persons with plantar fasciitis and other orthotic problems.


Crocs slides have holes at the upper for maximum breathability and comfort. It also has a broader room for the free movement of your toes. Crocs have more colors and varieties of designs than Oofos. It is excellent footwear for anyone who has given up on style and no longer cares about appearance.

Crocs is good for nurse and kids, and as the fact that they are easy to clean and it is water-resistant, Crocs are suitable for dirty jobs. Crocs are also used to eliminate plantar fasciitis and other foot problems you may have.


Birkenstock makes comfortable and beautiful slides and sandals that have gone through times and are still on the market. It has blended both usefulness and style into footwear that could be seen in a man's and a woman's closets. Aside from natural leather, Birkenstocks sandals feature patented synthetic leathers like birko-flor and birkibuc. Some of these sandals are also made with nubuck and suede leathers. The footbed material also protects your feet from fungus or any microbial being. Birkenstock sandals are more versatile and stylish than other sandals and slides. The other slides are mostly limited to recovery and indoor footwear, while Birkenstock sandals are for any occasion with any choice of cloth.

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