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Rimowa vs. Monos vs. Briggs & Riley vs. Zero Halliburton: Which Brand Makes the Best Carry-On Luggage 2024?

Rimowa vs. Monos vs. Briggs & Riley vs. Zero Halliburton: Which Brand Makes the Best Carry-On Luggage 2024?

    When deciding on a particular type of luggage, consider your style of travel. The best luggage is available in hard and soft-sided varieties. You can choose by your needs. Rimowa, Monos, Briggs & Riley and Zero Halliburtonare all best carry-on luggage brands in the world. But how to choose f]rom them? What are the differences between them? Is rimowa carry-on Worth It? Are Monos good luggage? Is Briggs and Riley good luggage? Rimowa vs Zero Halliburton vs vs. Monos vs. Briggs & Riley, which is the best carry-on luggage for business travel? In this guide I will have several aspects to consider and review, such as price, design, sizes, material, durability, guarantee. I’ve listed down below details to make your decision easier.

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  • Rimowa Carry-On Luggage Review

History and Origin

Rimowa (German pronunciation: [ʁɪˈmoːva]), often stylized as RIMOWA, is a high-quality luggage manufacturer. The company was founded in 1898, in Cologne, Germany. RIMOWA suitcases are widely known for their parallel aluminium grooves, which have become characteristic of the brand. The company's headquarters and production have been located in Cologne for 120 years.

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When it comes to price, Rimowa comes on top in comparison to similar luggage categories of competitor companies.  RIMOWA covers a wide price range and the individual luggage's cost will highly depend on its size and the material used. In general, aluminum cost a bit more compared to polycarbonate and the more innovative features the luggage comes, the higher the price will be. The aluminum cases of Rimowa are priced from $1030 to $4200 and the polycarbonate cases are priced from $460 to $1080. 


RIMOWA suitcases currently in production include the following features: The Multiwheel System first patented by RIMOWA in 2001. TSA-approved locks first introduced in 2006 for global airport security compliance.Telescopic handles with stage-free adjustment. Interior compartment equipped with two height-adjustable Flex Dividers that secure the contents of each suitcase.


RIMOWA luggage is available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes with volume that ranges from 20 to 120 liters. RIMOWA'S polycarbonate luggage is available in size XL with a capacity of about 120 to 150 liters.

Source:Rimowa ins

Material & Durability

From vintage wood to classic aluminium to high-tech polycarbonate: at RIMOWA, they've always looked for ways to make travel better. Aluminum and polycarbonate are both strong materials that offer durable yet extremely lightweight luggage that can withstand countless climates and condition of your travel adventure would be. 

Much of the craftmanship on the luggage is crafted by hand, making the-pieces very original with a look of quality. The Rimowa luggage are very attractive and sturdy though there are some complains of damaged corners in aluminum pieces. 

120 years later, their identity continues to evolve. They unveil a contemporary look for the Rimowa brand. Their new monogram evokes the twin spires of Cologne Cathedral. 


RIMOWA product comes with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee when registering online. You can visit to activate your 5-year manufacturer's guarantee. If you do not register online, a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee applies. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

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  • Monos Carry-On Luggage Review

History and Origin

Monos is a Canadian travel and lifestyle brand offering high quality, beautifully designed suitcases and inspiring people to travel in a mindful and present way – to embrace the journey as much as the destination. Lovingly designed in Canada with meticulous attention to detail, each Monos suitcase uses only the finest quality parts and materials sourced from around the world. Monos is on a mission to unite thoughtful simplicity with exceptional quality in its premium suitcase line. They focuses its brand on ease of use and quality and designs that mostly reflect minimalism and strength.


High-end luxury luggage is typically priced well out of reach of the average person, ranging from $700 to over $1,000 USD for a carry-on. Monos uses the same materials and factories as these top brands, but because they sell directly to you, they can offer their Carry-On luggages for a fraction of the price - range from $220 - $365.


Monos values simplicity, and they believe that a well-designed, premium suitcase doesn't need to be loud and flashy. In today's throwaway society of passing trends and mass consumption, they design their pieces to be timeless classics, with an understated aesthetic that stands the test of time. One of the unique features of Monos is the handle; you don't have to push to unlock the button for the extendable handle to come up as most luggage does. All you need to do when you want to pull out your handle is to fo reach out under the grip and pull up in on the swift movement.


 Designed to comply with the size restrictions of as many airlines as possible, the Monos Carry-On Luggages fit in the overhead bin of nearly any flight, anywhere in the world. Monos sizes have Carry-On, /Carry-On Pro (22"h x 14"w x 9"d ), Carry-On Plus/Carry-On Pro Plus (23"h x 15" w x 9.5"d). The Monos Carry-On Pro Plus is the best for extra space on bigger flights, while the Carry-On Pro will fit in almost all overhead bins.

Material & Durability

The Monos Carry-On luggages are utfitted with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, an ultra-sturdy telescopic handle, whisper-quiet wheels, vegan leather details, and all-premium materials. 

They believe in having fewer but better things. From Germany to Japan, they sourced the highest quality parts and materials in the world. And if they couldn't find a component that met their standards, they worked with industry experts to make it their selves. To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, they put their products and materials through a battery of 40 tests.


Monos's products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Please note that the warranty only extends to the original owner of the luggage and is not transferable. This warranty currently applies to US and Canadian residents only. What this lifetime limited warranty covers: Cracks or breaks in the shell; Wheels, handles, or telescoping handles that break off or are no longer usable; Zippers that can no longer be opened or closed.

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  • Briggs & Riley Carry-On Luggage Review

History and Origin

Briggs & Riley is a manufacturer of luggage. The company is based in Hauppauge, New York and was founded in 1993 by Richard Costa. For nearly a century, US Luggage has been bringing innovation to the travel category, including the first wheeled luggage introduced in 1970. Under the leadership of CEO Richard Krulik, Briggs & Riley has become recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in the specialty luggage category. The company is known for its "Simple as that" lifetime guarantee that even covers damage caused by an airline. 



Briggs & Riley polycarbonate carry-on luggages are priced  from $499 - $569. Ballistic Nylon prices are priced from $395- $649.


Engineering firsts established by Briggs & Riley include the patented Outsider®handle design. With no trolley handle bars inside the bag, travelers get a flat packing area inside the case for more capacity and wrinkle-free clothing. A pocket to hold toiletries or safeguard your passport. The majority of Briggs & Riley's carry-on luggage offerings feature CX technology, expanding the bag by up to 25% when more packing space is needed, then compressing back down to original size for overhead storage.


Luggage size : Cabin (up to 16"); Carry-On (19"-22")  Expandable Spinner can fit up to four more days’ worth of clothes than standard carry-on luggage without breaking those pesky height restrictions.


Material & Durability

Briggs & Riley luggage is made from 100% virgin polycarbonate, or Ballistic Nylon. Well-built, heavy, but worth the extra effort and easy to roll around on its four wheels. Briggs & Riley and Rimowa take the first place in the durability. With Briggs & Riley, you can count on your suitcase lasting at least 10-20 years.


Any piece from Brigg's & Riley comes with a lifetime guarantee because we believe your luggage should last as long as your travels. If your bag is ever broken or damaged, they'll repair it free of charge, no proof of purchase needed, no questions asked.

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  • Zero Halliburton Carry-On Luggage Review

History and Origin

In 1938, Following the demand created by Erle P. Halliburton's personal collection of aluminum travel cases, the American business mogul establishes Halliburton Cases, with manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Southern California. Since that, Zero Halliburton has been committed to creating aluminum travel cases that provide unsurpassed quality and protection for a traveler's personal belongings. Over the course of its history, the brand has been entrusted with such treasures as moon rocks from Apollo 11 mission, the rarest of gemstones and blueprints for some of the world's greatest architecture.

Zero Halliburton Luggage can survive the tough environment of the Midwest oil fields, Zero Halliburton was bred for protection, strength and dependability. 



Zero Halliburton Carry-On Luggage are prices from $365- $945. Price may vary based on size and color.


Its iconic aluminum look was first introduced to the world in 1938. Since then, the luxe luggage has become a jetsetter fave, though the design has remained nearly the same. Recently, the brand rolled out a radically reimagined collection-and from customized wheels and locks to ingenious construct, it's nothing short of fabulous, future-forward and yet still packed with all its original grit and glamour.


Well thought-out convenience features, color options and a choice of sizes ranging from 17 to 22-inches ensures the perfect case for any travel style.

Material & Durability

Zero Halliburton's Carry-On Collection of travel cases features a wide assortment of cabin-sized, wheeled luggage in a variety of hard and soft-side materials including ultra-protective aluminum, lightweight polycarbonate, advanced carbon fiber and durable nylon. 

Halliburton's original focus was industrial use. Their aluminum luggage is significantly heavier than RIMOWA's Classic and Original aluminum products. The aluminum luggage is manufactured in the US from imported components. Their travel cases and accessories that combine unpretentious luxury with pragmatic function to secure their own treasures.



Each product made by Zero Halliburton, Inc. is manufactured to the highest industry standard and is covered by the "Zero Halliburton Five (5) Year Limited Warranty Plan". The Warranty applies to any Zero Halliburton travel, business or casual bag, regardless of the material composition, and is only valid on Zero Halliburton products purchased from authorized Zero Halliburton dealers, Zero Halliburton retail stores, outlet locations or the Zero Halliburton website.

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  • Rimowa vs. Monos vs. Briggs & Riley vs. Zero Halliburton: Which Brand Makes the Best Carry-On Luggage 2024?

Rimowa: Rimowa is a luxurious brand designed for World travels. It's more exclusive, stylish and expensive than Tumi, Samsonite, Away luggage. The Rimowa cases are all very similar in design and meant to be expensive top-end, robust suitcases that will last you for years. They also have some high-end features.  

Monos: The aesthetic of Monos luggageis sleek and streamlined, bordering on space-age - the perfect accompaniment to take aboard the first space tourist flights. The Carry-On Pro Plus, for example, offers the perfect balance of durability, size, premium features, and price. The polycarbonate shell can take a beating, even for frequent travelers, while the spacious interior is designed to hold everything you'll need for a week away. It fits neatly in the overhead bins of most major U.S. airlines. Plus, every piece offers a telescoping handle, ultra-quiet wheels, and vegan leather detailing. 

Briggs & Riley:  Briggs and Riley has mastered the art of understated elegance. Every product in their catalog feels timeless and sophisticated with equal doses of contemporary and classic design. It's a look that’s infinitely more impressive in person than on the computer screen. They have clever design features like luggage with an 'outside' handle that guarantees a completely flat interior for better packing (something that most other brands fail to get right). The proprietary CX Compression-Expansion system cleverly expands the bag by up to 25%. The brand stands firmly behind its travel products with one of the best warranties in the business. They'll repair any damaged or broken bag free of charge with no proof of purchase necessary.

Zero Halliburton: Zero Halliburton has legit space-age heritage. The legendary American brand first introduced travelers to aluminum cases more than 80 years ago. The brand recently redesigned its lineup with all-new colors, styles, and forward-thinking features. Concave Edging, for example, provides a sturdier, more impact-resistant shell than traditional convex-based designs. The proprietary ZH Chassis now ensures better ground clearance and improves the brand's already great smooth-rolling wheel system. Zero Halliburton delivers better value for your money than any other premium luggage maker.

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