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Fred Perry vs. Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren vs. Perry Ellis: Which Brand Is The Best?

Fred Perry vs. Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren vs. Perry Ellis: Which Brand Is The Best?

    Fashion is not merely as an extension of our personalities, not just an expression of our personal tastes. The polo shirt is perhaps one of the most popular garments in modern menswear. This classic must piece a place in your wardrobe. Its simple, unisex-look would reach international acclaim, in no small part due to the efforts of the following brands - Fred Perry, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, but which brand is the best? Is Fred Perry a luxury brand? Is Ralph Lauren cheaper than Lacoste? Is Lacoste a high quality brand? Is Perry Ellis a high end brand? In this guide, I will compare these four brands from theire polo shirts' price, design and quality.

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  • Fred Perry 

Fred Perry Brand History and Origin

The Fred Perry fashion company is named after a British table-tennis and tennis star who won 10 majors. The Fred Perry brand emerged in the 1940s when Perry agreed to help market a new sweatband with an ex-Australian football player called Tibby Wegner. The two athletes worked together on the innovative new idea, which proved incredibly popular around the UK. After a while, the pair decided to diversify their fashion offering with a line of trademark polo shirts, and thus Fred Perry fashion was born.

When the first Fred Perry clothing line appeared in 1952, with the iconic polo shirt, it became an immediate success. At the time, the shirt was only available in white, and it was specifically marketed as a tennis shirt. This is one of the reasons why the Fred Perry identity is so closely linked to Wimbledon and tennis. As demand for the polo shirt increased, more colours emerged.

Now, Fred Perry clothing is one of the best-known brands in the world. The company offers a fashion range that combines casual wear with sportswear, with garments ranging from footwear and jackets to that traditional polo.


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Fred Perry Polo Shirts' Price: The Fred Perry Shirt: £65, Men's Polo Shirts: £65;  Women's Polo Shirts: £65 -£75.

Fred Perry Design & Style

Fred Perry clothing seems to have been around since the beginning of modern men's fashion.  With its iconic and innovative designs, strong heritage and exceptional identity, the Fred Perry laurel wreath acts as a badge of honour for many. Fred Perry clothing played a huge part in the Mod movement of the 1950s. The Mod subculture loved the stylish, top-button design of the traditional Fred Perry polos, as well as the clothing's durability. 

While the heart of the brand is in tennis, the decades have given Fred Perry's identity a chance to develop, with connections all the way from music, to celebrity style. This helped Fred Perry to become the first company to crossover from sportswear to streetwear.

As trends and fashion preferences continue to change, Fred Perry clothing remains an essential wardrobe staple for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Fred Perry polo shirt isn't just a sporting staple, but a counter-culture icon. Uniform for the mods, punks, skinheads and beyond, it's a garment steeped in history and a valuable asset in any woman and man's wardrobe.


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Fred Perry Quality

Fred Perry makes the high quality, best fitting and most interestingly colored polos in the world. The Made in England collection curates Fred Perry's most intrinsic designs and manufactures them here in the UK where it all started. Supporting local factories and manufacturers, meticulous care and expertise go into making each product just as it should be. It's premium in quality but affordable in nature - so it doesn't try to be a luxury brand. 

They are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Fred Perry Tennis Shirt are made from classic cotton piqué, in a contemporary adaptation of Fred's famous streamlined fit. The cut is slim, but the polo shirts shrink considerably.


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  • Lacoste 

Lacoste Brand History and Origin

Lacoste S.A. is a French company, founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste, and entrepreneur André Gillier. René Lacoste, the company's founder, was nicknamed "the Crocodile" by fans because of his tenacity on the tennis court. Their first product was the revolutionary tennis shirt Lacoste had designed and worn on the tennis courts with the crocodile logo embroidered on the chest.

 In November 2012, Lacoste was bought outright by Swiss family-held group Maus Frères. In recent years Lacoste has seen another revival after working with French designer Christophe Lemaire to create a fresh modern look for both their sports and fashion lines. They have also teamed up with tennis star and have increased their popularity in the golfing world with wearing Lacoste shirts whilst playing in tournaments. Now it sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, perfume, towels and watches. 


Lacoste Polos' Price: Men's The Original Polo: $67.99 - $98;  Men's  Polos: $85 - $189; Women's Polo Shirts: $67.99 - $175; Boys' Polo Shirts: $45 - $85; Girls' Polo Shirts: $45 - $85.

Lacoste Design & StyleThe Lacoste brand is known for having high quality garments with a smart casual style and a firm grounding in the tennis industry. Lacoste polo shirts blend comfort with style to set the tone of a sporty-chic silhouette. In the US during the late 1970s, Lacoste soared to new heights in popularity and became the typical 80s 'preppy' wardrobe item, Lacoste also began to present other products into their range including shorts, sunglasses, tennis shoes, Lacoste trainers, walking shoes, watches, and assorted leather goods.  

Today the Lacoste polos are as fashionable as ever and available in an extraordinary range of colors. Whether it's a tried-and-true fit, a vintage design, or a bold statement, discover the one that'll be your next essential.  Lacoste polos have different fits: Classic, Classic Fit, Regular Fit,  Slim Fit. And comes in Paris Polo, Lacoste Movement Polo, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve and sizes ranging from XS (2″) to 5XL (10″).


Lacoste Quality

Not only did Lacoste start the trend, but they've stayed ahead of the pack with a quality polo shirt that's well manufactured, combing both durability and comfort. 

On their website you can find a series of six different fabrics they use, from 'The Pique', which is their signature style, featuring durable, textured cotton, to 'The Stretch', featuring pique fabric that is more flexible and elastic, allowing for more movement. The Lacoste polo shirts are made with a fabric known as petit pique. Petit is French for small, while Pique refers to 'a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or geometric designs in the fabric' .  It is not woven, which means it's, generally, more flexible and has more stretch in all directions, making it more durable in the sense that its color and shape is likely to endure long throughout wear and wash.

Some styles also made of Cotton & Elastane, Cotton & polyester, Polyamide,Polyester,Polyester & Elastane.


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  • Ralph Lauren 

Ralph Lauren Brand History and Origin

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American high-end fashion company producing products ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments. It founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren who, by developing his brand around the image of an elite American lifestyle, built one of the world’s most successful fashion empires.

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products in five categories, including apparel, accessories, home, fragrances, and hospitality. 

The Company's brands include the mid-range Chaps brand, to the sub-premium Lauren Ralph Lauren brand, to the premium Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, Ralph Lauren Childrenswear, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, and Club Monaco brands, up to the full luxury Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Ralph Lauren Collection brands. 

Today, the Ralph Lauren Group manages a total of 17 fashion brands and 4 lifestyle brands across 493 directly operated stores in 30 countries. 


Ralph Lauren Polos' Price: mens Polo shirts: $59.99 - $550; womens polo shirts: $44.99 - $750; kids polo shirts: $16.99 $65.

Ralph Lauren Polos Design & Style

Because the brand was looking to expand into more casual, sportswear, Polo Ralph Lauren was born. Initially emerging as an emblem of clean-cut American preppiness, the brand was reappropriated as a staple of 90's hip-hop culture, and now enjoys a reputation that amalgamates the many peaks of its illustrious history. 

Whether by way of clean-cut oxford shirts, staple t-shirts, or classic baseball caps, unfussy statements continue to be vital facets of the label's identity. At once playful, sporty, and versatile, Polo's straightforward sartorial vision effortlessly translates to contemporary outfitting, blurring the line between unironic preppiness and streetwear-inflected minimalism

Whilst Ralph Lauren have multiple polo shirts to choose from, we've opted for their slim fit, which is a little more contemporary. Of course, they also have the original, regular fit should you prefer. Plus, they come in a crazy amount of different colours.


Ralph Lauren Quality

The Ralph Lauren brand has always been synonymous with high-quality American apparel.  Polo Ralph Lauren is a premium diffusion brand of Ralph Lauren. It's only outpaced in quality and arguably creative energy by the Ralph Lauren Purple Label products. Diffusion brands are often cheaper than the normal lines. 

Ralph Lauren polo shirts are made of cotton and wool, with a few different methods being applied in the production phase. It uses a cotton mesh when crafting their polos, again allowing for breathability thanks to the space between the fibers, creating a subtle honeycomb pattern. Besides, cotton is very skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.


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  • Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis Brand History and Origin

Perry Edwin Ellis was an American fashion designer who founded his eponymous sportswear house in the mid-1970s. The company focuses primarily on sportswear and casual clothing for niche markets. It is headquartered in Doral, Florida, United States.

Since that first unapologetic American collection in 1976, Perry Ellis clothes continue to enhance guy's life across work, play and family - giving him the CONFIDENCE to go anywhere and do anything.  After Ellis' death in 1986, Marc Jacobs was appointed head of design. Jacobs' design aesthetic initially proved to work well. 

In the twenty-first century, building upon styles set forth by Ellis, the brand has successfully continued to expand, collaborate with other designers, such as Duckie Brown, and hold critical acclaim. Today Perry Ellis is a global lifestyle brand that continues to design clothes, fragrance, watches, footwear and more, with real life in mind. 

Perry Ellis Polos' Price:  $19.98 - $70.50


Source:Perry Ellis ins

Perry Ellis Design & Style

The Perry Ellis look began as a casual, relaxed style exclusively American in feeling and sportswear-like in its practicality. Patterns, pops of color, new shapes and never-before-seen styles - he embraced it all, rewriting the rules and redefining American sportswear.  It was so playful and comfortable, in fact, models at his shows would skip down the catwalk. As Ellis matured as a designer, his clothing occasionally took on a more serious tone, but even his most formidable collections were considered easy-dressing by fashion industry standards.

Ellis once said, "Always provide the clothes needed for daily life. Never be afraid to take risks and, most importantly, never take the clothes you wear too seriously." Perry's focus was on innovation, breaking down the walls of fashion and making clothes designed with REAL LIFE in mind. Not just 'fashion, for fashion's sake,’ but clothes that simplify style choices. And now, his legacy lives on through the Perry Ellis brand.


Source:Perry Ellis ins

Perry Ellis Quality

Perry Ellis's quality is one of the reasons why they have survived in an ever-changing industry. Their clothing is made with high-quality fabrics like cotton and wool. Their practical everyday polos from Perry Ellis are made with a tech knit fabric that features both moisture-wicking technology to help keep you dry and a comfortable hint of stretch; or made with pique fabrication (cotton)  which weaves raised parallel cords into the surface for a sophisticated textured look. 

Perry Ellis polos, t-shirts, and some dress shirts may be worth it; but there are better off-the-rack suits out there. Perry Ellis is okay in fit and quality, but the price point still makes it a viable option. At a low price point, that's to be expected. 


Source:Perry Ellis ins

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  • Conclusion

Fred Perry vs. Lacoste vs. Ralph Lauren vs. Perry Ellis: which brand is the best? 

Fred Perry 

The Fred British heritage brand Fred Perry is so much more than just a tennis clothing company. Perry polo shirt isn't just a sporting staple, but a counter-culture icon. Uniform for the mods, punks, skinheads and beyond, it's a garment steeped in history and a valuable asset in any man's wardrobe.


Lacoste is a tennis brand from France and was worn by many of the football supporters along with the tracksuit jacket and trainers. The brand has more brand panache than others. The brand's crocodile logo has become emblematic of crisp, European cool and slick, sporty style. The original, arguably the best and an undeniable must-have item for any self-respecting stylish gent.

Ralph Lauren 

Ralph Lauren products are more expensive since it is more considered as a highly fashionable luxury designer brand. Customised service on the branding of their clothes is done with sheer excellence. At once playful, sporty, and versatile, Polo's straightforward sartorial vision effortlessly translates to contemporary outfitting, blurring the line between unironic preppiness and streetwear-inflected minimalism.  

Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis created a brand that made waves throughout the late 70s and early 80s. His death saw the brand make significant changes and move more into the realm of an accessible, everyday clothing brand. Out of all four, I'd say Perry Ellis is more stylish than others. Perry Ellis is okay in fit and quality,  and the low price point still makes it a viable option.

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