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2024 Michael Kors Bag Original vs Fake Guide: How to Spot a Fake MK Bag?

2024 Michael Kors Bag Original vs Fake Guide: How to Spot a Fake MK Bag?

    Michael Kors is currently one of the hottest fashion and accessory designers in the industry. Their leather bags are coveted by women and men all across the globe. They are so popular that counterfeits have started popping up. How to spot a fake michael kors bag? Spotting a fake Michael Kors bag means noticing the counterfeit's lack of craftsmanship and paying attention to details. In this fake vs real guide, I will tell you how to detect your MK bag!


1. The Material Of Michael Kors Bag

1) Most of authentic Michael Kors bags are made of Saffiano leather (crosshatch pattern) that is heavy and sturdy. An original will feel structured and rigid, while synthetics tend to be soft and floppy. Original Saffiano leather will also have a slight gloss to it. But please note that not all genuine bags are made with real leather. Also many MK bags are made of synthetic materials or a mixture of leather.

Many fake bags use a pleather or other type of leather that is inferior to Saffiano leather. While the exterior is textured, it can easily fold, and some purses may have a crease on the front or back due to improper storage.

2) Bags made of real leather will definitely smell earthy and rich. If the bag smells like plastic and doesn't have a smooth finish, then it's probably a fake.



2. Two official Michael Kors Metal logos

Michael Kors typically uses two different logos: the expanded one and the circle emblem.

  • The expanded logo

The expanded version should be precisely cut with sharp edges, and the letters should be evenly spaced. Inauthentic versions of this logo tend to stand out from the leather more, while legitimate logs are embedded into the leather, and perfectly centered.


  • MK Circle Logo

1) Real MK handbags sometimes have their trademark MK sign on a hanging metal ring. Sometimes the logo is written on the bag itself. Logo hardware should feel heavy and substantial, and not like coated plastic.

2)Lean in to take a closer look at the Michael Kors typeface that's engraved into different pieces of metalwork. On the metallic logo, check that the “Michael Kors” text is centered beneath the “MK” of the logo. 

3)Pay attention to the details of the “MK” within the logo. If the metal edges seem puffy and lackluster, then there's a good chance that the bag is a fake. The real Michael Kors logo is always made with crisp, unmistakable edges in the metalwork.


3. The Logo Heat Stamps of Michael Kors Bag

1) Except for the reversible bags, original MK handbags display two tiered heat stamps of the writing “MICHAEL MICAHEL KORS”, well pressed and arranged properly with even spacing of the letters. Counterfeit bags have low quality heat stamps of unclear words, poorly aligned. They also use the logo of MK which is typically used in original MK purses and not in bags.

2) Since the bags available at Michael Kors retail outlets often showcase lightly pressed heat stamps, this is not the sole feature to detect a bag’s authenticity. Presently, Greenwich bags and totes are featured with hardware instead of such heat stamps.


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4. The Manufacturing Tag of Michael Kors Bag

1) Authentic tags are made of nylon, leather or gel, bearing the name of the country of manufacturing and the style number. If you find a tag mentioning any country other than Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Turkey, Italy, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, then it is definitely a fake bag.

2) The code directly below this information consists of two letters to identify the factory/plant where the purse was manufactured. This two-letter coding is followed by a hyphen and four numbers that give the date the bag was made. For example, “1511” indicates that the bag was made in November 2015.


5. The Leather Tag of Michael Kors Bag

ou will find that older MK basg has leather tag on the inside lining instead of cloth tags. The tag features heat-stamped Michael Kors word logo. The Michael Kors logo should appear in full or just the "MK". Make sure the tag is made with high quality and the spacing and positioning look perfect.


6. The Lining of Michael Kors Bag

1) The Original MK bags have a soft satin blend material with leather trimming. When you touch it you will feel the smoothness along with a subtle rigidness. This particular feature is likely to be found on the bags available at Michael Kors outlets and not at Michael Kors boutique. But this is not a universal rule to follow, as some of the MK bags come up with no lining at all like the Greenwich Tote collection. Also, bags from the Vintage Michael Kors collection have only simple canvas material but never ever a real bag has been manufactured without the logo on the lining. If you see one, it is definitely a fake bag.

2) Until 2013, some real MK handbags were produced with the iconic circle logo on the lining, but not anymore. So, any bag claiming to be a new MK bag bearing such logo should be considered fake. Also, the unauthentic bags sometimes have slightly oval logos which apparently look like a circle.

3) The logo of the lining is usually made of glossy threads which shine in dimmer lights. In fake bags the lining is glossier than the logo, making it hardly visible.

4) Some originals of 2015 collection have large lettering of MK throughout the lining while the late 2016 and 2017 collections exhibit the writing of Michael Kors. False MK bags are likely to come up with honeycomb lining and improper positioning of the letters of the logo.


7. The stitching of Michael Kors Bag

1) The stitching around the zipper(s) should be straight, neat, even and clean with no uneven overlapping of the stitching. The stitching is the hardest thing for replicators to copy. Because it takes a lot of experienced, skilled labor, the stitching on replica Michael Kors handbags almost always comes up short.

2) The stitching for the lining of a Michael Kors purse pocket always features double stitching. A signature triangle is stitched at the end of the sewn line.


3) Examine the straps on the side of the bag and see if they're securely sewn onto the bed. Check for straight, vertical lines of stitching that attach the strap to the bag, instead of lopsided, horizontal stitches. Additionally, look for a short, horizontal line of 4 stitches beneath the buckle.


8. The Handles of Michael Kors Bag

The handle of an authentic tote must be made from premium leather and shouldn't wrinkle around the foam tube. Another subtle telltale sign is four even and perfectly proportionate stitches underneath the handle hardware. Fake Michael Kors bags do feature the four stitches as well, but they're often sloppily executed.


9. The Zippers of Michael Kors Bag

The real Michael Kors zippers have a brass finish and are usually paired with an elongated zipper pull; The zipper on an authentic Michael Kors bag ends before the leather tab, whereas the zipper on a fake usually tucks into it; Counterfeit zipper pulls will typically use the rounded logo and are usually made out of plastic with a metallic finish. This type of pull is noticeably more prone to breaking, flaking, and chipping.



10. The Hardwear of Michael Kors Bag

All MK hardware is made as one piece with the brand name engraved clearly and finished smooth. The hardware is will be made of solid metal. It's heavy and finished with a mirror polish with no chips, flakes or cracks.


 11. The Straps of Michael Kors Bag

1) A real Michael Kors bag features an adjustable strap with well bored holes for buckle adjustments.The straps feature heavy sturdy metal buckles that typically feature the engraved Michael Kors logo on the side.

2) Fake MK handbags feature a much longer shoulder strap than an authentic bag. The holes aren't punched the same distance from each other and there are a fewer number of holes than the real MK bag. The buckles are lightweight and don't feature the engraved logo.

3) Bags made more recently use clasps, grommets, and buckles instead. Most of the shoulder straps in the newer models are removable.


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