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20 Ways to Buy Concert Tickets for Cheap Online and Off 2024

20 Ways to Buy Concert Tickets for Cheap Online and Off 2024

    It's exciting to find out that an artist or band you like is touring. Often times, however, the price of a show ticket can be disappointing. Concert tickets can be very expensive. Unfortunately, buying concert tickets has been a reality over the years, and the cost seems to be still rising thanks to scalpers and robots. Having to miss concerts due to affordability can be annoying to say the least, so we have some tips and tricks for getting cheaper concert tickets that we hope will help you! Any music lover understands that finding cheap concert tickets can be stressful. In an age of pre-registration sales, exclusive fan access, ticket scams, and endless internet bots, it's safe to say that buying concert tickets is more confusing than ever. But luckily, a new study has pinpointed the best times to buy cheap concert tickets from resale sites.

Tickets for big concerts can be expensive and hard to get your hands on.

If you're an avid music fan, knowing when and where to find the cheapest ticket deals will save you a lot of time, energy and money in the long run.

Here are 20 simple and effective ways to enjoy your favorite local and international music performances without breaking the bank.

20 Ways to Get Cheaper or Cheapest Concert Tickets.

#1. Primary Tickets vs. Secondary Market Tickets

Quickly, the primary ticket agent is the one that first sells tickets to the general public. The secondary ticket agent resells those tickets.

An example of a primary ticket market agent is Ticketmaster. An example of a secondary ticket market seller is Clickitticket.

Tickets prices on the primary market almost never fluctuate. 

Ticket prices in the secondary ticket market fluctuate frequently, but typically remain high for the first few days or even weeks on sale. That's because sellers don't have the pressure to move their products.

Resellers often drop prices if tickets haven't been sold before the actual concert.

That means the closer you get to the start of the event, the more desperate resellers will be to unload the inventory they still have in hand. They sometimes even drop prices below face value in an attempt to recoup the  smallest fraction of the money they’ve already spent on acquiring the tickets. 

If you're bent on attending an event, the premium part you pay is to avoid missing out. But if you're willing to be flexible -- willing to wait for the broker to go out -- it's possible to get a lot of deals.

If an artist really struggles to fill a venue you might be able to find cheap tickets on the primary market. 

Official tickets through Ticketmaster have their price set by the artist or promoter. Once set, the price does not change under most circumstances.

Third party ticket websites, such as StubHub, work on a supply and demand system. Each individual ticket seller chooses how much they want to sell their tickets for. If there is a low supply of tickets, prices become inflated. If there is a high supply, prices go down as sellers rush to get rid of their tickets first.

With this is mind, there are a few clever ways to decrease your ticket price. Next, we show you these specific ways to get cheap concert tickets to see your favorite artist or team.

#2. Best websites to buy cheap (and real) concert tickets

There are lots of places to buy tickets online that guarantee the tickets they sell are authentic. 

1.   Ticketmaster

One of our favourite things about Ticketmaster is that you can get a refund on your purchase if you change your mind within 24 hours (if certain conditions are met). And don't worry if you don't have the funds for that dream gig at the O2, as Ticketmaster will allow you to pay in instalments.

Ticketmaster button

2.   StubHub

StubHub allows users to sell tickets they have bought but no longer want, and allows other users to buy those tickets. This way you can find tickets for shows that have sold out elsewhere. StubHub has a "FanProtect Guarantee" that guarantees you will get paid tickets for the event you attend on time.

StubHub button

3.   Ticket Liquidator

Similarly to StubHub, Ticket Liquidator is another awesome ticket vendor website.

Ticket Liquidator guarantees ticket purchases and tests their site for safety and security every day. They also have a buyer guarantee – if your event is cancelled or postponed, Ticket Liquidator will provide you with a refund or tickets for the new event date. If you don’t get your tickets on time, or if they end up not being valid, they’ll give you a 200% refund!

Ticket Liquidator button

4.   SeatGeek

SeatGeek is a website that helps speed up the process of comparing ticket prices on various websites. If you’ve heard of websites like Trivago or Kayak that allow you to compare travel deals, SeatGeek is the same kind of concept, but for event tickets! SeatGeek helps you get the best possible deal on your tickets, guarantees the authenticity of your tickets, and lets you know where you’ll be sitting.

SeatGeek button

#3. Don't miss the pre-sale

The pre-sale period is probably the best time to grab cheap tickets before the sale is opened to the general public.

Buying presale helps avoid the risk of the concert tickets being snatched before the resale bots get a hold of them. Resale tickets can get much more expensive, especially if it’s a concert that’s going to be popular. 

Here are some ways to get involved in the pre-sale action.

Sometimes, getting cheap concert tickets isn’t about saving tangible dollars. There are some concerts that are just too high demand to pass up. No matter how long you wait, you just won’t save money.

In this case, you need to switch gears to getting a presale code and secure your tickets as soon as possible. If you don’t get tickets when its your chance, you will end up paying more later.

For a major artist like Taylor Swift, Drake, Ariana Grande, or Cardi B, paying up front is worth it.

#3.1 Become a Super Fan

You'll be the first to know about upcoming ticket sales and other deals.

You can join a fan club (check the artist’s website for details), sign up for an email list, or follow your favorite artist's social media accounts to receive early access pre-sale codes.

Some musicians also have teams of street volunteers. In exchange for spreading the word about your favorite band by putting up posters and posting about them on social media, you may be able to score discount tickets or at least a presale code.

Artists will often look for ways to help their fans see them through social media. This includes ticket giveaways and codes to presale, giving you access to reasonably-priced tickets before resellers get their hands on them. Additionally, if you look on fan-pages or other music-related groups on social media, you can sometimes find people posting offers to give away their tickets. 

#3.2 Check out sites for possible pre-sale

Major ticketing sites like Ticketmaster, See Tickets, Amazon Tickets and The Ticket Factory all offer general on-sale tickets and will all let you know precisely when you should log on to get yours.

Ticketmaster in the US has Verified Fan pre-sale.

On sites like Eventim, you can sign up for ticket alerts, so they'll let you know when it's on sale, giving you a better chance of getting up early!

Another tip is to follow your favorite artists on Spotify. If you listen to a particular artist a lot, then sometimes you increase the chances of a pre-sale. But be careful! That's not always the case, and it depends on whether each artist has a deal with Spotify.

#3.3 Whip Out Your Credit Card

Ticketmaster is the premier site for concert ticket sales, often offering exclusive pre-sale opportunities for Chase, Citi and American Express cardholders.

A growing number of credit card companies also allow you to redeem your cash back points for live event tickets.

For example, Capital One Entertainment allows cardholders to purchase or redeem rewards in exchange for tickets to hundreds of thousands of events around the world, including sporting events and live music.

Whether you're carrying one of Capital One's travel cards or a simple cashback card, you'll have access to pre-sale events as well as curated "exclusive" packages that include events like meet-and-greets not available to the general public.

Credit card companies including American Express (AXP), Chase (JPM)  , and Citi (C) all reserve concert perks for their customers. This can include preferred seating, access to presale, or even free access to exclusive shows. Check your credit card's policy online.

#3.4 Search for pre-sale codes online

As a last-ditch effort to get a pre-sale access code, you can simply search on Google or Twitter to get online. "Artist Name" + "Presale" usually gets you where you want to go.

#4.  Get Seats in the Back

Concert and event tickets can be outrageously expensive. But you can get a cheaper ticket if you opt for a back seat. The back won’t give you the best view, but you will still enjoy good music and the vibe in the concert venue. 

Isn’t it better to get the back seat and enjoy your favorite artist perform than miss the event because of expensive tickets?

Generally speaking, a seat in the back at a concert is cheaper than sitting in the first row. The farther from the stage, the cheaper the tickets. If you don't mind not having the best view of the band, why not choose a seat in the higher part of the venue?

#5.  Find cheap seats in cheap cities

You can also use some tricks to get cheaper tickets like using a different billing address or buying tickets from a different city.

Some tour dates and venues are cheaper than others. If you live within driving distance of two major cities, check out the fares for both stops. You might find tickets are cheaper in Louisville, Kentucky, for example, than in Nashville.

Also, ticket prices tend to be higher in larger cities due to higher demand. If you live in a big city like New York, try to check if the concert is taking place in any of the smaller nearby cities.

Concerts reach their most expensive prices in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but check to see whether your favorite artist is playing in a smaller town or city nearby. The same show can cost you half as much if it's just somewhere a little less crowded.

The prices of concert tickets may vary for different cities and venues. As a matter of fact, ticket sales in less populated cities mean lower prices because there is less demand. For instance, instead of purchasing concert tickets in NYC, you can check out less populated cities like New Jersey, Albany, or Buffalo.

So to save some bucks, you can compare prices of different cities or venues and attend the concert with the lowest price.

Ticket prices can vary depending on the location of the concert — even for the same artist and the same tour, Leyden says. Compare prices at concert venues to find lower prices.

#6.  Buy directly from the box office with no service fee

Always check the box office first, it's your best bet to buy tickets at face value before resale. 

Buying directly from the venue will help keep your ticket price low.

By cutting out paying booking fees and delivery cost you can save yourself up to an extra 10-15%.

Different artists with different levels of fame, in different venues, have different prices, so there is a wide variety here. Generally, the more popular a show is, the more important it is to start with a major seller (like Box Office or Ticketmaster).

It's basic supply and demand: When tickets become harder to come by, they become more expensive on resale sites. If you can sidestep the whole process by getting the coupon directly from the seller, then you should.

Second, buying tickets at the box office is a great way to avoid the ridiculous service fees that come with ordering tickets online.

Most larger music venues and stadiums have ticket offices where you can buy tickets directly, skipping service fees levied by companies like Ticketmaster.

Finally, it also applies in case of sold out tickets. Often, stadiums and venues issue extra tickets on the day of a show or game, and you just need to show up at the box office when the tickets are issued.

#7.  Buy Last Minute Tickets

You can get a cheap ticket to see your favorite artist if you can take the risk of buying last minute tickets. Concert tickets that are not sold out until the very last minute tend to dump for cheap prices.

Most times, venues hold back tickets for promoters, advertisers, and artists as part of their VIP package. If there are tickets that didn’t sell, they will put up the tickets for sale. You can buy these tickets at the box office without paying Ticketmaster’s service fee.

Also, third-party ticket sellers like StubHub and SeatGeek operate based on demand and supply. If these sellers still have lots of concert tickets days or hours to the concert, they will start selling at reduced prices.

#8.  Find the cheapest tickets on the resale market

Resale sites like StubHub, Seatgeek, and Vivid Seats can be a good backup plan for fans who are out of luck trying to get tickets to Olivia's Sour Tour or Harry's Love on Tour. But it's likely to come at a price -- unless buyers know exactly when to hit the resale market.

So how can you get cheap seats for a concert? Patience is key, according to FinanceBuzz.

FinanceBuzz found that buying tickets from resale sites the day of the show is when they’re the absolute cheapest — usually by up to 33 percent. Additionally, it found that concert tickets are typically 27 percent cheaper the day before the concert than on average.

But as it turns out, many already know this tactic. The findings further stated that 24% of resale ticket purchases occurred within a week before the event.

#9.  Cheapest time to buy a multi-day festival pass

Due to the success of major international music festivals like Coachella, Primavera Sound and Lollapalooza, the demand for music festival tickets is as competitive as regular concerts.

So how do you get lower VIP or multi-day ticket prices at major festivals like BottleRock, two weekends at Coachella, Shaky Knees and a few others?

On the secondary market, multi-day festival passes are 30% cheaper 13 days before the festival starts. They were 24% cheaper 12 days ago. So, again, wait as much as you can to buy before the event.

#10.   Avoid buying tickets to the first night

These nifty tips for big events may make your buck go a little bit further on Ticketmaster.

If an artist is playing more than one date in a city, you can often cut costs by not buying tickets to the very first night, as they're often the most expensive.

Picking the right day can also apply to weekdays and weeknights. As Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular, they're often also a few quid more.

#11.  Earn Cash Back

With cashback sites like Extrabux, you can make money on these sites with purchases from specific ticket sites. For example, Extrabux offers up to 5% back at Ticketmaster. 

Using the appropriate ticketing services, you can get a small percentage of what you spend back. 

To earn cash back, become a member of the site and visit the portal before purchasing.

#12.  Use Credit Card Points

Using Credit card points is another great way you get cheap concert tickets. If you have any a Citi or American Express credit card, you can save up to 4% when purchasing concert tickets at checkout. This will help offset some of the costs of going to see your favorite artists and musicians. 

Additionally, card holders who purchase concert tickets through specific resell sites can get up to 8% back. Check the rewards page for your credit card for specific opportunities. 

These credit card perks can also give you cheap tickets to non-concerts such as amusement parks, theaters, and other special events.

#13.  Sit solo

When searching resale options, you’ll generally see better deals on single tickets, says Jessica Erskine, a spokesperson for StubHub.

“Often someone might buy tickets in threes or fours and have one friend who can’t make it, and they’re trying to sell that one ticket,” Erskine says. “It’s so hard to find someone who’s willing to go to a show as a single guest that often you can find single-price tickets at lower prices.”

If you really love the band and your wallet, buying tickets for yourself alone will be your best bet.

Another popular way to get a ticket for a concert at cheaper prices is to get a single seat. When there is an upcoming concert, people tend to attend the concert in groups, as nobody wants to be alone.

Often, big group of ticket buyers have one ditcher among them that cannot make it to the concert. The only option they have is to sell that ticket at a reduced price.

Alternatively, StubHub and SeatGeek are the two popular ticket sellers that offer single seat tickets. If you look on them, you’ll always see that the price for single tickets is less than a group. Keep checking those sites for a single seat ticket.

#14.  Verify your "Delivery Method" before selecting.

When you buy tickets online, they may have several ways to "deliver" your tickets to you. Please double check that you have selected the correct delivery method before completing your purchase. The most popular delivery methods right now are digital download or email, and you can print your tickets at home. However, some people may prefer to send their tickets by mail.

If you choose to have your tickets mailed to you, keep in mind that the company may charge a fee to mail them to you. Be sure to double-check your mailing address. Digital downloads also sometimes come with a "service fee," so you may want to check the fees charged by the specific website you're buying from before finalizing your order.

#15.  Buy During National Concert Week

National Concert Week takes place from May 1st to 7th every year. During this time, Live Nation and Ticketmaster offer concert tickets for as low as $20. The promotion features shows and concerts from Live Nation’s tours across North America.

#16.  Buy Additional Tickets and Sell the Extras 

Buying extra tickets through presale codes for a high-demand event is another great way to get cheap concert tickets. First, look up the presale code by following our website and tour guides. When you get your chance to buy tickets, pay for an extra site up front.

Then, use the hype from the event to sell your tickets at the right moment. Look to sell your extra tickets on StubHub at higher than face value. This drives down the price of your actual tickets and gives you cheaper tickets.

#17.  Look For Giveaways

You can get a free concert ticket through giveaways and contests. While this may not be a reliable way to get tickets, you have nothing to lose by trying. The following are some places you can turn to for giveaways:

Radio Stations

Local radio stations organize giveaway contests in a bid to lure more people to listen to their programs. One lucky listener will win a free concert ticket. You need to tune in to your local radio stations in order to have a chance at winning.

Keep the radio station on speed dial so that you can call in when the time is right.

Social Media

Sometimes bands, music venues, and radio stations offer free concert tickets via their social media pages. Follow your local radio stations or favorite bands to learn whenever there is a giveaway or contest. 

Ticket Lotteries

There are some venues that organize lotteries to give people an opportunity to win concert tickets. Ensure you search all the digital lotteries so that you can participate to stand a chance.

#18.  Don't buy from strangers

As far as what not to do when trying to buy tickets, both experts warn against attempting to purchase seats on social media or on the street. The prices may be lower than on resale sites, but there’s just too much risk. You could get ripped off — or, worse, scammed.

Legit channels are the way to go here. Budelli points out a logistical issue: If you pay for a ticket with cash or a payment app where you can’t track the purchase, you can’t recoup your money if you run into trouble. Goldberg says he can’t count how many times he’s heard of informal ticket exchanges going wrong.

“If the deal is that good, then it's too good to be true,” he adds.

#19.  Groupon

Keep an eye out for tickets offered by Groupon, allowing you to watch your favorite artists for up to 75% off original ticket prices. While these won't be front row or super close seats, they're much less expensive and usually don't charge extra, so they're usually great value for money!

Groupon offers great deals on many local events, including sports tickets and concerts.

You can get discounted tickets on Groupon, especially for shows that are less than two months away. For example, Train and Jewel's lawn seats at the Tampa concert are $20 on Groupon but $35 on Ticketmaster. Seats might not be great, but it's a way to save money.

#20.  work event

Contact the venue to see if event staff or security are getting free tickets or discounts. You won't be hanging out and relaxing like the average concert goer, but you can save a lot on tickets or see a show that's sold out.

What do I do with tickets I no longer need?

The days of realizing you cannot attend an event and then having to arrange a sale on Craigslist or other classified services are largely over thanks to the various options afforded fans by both secondary ticket marketplaces and also the actual teams. If you no longer need the tickets you purchased, you can log on to StubHub, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster or the website of the team whose game it is and essentially have your ticket digitized to be sold to someone else. In some cases you may get pennies on the dollar, or even nothing at all, but for a premium event you can turn a profit without the awkwardness of a face-to-face meeting.

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