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 Michael Kors vs. Fossil vs. Emporio Armani Watches: Which is Best for Style?

Michael Kors vs. Fossil vs. Emporio Armani Watches: Which is Best for Style?

    Always on time, always stylish. A beautiful wacthes represents a classic investment buy: they are as visually pleasing as a piece of art, expertly crafted from exquisite materials and built to be loved and worn for years. A fashion watch isn’t like other watches. It says something; it tells a story about who you are. Michael Kors, Fossil , Emporio Armani are three of the most popular watches brand in the fashion world today. Is Michael Kors better than Fossil? Is Fossil watch a good brand? Is Emporio Armani a luxury brand? I know you are confused about these question. In this guide I will write a review on Michael Kors vs. Fossil vs. Emporio Armani watches from price, design, and quality to tell you which brand is best for style!

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  • Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors Brand History and Origin

Michael Kors is a world-renowned, award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear. His namesake company, established in 1981, currently produces a range of products under his signature Michael Kors Collection, MICHAEL Michael Kors and Michael Kors Mens labels. These products include accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, women's and men's ready-to-wear, wearable technology, eyewear and a full line of fragrance products.

Behind this burgeoning empire stands a singular designer with an innate sense of glamour and an unfailing eye for timeless chic. Michael Kors first partnered with Fossil in the Fall of 2004. Such a partnership licensed the Fossil Group to design, develop and distribute Michael Kors watches. The brand's collection has various options in many different styles, from traditional timepieces to smartwatches. 


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Michael Kors Watches Price : $109-$550

Michael Kors Watches Design & Style

Whether you prefer a digital watch, smartwatch or analog watch, there are stylish options available in a variety of colors, finishes and materials. If your skin is sensitive to certain metals, a women's watch with a leather, silicone or woven band may be a good idea. If you like the function of an activity tracker but prefer the look of a traditional wrist watch, check out the Michael Kors Access smartwatches in gold, silver and rose gold finishes.

Michael Kors women's watches are the perfect addition to any ensemble. Seeking subdued glamour? MK mini and petite wrist watches in gold-tone, silver-tone and rose gold-tone options exude simple elegance and look stunning next to a ring or bracelet. For the trend-setter, their oversized designer watches make a bold sartorial statement. Mid-sized leather ladies' watches are the minimalist yet chic choice if you're looking for a versatile timepiece and like to coordinate with other fashion accessories like a leather belt, bag or shoes.


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Michael Kors Watches Quality 

Michael Kors watches are manufactured by Fossil so you can expect that same quality to come with your fashion watch. If you've had good experiences with a Fossil watch, then you can expect the same with a Michael Kors. That, in addition to exceptional elegance.

Michael Kors watches are covered by a two-year (or longer as required by applicable law) warranty. However, to avail such warranty, proof of purchase must be presented. If the watch is found to be not in conformity with the agreement, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. 

But one of the biggest complaints about Michael Kors, as with most fashion watch brands it that the company lacks watchmaking heritage. There are several other brands in the same price range that have a long horological history.


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  • Fossil Watches

Fossil Brand History and Origin

Fossil Group, Inc. is an American fashion designer and manufacturer founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis and based in Richardson, Texas. Their brands include Fossil, Relic, Michele Watch, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, WSI, and Zodiac Watches.

In the 1980s, a person wishing to acquire a wristwatch had literally two options - to go for a reliable but pricey classic Swiss watch, or settle with a cheap-looking piece of plastic. The market had a considerable gap for attractive yet affordable timepieces that needed covering. With the arrival of Fossil, though, the stores started to fill with eye-catching watches that also boasted attractive prices

During the years, Fossil has taken the leading role in providing fashionable wristwear but is not only limited to that. All kinds of accessories, jewelry, and leathers also come from the production line of the brand. However, the watches are still their primary source of income.


Fossil Watches Price: $75-$349

Fossil Watches Design & Style

From classic chronographs to the newest smartwatches, Fossil gets the watch styles you love. The best part is that their wide selection of timepieces comes in enough styles, colors and designs to keep your style fresh and fun for years to come. Whether you're looking for an everyday watch, something for a special occasion or a gift for loved ones, you'll find it at Fossil. They have leather strap watches, stainless steel, mesh and silicone for whatever material suits you best.

If you've got more of a traditional style, you'll love leather and stainless steel watches. These accessories are perfect for professionals on every level. They look great with suits, business casual outfits and jeans with a t-shirt. Choose the color strap and face details that showcase your unique style. Ladies, you can even choose a watch with a little bling to match your dazzling smile. The silicone watches are perfect for sporty types. The bands easily wipe clean and can withstand your daily trips to the gym and pickup games with friends.


Fossil Watches Quality

Fossil watches are made with sturdy materials that can withstand daily wear. They've spent decades perfecting their craft and creating watches that you'll love to wear and collect.

The cases are almost exclusively made from stainless steel. It is an appreciated and reliable metal. It's not only durable but also easy to repair in hiding unwanted scratches. Straps are of stainless steel, silicon, and top-grain leather. The latter, is regarded as one of the quality trademarks of the Fossil brand. Don't forget that one field of Fossil's operations involves the production of leather accessories. Therefore, the quality levels of Fossil's leather watches don't come as a surprise.


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  • Emporio Armani Watches

Emporio Armani Brand History and Origin

Giorgio Armani is an Italian luxury fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics and home interiors. The brand Emporio Armani is a result of designer Giorgio Armani's years of seasoned expertise. Emporio Armani is also a collection consisting of ready-to-wear apparel and other products for men and women. Armani watches are best described as statement watches. These timepieces celebrate luxury and emphasize a great deal on getting every detail right. 

This line focuses more on modern trends and elements. This trendy collection is targeted at the youth, that is, young adults or college going adults. Emporio Armani's target group is young customers, ranging from 20 to 30-year olds. 


Emporio Armani Watches Price: $165 - $795

Emporio Armani Watches Design & Style

The Emporio Armani collection is infused with an understated sense of confidence, offering up classic watch styles imbued with heritage and enduring design.

Emporio Armani Fashion Watches collection of Armani watches for men and women cater to the style needs of modern individuals who want wristwatches that are infused with a sense of casual sophistication. These watches come with leather, silicone, fabric, or stainless steel straps. Their cases are inspired by modern shapes and are ideal for everyday wear. Their clean lines blend in perfectly well with both casual and formal wear. Armani watches with studded dials or with embellished straps are the perfect party wear accessories.

Emporio Armani Connected Watches is a dynamic collection of Armani watches that brings together the best of technology and style. Emporio Connected watches for men and women are hybrid wristwatches that define today's generation. These luxury smartwatches let you connect your iPhone or Android phone to them.

Emporio Armani Swiss Made Watches - Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1930s and '40s, these Emporio Armani watches celebrate geometric structures and shapes. They feature new tonneau-shaped cases and have elegant straps. These undeniably modern-looking watches are best saved for special occasions.


Emporio Armani Watches Quality  

The fact that Emporio Armani watches are produced by Fossil gives you an idea of their quality. To further expand its portfolio for Swiss-made products, the Fossil Group has also moved to Switzerland. It now has Swiss movement-assembly, case-making, design, and prototyping facilities.

Emporio Armani watches are made with quartz movement, which is the one used in almost 80% of Emporio Armani watches. These watches are often unappreciated by watch enthusiasts since it does not have intricate watchmaking craftsmanship. Nevertheless, they cannot deny the fact that quartz is accurate, even more than mechanical watches. Each Emporio Armani watch comes with a 2-year warranty from Fossil Group, Inc. from the date of purchase.


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  • Conclusion

Michael Kors vs. Fossil vs. Emporio Armani watches: which is best for style? I think it depends on your styles and budget.

Michael Kors

As a fashion accessory, MK does know how to make attractive designs that appeal to the masses. There also seems to be a trend with minimalist watch styles that make the brand very popular, especially among millennials. Michael Kors watches may not be as exceedingly great in terms of craftsmanship, their biggest selling point is the look and the name (this is true for almost all fashion watch brands).  The brand has also developed smartwatches that are equally fashionable as the traditional wristwatches.


Fossil is the most known and valued fashion brand there is. With the number of models circling on the market, they're also the brand with one of the broadest arrays of different styles, catering the needs of a lot of people. Stylish and modern watches represent up-to-date style that attracts fashion-hungry individuals, rather than quality-obsessed aficionados.

If you're looking for something that will one day be a family heirloom, look elsewhere. If, however, your main concern is having a relatively stylish and practical accessory, Fossil probably has something for you. For the cheap prices the Fossil wristwear sell, they're definitely worth the money.

Emporio Armani 

The Giorgio Armani, as a whole, aims to provide: “quality, sophistication, and style-timeless values with global appeal.” Most buyers are buying the brand for that reason - it's a good looking watch from a brand that has huge recognition and is world renown for fashion

Someone looking for style over watchmaking reputation may be quite happy with the quality considering the brand recognition and stylish aesthetic that Armani delivers. Therefore, if you're looking for a watch that can tell time accurately and really want a watch from a high-end fashion brand that can make you look good, then you can say that Emporio Armani watches are of good quality.

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