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Tory Burch vs. Coach vs. YSL vs. Furla: Which Brand Is The Best? (History, Quality, Price & Design)

Tory Burch vs. Coach vs. YSL vs. Furla: Which Brand Is The Best? (History, Quality, Price & Design)

    Handbags are undoubtedly one of the essentials for every modern woman. Buying a bag is absolutely worth the investment as it will last for long, long years. Tory Burch, Coach, YSL and Furla are four most popular bag brands in the world today. Whether you’re looking for affordable bags or premium bags, you’ll find lots of options from these brands. But which brand is the best? Which is better furla vs coach? Is Coach good quality? Is Furla a luxury brand? Why is tory burch so popular? Is YSL a luxury brand? In this guide, I will review each of the brand from history, price, design and quality to help you make a choice.

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  • Tory Burch Review

Tory Burch Brand History and Origin

Founded in New York City, Tory Burch has redefined American luxury with a global point of view. The art history grad worked with designers Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang before opening a boutique in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood in 2004 -  "TRB by Tory Burch", later known as "Tory Burch". Most of the inventory sold out on the first day. Oprah Winfrey endorsed her line on The Oprah Winfrey Show in April 2005, calling Burch "the next big thing in fashion".

The fashion line, which encompasses ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, accessories, watches, home decor, and a fragrance and beauty collection, is also carried at over 3,000 department and specialty stores worldwide.


Source:Tory Burch ins

Tory Burch Bags Price: $178-$1598

Tory Burch Bags Design & Style

Tory Burch is a luxury lifestyle brand with an eclectic sensibility and attainable price point. It embodies the personal style and spirit of its CEO and designer, Tory Burch. Many people describe the Tory Burch brand's style to be preppy-bohemian as everything is feminine, effortless, and easy to wear. 

Travel and discovery from worldwide are integral to the collection and brand. The Iconic Double T logo just draws inspiration from the geometry of Moroccan architecture and the bold graphics of David Hicks' interiors from the 1960s and '70s. 

Presented every season during New York Fashion Week, every collection reflects Tory's love of color and unique details. She also is inspired by her love of art, music, culture and travel in her collections. Graphic prints, bold colors and unique details are all signatures of the brand. Timeless and versatile clothing and accessories epitomize the classic American style. 


Source:Tory Burch ins

Tory Burch Bags Material & Durability

Tory Burch is known for using a number of different exterior materials like leather, patent leather, canvas, denim, embellishment, nylon, straw. Tory Burch guarantees to use real leather, though the types of leather will vary depending on style. They use textured, scratch-resistant leather for their most famous line, Robinson. You can identify this surface by touching the material. 

Tory Burch probably has the edge here with her famously soft leathers and astonishingly fine fabrics, but at a fraction of the price. Craftsmanship is concerned score highly with exquisite stitching and super nice detail work apparent throughout their collections. The quality is so good that if you you treat them right they could last longer. 


Source:Tory Burch

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  • Coach Review

Coach Brand History and Origin

Coach was founded in 1941 as a family-run workshop in a loft on 34th Street in Manhattan, with six leather-workers who made wallets and billfolds by hand. In 1946, Miles Cahn and his wife Lillian joined the company.Miles and Lillian Cahn were owners of a leather handbag manufacturing business and were knowledgeable about leatherworks and business. The house grew under the vision of them to become a fashion house known around the world for its distinct attitude and lifestyle collections inspired by New York.

Today, Coach is a leading American design house of modern luxury accessories. Their product offerings include fine accessories and gifts for women and men, including handbags, men's bags, women's and men's small leather goods, footwear, outerwear, watches, weekend and travel accessories, scarves, sunwear, fragrance, jewelry and related accessories. 


Source:Coach ins

Coach Bags Price: $66.50- $1,300

Coach Bags Design & Style

Coach is considered“accessible luxury accessories brand" . It offers well-made products that were “classic, durable, dependable”. Coach offers affordable luxury leather pieces that provide a blend of enduring style and quality. Today more than ever, Coach embodies classic American style - now across a broad and modern product offering of lifestyle accessories in a number of distinctive categories, styles and fabrications. 

It took the revival of early 2000s fashion for Coach to rebrand itself and target the Millennial and Gen Z demographics. In recent seasons, Coach has earned an“it bag”status with the launch of its Pillow Tabby bag. In recent years, Coach has also launched a lot of handbags with less logo and more elegant colors. The brand continues to grow in popularity due to their superior craftsmanship and classic style, and the audience gradually become younger.


Source:Coach ins

Coach Bags Material & Durability

The longest running of these three brands, Coach is known for its high-quality and unique handbags and leather goods, of which can be described as timeless. They are very well made, and if you do choose to buy one, you will have it forever.

The quality and craftsmanship of the production of Coach handbags is very high. The longevity in the brand also proves their bags' staying power. Different leather types will last and wear different - for instance snakeskin is always more delicate, as is lambskin, but something like the pebble leather is much more robust and less easily damaged. Softer leathers can scratch easier, where as more treated leathers and slightly older leathers will wear better. Many styles have little “feet” on the bottom, so when you put the purse down, the bottom of it will not get dirty.


Source:Coach ins

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  • YSL Review

YSL Brand History and Origin

Founded in 1962, Yves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to introduce in France. Throughout the years, the House's groundbreaking styles have become iconic cultural and artistic references. In 1966, Saint Laurent introduces Le Smoking, the first tuxedos for women. Complete with a cummerbund, Saint Laurent's "Le Smoking" was their first introduction to tuxedo styles for women. His skillful eye broke boundaries, dressing women in menswear. 

And its founder, the couturier Yves Saint Laurent, secured a reputation as one of the twentieth century's foremost designers. A broad range of women's wardrobe staples, including leather motorcycle jackets, distressed jeans, tailored jackets, vintage-inspired graphic t-shirts, luxe knitwear, monogrammed leather goods are elevated to an unprecedented standard of luxury

Today Saint Laurent markets a range of women's and men's ready-to-wear products, leather goods, shoes, jewellery,and beauty.


Source:YSL ins

YSL Bags Price:$675 - $4700

YSL Bags Design & Style

Saint Laurent the label represents an edgy, youthful style that captivates the masses to this day. "I am not proposing new style, which is new rules, but freedom,” YVES SAINT LAURENT declared provocatively. The French fashion designer pioneered “cross-design” in fashion, taking inspiration from street trends to modernize haute couture. By blurring gender-specific design, Saint Laurent empowered individual style while creating a scissor-sharp fashion aesthetic of sensual ease and beauty. 

Saint Laurent believed that the colour black is a triumph of elegance. The designer managed to turn black from a rarely-worn colour into one sported every day. The first bags made by Saint Laurent emerged in a time period where the world's outlook on handbags was in the midst of reshaping itself. YSL and other houses at the time were translating the handbag norm of elegance into a cooler aesthetic that gave fashion and sexiness a darker twist. 


Source:YSL ins

YSL Bags Material & Durability

Although Saint Laurent is not as handbag-centric as other brands, these bags have drummed up a large amount of respect and desire in the luxury accessories industry because of what they represent. Fashion labels have always traded on their most intangible quality - the brand. The quality, the luxury, the absolute special craftsmanship still exists. 

YSL bags are made from many materials, but usually they are made of calfskin or lambskin leather. Real leather is strong, but somewhat soft and flexible. Many YSL bags are made of chevron-quilted leather that is grained calfskin leather, which is scratch-resistant and very easy to clean. It's durable, functional, simple, and chic. Iconic leather accessories are tweaked and re-worked to fit the brand's image. 


Source:YSL ins

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  • Furla Review

Furla Brand History and Origin

Furla is an Italian luxury goods company that was created by the Furlanetto family in 1927. The first business of Furla was some time later opened in 1955 in Bologna and sold the beautiful Furla bags to today to customers from all over the world. However, Furla's first collection of bags and accessories was only created between 1970 and 1980, when Aldo's Furla children gave a new handwriting. Since then it has been steadily uphill.

Furla has been expanding worldwide in the past decades and is now enjoying a broad membership. Furla features Italian-designed products that range from handbags and shoes to accessories. It has played an important part of Italian fashion history that has elevated the quality standards of Made in Italy.


Furla Bags Price: $138-$818

Furla Bags Design & Style

As the only Italian brand in its category, Furla stands for quality, creativity and an optimistic yet con dent personality. Furla's beautiful, high-quality accessories stand out for their uniquely Italian attitude to life. An all-Italian approach that combines the aesthetics and craftsmanship with creativity and elegance.

The shape of the Furla bags radiate a timeless yet modern elegance. The Furla bags are rich in model lines and color variations, and it has been developed to suit a wide range of tastes. The colors and prints are not limited by the design of the small Furla bag. Colors-like models in squeaky pink or bright yellow can be found in the selection as well as glittering models in silver or with striking patterns. There are also many elegant, sombre-toned purses, totes and handbags.


Furla Bags Material & Durability

The "affordable price range and high quality of Furla" is one of the reasons for the overwhelming support from young women. Furla looks to the future with a foot grounded in its solid past of time-honoured craftsmanship, sophisticated elegance and playful originality. 

Furla maintains the high quality of its products by using only the best skins which are tanned with traditional superior technqiues. Italian leather is considered to be the finest leather around, known for its luxurious butter-soft texture. This paired with Furla's luxury aesthetics and long history of Italian craftsmanship, creating bags that are lovingly and meticulously made using traditional processes, you know you're getting a luxury item. 


Where to Buy Furla Bags the Cheapest? (2.5-3% cashback) (3-4% cashback) ($8.5-$10.5 cashback, Second-hand Furla)

  • Conclusion

Tory Burch vs. Coach vs. YSL vs. Furla: Which Brand Is The Best?

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is a luxury lifestyle brand with an eclectic sensibility and attainable price point. It's a luxury brand for the masses. Tory Burch bags are also renowned for vintage-meets-far-flung aesthetic,  luxe textures, rich patterns, and vacation-ready preppy style silhouettes.They are best for elegant and stylish ladies.


Coach offers affordable luxury leather pieces that provide a blend of enduring style and quality. Coach is defintely of high quality and classic designs. For many years, it has held the top market share in the American fashion industry. The brand audience has gradually begun to become younger, and the overall is more suitable for office lady to commute. 


Saint Laurent believed that the colour black is a triumph of elegance. YSL bags are with new era of rock Parisian style. Its edgy style which is very suitable for cool and fashion girls. For a small design, it has an exceptionally good capacity. The price point is much higher than the others, the leather is scratch resistant.The quality, the luxury, the absolute special craftsmanship all exists in their works. 


A brand built on its Italian heritage, Furla is all about using high-quality Italian leather to create timeless yet creative styles. Furla stands for quality, creativity and an optimistic yet con dent personality. Furla is for those looking for affordable designer bags. As far as price is concerned, the bags of Furla in the field of designer handbags are simply not to be beaten. 

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