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UGG vs. Koolaburra by UGG vs. Bearpaw vs. Sorel: What's the Differences and Which is Best for You?

UGG vs. Koolaburra by UGG vs. Bearpaw vs. Sorel: What's the Differences and Which is Best for You?

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    Snow boots are a necessity in the cold winter. UGG,Bearpaw, Koolaburra by UGG, Sorel are all best and famous brands that mostly produce warm boots for cold weather. They are known for the quality of the production, durability, comfort, and best stylish. These brands have similarities and differences - the assortment of the brands is pretty similar, but today I will compare the main differences between them. 
    I guess you might want to know the answers to these questions:Where are bearpaw boots made? Are bearpaw boots made in china? Are bearpaw and uggs the same company? What is the difference between ugg and koolaburra uggs? Are koolaburra as warm as uggs? I will help you to find which one is best for you and decide whether to spend money on Uggs or save them buying a pair of boots from Bearpaw, Koolaburra by UGG or Sorel. At the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy these trendy winter boots, you can enjoy up to 10% Extrabux cashback!

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UGG vs. Koolaburra by UGG vs. Bearpaw vs. Sorel: What's the Differences?

1、Brand History

  • UGG 

UGG (formerly UGG Australia) is an American footwear company and a division of Deckers Brands. 

In 1978, a young Australian surfer founded the UGG brand on the shores of Southern California. His Aussie roots forged a strong love for sheepskin and he was convinced the world would one day share this love. UGG boots have been a style staple since they first appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show in her second edition of "Oprah's Favorite Things" in 2003.

UGG is a registered trademark in the United States and over 130 other countries for footwear, as well as bags, clothing, outerwear, home goods and other products. 

UGG footwear are made all over the world. They have factories in China, Vietnam, Thailand, El Salvador, and even in the USA. When we receive our shipments from UGG, we will notice that they are from mixed factories. Authentic American craftsmanship at its best, the Made in the America Collection launched in Fall '14, celebrating high-quality construction and premium materials sourced entirely in the USA.


  • Koolaburra by UGG

Koolaburra is a privately held American importer of authentic sheepskin footwear founded in 1991. In 2015, Deckers Brands acquired the Koolaburra brand. As the newest member of the Deckers Brand family,  Koolaburra by UGG is a lifestyle brand designed with the modern family in mind. Rooted in quality, comfort, and craftsmanship, Koolaburra delivers effortless lifestyle essentials for the whole family. Their chic lifestyle staples are crafted with a focus on value and the ultimate attention to detail.

They are made by UGG as a more affordable boot. All Koolaburra boots are made in Australia. UGG boots are made in New Zealand and China, depending on which style you're purchasing.

  • Bearpaw

Bearpaw Holdings LLC (simply known as Bearpaw and usually stylized in all caps) is an American brand of footwear, apparel and accessories. It's perhaps best known for producing sheepskin boots.

The brand was founded by Tom Romeo in 2001 with the purpose of, according to its website, redefining casual footwear by utilizing sheepskin to create comfortable and stylish footwear. In one of the most competitive footwear market segments, with UGG Australia and EMU Australia as main competitors for producing sheepskin footwear, Bearpaw has carved out a niche area by providing customers with comfort and sensibility to set itself apart.

In 2018, the brand started producing vegan made boots (non-sheepskin), specifically with vegan microsuede (polyester), polyester blend lining, and rubber outsoles.

Now with an extensive line of footwear that covers multiple categories all year round, BEARPAW is available throughout the United States and in over 45 countries around the world. 


  • Sorel

Founded in 1962, SOREL combines expert craftsmanship and of-the-moment design to create all-season footwear. What began decades ago with premium boots, crafted with an unparalleled balance of construction and protection, is now a brand dedicated to both functionality and fashion.

The Sorel trademark was bought by Columbia Sportswear. Following Columbia's purchase, the Sorel brand was expanded to other products,such as nylon outerwear and other work-related garments.


2、Price Range of Boots

Price depends on shoe's style, used material, and applied technologies.

  • UGG 

Overall, UGGs tend to be the more expensive choice. They are usually in the $150-300 range, with some pairs being even more expensive.

  • Koolaburra by UGG

Styles retail for $58.95 to $109.99

  • Bearpaw

You can get Bearpaw for as low as $65 on sale, up to $160.  The UGG boots are considerably more expensive than the Bearpaw ones. 

  • Sorel

Sorels are usually in the $100-$200 range. So, it's not really a huge difference from UGG.

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 3、Material & Comfort & Durability

  • UGG 

UGG boots are usually lined with wool or sheepskin. Therefore, they are not completely insulated, but rather lined with materials that are able to keep you warm. Boots with fuzzy lining are almost always super warm. But they are really difficult to clean because you cannot remove the lining and you cannot really throw the boots in the washing machine.

UGG's fuzzy lining is not really breathable. Therefore, it is very likely that the boots will become too warm. Too hot can cause sweating, and sweating can cause an unpleasant smell.

If you choose Ugg production you can be sure that they will last more than 2 years of regular wear.


Source:UGG Ins

  • Koolaburra by UGG

An adventurous color palette, designs and detailing with uppers made from a combination of calf suede, sheep skin and faux fur help differentiate the brand. While the composition differs from the full sheepskin upper of the tradition Ugg, the construction of Koolaburra by UGG remains strong. 


  • Bearpaw

Both Bearpaw and Uggs are known for the use of sheepskin. However, Bearpaw generally uses a suede cow leather outer with a sheepskin lining. 

EARPAW  redefines casual footwear by utilizing sheepskin, nature's own technical fabric, to create comfortable and stylish shoes. Sheepskin naturally regulates body temperature so feet stay cooler and drier in the heat and warmer in the cold. From slippers and boots in the winter to sandals and flats in the spring, only the finest materials are used to produce BEARPAW shoes.

They utilize only fully sustainable materials in all products and the fur type depends on each individual product. They use real animal fur on some boots and all the materials utilized are sustainable.

In 2018, the brand started producing vegan made boots (non-sheepskin), specifically with vegan microsuede (polyester), polyester blend lining, and rubber outsoles.


  • Sorel

Sorel sometimes put proper synthetic insulation in their boots. Now, it's up to you whether you prefer this or warm lining - in some cases, synthetic insulation is the more reliable choice. It performs really well in wet conditions, and it works fine even in extremely low temperatures.

So, breathability of the boots mostly depends on lining and insulation. Only one type of boots does this properly, and those are Sorels with synthetic insulation. Synthetic is usually really breathable, since it acts as a membrane - it traps your body heat, but also lets some air in from the outside.


4、Style and Look

  • UGG 

UGGs are cozy and adorable. They come in fun styles and fashion-forward designs. UGG also has an all-weather collection of boots that are more equipped for the winter than their classic styles. The all-weather collection still has the cozy, snug insulation that the classic style has. UGGs are favorite comfortable winter shoes, ever. 

Uggs Now offers everything from sneakers to leather boots, such as the Stockton Combat Boot. It also has a broad color selection. You can find its boots in tones from pink to violet to darker hues, such asnavy, burgundy and green.

UGG boots, specifically the classic style, require maintenance, and by the end of a long winter, they probably won't look their best unless you're diligent.


  • Koolaburra by UGG

Koolaburra is a younger and more affordable brand created by UGG. For its Fall '16 debut, many of the Koolaburra styles share similar silhouettes to classic Ugg boots. 

According to Jennifer Somer, vice president of Ugg women's and Koolaburra, Koolaburra by Ugg is "a little bit more fashion forward." While Ugg is positioned as a luxury product, Koolaburra by Ugg boots usually sell for under $100." Koolaburra will help integrate Deckers into retail locations that Ugg is too expensive to occupy like Kohl's and DSW, and in turn help position Ugg as more of a luxury product. 


  • Bearpaw

Built to deliver quality and style, every pair of BEARPAW shoes focuses on comfort and functionality, using the highest standards of craftsmanship. 

In terms of who offers the more choice of style, Bearpaw and Uggs have a few similarities. The traditional Bearpawscame as a pull-on boot, available in various colors, including white, beige, tan and black. Later versions sported more unusual hues, such as green and pink. Both Uggs and Bearpaw emphasize appearance and texture. Both deliver in this category- followers praisethe brands for the softness and good look.

  • Sorel

Sorel focuses on creating functional, durable boots. Sorel boots are made for people who aren't afraid to get their boots dirty. Lately, Sorel's styles have been not only winter-appropriate but stylish and fashion-forward - they've stepped up their fashion game.

Sorel offers a wide selection of styles, the most popular being the Joan of Arctic boot and the killer Joan of Arctic Wedge boot. Sorel boots strike a balance between weather-ready and style-conscious. Sorels are durable and waterproof, and were literally crafted for the worst of winter's weather.


  • UGG vs. Koolaburra by UGG vs. Bearpaw vs. Sorel: Which Brand is Best for You?

I cannot really say for certain which one is best for you.

  • One one hand, If you can afford to spend the money and are looking for boots that you can count on for the next three or four seasons to come, then the UGG ones are a much better choice.

But if you prefer variety and affordability, then Bearpaw boots are a great choice, especially considering that they do not lack in comfort or quality. Most reviewers think Bearpaws hold their upright shape better while Uggs, but both are very warm. Bearpaw boots also offer sheepskin,albeit at a lower price point. lt's also the only one that offers vegan options, with faux fur and microsuede. 

  • On the another hand, I think it really depends on the weather where you live. 

 If you have to trek a few inches of snow every winter, you can choose Sorel boots. Sorel boots offer the true weatherproofing and durability that you’ll need for snow and ice while still looking quite chic. But Bearpaw are slightly firmer than Uggs. People alsotend to suggest that Bearpaw boots hold their shape better than Uggs.

UGGs on the other hand are comfortable, amazingly cozy, warm and cute, so they're great for areas that don't get much snow. Uggs are recognized for comfort and smooth stitching. They're very light and the soles are soft andbendable. But aside from the small all-weather collection, UGG boots are not the best choice for trekking in deep snow and ice. And even the all-weather boots don't quite match up to the durability of Sorel boots. 

  • The quality to price for Koolaburra to be exceptional. The new brand will target a younger demographic than Ugg, appealing to teenage girls up to Millennial moms. And you can even buy replacement sheepskin inner soles and can wash the ones in the boots.

Source:koolaburra Ins

  • Where to buy UGG,Koolaburra by UGG, Bearpaw, Sorel the cheapest?

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  • Sorel (8%-10% cashback)  (1.5%-2% cashback) (2%-3% cashback)  (4.5%-5% cashback)  (1.5%-2% cashback) (4%-5% cashback) (4%-4.9% cashback)

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