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R.M.Williams vs. Blundstone vs. Allen Edmonds vs. Red Wing: Which Brand is the Best? (Quality, Design & Price)

R.M.Williams vs. Blundstone vs. Allen Edmonds vs. Red Wing: Which Brand is the Best? (Quality, Design & Price)

    Boots are worn worldwide for a long history for their versatility and protection. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or you’re heading to a festival, a great piece of footwear goes a long way. People wear boots for fashion or work. From formal to casual, there’s a pair of boots for every occasion.R.M. Williams, Blundstone, Allen Edmonds and Red Wing are boots brands that stand out more than others on the market. Which brand of boots is the best? Why are Blundstone boots so comfortable? Is Allen Edmonds a good brand? Is R.M. Williams a designer brand? Are Red Wing work boots worth it? Today I'm going to write a comparison for these brands from history, price, quality, and design.

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  • R.M.Williams Review 

R.M. Williams Brand History and Origin

R.M. Williams is an iconic Australian brand with a distinctive heritage inspired by the rugged Australian outback. Established in 1932 by the legendary Reginald Murray Williams, the brand focuses on manufacturing, distribution and retailing of high quality footwear, clothing and leather goods. 

The company is mostly known for its strong offering in leather boots, which are a strong heritage product in Australia. As of 2019, its boots were available in 500 department stores. As of December 2020, it operated around 64 of its own retail stores in Australia and 7 in other countries


R.M. Williams Boots Prices: men's boots:  $539 - $1479; women's boots: $539 - $795.

R.M. Williams Boots Design & Style

 R.M.Williams has been fitting the feet of the world over, producing boots of outstanding handcrafted quality that exude authenticity and deliver comfort and classic Australian style. You can choose from the classic Chelsea Boot and Lace Up silhouette, or the more contemporary Sneaker. Available in a range of leathers, soles and colours to suit your style.

The Craftsman line is the R.M. Williams' classic. It's an“everyday”Chelsea boot:  it's easy to wear all day at work, even if you have a few mile/km walk as part of your commute. The rubber sole is tough, and the insole has a lot of padding for a boot.  Beautifully crafted from a single piece of leather in Adelaide workshop, Turnout boots are an investment that will stand the test of time.Boasting a neat profile and wide round toe, these dress boots style beautifully with everything from skinny jeans to tailored suits. Handcrafted in Australia, the Macquarie is defined by the narrow round toe and flat heel that creates a refined and elegant silhouette. A versatile style that elevates casual looks and and completes more formal styles.


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R.M. Williams Boots Quality - Material & Durability

Even today, R.M. Williams boots are made by hand in their Adelaide workshop. Each boot of R.M.Willams starts as a single piece of the finest quality leather before 80 sets of hands shape it into an Australian icon. Their craftsmen and women cut out the unique shape using a sharp steel-blade and exceptional precision. The sole is welted with fine leather and crowned with a brass plaque to last. These R.M. Williams boots pass through the company's master craftsman, where each is checked and hand-signed on the sole before release. They're perfect for wearing in the city as well as on an outback adventure.

R.M.Williams Craftsman boots are handcrafted from fine grain leather that's tough enough to make a long-lasting pair of boots, but soft and supple enough to guarantee comfort and durability. Each hide is carefully examined for premium quality and natural character, and that's something that can't be done by a machine. 


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  • Blundstone Review 

Blundstone Brand History and Origin

Blundstone is an Australian footwear brand, based in Hobart, Tasmania, with most manufacturing being done overseas since 2007.

The Blundstone company was set up by several free settlers who emigrated from England to Tasmania. For over 150 years, they ve been a company always on the go, always evolving. It's been that way since John Blundstone started making fit for-purpose footwear that would withstand the cobbled city streets, rugged farmland, dance and factory floors of Hobart, Tasmania. The first Blundstones were lace-up work boots. 

Like most heritage brands, they also made boots for soldiers for both wars.  Now It really has launched into being a lifestyle brand, which can cover outdoors through fashion. 


Blundstone Prices: men's boots: $199-$279; women's boots:  $199-$279; kids' boots: $129-$249; work boots: $209-$329.

Blundstone Design & Style

The company's best-known product is its line of laceless, elastic-sided, ankle-length boots. At first, it was the original: the chunky, quirky, unlined #500 boot from the brand's Originals Series -  although the boots are colloquially known as "Blunnies" in Australia.  It combined the comfortability of a Chelsea with the durability of an Australian bush boot, a laceless style that deters snags on spiky bushes (hence the name) and doesn't slip on rocky terrain.

Blundstone offers lifestyle and casual boots which are designed to help the foot breathe, offer excellent comfort, reduce fatigue, and be easy to wear. #550 and up are boots from the brand's Classics Series. These are all evolutions of the #500 boot. International audiences have adjusted to the boot's unique look, and they've become beloved, pillar parts of millions of wardrobes. These bells and whistles include variations both aesthetic and comfort-enhancing.


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Blundstone Quality - Material & Durability

Blundstone footwear are deemed 'exceptional’, 'exceedingly well made', and 'second to none' - a sign of good things to come.

The majority of Blundstone boots are made from a weatherproof leather. This leather is treated at the factory to be as water-repellant as leather can be, without losing breathability. The boots are ready to wear the moment you buy them. 

Legendary comfort and durability, Blundstone boots stand the test of time, time and time again. Blundstone also offers many work boots designed to offer comfort, stability, and maximum safety. The construction design features advanced technologies and carefully selected materials for a durable, stylish work boot.

Despite moving its production overseas from Tasmania, Australia, Blundstone has maintained its boots quality. On average, when worn as an everyday boot and with good maintenance practices, Blundstone boots can last from 2 to 5 years. 


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  • Allen Edmonds Review 

Allen Edmonds Brand History and Origin

Allen Edmonds has been making some of the most recognizable men's shoes in America ever since 1922. The company was founded as a shoe manufacturing and retail center in Port Washington, before its establishment in Belgium, Wisconsin.

The brand started gaining popularity when Edmonds was commissioned to deliver shoes to the US Navy and US Army during World War II. The company made shoes with responsive cork insoles instead of the awkward metal nails and shanks used in footwear at the time.  Allen's groundbreaking designs quickly found a following with anyone who appreciated a lighter, more flexible dress shoe that was much more comfortable from the very first wear.

Currently, Allen Edmonds is operating over 70 stores, and more to their manufacturing site in the United States, they also make shoes in the Dominican Republic and Italy. Allen Edmonds has maintained a vast signature collection of its leather shoes for men.


Source:Allen Edmonds ins

Allen Edmonds Prices: Men's boots: $169-$616.

Allen Edmonds Design & Style

Dress shoes is core to Allen Edmonds' DNA. Allen Edmonds also offers a variety of boots, including leather boots and work boots. They make sure to carry a range of sizes and widths, so you can get the right fit.

A classic leather boot in a deep brown is good to wear with jeans and sweaters on the weekends. Some suede boots that feel a little more dressed up, perfect for pairing with chinos and an oxford shirt when you're heading to the office. If you're going to be trekking through mud and slush this winter, a pair of waterproof hiking boots will make all the difference. If you're more likely to hop on your motorcycle than trek through the outdoors, consider some sturdy motorcycle boots to keep you safe on the road.


Source:Allen Edmonds ins

Allen Edmonds Boots Quality - Material & Durability

Allen Edmonds has been handcrafting footwear in America using the finest materials from around the world. It's a time-tested practice that involves 212 different steps, 48 pairs of hands and results in what they're proud to call real shoes. In addition to their handsewn collection, Allen Edmonds also utilizes the Dominican Republic factory to cut and sew the uppers of their Goodyear welted collection of shoes. 

Built with best-grade leathers, comfortable footbeds and iconic bench welt that allows for recrafting, Allen Edmonds dress shoes collection of refined styles has set the standard for impeccable dressing for decades. Allen Edmonds has an amazing variety of sizes and use-cases. If you need a dress or work boot that's waterproof and you have a unique foot size, Allen Edmonds is the best place to start looking. 


Source:Allen Edmonds ins

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  • Red Wing Review

Red Wing Brand History and Origin

Red Wing traces its history to 1905. The company initially manufactured 110 pairs of shoes per ten-hour day. Within 10 years of its inception, Red Wing Shoes was producing more than 200,000 pairs of boots per year and was the primary company manufacturing footwear for American soldiers fighting in World War I & II. 

Beginning in the 1970s, Red Wing owners in Europe and Japan began wearing work boots and shoes as stylized Americana footwear. The brand's steady growth stemmed from the booming industries of farming, logging, mining, blacksmithing, and railroading that represented largely untapped footwear markets. Years later, culminated in the launch of Red Wing Heritage in 2007. Red Wing tailored its shoes to the demands of specific customer groups, offering a wide range of shoe sizes and widths to ensure fit, and a constantly growing line of specialized products with different capabilities.


Red Wing Boots Prices:  Men's Heritage Boots: $239.99-$349.99; Women's Heritage Boots:  $289.99 - $549.99; Work Boots: instore only.

Red Wing Boots Design & Style

Red Wing Heritage creates lifestyle footwear and leather goods with an enduring commitment to American craftsmanship. Their boots and shoes are made for modern men and women with over a century of archival inspiration stitched into each pair.

Though Red Wing Shoes is known primarily for their leather boots intended for heavy work, in recent years the company has expanded its line-up to include athletic-styled work shoes and footwear designed for specific job applications (such as slip-resistant shoes designed for the service industry and boots ideal for the mining industry that utilize a metatarsal guard). The company produces Oxfords, chukkas, hiking boots, and logger styles, as well as 6-inch and 8-inch work boots. While the core of Red Wing's focus is on work boots, in 2008 Red Wing Shoes added a Heritage catalog and also has experimented with more fashion-oriented shoes.


Red Wing Boots Quality - Material & Durability

Red Wing manufactures durable and comfortable footwear tailored to the needs of specific occupational and recreational activities, from farming to hunting and hiking. 

Red Wing boots are the gold standard for men's footwear and are stocked at men's clothing shops the world over. Made to the same exacting standards as their work boots, Red Wing Heritage styles have a wide appeal and are just as appropriate on the ranch or factory floor as they are in the office or at home.

Sturdy, classic and well-loved by generations, the Red Wing Shoe brand is primarily handmade with American materials at the company's plants in Red Wing, Minnesota; Potosi, Missouri, and Danville, Kentucky. As of 2014, there are six sources of manufacture: completely made in the USA, made in the USA with imported materials, assembled in the USA with imported components, made in China, made in Korea and made in Vietnam.


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  • Conclusion

R.M. Williams vs. Blundstone vs. Allen Edmonds vs. Red Wing: which brand is the best? 

R.M. Williams

Williams'most outstanding product is riding boots handcrafted from leather. The boots use a single piece of leather with a soft and comfortable feel on the feet. Apart from comfort, the single-piece technique used in construction makes it highly durable. R.M. Williams also has great sole technology and uses durable materials for enhanced longevity. It's easy to replace the sole in case of wear, which is a significant difference from others. Besides, this brand is the most expensive.


Blundstone tends to be more of a work boot for ouutdoor, unlike R.M. Williams, which allows you to transition from an office to a weekend out with friends and still look great. It features sturdy upper construction from different materials, such as nubuck, suede, and premium leather. In some designs the brand focuses more on durability than comfort. It takes longer for this sturdy material to expand and feel comfortable on the feet.

Allen Edmonds 

Allen Edmonds boots are more sitable for work and daily wear. They also make sure to carry a range of sizes and widths. Allen Edmonds has been handcrafting footwear in America using the finest materials from around the world. And it's the only manufacturer of good welted shoes that does not adhere the heel to the shoe by driving the nail through the insole to the insole. If you need a dress boot that's waterproof and you have a unique foot size, Allen Edmonds is the best place to start looking. 

Red Wing

Red Wing Shoes is known primarily for their leather boots intended for heavy work, but in 2008 Red Wing Shoes added a Heritage catalog and also has experimented with more fashion-oriented shoes. Red Wing can tailore its shoes to the demands of specific customer groups, offering a wide range of shoe sizes and widths to ensure fit, and a constantly growing line of specialized products with different capabilities. 

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