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Loewe Puzzle Bag Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How Can You tell if It's Authentic?

Loewe Puzzle Bag Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How Can You tell if It's Authentic?

    Loewe Puzzle Bag in calfskin is considered to be a modern classic .The Loewe Puzzle Bag was the first new bag designed by Jonathan Anderson (or J.W. Anderson in fashion speak) for Loewe in 2014.With the popularity of Loewe Puzzle bags in the fashion field, there are more and more high imitation fakes on the market. "How to spot fake loewe puzzle bag" has become a must-do homework before buying bags! After reading this Loewe Puzzle bag fake vs real guide, you are going to easily know which is a fake and which is the real deal.


1. The Overall Look of Puzzle Bag 

Puzzle bag is really easy to use and it's secure with the zip on top. The strap is adjustable to four lengths. It can be worn in five different ways: clutch, cross body, messenger, over the shoulder - and as a satchel.  The calfskin leather used to make the bag is both soft and durable, and the seams between the panels are immaculate. And there are so many glorious colors to choose. The result is a bag that is small but mighty. 


2. The Leather of  LOEWE Puzzle Bag

The leather of a LOEWE bag is very high in quality. Authentic Chloe leather, being generall grained calf, is extremely textured and soft. By comparison, dead giveaways of a fake LOEWE bag are if the leather used feels cheap, stiff, and has an unnatural smell to it. 


3. Anagram Pattern Logo

1) This bag is a true Loewe icon with its Anagram pattern on the top. Every detail on the authentic anagram is more exquisitely and flawlessly done.The authentic anagram is much deeply engraved which makes the overall logo bolder whereas the replica anagram is paler and less defined. Every detail on the authentic anagram is more exquisitely and flawlessly done.


2) The anagram on the authentic grainy leather is as highlighted as it is on the smooth surface. Similar to the previous comparison, the replica anagram still isn't as deep inside the leather as the original logo is. Overall, the authentic anagram is bigger, more defined, and exquisite than the fake one.

3) The surface of the authentic leather is different too; it is grainy and rough but not as much as it is in the right picture and the fake leather should be replicating the same look.


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4. Interior Leather Label of LOEWE Puzzle Bag

1)There are two leather labels inside the authentic Loewe Puzzle bag. One is a leather label with the uppercase LOEWE brand logo and the word ‘Made In Spain’, and the other is a leather label with the place of production and the date of manufacture. It appeared in the inner lining corner on the left hand side. If you bought the package several years ago, you may find that there is a three-digit numeric code, which is different from the package that was just released in the last two years (version problem).

2) The O inner ring of LOEWE in the authentic logo is not a perfect circle, but has sharp corners at both ends. It looks like a football shape, and the angle is leftward


5. The Loewe Bag Serial Number

1) Each Chloé bag comes with its own serial number, usually stamped on a leather tab sewn to the bag's interior pockets. The numbers on the tab come in different fonts depending on the production date and model of the bag, so it's important to do some research to determine if the font corresponds to its overall design.

2) Make sure that the number is centered and that the embossing has not been printed. The number also almost always consists of six digits, with two digits separated by a hyphen. Nevertheless, it can also happen that the pattern of the serial number varies and, for example, contains additional letters.


6. The Stitching 

In this case, the stitching is vital as it holds the strap together. The stitching of the authentic handle is super thick, neat , symmetrical, and secure that the bag will last a long time even after years of daily use; The same can't be said about the replica bag as its lower sewing can not be trusted with its sloppiness, asymmetry, and thin stitches.


7. The Hardware of Loewe Bag

1)Loewe's hardware design is small, complex and delicate, some of which will be engraved with the brand's logo. Although not all hardBare has a logo, there must be a logo on the zippers of the V series, the puzzle series and the wedge nails of the Flamenco series.

2)Both the horizontal logo groove polishing and the flatness of the edges are perfect, and there is no surface reflection caused by uneven polishing or uneven coating. The letter O is not a perfect circle. The format details are consistent with the LOEWE logo on the side of the buckle of the bag.


3) There is also a Loewe anagram symbol logo that’s engraved at the base of the zipper. The rea logo engraving is clearly visible and there are no irregular lines. And the fake bag has its logo fit too deep inside the metal, and as you can see, the imprinting of the fake logo appears to be messy. 


8. The Zipper Puller

Zip closure are with calfskin pull which is extremely textured and soft. The stitches on the pull are neat and even, and there will be no loose threads.


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