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Furla Bag Fake vs. Real Guide 2024: How to Know if Your Furla Bag is Original?

Furla Bag Fake vs. Real Guide 2024: How to Know if Your Furla Bag is Original?

    Furla is one of the most famous brand on the market. As an Italian brand, they offer everything from handbags to small leather goods and shoes. Fashion-forward, classy and timeless, their bags are not only an accessory but an investment. Furla pitches itself at the “strong, independent, emancipated women who paid attention to emerging fashions” with Italian sophistication. Furla candy bag, furla metropolis bag, Furla 1927 crossbag have been included in the must-buy list by countless girls. Brands at the affordable luxury price point are also finding themselves becoming victims of the counterfeiting industry, it’s no surprise that Furla has joined this list. So how to know if furla bag is original? In this furla bag fake vs real guide, I will tell you step by step!



1. The Craftsmanship and Material

1) Furla bags are continuing Italy's rich heritage for leather craftsmanship. A vital part of their brand DNA, the brand stays true to traditional craftsmanship and uses the country's high-quality leather to create the luxury Italian quality the fashion world loves. Each uncut sheet ofleather will be trimmed either by hand using a metal cuttingmould that is exclusively created for each design; or via a lasermachine that is speedier.

2) The brand exclusively uses real leather, which will be smooth and buttery to the touch, so it shouldn't feel rough or coarse on your hands. If the outside of your bag feels bumpy, rigid, or like plastic, there's a chance it's made out of a cheaper material. While Furla now also uses faux fur (since 2019), their leather is exclusively genuine. Furla bags can also be made of PVC, canvas, suede, and velvet.

3) Furla is an Italian brand but now most of their bags now come from China with high quality.


2. The“Furla Genuine Leather” Logo

1) There is a black leather plate sewn on the bag with a bronzing font "Furla Genuine Leather" on it. Any other words or phrases might indicate a fake. 

2) Look inside the small pocket inside of the Furla bag.  Some fake Furla bags have "Made in Italy" printed on the inside as well, which is a surefire way to spot them. If your Furla isn't made of leather, it should at least have the logo on the inside.


3. The White Tag & ID Number 

1) Furla uses ID numbers on their bags. It's usually printed on a small white tag on the inside. While some fakes may replicate ID numbers, others won't. It's worth noting that just because a bag has an ID number doesn't automatically mean that it's genuine. If the bag doesn't have an ID number, it's an issue.

2) The capital letters on both sides of the front of the product label are printed in reverse, if not, it is an imitation.The middle lines of digital font are different from the uppermost digital font.

3) The reverse side of the label is a barcode. Note that label printing is similar to breakpoint inkjet, numbers and barcodes are composed of tiny black dots.


4. The Stitching

1) Furla bags are famous for their Italian craftsmanship, which includes their stitching. Note the details of the stitching, like color and thickness, If you find mistakes or poor craftsmanship, it's an instant red flag.

2) If the stitches are loose or uneven,  it's probably fake. Real designer bags have quality craftsmanship, and they won't fall apart easily. If your bag has any stitching details on the outside, make sure they look even and aren't super frayed.

3) Sometimes old, vintage bags can have a bit of fraying on them, but it shouldn't happen on brand new ones.


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5. The Suede interior

With the obvious exception of PVC bags, most Furla bags will have a suede interior. Just like the dust bag, this should be high-quality and  soft and smooth to the touch. If the inside feels rough or coarse, it might be fake. Suede is expensive, so most fake Furlas won't use it.


6. The Hardware

1) Most Furla hardware is gold, but they do use silver occasionally. Fake bags might mix and match the color of their hardware. If your Furla bag has a chain and a clasp on it, hold them next to each other to see if they match. 

2)The hardware of the genuine Furla bag has high gloss with  good mirror effect. Note that there is no gloss difference caused by drawing and uneven plating on the surface of the hardware.


3) The back of the genuine lock is made of hexagon socket screws, while some imitations are ordinary Phillips screws. The antlers and MADE IN ITALY marks in the middle should be clear and delicate.

1634971739261504.jpg 1634971800193219.jpg

4) Real Furla bags will have feets that are almost to the very edge of the center rectangle on the bottom. Fake bags usually get this spacing wrong, and the feet might be too close in toward the center. This is a subtle difference, and it can be tough to spot. 


7. The Dust Bag

1) Given Furla's Italian craftsmanship, their dust bags are high-quality with frosted silk surface. It's soft material that feels premium and designed to last.The dust bag should be correctly sized to fit the bag,fake bags sometimes come in tiny.

2) The Furla logo will feature on the dust bag in black font with capital letters. Some fake bags have high gloss and thicker fonts. In addition, notice that the strokes in the middle part of the letters F and R of the Furla logo are broken and spaced.


8. The Certificate of Authenticity

This isn't a guarantee that the bag is genuine, but it's a good start. If the seller doesn't have a certificate or they're being shady about it, the bag might be fake. Keep in mind, though, that many retailers fake authenticity certificates, so it may not be genuine.Real Furla bags also come with care instructions on a small card.


9. Ask for information of the bag

1) Find out the different variations of the Furla bag you wish to purchase by viewing them on the Furla website; all color, size and style varieties will be listed and available for viewing after you enter the section for handbags. During different seasons and different years, Furla releases particular colors and designs. 

2) Check the dates of your bag's release by requesting the model number and style details from a seller if you are buying online. If the seller claims the bag comes from a certain era, make sure the design was offered in that shape and style during that particular collection. If this information is not immediately visible, contact customer service via the Furla website or a retailer.

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