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Nike Factory vs. Nike Outlet vs. Nike Retail Store: Differences, Quality & Price 2024

Nike Factory vs. Nike Outlet vs. Nike Retail Store: Differences, Quality & Price 2024

    Nike brand is one of the most valuable in the world. Its athletic footwear and clothing have become a piece of Americana. NIKE designs, develops, markets and sells high quality and good-looking footwear, apparel, and equipment, accessories and services. Its athletic footwear products are designed primarily for specific athletic use, and a large percentage of the products are worn for casual or leisure purposes. Can you figure out these concepts about Nike - Nike retail, Nike factory, and Nike outlet? What is a nike factory store? What is the difference between Nike factory store and Nike outlet store? Are Nike outlet shoes lower quality? In this guide I will help you to find the ansers!



  • What is the difference between Nike Factory/Outlet store and Nike store? 

1. Nike Retail Store

1) What's Retail store

Retail store is a place of business usually owned and operated by a retailer but sometimes owned and operated by a manufacturer or by someone other than a retailer in which merchandise is sold primarily to ultimate consumers. Retailers satisfy demand identified through a supply chain.


2) Different types of Nike Retail stores

Today, consumer can shop for Nike goods and services in a wide variety of stores. The important types of retail stores are: Speciality store;  Department store;  Super market; Convenience store;  Discount store; Off-price retailer; Superstore;  Hypermarket; and Catalogue showroom.

3) Number of Nike stores globally

As of May 31, 2024, Nike operated a total of 1,048 retail stores throughout the entire world, a slight decline from 1,096 in 2020. The number of Nike stores in the U.S. amounted to over 300 in that year.


4) What is the difference between a Nike store and a Nike factory outlet?

Nike store keeps shoes that are latest and they come directly from the warehouse, they are generally priced at the retail price unless there is some discount or something going on. Factory sell products made specifically for retail outlet or outlet malls or out-of-season discounted goods.

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2. Nike Factory store

1) What is Factory store

An outlet store, factory outlet or factory shop is a brick and mortar or online store in which manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public. Traditionally, a factory outlet was a store attached to a factory or warehouse, sometimes allowing customers to watch the production process. In modern usage, outlet stores are typically manufacturer-branded stores.


2) What is the difference between Nike Factory Store and Nike outlet store?

Nike Factory Store is infact the store make products for Nike outlet. Nike factory stores are among the most popular in the country. They carry a mixture of last season's styles along with items made specifically for the outlet

A shoes life consider 12 to 24 month after they start a aging process. You will find in most of factory out the use to sale discounted product which carry old manufacturing date. You'll save the most money on the back wall, termed the "Hash Wall", at all Nike factory store locations.


3) Difference between a Nike store and a Nike factory outlet

A: Nike Store is brand store they alway keep fresh stock and latests style. Their products come directly from the warehouse, they are generally priced at the retail price unless there is some discount or something going on.

B: At Nike factory outlet, the products sold are from one brand only. Manufacturer who sell only their own products at a reduced price run factory outlets. Factory outlets have been around longer than outlet stores and were typically built next to the factories where the products were manufactured.

C: On the other hand, Nike retailers run outlet stores, too, and various brands are sold there. 


4) Where is Nike Factory Store - Citadel?

Citadel Outlets: 100 Citadel Dr. Suite 561 Commerce, CA, 90040, US

+1 (323) 720-1684

Store Hours:Sun - Sat: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM


6) Does Nike factory/outlet has online store?

Nike does have a legitimate online factory/outlet, but it is a part of official website -, the company's official website. That way you don't waste your money.  But, some Nike retailers will also sell outlet items.

3. Nike Outlet

1) What is Outlet store?

Utilizing the difference between outlet and store locations is a key part of many companies' business strategies. Often, the shoppers who typically make purchases at a brand's retail locations aren't the same shoppers making purchases at its outlet stores.  

Outlet stores,  both true factory outlets and the type of outlet stores generally found in outlet malls, also provide retailers with a means to recoup losses on excess, damaged or irregular items. Outlets make it possible for middle-and lower-income shoppers to access aspirational brands that they'd otherwise be unable to afford.


2) Why Nike outlets cheaper than items in Nike Store?

The truth is, many outlet stores price their items cheaper than their retail counterparts because their quality is cheaper, too. Historically, outlets offered excess inventory and slightly damaged goods that retailers were unable to sell at regular retail stores. 

Take the shoes on the Nike official website as an example. The price of factory shoes is between $25-$55; while retail prices are from $35 -360.

3) Are Nike outlets lower quality?

Outlet-specific merchandise is often of lower quality than goods sold at non-outlet retail locations and online store. Factory outlets sell products made specifically for outlet outlets. While these items look like regular stores and have the same name, they are generally made from cheaper or less functional fabrics than their full-price counterparts.

While some retailers use different brand names and labels to distinguish merchandise produced exclusively for outlets, others do not.


  • Conclusion

Nike Retail store 

The Nike retail store mainly sells Nike's newly released products, new styles, hot styles, relatively complete styles, but the prices are relatively higher.  If you like to chase fashion and trends, and the budget is sufficient, you can choose too buy at Nike retail store/offical online store.

Nike factory store 

The Nike factory store sells outlet items, discounted goods, mainly old-fashioned items that are generally not very popular. The price is a bit cheaper than the regular price retail store, and the factory store will have a certain discount every time. If you're looking for Instagram-worthy merchandise but are on a budget, Nike Factory is where it's at.  Sales are frequent, and new products arrive at a steady flow.

Nike Outlet

Outlets used to be good when they would carry old brand name stock that didn't sell in the main store. Nowadays, the products they sell are lower quality goods that are made directly for the outlet store rather than the main store.

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