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Where To Buy Dior Bag The Cheapest In 2024? (Cheapest Country, Price, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

Where To Buy Dior Bag The Cheapest In 2024? (Cheapest Country, Price, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

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    Distinctly feminine, Dior’s vast collection of iconic handbags is nothing short of legendary. From dangling charms to the sophisticated texture of the signature Cannage quilt, a Dior bag is on top of every fashionable woman’s dream list. You can choose from range of Dior classics like the Lady Dior, Dior Saddle bags, Diorama, Diorissimo, Be Dior, and more. Do you know where to buy Dior bag the cheapest? Which is the cheapest country to buy Dior bag? Is it cheaper to buy Dior in Europe or in UK? Is Dior Cheaper in France? In this guide, I will tell you answers and recommend you some best websites to buy new and second-hand Dior bags online!


1. Why Dior bag is expensive?

Dior is very expensive because it stands out for power, desirability, prestige, and status. It’s a luxury brand with a rich heritage and loyal customer base. It uses the highest quality raw materials and an elite level of craftsmanship. Dior is also loved by celebrities.

  • Rich Heritage

Dior may not be the oldest luxury brand on the market, but it has stayed at the top of fashion’s hierarchy for around 70 years. After all, Dior has created some of the most innovative but still traditional dresses.

  • Dior Has An Elite Level Of Craftsmanship

One of the reasons Dior is so expensive is that products manufactured in Italy usually have skilled workers with years of experience behind the scenes.

Dior works with the most renowned top fashion designers on the market, and a lot of time and care is put into each product they create. In addition, some of those products are made by hand and tested multiple times, to ensure they hit the company standards.

  • Dior Provides Status and Exclusivity

Dior is a luxury brand, and being haute couture, makes the brand more expensive than high-end and mass-market brands since not everyone can afford to buy it. Most people buy Dior because they love the clothes' quality and the unique design. But others purchase a Dior item because they need to feel part of an exclusive group of people who can wear the brand.


2. Which is the cheapest country to buy Dior bag?

Now let's break down the cost comparison between the US, Europe, Japan, China and Singapore, Canada, Australia. In this comparison, I will go in depth calculating not only the price difference with the currency exchange, but calculating in sales tax and the VAT Refund amount. 

For this example, we will look at the Classic Lady Dior Bag Size Small, ABC Style, Color Black. Pricing and exchange rates are as of March 30. 2022.

CountryLocal PriceUSD Equivalent PriceGeneral VAT Rates
United States $5,300$5,30010%
United Kingdom£3,700$4856.1220%
France 4 100,00€$4419.5320%
JapanҰ627,000 tax included$5152.128%
Canada CA$6,500$5206.955%
  • VAT Rates: VAT is commonly expressed as a percentage of the total cost. For example, if a product costs $100 and there is a 15% VAT, the consumer pays $115 to the merchant.

  • Vat Tax Refund: It is a tax on consumption rather than income, and it ranges from 5-25%. If you pay this tax when shopping abroad, you can often get your money back after you've returned home, since travelers are typically entitled to a refund for the VAT portion of prices for goods.


3. How does the VAT Tax refund work in the EU?

In European countries, most downtown department stores, large shopping centers, brand stores, factory stores, specialty stores, etc. can get tax refunds, and you must look for the "VAT Refund" and "Tax Refund" signs. Within 3 months before leaving the country and returning to China, tax rebates can be obtained for clothing, cosmetics, luggage, electronic products, handicrafts and other items that can be carried out of the country purchased in these places.

If you live in a country outside the EU, then you qualify for the VAT Tax refund on any purchase made over $100. Most things at Dior fall into this category. With that being said, the VAT Tax refund on luxury brands such as Dior is 12%.  Meaning that you will receive a 12% refund after you purchase this bag and leave the EU. The VAT Tax is a special tax that Europeans pay for, but tourist don't have to pay. This is a great initiative to entice people to shop in Europe. 

  • For example, if you spend 300 Swiss francs in the same store in Switzerland, you can enjoy a tax refund. According to the proportion of the consumption amount, the minimum refund is 5%, and the maximum refund is 8%;

  • Tax refund in Italy requires that you spend more than 155 euros in the same store on the same day, and the tax refund rate is between 11% and 17.5%. The higher the price of the things you buy, the higher the tax refund rate;

  • In the same store in Germany, you can enjoy tax refund after spending 25 euros on the same day. According to the proportion of consumption, the minimum refund is 10%, and the maximum refund is 14.5%;

  • The starting point of the tax refund in the Netherlands is 50 euros. According to the proportion of the consumption amount, the minimum refund is generally 10% and the maximum refund is 16%;

  • The tax refund rate in France is fixed. If you spend 175.01 euros in the same store on the same day, you can get a 10.8% cash refund. If you refund it to a credit card, Alipay, etc., you can get a 12% tax refund.


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4. Can Visitors to the U.S. Get a Sales Tax Refund?

The answer to whether or not you can get a sales tax refund in the U.S. really boils down to individual states and their policies. The landscape is not monolithic. Some states have bills in place which facilitate that benefit while others don't. But generally speaking, there is no sales tax refund for the items you buy from a vendor. There's an exception if you are exporting the items outside of the U.S.

In the U.S., a sales tax is imposed every time there's a transfer of title or possession. So, if you purchase a taxable item and become its owner, you pay a percentage of it to the government. This is non-refundable, and U.S. citizens are not eligible for refunds (unless they are traveling outside of the U.S. within 30 days). But certain states allow tourists to claim refunds on taxable items.

  • Conclusion:

As you can see from the table above and the chart, if you were going to purchase the Lady Dior bag, then you should definitely purchase the bag in Europe (Italy, France, or other EU countries). By buying the Lady Dior bag in Europe you will save over $2000 which is an incredible savings! The cheapest place to buy a Dior bag is in Europe, followed by UK and the most expensive place to buy a Dior bag is in China.


5. Where To Buy Dior Bag The Cheapest in 2024? 


Dior, created by French fashion designer Christian Dior in Paris in 1946, continues to innovate in brand design but always maintains a noble and elegant style, interpretation of fashion charm, confidence and vitality. In fashion, jewelry and watches, perfumes, make-up and skin care, Dior is the perfect expression of elegance, excellence and luxury. is the official site of the Brand.


Dior Bags Prices:  $800 - $7000

Coupon or Discount:

-Standard Shipping (UPS 4 to 5 business days): Free for all orders.
-Express Delivery (UPS 2-3 business days): $25; Free for orders over $3,000.
-Next Day (UPS Next Day Air): $35; Free for orders over $3,000. 

Extrabux Cash Back: 5- 6% Extrabux cash back


24S is a proud member of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) group. Bringing the spirit of Paris to life through an exclusive online shopping experience for men and women, 24S features a selection of more than 300 fashion and beauty brands, from the finest luxury houses to emerging designers, including the promising talent of the LVMH Prize. 24S is also the exclusive online partner of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Celine and Moynat globally.


Dior Bags Prices: $990 - $5600

Coupon or Discount: Free delivery on orders over $250.

Extrabux Cash Back: Up to 10% cashback


FARFETCH is a British-Portuguese online luxury fashion retail platform that sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world. The company was founded in 2007 by the Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves. FARFETCH is an online marketplace that forms the hub of a global fashion community, uniting independent boutiques around the world with fashion lovers. Discover the brand's pioneering style in the range of pre-owned Christian Dior - with vintage clothing and accessories dating back to the '80s. 


Dior Bags Prices:  $312 - $7095

Coupon or Discount:  Free shipping on selected full-price items.

Extrabux Cash Back: 1.5-2% cashback

4) The Luxury Closet 

Based out of Dubai and founded in 2011, The Luxury Closet is a leading online boutique for buying and selling new and pre-loved luxury items like handbags, clothes, watches and jewelry. With more than 40,000 unique items as part of their selection, they feature top luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior Chanel, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, Rolex, and more. They accept items and deliver globally.


Dior Bags Prices: $174-$6254

Coupon or Discount: 

- 7-84% off on secondhand Dior bags.

- STUDENT & YOUTH DISCOUNT: 10% off - up to $60.

- ESSENTIAL WORKER DISCOUNT: 10% off - up to $60.

Extrabux Cash Back6-7% cash back


Vestiaire Collective is a resale community, over 700,000 strong, dedicated to luxury fashion. Launched in Paris in 2009, Vestiaire Collective has offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and a tech hub in Berlin.  All collections are curated and undergo strict tests to guarantee quality and authenticity. Renew your wardrobe by buying and selling fashions globally. The platform is unique thanks to its highly engaged activist community and its rare, desirable inventory of 3 million items that includes 550,000 new listings every month.


Dior Bags Prices: $21.29-$52,569

Coupon or Discount:  

-20-50% off secondhand Dior Bags.

- Enjoy NO seller fees on your first listing below $300 and Shop $30 off your first app orders $150+ with code WELCOMEUS

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Since opening its New York flagship store in 1993, What Goes Around Comes Around has expertly curated a selection of the finest luxury vintage from around the world and is renowned for bringing a luxury experience to the luxury vintage marketplace. Their Mission Is To Continue To Create A Sustainable Marketplace Where The Finest Collection Of Pristine Pre-Owned Luxury And Vintage Pieces Can Find New Homes. Widely Lauded As The Vanguard Of High-Fashion Vintage, WGACA paved the way for the pre-owned luxury market and remains The premier global destination for luxury vintage.


Dior Bags Prices: $914-$5500

Coupon or Discount: 

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- Up to 30% Off Spring Bag Sale.

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