Gucci Outlet vs. Gucci Retail: Differences, Quality & Price 2023

Gucci Outlet vs. Gucci Retail: Differences, Quality & Price 2023

    Gucci is an Italian brand famous for high fashion women's apparel, handbags, jewelry and more. Established in 1921, Gucci has evolved from a manufacturer of quality leather accessories into one of the world’s premier luxury brands. A legacy of glamor, elegance, and modernity underpin its status as a bastion of essential Italian fashion.Gucci's bags are sophisticated, charming and beautifully crafted, but costly, which is why many of us may opt to purchase Gucci items either second-hand or at a discount store. Also consumers looking for bargains often choose outlet stores over retail stores. What is the difference between Gucci Retail and Gucci outlet? Is Gucci outlet worth it? Does Gucci have outlet store online? In this Gucci Outlet vs. Gucci Retail/Boutique guide, I will tell you their differences from price, quality and locations!

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What is the difference between Gucci Retail and Gucci outlet?

What's Retail store

Retail store is a place of business usually owned and operated by a retailer but sometimes owned and operated by a manufacturer or by someone other than a retailer in which merchandise is sold primarily to ultimate consumers. Retailers satisfy demand identified through a supply chain. Gucci retail store includes Gucci retail store, Gucci boutique and Gucci official site.

What's Outlet store

Factory outlet, also known as a factory shop, is a store where manufacturers sell their products directly to the public at a heavily discounted price. A outlet store is a manufacturer-owned store selling that firm's stock directly to the public. The stock at a outlet can either be first-quality merchandise or discontinued, irregulars, cancelled orders at a very low price.

Traditionally, these outlets used to be a brick and mortar store besides the factory or warehouse but now along with the previous mode of operation, outlet centers are present in outlet malls and as online stores. 



Gucci Retail Store VS Gucci Outlet Store

1. Prices

  •  Gucci Retail / Boutique items' Prices

The products sold at retail stores are either at MRP or at a certain percentage of discounts which in general is not that much. On Gucci online offcial site, we can see Gucci items' prices

Bags: $720 - $32,000; Ready-to-wear: $490 - $4200; Shoes: $320-$1,690; Wallets & Small accessories : $180 -$2500; Silks & Scarves: $195 - $1,200; Belts: $360 - 1,200; Eyewear: $320 - $1230; watches: $910 - $ 4,000; Jewelry: $180- $6,800; beauty: $32-$680.

  • Gucci Outlet items' Prices

1) Why is Gucci Outlet cheaper than Retail?

Gucci Outlet discounts can be between 35% - 65% off! An outlet store offers shoppers lower prices and everyday bargains. The reason of heavily discounted price at factory outlet centers is attributed to elimination of distributor costs and retailer costs, the minor defects which may be present in the product, to clear up the surplus stock etc. Also, heavy discounts are given to clear the outdated stock to make place for the new stock. 

2) Prices at Gucci Outlet

Round 1: The way that the pricing works is that once a Gucci item hits the outlet, it's automatically discounted 50%. It will usually be a plain white tag over the original priced tag. Or it might be a brand new tag altogether.

Round 2: If things aren't selling, it'll take roughly another six months for them to discount it again. The best part is that they will discount it another 50%. You can tell that it's been marked down further if it has a price written in red pen.

Round 3: If things aren't selling again for another six months, they will discount it another 50%. You can tell by the second red pen number. Once it gets to this point, it's very rare that it'll get marked down again. Inventory is probably very low at that point, but you never know.



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2. Different Locations

  • Gucci boutique

Most retail shops are located in malls, strip-malls or heavily populated areas in the center of a major city or big town.  In shopping malls, shops mainly pay rent, and more commissions are collected by the mall.

  • Gucci Outlet

The outlet leasing model draws on the SHOPPINGMALL shopping mall operation model, which leases stores to brand manufacturers to obtain operating income by charging rent. Outlets are typically built in inconvenient locations that require prospective customers to travel outside of their local area. 

Another thing to consider is that retailers like to keep a safe distance between regular-priced retail merchandise and the same merchandise at a cheaper outlet.  This is to prevent your outlet from competing with the flagship.

  • Gucci Outlet store adresses

Gucci doesn't have outlet store online. All Gucci store or outlet locations in USA - total of 48 stores and outlet stores in database.  

Eg:  New York Fifth Avenue Flagship

725 Fifth AvenueNew York, New York, 10022, United States


Chicago Flagship

900 North Michigan AvenueChicago, Illinois, 60611, United States


Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Central Valley, New York, 10917, United States



48650 Seminole Dr. Suite 228 Cabazon, California, 92230, United States


Gucci Livermore Outlet

San Francisco Premium Outlets 2774 Livermore Outlets Drive, Suite 3890

Livermore, California, 94551, United States


Find more Gucci outlet store near you: https://www.gucci.com/us/en/st/capsule/gucci-outlet



3. Different Sales Model

  • Gucci boutique

It mainly sells brand-new seasonal products and specializes in displaying the latest products.

  • Gucci Outlet

Not all products manufactured by a company are of the benchmark quality and thus, they cannot be sold in retail stores.  Also, some products are manufactured which have a minor defective or not perfect but still usable. Further, with such a dynamic market, a product which is in trend today may get outdated tomorrow and again it becomes undesirable at retail stores keeping in consideration the limited space at retail stores. 

All the above mentioned categories which do not find itself a place at retail stores find itself a very good place at factory outlet centers. Instead of discarding all the products belonging to such categories, factory outlet centers sell them at heavily discounted prices which buyers are willing to pay and accept the little problems that these categories have. With the booming industry of outlet centers, manufacturers have started manufacturing products which are specifically for the purpose of such centers such that they do not compete with their retail stores.



4. Different Target Customers

  • Gucci boutique

 The main customers cover almost all ages, and the new trendy is the main way to attract people.

  • Gucci Outlet

 The core customers are owners who prefer 35-55 years old, so some brands look older.

5. Gucci Retail vs Gucci Outlet Quality

  • Gucci Retail items' Quality

The function of a retail store is to sell quality products at a retail price, which means there are few discounts unless there's a sale or special event. Retail stores are built to provide customers with exactly what they want when they shop for name-brand items, and high demand typically means that these stores' items will do well.

  • Gucci Outlet items'  Quality

 Many major retailers use outlet stores to sell overstock items and out-of-season items at a cheaper price. These products are of good quality, but retailers lack the room to stock these items. And some outlet stores sell damaged, gently used or new merchandise that has some type of blemish or irregularity. 

Factory outlets also sell products made specifically for outlet outlets. The franchise outlet stores may use the lower-quality material in the products sold at those outlets than the material they use for items they sell at retail locations. 

However,  Over the years, outlets have become shops that cater to consumer desire for name-brand products that are affordable and of good quality.



Tip For A Successfull Trip to The Gucci Outlet 

1) Get in line early. The Gucci Outlet opens at 10:00 a.m, so you would best get there at least half an hour early. 

2) Don't Come After 2:00 p.m. They actually stop the line at 2:00 p.m. They do this so everyone has a chance to shop. The store hours say that they close at 8:00 p.m., but they definitely shut down the line hours sooner. With that being said, they might have changed it since or it may depend on how many people are in line that day. To be safe, just go first thing in the morning.

3) Get an Appointment.  We highly suggest you make friends with your sales associate of Gucci Outlet. If you know you’ll be coming back often, you would politely ask them for their business card because next time, they can actually set up an appointment for you. 

You just walk right up to the door, give them your names, and say who we're here to see. Just like that, you get to bypass the entire line. Otherwise, you can set up an appointment online through their website. I actually have not tried this yet, but I'm curious if anyone else has and has it been successful.

4) Also, if you don't see anything you like right away, ask to see if they have anything in the back. Apparently, from what a sales associate told us, what is shown on the show floor is set by Gucci corporate. They get sent info on what should be on the floor and what should be in the back. So, definitely ask them if they have anything else in the back that's different and that's in your size. Otherwise, if they don't have an item that you're looking for at your store, they can check the inventory of another Gucci outlet and can have it shipped to you. 



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Second-hand Gucci

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