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Moncler vs. Canada Goose vs. Mackage: Which Should You Invest in 2024?

Moncler vs. Canada Goose vs. Mackage: Which Should You Invest in 2024?

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    As winter comes, we all start to dread the approaching cold season. There’s an old Icelandic adage that says “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” If you live in an harsh and cold place in winter, then choosing a warm and comfortable down jacket should be the first choice for winter. Although spending so much money on a jacket seems to be a waste, considering that you are at a world-class level in terms of design, manufacturing quality, durability and insulation, the money will definitely be used Its place, as well as the quality of the down feathers.The high-end brands produce high-end lifestyle fashion statements for you to face the winter not just with style and pizzazz, but also with a nice warm coat.In this brand comparison guide I will be taking a look at three of the most expensive jacket brands on the market: Moncler vs. Canada Goose vs. Mackage, where I take a look at each brand separately and then go on to see which one would be the better option and should you invest in 2024 of the three.And at the end of the article, I will recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy Moncler,Canada Goose and Mackage.

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  • Moncler vs. Canada Goose vs. Mackage

1. Brand History

  • Moncler

Moncler was founded at Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, in 1952.  It's an Italian lifestyle and apparel company,  known for its sportswear and down jackets.  

Originally, Moncler started out as companies of outdoor gear which made tents and sleeping bags rather than clothes.

The origins of the brand name lie in its very roots: Moncler is in fact an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a mountain village near Grenoble. The first ever quilted jacket created by Moncler was to protect workers from the harsh cold weather conditions. Workers wore these jackets over their overalls in the small mountain near Grenoble, named Monestier-de-Clermont, which is where the company’s name originates from.

Over the years, the brand has combined its iconic style with expert-led research of the outdoors, producing a collection of outerwear and separates that seamlessly marries the extreme demands of nature with those of city life.


  • Canada Goose 

Its history begins in 1957 in Toronto, Canada, where it was originally named Metro Sportswear Ltd. The name of Canada Goose came after the brand launched its products to the European market.

By the '80s, people were sporting the company's jackets in the coldest places on Earth. Its expedition parka became standard-issue at Antarctica's McMurdo Station, where the scientists nicknamed it "Big Red." And in 1982, one of the company's jackets made it to the top of Mt. Everest on the back of Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to summit the mountain.

 Canada Goose claims to be committed to producing the best winter weather outerwear in the world. Canada Goose offers the perfect blend of luxury and uncompromising craftsmanship. And every piece is made in Canada with proprietary fabrics designed to ensure exceptional performance and protection—in whatever conditions you might face. Every product is designed with purpose and informed by the rugged demands of the Canadian Arctic. 

  • Mackage

Another Canadian brand - Mackage was launched in 1999 by Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy. Rooted in a commitment to innovation and outstanding craftsmanship, the label's signature pieces are designed with intricate detailing and precise tailoring, striking a unique balance between aesthetics and performance. 

The founders believe that a jacket or coat is not just to protect oneself from the cold but also a significant part of the outfit. Since, Mackage has become synonymous with beautiful, wonderfully warm winter jackets and parkas, and equally covetable accessories-from versatile leather handbags, to snuggly cashmere scarves, to luxe kidskin gloves. 

Despite their numerous designs, they are more renowned for their down and winter jackets, which are some of the most stylish designs you will come across.

2. Price Range

  • Moncler

Moncler is a high-end brand. Their down jackets prices range between $1,000-$2,500.  At this price point,  designer brand cost is no longer associated with functionality, but with brand reputation and fashion heritage. It's a luxury product with a high price point, combined with rugged functionality and quality manufacturing. Besides its designer branding, Moncler was, at its heart, originally designed for harsh conditions and expeditions.

  • Canada Goose 

Jackets prices range from $500 to $2,000.  Their jacket is reasonably priced for something that both looks fashion forward and can withstand a spontaneous Arctic expedition. This is another testament to 'getting what you pay for'.  If you want a jacket that can keep you warm during Himalayan blizzards, I think the price tag is justified.

  • Mackage

Mackage is known for the puffer jackets and keeping the wearers warm and also known in the fashion world as providing coats that are stylish.  Just like Moncler, Mackage is also a high end brand, which means that the jackets come with a high price. Their jackets and parkars can go well between $850-$1800.

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3. Materials and Manufacture

  • Moncler

The down's technical quality is the outcome of Moncler's thorough process, which ensures that only high-quality goose down is used to make the garments.

The down insulation goes through a two-step inspection process to evaluate compliance with eleven quality parameters, including cleanliness and health. These parameters are set as per strict international standards.

All the materials are also subjected to strict tests in order to identify their mechanical and physical features, and chemical composition; all of which are significant for ensuring the preferred technical performance.

Despite it being an Italian brand originating in France, it does not manufacture products in either of these countries, apart from small and limited collections that are made in Italy. Moncler manufactures their jackets in Europe, namely in countries such as Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Georgia and Romania.

They use Japanese nylon as their primary fabric, which provides mild weather protection qualities and it is also a highly durable fabric.

Source:Moncler Ins

  • Canada Goose 

It's hard to find flaws in a Canada Goose jacket, whether it be in construction, quality or insulation.   Its products undergo a 13-step process, where every small button and stitching is checked in order to ensure that everything is up to par with the brand’s own standard of quality and performance.

The fabrics most commonly used by the brand are Polyester and Nylon as part of their shells and linings in jackets and other garments.

Specialized fabric technologies developed by the brand itself are also part of a lot of their products. These technologies are the Feather-Light US and Dura-Force, the role of which is that of improving weather performance and durability.

The down used in Canada Goose coats and jackets is mainly that of geese. This down meets not only the highest hygiene standards, but also bears the RDS certification, which ensures the responsible sourcing of down from birds that were humanely treated, not force-fed and are a byproduct of the meat industry.

Goose down is typically the best quality down and it provides better loft than that of duck down, thus resulting in better insulation and added warmth. However, high fill power and good quality duck down is also a great insulator.

Source:Canada Goose Ins

  • Mackage

The brand utilizes multilayer technology, which combines performance and aesthetics.  each layer working to make the pieces water- and stain-repellent, windproof, breathable, down-preserving, and above all, warm. 

The duck down used is comprised of whole clusters with a minimum fill-power of 800 and in a ratio of at least 90% down to 10% feathers.  The down that Mackage uses is per the RDS standards 100% traceable and responsibly sourced. Their jackets with the highest insulation can withstand temperatures of nearly -31°F (-35°C).

They also committed to only using ethically sourced down – meaning no live plucking, no force-feeding, and only using the down of mature ducks. 

Source:Mackage Ins

4. Warmth

  • Moncler

 Moncler is constructed with 90/10 down-to-feather ratios, which is the best on the market, are on stuffed with high-quality down feathers that are both light and insulated. This means wind cannot go through the coat. There is a distinct feature in Moncler jackets - the light, comfortable weight that maintains an unexpected amount of warmth.

The weight of each jacket is made to feel snug and perfectly balanced against your body, keeping your body temperature closely sealed inside.  

  • Canada Goose 

When you try on a Canada Goose, you will feel that you are always protected from the cold, as if you were walking around in a warm shelter.  

Pull up the hood and pull up the fur lining, you can almost do it. Excellent wind protection, even the length of the zipper has been protected, which forms an almost impenetrable block, which can completely keep the cold air away from the inside of your parka.

Source:Canada Goose Ins

Thermal Experience Index (Canada Goose Only)

When talking about Canada Goose jackets, I will be mentioning TEI quite often. That stands for Thermal Experience Index, and it basically tells you how warm a particular Canada Goose jacket is. TEI rating ranges from 1 to 5, and here are the definitions that will help you figure out the TEI rating you’re looking for:

TEI 1 – For sporty adventures, good for 5°C / -5°C temperatures

TEI 2 – A versatile jacket; suitable for 0°C / -15°C temperatures

TEI 3 – Everyday use; warm in -10°C / -20°C temperatures

TEI 4 – Good for daily use; suitable for -15°C / -25°C temperatures

TEI 5 – For extreme colds; temperatures below -30°C

  • Mackage

Attached to every jacket from Mackage is a tag stating the lowest temperature a person wearing the garment can withstand. You can choose from them according to the average winter temperature where you live. These temperatures range from 23°F to as low as -35°F. In this way, you can easily choose which trench coat is the right choice so that you are not too hot nor too cold.


Source:Canada Goose Ins

5. Durability 

  • Moncler

Moncler jackets are built using Japanese nylon, which is very fine so the chances of a loose feather is extremely small. The down ratio is 90 percent down, 10 percent feather, which is the best on the market.

  • Canada Goose 

Canada Goose uses down sourced from Canadian Hutterite farmers. The stitching, fabric, and water repellency are all highly durable, and can be expected to last for many years.  Canada Goose jackets come with a lifetime warranty, which protects "against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.”

  • Mackage

The brand uses Nano Down, which is coated with Texcote™ Nano treatment, that helps increase down's durability and loft, apart from also making it fast-drying and more resistant to contaminants.

Their jackets are weather-resistant to keep you warm and dry, and to withstand the cold, harsh Canadian winters.


Source:Mackage Ins

6. Style

  • Moncler

Moncler, being the designer brand, obviously offers jackets that are more stylish. They are generally slimmer, sharper, and more stylized,especially the women's options. They are more form-fitting, which helps you feel better when you are wearing the jacket. 

They are always pushing boundaries and blending designer fashion with high quality warmth technology. Moncler has recently released a wide array of patterns and finishes that allow you to differentiate yourself and stay on top of the current trend of bold statement pieces. They are more creative and aesthetic.

  • Canada Goose 

Straightforward and utilitarian, Canada Goose offers a no-frills look. It doesn't pay too much attention to style. Instead, they focus more on function. Don't get me wrong - some of their jackets are still pretty stylish. But compared to Moncler, they do fall short.

Wear it on practically any occasion, and you'll immediately look bold and ready for the winter season.  If I'm going to be warm in -20 degrees Celsius, Canada Goose jackets are the warmer choice. 

  • Mackage

Mackage coats are designed to make sure that each detail provides a very specific benefit to you so that you get the very best in comfort, warmth, and protection when you are out and about and you can look good doing it. Their mission was clear: to elevate outerwear with a unique balance between fashion and function.

7. Lifetime Warranty 

  • Moncler

No Lifetime Warranty. Moncler jackets, in contrast, should be worn more gently and not in extreme conditions. The jackets are very warm, undoubtedly, but long-term durability is a factor with any designer investment.

  • Canada Goose 

Canada Goose offers lifetime warranty on their products - if your jacket gets damaged due to a manufacturing defect, Canada Goose will either fix it, or send you replacement. Their warrant does not cover accidents, negligence or normal wear and tear. But say the zipper on your jacket breaks or stops working for no reason - they will fix that.   Canada Goose jackets are designed to be worn on a daily basis, and to protect you even in the harshest of colds. 

  • Mackage

They offer a lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It's all part of Mackage's commitment to exceptional quality. The Footwear collection is not covered under the Mackage Lifetime Warranty Program.

Source:Moncler Ins

  • Which Brand Should You Invest in 2024?

1、Since these are similar brands when it comes to quality and comfort, the deciding factor can be the price. Mackage and Canada Goose are generally slightly cheaper than Moncler.

2、Mackage and Moncler place a greater emphasis on fashion, whereas Canada Goose focuses on long term performance. They are generally more durable.

3、Canada Goose is better suited to extremely cold climates, whereas Mackage and Moncler are better for typical winter wear.

4、If you are to consider construction quality and overall durability / longevity, then Canada Goose is the winner. For about half the price, you get one of the warmest coats in the world, and a lifetime warranty on top of that.

5、If you prefer form over function, the Moncler and Mackage offer some of the most beautifully styled jackets in the world, with marginal loss in terms of warmth. 

6、Style-wise, both Mackage and Moncler are fashional and fit, especially when it comes to how the jackets fit and the reduced bulkiness. Mackage makes some interesting designs at a more affordable price, but their jacket range is a bit more limited than that of Moncler.


Source:Canada Goose Ins

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