Tory Burch Outlet vs. Retail: Differences, Quality & Price 2022

Tory Burch Outlet vs. Retail: Differences, Quality & Price 2022

    Tory Burch is a brand that combines luxury with affordable prices. If you want a ‘designer’ brand without paying the top-dollar price of a luxury brand, Tory Burch is an ideal choice – and with the option of finding items brand new on sale or at the outlet stores. However, most people cannot differentiate between a retail/boutique store and an outlet store. Both have a few similarities, but a lot of differences. Therefore, it’s important to understand these differences if you want to become wiser when making your purchases. In this Tory Burch outlet vs. retail guide, I will tell you.

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Tory Burch Brand and History

Tory Burch is an American lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its CEO and designer, Tory Burch. The collection, known for color, print and eclectic details, includes ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, accessories and beauty.

The company launched in 2004 with a small boutique in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood. The brand's classic but bohemian aesthetic resonated with tastemakers from the very beginning.In October 2009, Tory Burch eyewear was launched in partnership with Luxottica Group. The collection has a classic yet modern feel that reflects the spirit of the brand. Tory wanted to create a collection that was not only distinctive, but also well-made and accessibly priced.

Tory is greatly influenced by the personal style of her parents Buddy and Reva. She also is inspired by her love of art, music, culture and travel, which is reflected in the collection. Graphic prints, bold colors and unique details are all signatures of the brand.

Tory Burch is a global business with more than 120 freestanding boutiques and a presence in more than 3,000 department and specialty stores. Toryburch.com, which launched in 2004, is the company’s biggest store and is also home to The Tory Blog, an online magazine with all-original content. 



What is the difference between Tory Burch Retail and Outlet?

1. Tory Burch Retail vs Outlet Prices

  • Tory Burch Retail / Boutique items' Prices

A Tory Burch retail store sells quality commodities, but at a standard retail price. That means shoppers don't get a lot of discounts, except if there is a mega sale or a special event. Here, customers will find just what they are searching for when they go shopping for Tory Burch products.  On Tory Burch online offcial site, we can see Tory Burch items' prices. Bags: $178 - $1498;  Shoes: $198 - $328; Clothing: $2298 - $2198; Accessories $68 - $428;   Home: $78 - $358.

  • Tory Burch Outlet items' Prices

Tory Burch outlet store allows shoppers to enjoy daily bargains, steep discounts, and lower prices. When the semi-annual Tory Burch sale states online and in-store, most of the seasonal bags will drop in price by 50%. If you're heading to the outlet store, you can save even more money off your Tory Burch bag.



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2. Tory Burch Retail vs Outlet Different Target Customers

  • Tory Burch Retail's Customers

Their customers are usually urban women and office ladies, mostly between 25-50 years old. They like fashion and pursue quality of life. They have certain financial strength to buy some light luxury brands.

  •  Tory Burch Outlet's Customers

The customers of outlet stores are usually who want great deals on luxury items. They maybe not have so much budget, but they like the style or products of Tory Burch brand. And they are not care about whether it's the latest model.



3. Tory Burch Retail vs Outlet Quality

  • Tory Burch Retail items' Quality

Tory Burch is known for using a number of different exterior materials like leather, canvas and nylon. Tory Burch always uses real leather, though the types of leather will vary depending on style. 

When it comes to quality of Tory Burch items, I would say they are excellent, where craftsmanship is concerned they score highly with exquisite stitching and super nice detail work apparent. As materials, again designers use high quality fabrics and leather. Tory Burch probably has the edge here with her famously soft leathers and astonishingly fine fabrics, but at a fraction of the price.

  • Tory Burch Outlet items' Quality

Mostly, Tory Burch major retailers rely on outlet stores to sell out-of-season products or overstock commodities - and they do this at a cheaper price. These commodities are of high quality- it's only that the retailers don't have the space to stock them.

Besides, today's outlet stores sell products made specifically for the outlet - they may use the lower-quality material in the products sold at those outlets than the material they use for items they sell at retail locations. And some outlet stores sell damaged, gently used or new merchandise that has some type of blemish or irregularity. This often occurs in outlets that don't sell discounted name-brand goods but rather sell merchandise specifically made for the outlet that isn't sold at any retail location.



4. Tory Burch Type of service: Retail vs Outlet

Typically, Tory Burch retails can be full service or limited stores. That means suppliers can restock the commodities sold there. 

Outlets, on the other hand, generally sell discontinued, damaged, or off-season products-which has confused a lot of shoppers in the past few years. Moreover, it's hard for suppliers to restock the same type of products.

5. Does Tory Burch outlet have online?

Tory Burch does not have an online outlet website.

Warning - just because one or more of the following points may be true about a website does NOT necessarily mean that it is an authorized retailer:

The website's domain name contains the words “Tory Burch”;

The website appears in a search engine result;

The website links to www.toryburch.com;

The website has the look and feel of the Tory Burch brand;

The website uses Tory Burch photographs or product images;

The website claims to be an “official” Tory Burch site;

The website claims to offer Tory Burch products at a discount.

If the website you find does not appear on this list, do not assume it is legitimate.







6. Tory Burch Outlet store adresses

Tory Burch store or outlet locations all over the US, such as:

  • 550 Derby Lane, Central Valley, NY 10917

      (845) 928-7610

  • 800 Hwy 400 South, #170, Dawsonville, GA 30534

       (706) 216-2586

  • 1803 Village West Pkwy Suite M-105, Kansas City, KS 66111

      (913) 788-3321

  • 820 Stacy Rd #522, Allen, TX 75013

      (972) 678-5740

You can Find A Store Near You.

Shopping Tips at Outlet stores

1) If you decide to shop at an outlet, ensure that you carefully check each item before purchasing it. Search for any defects in closures and stitching. Moreover, don't forget to read the labels. The location or factory where the commodity was manufactured can give you a major hint, in terms of the quality of the product.

2) Outlet stores mostly sell the defects, seconds, etc., so always check it for damage. It might just be a small imperfection in a spot that isn't noticeable at all, and you got an otherwise perfect item for a fraction of the price.

3)  Don't believe the retail price on the tag. No one pays the retail price at an outlet. It's a mental game. You'd best don't buy anything at a factory outlet unless it's at least 40% off, because that is the normal everyday discount. It's a numbers game. They mark up the retail price and then discount it to the real price so you think you are getting a good deal. 40% off is the real full price at most factory outlet stores, in my opinion.

4) Check quality carefully. Outlet prices are often a reflection of the quality, so inspect it and make sure you are ok with it.

5) Ask what kind of store it is. Ask Associates if their inventory comes from the retail stores or if they have their own line. Factory stores often have Factory in the name, but not always.

6) Shop the holiday weekends. Just like regular stores, holiday weekends can be the best time for deals. 


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Where to buy Tory Burch cheapest?

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