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Converse vs. Vans vs. Superga vs. Keds: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

Converse vs. Vans vs. Superga vs. Keds: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

    A crisp and comfortable pair of sneakers or canvas is a perfect-for-nearly-every-occasion look that'll never go out of style and minimalist and classic sneakers are the perfect place to start. Casual and dressed up at the same time, you can rock sneakers anywhere from the office to a dinner date - the key is they are elevated and chic, rather than athletic, and yet are still in style and wallet-friendly. Converse, Vans, Superga, Keds are four most popular shoes brand in the world today, which brand is the best? Are Converse and Vans good gor skating? Are keds, vans and converse comfortable for walking? Are Superga sneakers good for travel? Is Superga a good brand? In this guide I will tell you the answers from the history, quality, design & style, and price of these brands, hope to help you to make a choice!


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  • Converse 

Converse Brand History and Origin

Converse is an American shoe company that designs, distributes, and licenses sneakers, skating shoes, lifestyle brand footwear, apparel, and accessories. The legend would be that it all started with a fall down the stairs. The injured man, a certain Marquis Mills Converse, had the idea of creating the first shoes with rubber soles. In 1908, he founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, which at that time only sold stuffed boots with the famous sole, and this is the beginning of Converse's history. 

 And as early as 1920, basketball shoes - a sport where converse was the most appropriate because they were very effective on the floor - took the name "All-Star". Another turning point came 1971, when Converse launched coloured canvas for the first time as a way for collegiate teams to coordinate with their school colours, and for spectators to show their allegiance. Their success began when the brand hired basketball player Charles 'Chuck' Taylor, a member of the Akron Firestones chain. 

Having those colours allowed the All Star to become this badge of self-expression for youth. Eventually the shoe would become associated with individualism and counter-cultures, paving the way for it to become the preferred choice of punks in the 1970s, metalheads in the 1980s and the grunge scene in the 1990s.

Converse has been a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. since 2003. During World War II, Converse shifted its manufacturing to make footwear for the military. 


Converse Shoes Category & Price:

Classic Chucks canvas: $55-$130; Chuck 70 canvas: $54.97-$150; Skateboarding shoes: $70-$120; Basketball shoes: $70-$120; Custom shoes: $70-$115.

Converse Shoes Design & Style

Converse All Star“Chuck Taylor” basketball shoes in their distinctive high top and low top oxford models are the classic American sneaker, and a favorite shoe for people of every age all around the world.

Unlike other sneakers that lose their popularity, the Converse All Star“Chuck Taylor” still remains fashionable and people who like chucks are fanatical in their devotion to the shoes. As the decades pass, these simple but timeless sneakers are rediscovered and adapted by millions of people in each new generation who like their look and feel on their feet. 

Now it became the shoe of the counter-culture and of baby boomers who refused to stop wearing their favorite pairs of chucks. The shoes became very popular with rock musicians, and younger generations wore them for their distinctive looks, colors, and comfort and as an alternative to the high priced high performance shoes made by Nike and other companies. 

 Thousands of pairs of high top and low cut chucks are still sold each week worldwide. Converse manufactured chucks in hundreds of different variations that included prints, patterns, unusual colors, and special models for different age groups. Because they are a unisex design, the same sneakers are worn by both men and women, girls and boys. They were considered a leisure shoe and now were purchased because they are of fashion and personality. 


Converse Shoes Quality - Material & Durability

Converse is a durable shoe that's high-quality and great for walking short distances or playing sports. Their canvas and sneakers will last a certain period of time depending on what they're made of and used for. A pair of Converse will typically last 18 months on average. They have been reported to last longer if they aren't worn on the daily or if the wearer's footfall is not severe in any way.

The original All-Stars were designed for basketball players, and they were built to be comfortable shoes that you could wear both in game and out.. However, the recent designs for the Chuck II have replaced the heavy rubber sole with lightweight polymers. While it provides a more comfortable wear, it does breakdown more often. 

The Converse Renew project's aims so far have been to explore waste-less material alternatives, including a denim line made from upcycled jeans,“Renew”cotton part manufactured from the brand's canvas scraps that end up on the cutting room floor, and a partnership with First Mile to turn plastic bottle pollution into canvas.

They can be a little narrow on your feet, and while they are versatile for most occasions, forget about wearing these in the rain (unless you have some kind of hydrophobic spray protecting the canvas).


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  • Vans 

Vans Brand History and Origin

Vans is an American manufacturer of skateboarding shoes. It was founded in 1966 by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren in Anaheim, California and started as the Van Doren Rubber Company.

The brand actually started as the Van Doren Rubber Company, in Anaheim California. Van Doren Rubber specialized in making canvas deck shoes with grippy rubber soles. The name Vans was coined when people would say “Let’s head over to Van's and grab shoes”, Vans took the nickname and ran with it.  

Originally Vans Had Shoe Numbers Not Names: The first Vans shoes to come out had numbers, not names. The first Vans shoe was the #44, which is called the Authentic today. These original shoes cost $4.49 for men and $2.29 for women. Next came the #95 (what we currently know as the Era), the #36 (currently called The Slip On).

Despite questionable business choices and many failed ventures, due to a cult loyal following-and significant help from a slew of iconic skaters-the brand transformed from a casual footwear manufacturer into a symbol of American counterculture and independence. It now owned by VF Corporation and has grown into a global brand and today even sponsors other events like snowboarding, surfing, and BMX. 

Decades of remarkable service and growth have made Vans one of the United States' trendiest and coolest brands. 


Vans Category & Price: 

Vans Classics: $37- $160; Skateboarding: $60- $110;  Surf & Sandals: $19 - $170.

Vans Shoes Design & Style

Vans is widely popular among athletes and young people. It's all because the brand was originally designed for those who live an active lifestyle-more so skateboarders. The first logo even popped up on a skateboard, after which it was depicted on shoes. 

The original Authentic shoes were the first of the Vans styles, made that same year and remaining practically unchanged since. The name quickly got shortened into the far catchier Vans as skaters came to love the shoes for their sticky soles and durability, becoming a must-have for the California skate community by the mid-'70s. The brand had released their Authentic, Old Skool, slip-ons and Sk8-Hi styles complete with the signature‘jazz stripe’, taken from one of Paul Van Doren's doodles. Always easily on-trend, they boast a due minimal design making it the perfect throw-on shoe. The Authentic is available in 12 styles and has less padding in comparison to the Era. 

The ultimate pick for effortless streetwear styling, a Vans slip-on is immediately recognisable and infinitely versatile. The checkerboard slip-on has become an iconic style and a must-have for lovers of modern fits and street style. 

Vans styles are all unisex so anyone can wear whichever ones they like. For the core styles, all the sizing is unisex, however, some styles such as the platform shoes may specify a gender as the sizing may fit smaller or not run certain sizes. But if the shoe fits, wear it.


Vans Quality - Material & Durability

The manufacturing process of Vans shoes defines their durability and long-lasting ability. The quality of the Canvas upper and rubber sole of Vans shoes is great as the material remains intact for a longer time.

The uniqueness about Vans shoes is that they are made by the vulcanization process. It is the process of curing rubber through heat, which allows it to be molded into a more durable product. This helps to retain the shape of the shoes and does not harm the quality of the material.

But, the appearance of your Vans shoes may deteriorate and their sole may start separating after some time if you daily wear your Vans shoes. It depends on how you take care of your Vans shoes. If you tightly lace your Vans shoes and regularly clean them after work, they might last for a longer time.


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  • Superga

Superga Brand History and Origin

Superga was born in 1911 in Turin, Italy, when Walter Martiny started production of rubber-soled footwear marked with the Superga logo. In 1925 Superga invented the classic 2750 model, shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. From 1934, the firm diversified its production to new collections dedicated to other sports and daily life, including a range sport shoes for Tennis, Basketball, Yatching and running trainers as well as casual shoes for daily life.

After World War II, Superga restarted production specializing solely in high quality footwear. In 1951 the firm merged with Pirelli, which brought it new funds and made it possible to sharply increase the production of tennis shoes.

In the 1970s, as the sales of the 2750 continued, Superga diversified to add sport shoes with technical attributes. In the 1980s, Superga was being sold worldwide and subsequently the brand created more styles of footwear and expanded into the clothing industry. In 2012 the women launched a collection of Superga shoes as a collaboration with their luxe ready-to-wear line, The Row, in conjunction with the opening of a Superga Store in New York City.


Source:Superga ins

Superga Shoes Category & Price:

Superga Classic Canvas: $44.99 -$69; Women's Lace Ups:  $39.99 -$109; Women's Platforms:  $39.99 - $149; Women's Sllip Ons:  $59.99 - $109; Women's High Tops:  $59.99 - $129; Men's Low Tops:  $59.99 - $129; Men's High Tops: $89.99 - $129; Kids shoes: $29.99 - $59.

Superga Shoes Design & Style

Superga now offers a wide range of colors, fabrics, and prints each season for women, men, and kids. Apart from the original Superga Vulcanized and Sport lines or "2750 Cotu Classic", the collections include Superga City leather and Superga Country rubber rain and outerwear boots. 

Superga is best known for its classic 2750 Cotu Classic sneaker.  Superga's Cotu Classics gained additional popularity after being worn by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. The design is over 100 years old but has been transformed over the years to feature new heights, fabrics, and weather-friendly options, too.

The Superga Cotu looks like a traditional sneaker (think Converse or Keds) but for some reason attracts a wider range of women including fashionistas, celebrities, even royalty.

Supergas sneakers come in a variety of styles, and they are so comfortable and versatile. There are Superga slip on sneakers, Superga platform sneakers, and Superga white sneakers and they easy to pair with any outfit from your travel capsule wardrobe and slip them on with a sundress and straw hat for a day at the park.


Source:Superga ins

Superga Shoes Quality - Material & Durability

Superga uses sustainable materials such as natural rubber, which is then vulcanized. This means the rubber is heated to around 140°C (280°F), and then sulphur, peroxide or bisphenol are then added. A necessary “evil” to make the material more elastic and resistant enough to handle activities such as skating.

Superga sneakers are sturdy while still being flexible and they're not too heavy, especially with the platform. While Superga Cotu sneakers don’t offer built-in arch support, many travelers use either a removable arch insole or gel insole to adjust for their own level of comfort. If you require arch support for your Superga sneakers, you can also try their list of the best travel shoes for arch support.

As for comfort and breaking in Supergas, they take a few weeks of consistent wear to really get the canvas pliable. They are not a squishy, athletic sneaker type of comfort. But, rather a sturdy, supportive kind of comfort. 

They are a casual, comfy sneaker not a running shoe, so keep that in mind comfort-wise. They also hold up really well. Being that they are a solid canvas, they are very easy to clean. 


Source:Superga ins

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  • Keds

Keds Brand History and Origin

Keds is an American brand of canvas shoes with rubber soles. Founded in 1916, the company is owned by Wolverine World Wide. Keds didn't originate in the brain of a 1910s sneakerhead; they were created by a rubber corporation. The original shoe design, the Champion, was the first mass-marketed canvas-top "sneaker." United States Rubber Company created the shoes during its reign as the largest rubber manufacturer in America. 

In 1916, U.S. Rubber consolidated 30 different shoe brand names to create one company. Initially, the brand name "Peds" was chosen for the company from the Latin word for feet, but the name was already trademarked. Keds was founded in 1916 and was acquired by Stride Rite Corporation in 1979. Because the shoes had a soft rubber sole, they became known as sneakers as the rubber soles allowed "sneaking around silently". 

By the early 1920s, the shoes were worn by Olympic soccer players, national and international tennis champions, and college athletes. In 1926, the Keds Triumph shoe was introduced.The shoes have been worn by celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Katharine Hepburn, Paul Newman, Betty White, Humphrey Bogart, Ariana Grande, Fred Rogers, and Taylor Swift.


Keds Shoes Category & Price: The Classic Champion Collection: $49.95 - $84.95. Comfort Collection: $29.99 - $54.95; The 70s Collection: $29.99 - $89.95; Double Decker: $19.95 - $109.95; Keds x kate spade new york: $27.95 - $119.95; Keds x Rifle Paper Co. : $39.95 -$74.95; Unisex (PRO-Keds):  $19.95 - $89.95; Kids: $19.95 - $59.95.

Keds Shoes Design & Style

The Keds' classic canvas-topped, rubber-soled sneaker is not only a wardrobe staple in closets of girls and women all over the world, but it has also been the go-to shoe for Hollywood's elite for decades. Their Collaborations with other brands are best-selling favorites as well. 

While the company originally launched with the goal of creating a "simple, yet chic take on canvas footwear," Keds has since expanded to include everything from women's accessories to men's shoes. Over the years, they've also dabbled with clothing line launches, and have helped produce some of the most popular footwear collaborations around with both celebrities and top fashion houses alike. 

The Champion Original was the first rubber-soled canvas shoe produced by Keds. Originally aimed at sporty types, the classic white Keds shoes soon became heavily featured in casual looks during the 1950s. Since then the classic Keds have evolved into different styles, now including Keds slip on sneakers.

In 1949, Keds released the PRO-Keds line. From there PRO-Keds left the court and became a staple piece in the wardrobe of musicians, artists and many other style icons. Now, the brand pays homage to its roots in sport and culture as it enters a new era as a lifestyle staple. Nowadays, seeing a sneaker go from the feet of a pro athlete to the streets where youth culture bustles happens almost instantaneously. But the blue print for this trend goes back many decades.


Keds Shoes Quality - Material & Durability

Keds was known for its practical canvas upper and utilitarian rubber sole. Keds have long since established their place on the list of best walking shoes. They offer value and comfort, while also being very sleek and versatile. It's one of the best walking shoes brand for travel.

The brand's iconic Champion sneaker does come in canvas, but the leather material really holds up. More than two years later, they’re still bright white and not some shade of muddied gray like the rest of my old sneakers. Though, understandably, they do have some creases in them from wear.

PRO-Keds came to be in response to a new generation of power athletes looking for footwear that matched their high level of performance. Some Keds shoes are made of canvas, which makes blisters nearly impossible. And unlike most white sneakers that you have to panic about getting dirty, Keds are easy to wash and affordable to replace when the time comes. 


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  • Conclusion

Converse vs. Vans vs. Superga vs. Keds shoes: which brand is the best? I think that depends on your needs and tastes.


Converse canvas and sneakers and are regarded a fashion items now. Design-wise, Chucks have a more versatile look – they're perfect if you want to relive your pop-punk scene glory days, but they're also great for a smart-casual look. The pricing are $70 - $120 which is affordable. They also comes in both high top and low top and in multiple styles and colours. They are ideal for everyday wear & Unisex, but they are not the most comfortable shoe. They also have skateboarding shoes and basketball shoes. 


Vans is now one of the biggest manufactures of comfortable footwear for skating. Vans shose are with affordable pricing $40 - $150. They come in both high top and low top and in multiple styles and colours. Besides, Vans collaborate with other brands to create more exclusive sneakers. Vans styles are all unisex so anyone can wear whichever ones they like. They have great comfort and durability. Wearing vans for the first time can feel odd to most people as there is no arch support.


Superga is really famous for making tennis shoes. The brand got its start making shoes for professional athletes. There are also Superga slip on sneakers, platform sneakers, and white sneakers and they easy to pair with any outfit from your travel. Superga now offers a wide range of colors, fabrics, and prints each season for women, men, and kids.  And their classic style are very cheap. Superga sneakers are super-trendy, unisex, and extra-comfortable travel shoes.


Keds, to some degree, like Converse AllStars are sneakers. True sneakers, they are not running shoes. The laid-back Keds shoes are as low-key-and low-profile-as they come, meaning they're as easy to wear as slip-ons. Keds are a staple at physical training classes in the school curriculum, and usually the students are needed to wear the basic white Keds for their classes. Beyond comfort and variety, Keds is the ideal brand for the value-conscious shoe lover - most of its styles cost around just $30-$50.

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